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Prop. 8: Protest march draws about 2,000, authorities say


Authorities said the crowds of Proposition 8 protesters marching from West Hollywood to Hollywood reached roughly 2,000 late Tuesday night before their numbers began to dwindle about 10 p.m.

In Hollywood, throngs of marchers came up Island Avenue, pouring into the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue, which was brightly lighted by neon-studded storefronts. On the street, protesters took chalk and scrawled their sentiments across the pavement like a giant scrapbook.

One example: “H8 is not love.”

One couple, James and Jacob Orlando, joined the march at Hollywood and Highland. Both were holding tiny, battery-powered plastic candles.

“We got married,” said James, 22. “We can’t not come out and support everyone else who can’t.”

Jonathan Plummer, 33, a hairdresser, marched all the way from West Hollywood to Hollywood. “We definitely need to stand for equality,” said Plummer, who made the pilgrimage to make a statement “for all of us.”

Plummer said one day he wants to marry a man. He once was married to a woman, he added, author Terry McMillan, who wrote the book “How Stella Got Her Groove Back,” which is based on her romance with Plummer.

Plummer said he did not come into his own as a gay man until he left Jamaica. He has lived in California for 13 years. “I am embracing what I am now,” he said.

--Carla Hall

Photo: Supporters of same-sex marriage march at Santa Monica and San Vicente boulevards in West Hollywood. Credit: Alex Gallardo / Los Angeles Times  > > > More photos

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Haters who keep on hating: do you really think this is where Jesus wants you to put your energies? You are being used by those who profit from division, hatred and strife,. Preachers and churches who line their pockets with $$ from sowing fear and bigotry. Shame on you! Freedom and love are on the side of marriage equality, as are many churches, religions and philosophies! Stop claiming to know the will of God with one side of your mouth and bearing false witness against your gay neighbor/brother with the other!

The overwhelming majority of Americans are against gay marriage. Do you get it, Ellen and other? Despite what the celebrities, including Ellen DeGeneres, say, it is not the norm. Sorry, folks, it just isn't the norm. Plus, stop shoving that lifestyle at us at every corner - we do not need so see gay men kissing, lesbians getting it on and more on TV (a la Brothers & Sisters, Grey's Anatomy). Because the gay and lesbian community think it's the norm - doesn't make it so. Sorry, folks, it just doesn't. When Hollywood, gays, lesbians, etc. endorse political candidates or, in this case, want homosexual marriage to be the law of the land - understand one thing - they are not the rulers of the world or dictators of what the law should be. Again, Americans, OVERWHELMING are against gay marriages. So just get on with your lives. Enough is enough. While DeGeneres and others think that they're breaking barriers and that this is the new frontier and a battle to be fought and won - marital unions aren't the norm in America. If it is THAT an important issue to them - then perhaps they should move to a country where it is seen as normal, that it is never an issue - then go there. If it truly is that important to them, why not go? Guess it isn't so important after all. I think love is great. There's nothing like it. We're lucky if we have it. But enough already. Our Country has many important vital and daunting issues we face every day re our Nation's security, our economy - which is getting worse. We have hundreds of thousands of people continuing to lose jobs, with families losing homes, unable to pay bills. We have dangerous enemies who are a real threat to us. Perhaps the gay and lesbian community can fight the real battles facing America and stop wasting the time of the legal system and the American people. Do you understand, you - the gay and lesbian community - are not the only ones who have a right to opinions and votes as to the laws of our land - so does the non-homosexual community. And America has made its wishes clear - they do not favor homosexual marriage. They are overwhelmingly against it. What part of that position don't they understand. By the way, it must be nice to have hundreds of thousands of dollars to throw to this cause; for those that did so, what did you do to help starving, homeless and jobless Americans in this Country? Nothing, I'll bet!

No, the "overwhelming majority" of Americans are NOT against gay marriage. In every poll, the country is almost equally divided.

What is informative, however, is that the tide is fast shifting to support of gay marriage. Whereas in 2000 the voters of California passed Prop 22 opposing gay marriage by nearly 22 percentage points, in 2008 Prop 8 passed by only 4 percentage points. A HUGE change.

Every poll will tell you that the younger generation supports gay marriage by a wide margin. Thus, we only have to wait. Wait for the older generation to die off and for the young folks to take their rightful place at the civil rights table. Legal gay marriage cannot be stopped. It's only a matter of time. The young are our future.

Who CARES if being gay is not the "NORM", I am happy that I am not the "NORM", living a miserable boring life in an insular community, just being an "average" person, with no culture....thank GOD I am a happy, cultured, lesbian who is ENGAGED to a brilliant woman who is a chef in New York. ME BEING GAY WAS GOD'S PLAN FOR ME. Those of you who are filled with hate...YOU HATE YOURSELF!! I feel nothing but pity and sadness for you, you should learn to love yourself, then your eyes will open to a whole world of people who are NOT THE NORM, people who can enrich your life. God will judge you for your hatred and bigotry.You're wasting your time going to church every Sunday....because you are not living your life like a TRUE christian, you DONT LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR, you are full of hate and will be judged for it!

This is a sad and embarrassing time for California...the wild west indeed.

2,000?!?!? That's how many kids went to my high school. THERE WERE 10 TIMES THAT AMOUNT LAST NIGHT! Where and when was this count made?. The crowd swelled over the course of the march, which lasted over 3 hours.

Jenna. Your comments are ignorant and not in keeping with the melting pot that is America.
- Should women have left when they were imprisoned, raped & beaten for wanting equal rights under the law?
- Should blacks have 'gone back to Africa' instead of fighting for their rights?
- Should every minority have given up and left this great country?

The majority will always oppress those that they can. This does not make it right.


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