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Prop. 8: Court decision 'a triumph for democracy,' says Huntington Beach resident

Terri Fallan wasn't strongly for or against the ban on gay marriage, but the Huntington Beach resident called the court's upholding November's vote for Proposition 8 "a triumph for democracy."

"For once, I'm glad that the voters weren't overturned by the court," Fallan, 51, said over coffee with two friends outside a bagel shop. "I'm just tired of the state voting and the court saying we're going to reverse what you said."

For Huntington Beach couple Janie Hemminger and Ann Lake, news that the court was upholding a ban on gay marriage was crushing; partners for 20 years, they had hoped to get married once they were sure the  law would support it. "We wanted to wait and see what happened," before getting married, said Hemminger, 64, a retired nurse, while looking over a newspaper at a bagel shop. "So we're disappointed."

"But not discouraged," chimed in Lake,  a 69-year-old retired insurance company clerk.

"The fight will go on," Hemminger said. "Eventually it will have to happen," she said, as it has recently in Iowa, New Hampshire and other states.

-- Tony Barboza

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Time for the gays to rise up and give the Mormons and other cults and hate groups a taste of their own medicine.

Americans have always been willing to fight for their freedoms. I would expect the gays to do the same.

Don't settle for 2nd class status - fight for your rights!

Now begins the battle of the propositions with each side submitting one every time they lose. This is why the constitution should never be used for things like this.

In addition, many have said that CA voters have so much control that they increase spending and rejected taxes at the same time. This is why the state is where it is.

Well, I am one of the 18,000 so the fight is over for me in CA...have fun everyone!

About as expected. But do not forget that this incredible Court disaster is one of those gifts that will keep on giving.

The California State Constitution reads: "Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid and recognized in California."

This astoundingly misguided Court has just stated that 18,000 exceptions to the Constitution exist because......because.....well because the Court messed this up so bad that they just couldn't walk away without marking their territory permanently, so to speak.

Obviously, the People of California have triumphed over a truly scary coalition of elitists and social engineers.

But the social dictators have left a precedent in place, that the People are sovereign, just as long as they vote the way their betters instruct them to vote.

It would be beautiful to see the people simply vote those Supreme Court justices who opposed their will out.

Won't happen, practically speaking, of course.

But it would be wonderful nonetheless.

This was NOT a "triumpf for Democracy", rather it was a triumph for mob rule. A little education and a litle tolerance would go a long way.

Just because someone disagrees with you, it does not mean they hate you. Support for Prop 8 should not be characterized as hate. There are many motivations. Name calling only widens the gap instead of fostering dialogue and understanding.

This is so pathetic. I'm a straight person, I don't even have to care. But it aggravates me that one group thinks they can force their idea of marriage down the throat of society. There was a time interracial marriage "wasn't allowed by the voters".

The Prop8ers haven't yet been able to provide me with ANY rationale explaining why gays shouldn't get married. Not one. It wasn't a civil rights issue, but now the Prop H8ters have made it one. We can't have a two tiered recognition of marriage in this country. It's STUPID.

Maybe I'll start my own ballot initiative. From now on, only civil "unions" will be recognized by the State. Violation of the separation of Church and State, etc., etc., You can have your God-Worthy marriage, but then you have to register with the state like everyone else (straight or otherwise) in order to register for benefits/insurance/whathaveyou.

If a "Social Engineer" is someone who minds their own business, instead of interfering with the marriage of two consenting adults, than yeah, slap a Ph.D. on my name.

I agree, this wasn't a triumph for a democracy which has an elected representative government , but rather a triumph for the majority's misinformed and misguided rule over a minority. I would love to see a constitutional convention convened that eliminates these ridiculous propositions put to the people when we have elected officials in Sacramento. For the record, I am one of the 36,000 gay people married last year.....we've been together for 8.5 years and our marriage is one of the most life-affirming things in my life. On to 2010.....justice will prevail.

