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Governor plans to completely eliminate welfare for families

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is proposing to completely eliminate the state’s welfare program for families, medical insurance for low-income children and Cal Grants cash assistance to college and university students.

The proposals to sharply scale back the assistance that California provides to its neediest  residents came in testimony by the administration this afternoon at a joint legislative budget committee hearing. It followed comments by the governor earlier today that he would be withdrawing a proposal to help balance the budget with billions of dollars of borrowing and replacing it with program reductions.

The proposals would completely reshape the state’s social service network, transforming California from one of the country’s most generous states to one of the most tightfisted. The proposals are intended to help close a budget deficit estimated at $21.3 billion.

—Eric Bailey

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About time. It's the most generous system, and the most abused. Billions of dollars in fraudulent payments are disbursed every year. Obama is aggressively investigating Medicare fraud from the top down, California should do the same for TANF, WIC, cash assistance and medical benefits. The 'underprivileged' in California are the most expensive segment of its population.

This is the best idea I have heard so far. Go Arnold!!

It's about time these programs were cut! I moved out of california 10 years ago because I was tired of paying for all the dead weight in California. Clean it up Arnie and some of us may come back to live in the Golden State! KUDOS...

This is the best news I've heard all day. Finally some fiscal conservatism!

So long as the disabled and children can get food and basic shelter, I am for it. If he pulls it off, he will be considered one of the greatest Governors the state has ever had.

If I can't make payments on the Benz, condo & AMEX why would I stay in CA? What next- my woman getting a job? Or even worse, ME getting a Job? This governor starts messing with peoples incomes he is going to be recalled. What is this state coming to anyway? You people have got to change your way of thinking- don't call it welfare- call it life with dignity- using OPM.

This is GOOD NEWS and will help CA in the long run. Some might even get fed up and leave. Happy Day! Adios!

The time has come for U.S. citizens to say enough is enough! Before they rip off the poor and needy, our crooked libral politicans need to take a pay cut, stop cheating on their taxes and expense accounts and wasting our money on their pet projects! Stop giving our tax dollars to Illegal aliens and illegal students, before ripping of needy U.S. citizens and students. These politicans continue to lie! We need to get rid of the self serving, self centered politicans like Pesoli, Fienstein, Boxer, and a shopping list of other worthless, wastfull people who say they are working for us. We put them into office, we need to get them out, they are all liars and serve no one but theirselves and the special interests of big business, not the needs of the poor!

Great idea! Way to go, Arnold. Let the welfare scum move to another state for their freebies. It's a pity children have to suffer because their parents couldn't afford to reproduce in the first place, but it's unfair to make the working class pay for the scum class.

Why completely eliminate welfare for families, many are deserving. Why not eliminate SSI for individuals who never worked a day in this country compel their children who petitioned for them who signed affidavits for their support.

Thank God. It's about time we started reining in this state's out of control spending. Now if we could just get really tough with these public employee unions that demand unbelievably high pay (compared to counterparts all over the united states), and overhaul our ridiculous tax structure.

Governor and State Legislature - should cut the $11 billion from State Prison. California is the biggest jailer in the country - services, not jail cells!

What a novel idea. Those that have been the takers in our state could now be getting taken. They are going to have to figure it out like so many of the rest of us do. What is to be the ramifications of this wild idea? Pain at first, panic at first, anger at first. But if we really have the guts to do it, we might witness a generation of poor children become the first of their family to finish school, work hard even at low wage jobs to earn extra money, go to college, open businesses, participate in public service (like our President) and have the satisfaction of saying "I can do this primarily on my own, the sky is the limit for me, the government doesn't determine what I become!" If only the lawmakers had the guts to give people this chance, their world would change forever in a way they can't even envision now-a chance to make it and be a contributor, not just a victim of circumstance and poor choices by their predecessors.

If we do that, we'll just have to find a way to compensate for the increased police presence necessary to deal with desperate people already living in horrifying situations. One guy on a rooftop with a shotgun costs how many taxpayer dollars to bring down and prosecute, for example?

This priority structure is very narrow-minded.

Good,force the able body ones out to a least look for a job.Make them go to a food bank every day for there daily food.A few days of that and they'll find a job.

About time. Stop spending money and expanding the size of the government

For years the state has created more and more union state jobs, laying on some great benefits to go with those jobs.

Now, as anyone with 1/2 a brain would be able to see, the state is broke and no one can understand why????

Every new tax to pay for some state worker comes out of the pocket of people trying to just make a living and stay even. It is why the state is having an exodus of people that can get out. The people leaving are the ones that were making money and seeing more and more of it going to pay for others. Without those people, all the state is left with are those taking and those providing state services...that can't last past the borrowing power of the state.

CA is bankrupt, morally, legally, fiscally.

Good! Now our illegal aliens DEMANDING welfare benefits at the 6th Street Social Services office will leave our country, and allow Social Services to serve AMERICANS going through tough times.

This office has become a joke, where I get to watch our illegal 'guests' cut in line in front of Americans, talk loudly on their cell phones - rather than go outside as a courtesy, and trash the area with litter when there are trash cans just a few feet away.

I hope the governor next goes after the FREE health care for illegals. I'm sick of seeing these people at the emergency room for a cold, or to drop off their 5 children ('who are not feeling well') so the parents can party all week-end. They know emergency rooms are now the temporary 'custodian' of these children, and must provide for them.

Is anyone surprised by this? Instead of starting with the state employee unions and the perks in the state assembly(35,000 a year in living expenses,free car,free gas),he wants to start with the most vunerable-because they have no voice. He wants to punish the public with his cuts even though He and the assembly spent the money, not the public. He's a liar and phony and so is the state assembly. Did he really think we would vote for anything he gets put on the ballot?

Had local governments not ignored federal law in terms of lfamily welfare limits, Cal would not be in such a financial mess.
Wonder what Gloria Molina is thinking each time her office bowed to demanding welfare clients. "Give me my check "!


i guess the governor is just as bought off by the state unions as the legislature.

Does this mean that freeloading in California is coming to an end?

All I have to say is "OUCH" for those people who have made a career of living off of welfare, and that they are going to have a heck of a time trying to find a job without an education or without any formal job training. Oh well.......

opening negotiating gambit....I doubt "TOTAL ELEEMONAYSHUN" is really in the governator's cyborg thoughts.

Wow this is crazy. I don't find it necessary to eliminate welfare, but I think it does need to be tightened in this state. As for the medical and the grants WOW I can see some rough times outside the capitol if they push this....never cut money from children or students. This is why I'm glad I went to school in Colorado at least their govt. is stable, to a degree.

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