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Governor plans to completely eliminate welfare for families

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is proposing to completely eliminate the state’s welfare program for families, medical insurance for low-income children and Cal Grants cash assistance to college and university students.

The proposals to sharply scale back the assistance that California provides to its neediest  residents came in testimony by the administration this afternoon at a joint legislative budget committee hearing. It followed comments by the governor earlier today that he would be withdrawing a proposal to help balance the budget with billions of dollars of borrowing and replacing it with program reductions.

The proposals would completely reshape the state’s social service network, transforming California from one of the country’s most generous states to one of the most tightfisted. The proposals are intended to help close a budget deficit estimated at $21.3 billion.

—Eric Bailey

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Dont blame all the Californians for illegal immigration. Many of us have been fighting illegal immigration and hear the constant lies about it being a federal problem. I am one Californian who would like nothing better than to cut off all aid to illegals and their jobs and they will go home. No-one in this ocuntry wants to enforce our laws. So dont blame all of the California residents as many of us have voted for certain measures that would have cracked down on illegal aliens and our reps. throw the measures we vote for in the trash. I am sick of this literal invasion. True citizens need the help out every state out there .Help us rid our state and nantion of the illegal aliens. California could possibly balance its budget by cracking down on programs and employment for illegal aliens. We are your fellow country men, write to Arnold and tell him your thoughts. Remember all of the states are seeing a massive influx of illegal aliens. It is in your backyard-maybe you just cant see it yet!!

I lived in California for 28 years and got out when Mexico invaded.
Suddenly everywhere I went,it seemed like they were catering to
Spanish speaking people.
And they all had at least 5 kids per family.

I went back and visited in 5 years and I cried when i saw how
S. California had been wrecked to the core.

It is unbelievable that California would allow this invasion...

Now it looks like a third world country.

Either you have very good jobs(like my family) or you are rich or you are an invader.

The whole makeup has changed...
It looks ugly.

if california cuts welfare completely where do you think all these welfare cheats go to? new york, illinois, florida, carolinas etc...these people are like geese thy will flock to warm weather and free food.

u guys must remember there are family who are in need and can not work. For example, those who retire or grew old and supports children under 16. Those families need help without welfare and foodstamps what will happen to those people and what happen if they are related to you. I am a mother with a baby who has a heart condition and need 3 surgery. I can not work and attending school as a full time student. I wish I can work, but I cant my daughter needs my care and without foodstamps and welfare how can I survive. More people will begin to live on streets and poor people will begin to rob the rich. More gangs and more hungry families and more drop out high school students.

what happen to my comment? this is real sad eveything is collapsin and were blamin each other if illegal or not? shouldnt it be the government to blame? especially they save the car company but didnt save the poor families in need.

I am a Democrat but this is one of the rare times I support the Republicans on this issue. Someone needs to say: We can't keeping going on Status-Quo. Things need to change. I have been paying taxes for years in California but feel like I have benefited little. The people who benefit are those living off the system. Hold to your guns Arnold!

I was raised by a mother who lived on welfare for twentysomething years , and I am glad I have lived to see this day. Thanks Gov Schwarzenegger, (though I didn't vote for him) The welfare system is so gamed, I have seen it with so many.
Back in the day, my mom would send me out to the grocery store three times a day to get change from the old-style food stamps so she could buy cigarrettes, beer wine and support various losers on the money meant to keep a child safe and fed. She was brutal, and dismissive of parenting straight out. The system encouraged bad moms to have children. She decided to have another one when I turned fifteen and was sent to foster care, that would keep her on the rolls for another twenty years.
Even the folks I know of now on various government systems game it hard, whether trading work for rent and then using their welfare money for beer,, trading their pain pills from their free health care for cash, and the list is big and goes on...
Of course, it's immensely good to have the RIGHT system in place to help people, but please, help people believing in their abundance and their value, not in their lack and lack of ability. End the welfare system, even the limited 60 month one, and replace it with a system that breeds honesty.
There's always food banks, charities and neighbors for the rest.
For those that have complained about other people's big houses or fancy cars, they don't make you poor.
And if you make over $5,000 a year you are RICH, you are in the top half of the world income average. Do you want a huge tax on your own income to support the billions in India. Africa and China at the American welfare level of comfort? Probably not.