I don't see how this is a "triumph".
to me this is a failure.
Why is it so wrong for Gays to get married?
i don't see any negative outcome on an economic level.
nor do i see it having any negative out come on personal level unless someone was to rub in your face or if you were to immerse yourself in someones else's business.
the only thing i see wrong with gay marriage is on a religous level but i thought there was suppose to be a separation of of state and relgion.
to me this all sounds to familiar to when we used to have signs that say "blacks only fount in | whites only fountain"

Gays have civil unions, as to gays in the UK and in Europe. The entire demand that the name of a religious sacrament be seized was intended to attack the religious. The state provides a civil alternative, to heterosexuals as well as homosexuals. If it truly was about love and commitment, gays would have been pursuing federal recognition of gay civil unions. Pressing Obama on that, instead of attacking the religious. Nor can you claim that this isn't about persecuting the religious, it's been happening in Massachusetts since gay marriage was passed there.

Extremists in the gay rights movement are exploiting gay rights issues, to further the left's attack on freedom of religion. I'm a dem, I've long supported gay rights, but the racist and hateful attacks by extremist gays last election day, was a Waterloo moment for me. I refuse to support gay rights again, until gays purge the gay facists from their movement, and return to true activism for civil rights. You don't advance civil rights, by establishing the dangerous precedent of allying with those who seek to undermine the right of the religious to be free from persecution, or to practice McCarthyite tactics like the blacklist.

When in history did G & L ever got married? The Romans, Greeks, Aztecs, Chinese, Esikimos, Zulus, and so on, never had marriage for G & L. So why are the modern G & L want to have this? No one in history ever claim in that marriage is a Civil rights issue. No one is prohibiting G & L to marry as long as they marry the opposite sex. It's like saying that society at large is decriminating against mariage for siblings. The siblings can marry as long as they don't marry each other. Why don't we give them that right also?

I was lucky and got married in that short window of time. I'm really sad for future couples who will have that struggle.

Constitutional issues shouldn't be voted on and decided by a slight majority. Americans for the most part are obviously voting on personal feelings rather than on an educated basis.

I was privy to listen in on several conversations of a certain group of people who also struggled for their rights in the past, who voted to support Prop 8. That is a clearly hypocritical. Maybe they also feel we should turn back the clock even further and return to the original Constitution... yeah, not so pretty...

Educate yourself, think before you vote.

I wonder if Terri Fallan would feel the same way if his/her rights were voted upon and taken away.   

That is just it...we do not have the right to define marriage. God defined it from the beginning of time and it will always be between a man and a woman. No one can ever erase that. The media has just desensitized our minds so that we have become more and more accepting as people of sin. When did sin become so glamorous and blinding? When will we wake up? No one is ever entirely happy living in sin. There is only emptiness in sin.
Thank God for the vote against gay marriage!

There are no sound arguments why gays should be excluded from marriage. And yes, there are historic moments of gay marriage including certain native american tribes. Not that it matters. Things must adapt to the times. You can believe marriage is only between whoever you want WITHIN and ONLY WHITHIN YOUR religion. When the state begins to define it, then they must allow equality for those who want marriage.

And the idea of a slippery slope of incest is a simply a bad argument. There is no orientation where you can only be attracted to your brother or sister. There IS however a homosexual orientation where one can only be attracted to the same sex and nothing else will suffice.

First, ancient Chinese, Japanese, Greeks, and Romans did acknowledge relationships between same-sex partners. Today, Spain, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, South Africa, Nepal, Canada and other countries all recognize same-sex marriage. As long as there is one state form that asks "married" or offers a place to list a "spouse," this is court-sancioned discrimination.

No one is trying to interfere with church matrimony and the other fear-mongering tactics are lies as well. This is a simple power grab at the expense of a minority on an issue that would have no negative impact on anyone if same-sex marriages were permitted.

This is indeed a shameful day for California.

