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Octuplets' mom Nadya Suleman to have surgery

Octuplets' mother Nadya Suleman is reportedly scheduled to undergo surgery this week to remove uterine fibroids.

Suleman said she's receiving a myomectomy. According to the Mayo Clinic website, a myomectomy "is a surgical procedure to remove uterine fibroids — noncancerous growths of the uterus that often appear during your childbearing years. The surgeon's goal during myomectomy is to take out symptom-causing fibroids and reconstruct the uterus. Unlike hysterectomy, which removes your entire uterus, myomectomy surgery removes only the fibroids and leaves your uterus intact."

Suleman insisted that she will still be able to bear children.

  "I am not having all of my uterus removed," Suleman told Radar Online. "Actually, it enhances fertility. It doesn't reduce it. If I really wanted to become pregnant, I could. But I wouldn't. That's the truth."

-- Shelby Grad

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Why is the newspaper wasting time with this peice of trash woman? There has got to be more news worthy for print than to hear about the daily life of an idiot.

why would you be so tacky and report this! Why is it anyones business what else she chooses to do with her body parts! Its totally inappropriate to report this to the NEWS about her female surgery! Even if she was asked, she should have kept that to herself! The only way she is gonna keep others out of her business is to quit telling everyone about it! This is why I believe she is enjoying and seeking out publiciity. Its tacky!! Why is it anyones business if she has her fibroids removed?

Next week, we will see a slimmer & trimmer Nadya. All a big cover-up for a boob job & tummy tuck.

This is "news" only because ALL women should be aware that this less invasive procedure for uterine fibroids is available which does NOT remove the uterus and plunge a woman into infertility and premature menopause like hysterectomy.

She's getting this option because she's young enough to bear children, even though every rational indicator says she shouldn't. But if a woman is over 40 and definitely over 45-50 the "AMA guidelines" are that she get hysterectoimy instead, even if she doesn't want to. I know from personal experience the huge difficulty of finding a doctor who will do this non-invasive procedure if you're an "older woman," i.e. in medical parlance, not worth bothering with.

A myomectomy is a more complicated procedure than hysterectomy, leaves only a small abdominal incision OR can be done vaginally with no incision at all. But this requires more specialized skill while a hysterectomy is easy to do and very profitable, hence the "bread and butter" surgery of most OB/GYN medical offices. Even if it ruins a woman's life.

Hysterectomy is also a major surgery with potential complications like massive bleeding, and it severs nerves and arteries to the groin that can cause chronic pain, lack of sensation and severe loss of quality of life.

There needs to be MUCH more awareness of these options so women don't go like sheep to slaughter. There are upto a million unnecessary hysterectomies every year in the U. S.

Jill please..... we dont need Nayda to inform women about this matter. Most women already know about the differences in the procedures. This article was self serving, plain and simple. Your comment was more informative than the article was. I have had fibroids removed back in my early 30's as well, with the same procedure. It was done so that I could have kids. But why does she think we care if she can still have kids or not?

Having fibroids removed is such a routine procedure that many women have had done, so this article serves no purpose that I can see, except to fullfill Nayda's attention seeking behavior.

Now that I am in my early 40's and some of the fibroids have returned, my doctor says he WILL NOT put me through anymore unessesary surgery unless they become problematic. So not all doctors are forcing there "older" patients into hyterectomies. Lots of women already know about the differences in the procedures, so once again, I see this article serving no real purpose.

If Nayda wants privacy so much, then why is she giving out details of her life like this?

Just another way to keep herself in the news. And by the few comments on this board, its obvious that people are loosing interest in her...its about time!

No Jill, this is not news. This article is self serving and has no informative merit. Most women already know about fibroid removal and we know the diferences between the types of surgeries. Having fibroids removed is very common.

this is none other than an attempt to keep her name in the news. If she wants privacy then she needs to quit telling everyone what she is doing. More attention seeking behavior IMO

nadya suleman fibroids...who cares ! I had mine removed but I did not sell my story to RADAR ON LINE or to the INTERNET ! ! Thats my "Personal" concern ! I am not somebody who invites attention just to be popular in the limelight.

Not only Suleman gives single moms a bad name, Suleman gives crazy people a really bad rap.

I am 52 and have lived with Uterine and Breast Fibroids since I was 30. A-symtomatic.
Do not have children and don't plan to now.

Did see a Kaiser doctor 2 years ago who referred me to an oncologist who tryed to convince me to have a hysterectomy, WHY? If I am not considering having children and I am near menopause.Ended up walking out of his office!

I have undergone my own natural healing and have only one small fibriod left on my breast that had been previously biopsied....NON CANCER...seems for me at least, Caffine is what makes them get larger.

As for the Uteine ones....shrunk one the size of a grapefruit to now the size of a lemon. All this within one years time.

Otomoms is having reconstrutive uterine surgery ...you can imagine what it might look like after having 14 children....YIKES!
Won't surprise me if she also decides to get breast implants and a tommy tuck while on the table.
Obviously...These fibriods were not a concern when she had 14 children or the doctors I hope would have warned about excessive bleeding, butyou can see, she was able to carry them nontheless.


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