we bail out billionaires when they show up to congress begging for $$$$$ in their corporate jet for their junky american car companies, we bail out illegal mexicans for dental/medical benies, and rent subsidies,; so where does that leave the average hard-working legal american sucker? No where, that is why CA and the rest of the USA is a sinking ship. you play by the rules, honest, ethical--you get screwed, those that lie, cheat, steal, get everything.

do away with all the armies of pubic "servants" and state lackies, including the bastions of police, fire, teachers, prison guards, meter maids, parks managers, many of these do-nothings took a state job to hide from their spouse, get a lunch break, milk the clock, OT, pensions, pay raises, benefits, paid holidays, etc....this is a sick joke. In california, they have massive amounts of these state bureacrats that do basically nothing, hiding till 4-5PM then bolt and retire at age 50 with FULL benefits package.

Cops making 55-85K with full benefits, prisons guards-bloated salaries doing nothing, incompetent firemen 3 day work week--fires galore in SOCAL, all expensive (taxpayer) equipment, yet Mailibu is constantly ablaze, unions galore, what a joke! Teachers making 75 K for half a year, with full pensions, and their students can barely read/write/arithmetic. many need to be terminated. and people actually wonder why CA is in huge trouble. the key is fire all the redundancy, get rid of those state lackies, and the illegal mexican problem.

so goodbye to welfare.... good riddance... many families and certain people have abused this program for too long at the cost of hard workers taxes.. Now that its gone they'll have to shape up or die.. I do believe there are some people who need welfare and would benefit from it... But many don't deserve it, nor will it help them.... Nothing is accomplished by giving lazy uneducated people assistance so they can prolong their unemployment and further leech off the government. Many of these people are useless and lazy... Get up off your ass and figure something out.. This is the time when people must rise to the top, or hit bottom harder than one can imagine..

I'm leaning towards the Gov. on this one. My concern really is for those children who would be affected by this. I found it disgraceful that a woman would get additional money and/or food stamps for having more babies, and I work, and can't get a raise. I have 1 child, and because of how expensive it is to raise her, I decided not to have anymore. I'm a married African American woman, and it bothered me to see my own sister getting increases in pay each time she had a baby (she has 10), and when I had mine, all I got was six weeks off from work. If the government wants to really help the low-income families, make all parents work......remember the old saying, "IF YOU CAN'T WORK, YOU CAN'T EAT! Us middle class working Americans can use a little help in paying for our children to further their education. We are the ones suffering.

This thread is proof why welfare needs to be cut off. You people think no one has ever worked their way through school? You think no one has ever worked their way through school while raising a kid? Millions upon millions has. This thread shows how the goverment only makes people dependent on them and then when its time to cut the strings people arte like , Oh mY! what am I to do now that no onee will take care of me. Take care of yourself! Like millions of people before you!

All the goverment does is reward people who are lazy and dont work and punish people who are trying. People end up on welfare and medicaid and food stamps and taking more finacial aid then they really need because you can actually make more money not working then working 40 hours a week.

Heres an example. A married couple with two kids can both work at mcdonanlds 40 hours a week, Make 26,000 a year before taxes and get denied for all finacial aid and benifeits because they make to much money, even through they pay rent and bills and daycare and don't even have enough left over money after bills to pay for college classes. That couple working their buts off should be the ones who get assistance.

Meanwhile on the other end of town you have an unmarried couple shaked up together. Two kids and one of them working 15 hours a week. both parents going to school and passing with c's and d's Lets see how much they get.

Welfare 700 a month.
Food stamps $400.oo a month
Free Health insurance for four $15,000 a year value
Chile tax credits, refunds and reimbursments plus earned income tax credit. $8,000 a year in tax returns.
Fulll finacial aid package for mom at community college. 0 EFC
$20,000 a year. for low income an dependents
Full Finacial aid package for dad at community college . 0 EFC so $20,000 a yr for no income.
Plus most people n wellfare receive subsidized housing which means they only have to pay about 300 a month in rent.
Anyway lets add it up.