Those who oppose granting the over 1,000 federal and state rights associated with marriage to gay and lesbian couples are on the wrong side of history. The same for those who opposed women's right to vote, right for interracial marriage, liberation of black from slavery. You can quote the Bible until you're blue, but biblical history has marriage between 1 man and several women, with women traded as possession.

This is not a triumph of democracy. This is a triumph of majority ruling over minority rights. With the Mormon church bankrolling Proposition 8, it is a triumph of non-taxpaying religious group over state laws and civil rights. It is a triumph on non-separation of church and state, which is against the foundation of this country.

What's next? A proposition to ban marriage for straight couples who are infertile (marriage is for procreation, right?), a proposition to allow Christian teachings on public schools but ban all other religion. For as long as majority rules, let's trump civil rights of the minorities!! This is not America!!


Do you think the CA Supreme Court would allow THIS proposition to stand?? Of course not because the justices are more understanding of racial issues and less prejudiced against blacks and hispanics than toward gays. So much for equal treatment under the law and having justices free of heterosexist and religious biases.

Their decision reflects their ignorance and lack of understanding of what it means to truly live as a gay person. Because if they did know, they would have fully appreciated just how much gays will be treated unfairly under Prop 8 (and thus ‘the scope’ of the issue is much larger) instead of trivializing it merely as word change only - marriage or partner.

I like how Obama preempts the coverage on the Prop 8 decision by announcing his Supreme Court Appointee today instead of the originally planned date of this Thursday. Just shows how he wants to minimize anything dealing with gay issues including outrage toward this wrong CA Supreme Court ruling. In effect, he purposely has put the brakes on any growing protest of the Prop 8 decision and minimized the media cover of it.

Thank you Prop.8 supporters! Thank you from the daughter of a gay man, but more so the daughter of The King. I hope this throws the gay agenda back 10 years. I am 1 of 5 children negatively affected by homosexual parenting. Marriage is for a man and a woman and it should be sacred, not perverted by gays. Do what you want in your own bedroom, don't bring kids into it! You will ruin them! My family knows from personal experience.
Don't tell them that they are gay or that God is gay like my dad did and pervert the truth. For the people who did get married, don't have kids. You will ruin them...if you haven't already.

Taxing churches and religious groups would sure help fix our budget problems - now where's the ballot initiative on that? And how about charing minorities an extra 100% sales tax? Let's get these going, people!!

I can't wait to see what anti-minority nuttiness shows up on next years ballot, because I'm sure it will. But even though I may strongly disagree, I'll vote yes on all of it. The only way to fix this awful, awful referendum system, that gives ignorant voters too much power, is to create a constitutional crisis and break it.

today is a glorious day for Californians! because courts CANNOT overrule what the population have voted for, and if your gay and both times you lost, maybe that should tell you something, and if you think that other counties are accepting gays and we should too, why don't you move there and and enjoy your time there, and not pervert rules here for NORMAL families.

PROP 8 is discrimination, discrimination is HATE. It is geneticly based, not a choice. THIS IS WRONG AND UNJUSTIFIED


For being so brave and fighting for the WILL OF THE PEOPLE!
today was a big day for democracy! (whether you agree or not with prop 8)

jerry brown, you should be ashamed of yourself btw.

LA TIMES.... great article, thats EXACTLY how I feel.

Since when is one group of people voting to abolish the rights of another group of people democracy? The Prop H8ters are one seriously twisted, spiteful group of people. I think Jesus of Nazareth is asheamed of them.

hey brad,
I think a group of people voting to abolish the rights of another group of people IS hate. You can dress it up any twisted way you want, but it is HATE.
Has it ever occurred to you WHY so many gay people want to be able to marry? The separate-but-equal domestic partnerships fall way short in protecting gay and lesbian PEOPLE and their families. If you're going to behave in a hateful, spiteful manner, at least have the cahones to admit you are.

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