Married Couple busting their buts with two kids receives 26,000 a yr before taxes.

Unmarried coule with two kids working a total of 15 hours a week between them receives $76,000 tax free dollars a year.
and they can live that way for 5 years. So unfair.

And that is why their is incentives not to work when their should be incentives to work.

The Us census shows last year out of 36 million mexican immigrants they all paid a total of 10,000 dollars in taxes meanwhile out of the 36 million each family received an average of 31,000 a year in goverment sibsidies.

They need tighter restrictions on people receiving disibility checks as well. If your really disabled you should of course get it. But if you can protest up and down the street for ten hours in the hot sun. You can work.

Um to the person who said imagine all the prosperity from a tax free state...

Um... their are already many tax free states. Texas, Florida and Nevada to name a few. Why don't you just move

Let people riot when their welfare checks stopped. They will be thrown in jail and their kids taken away. Maybe they will learn a skill in jail but they will probablly be happy because someone else will still be footing the bill.

How can you logically riot over no longer getting money that wasn't your in the first place. If your upset because the goverment is no longer stealing from someone working to give to your lazy but then your nuts. I don't know wether to laugh or cry. Riotiung will only prove that all the goverment did was make people dependent on other for support. It will prove the goverment was hurting people rather then helping them by not teaching people to care for themselves.

Everybody goes through hard luck and tough times. What happens in people lives insnt always their fault but how you solve the problems life gives you is always up to you. Its your job to come up with a solution. Its nobody elses responsibilty to support a grown adult

An hopefully your kid will end up in a place that teached him morals and values. How to accept responsibilty and grow up to be an independent person.

So I guess if the disabaled are abllebodied enough to riot and run amok through the city stealing from people I guess that just goes to show they should of been working and weren't really disabled anyway.

Their wont be any children dying in the street. They will go to foster homes until the parents get back on the feet and hopefully will be able to really care for them for once.

Ha Ha Rich people are greedy? Really? They alrealdy pay half their income that they EARNED in taxes! How much more do you want to take for them?

Nobody has any right to say another human being makes to much or has earned to much. Your welfare checks are a fortune to people in third world countries. You are rich to them. SO because third world counties think of 55 dollars a month as rich I guess that means you have to much.

But I guess the welfare eople wont oppose the goverment taking half of their welfare check and sending it to eathopia to help poor dying children. 500 is 500 more dollars then those families have. People on welfare need to stop being so greedy. People who pay taxes get almost half their money taken away from them out of their checks and redistributed to people with less. So I am sure welfare people won't mind if half the money is taken out of their check to give to people in etheopia or homeless people who are lesss fortunate then them. Or do you think they will want to be selfish and greedy and keep all of their welfare check? I'm sure they won't mind giving half of it up to people who have less then they do..

Most people on welfare have cable and internet. Luxories people in third world countries cant even dream about. Stop being so greedy! How dare you welfare eople have cable, internet and more then 1 TV when some people don't even have a radio!

now i am in almost complete agreementwith the govenor.i think that they should cut off the money that goes to welfare families, but not the foodstampsor the medi-cal. these preople need it, well some do, and for them not to get more in grants or finacial aid. they should go out and get jobs and work. these people are the ones who wanted they're kids and they are the one who should be supporting them.

yet i don't see how this is the immigrants faults. i do get that they do get like a big portion of the welfare money and don't have to pay taxes. but if we made them citizens they would have to pay taxes, they would have to pay everthing that us citizen americans have to pay. and, not to be racist, but most of the other half of the money goes to african american families, WHY IS NO ONE BLAMING THEM? if we just stopped being so high and mighty and get of our high horse we would see that it is right to let these immigrants become citizens, have any of YOU people actually had to live in MEXICO? had to deal with the government? the poverty, the uneqalness of a third world country? if you had you would see why those people are coming here .

look i know that most of the people who get welfare are to blame for all the crap that goes on in california but why are we balming the illegal immigrants? have we forgotten about the CRIPS and BLOODS? last time i checked they weren't mexican the were black, and im pretty sure they aren't illegal so why don't all you peopl stop trying to put the blame on others that are citizens and don't have the same rights as you do and try to find ways to help your government instead of TRASH TALKING OTHERS?

I am not welfare sum. We hit hared times and got kicked out because my hours got cut. I had to move in with my inlaws. I lost my job cause it was too far to drive. (87miles) I had a 4 year old and little did I know I was also pregnant. I started getting welfare to help out my mother in law. We where growing into a family of 4. She could not feed all of us on her little check. If it was not for welfar we would have been on the streets. They helped fined my husband a job and now we are in our own place. It not far to take it away because some people are useing it and don't need it. They should make it hareder to get welfare so the ones that do REALLY need it can get it.

if you're capable of getting welfare, and going to the bank to cash the check, and shopping, etc, etc.

Then you're capable of working

I say good! The idea of the program was great. But it has so many flaws...

If not put better rules and limits in place for it. Then get rid of it. Its causing more harm then good at this point.

Has anyone noticed that EVERYTHING bad that was predicted to happen to California if we didn't recall Davis happened anyway?

I can hardly believe all the Rush Limbaugh mini-me's coming out screaming about illegal immigrants on welfare. California law states that illegal immigrants cannot receive any public benefits. Legal immigrants are the only way that the country doesn't experience negative population growth and therefore a shrinking economy. Immigrants play a crucial role in this country, all of this xenophobic blame is pointless.

Regarding CalGrants, access to higher education for socioeconomically underprivileged youth is already incredibly inequitable. If you are born into poverty, statistically, it is unlikely you will make it to college in this country. Removing CalGrants makes it almost impossible for youth to break the cycle of poverty.

Really, people, in one of the richest states and richest countries in the world, we can't feed or educate our poorest families? Think about it, it is not morally unjust to withhold basic services to people in need? The mythology that poverty is self inflicted is pure propaganda.

I can hardly believe what I'm reading in these comments about illegals and gangs and that some of you think that eliminating welfare could possibly help. Gang activity happens in places where youth do not have resources to participate constructively in families and communities. "Starving them out" is not going to work, it will just escalate the source of the problem, beginning in abject poverty and a lack of education.

Rise up folks, please try to be compassionate to the circumstances of others. Besides the outrageous immorality of the removal of basic human services for the poor, this move will inevitably will lead to higher incarceration rates for the desperately poor which is ultimately far more costly than improving the system by increasing preventative services.

It is sad to me that so many appear to support the removal of health and human services that in any other developed Western nation are considered rights.

you people should be ashamed of yourselves. Since when is not caring for those in need, hungry or disabled something to be proud of. It is people like you, who would rather harm others than pay a little more in taxes, who make me afraid for this country. You make me sick.

What about the college students who need Cal Grants in order to attend the college they're accepted into? Everyone is overlooking education because of the budget deficit, but hello? Kids will become adults and they are essential for the future to do well. They are the future tax payers. Removing Cal Grants prevent students from perhaps doing as well as they can in their academics. It's ridding them of the potential they have and dooming them to a crippled fate. I'm all good for the other cuts though.

What about the college students who need Cal Grants in order to attend the college they're accepted into? Everyone is overlooking education because of the budget deficit, but hello? Kids will become adults and they are essential for the future to do well. They are the future tax payers. Removing Cal Grants prevent students from perhaps doing as well as they can in their academics. It's ridding them of the potential they have and dooming them to a crippled fate. I'm all good for the other cuts though.

enough is enough? how can anyone here relate to some one who is poor enough to be on welfare. obviously not, because people on welfare probably dont have a computer or the internet. and here we all are blogging away, hypocrytes. The population in california far exceeds the amount of jobs that are available. People have families to take care of, you want to cut out single mothers, single fathers? how about the elderly? How about the disabled? The mentaly challenged? The government is only doing this is because they dont like competition, think if everyone gets cut off, where is the money reallllly gooing to end up. IN THE POCKETS OF A NATIONAL BANK TO PAY A NEVER ENDING DEBT! if we want to get rid of debt we should all just burn our money because just having money is debt created for the country.

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