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Miss California officials bypass no-show title holder

Carrie Prejean, the controversial Miss California, was neither fired nor embraced today by local pageant officials. Instead, frustrated officials said at a news conference in Beverly Hills that they would simply circumvent her and appoint first runner-up Tami Farrell as "our official Beauty of California ambassador."

In effect, they created a shadow Miss California to fulfill the appearances they claim Prejean has been unavailable to do. The co-executive director of the pageant, Keith Lewis, described the local pageant as little more than helpless passengers “on this runaway train.”

He added: “But that ends today.”

The local pageant does not have the authority to fire Prejean as Miss California. Only Donald Trump and the Miss Universe organization can do that. Pageant officials said they would be willing to work with Carrie Prejean, but every time they reach out to her, they are confronted by an army of her handlers and haven’t been able to talk with her.

“Up to now, it’s been very difficult to get in touch with her," said Shanna Moakler, executive director of the California pageant.

-- Carla Hall

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Another post in answer to the person who posted here to tell us that Carrie Prejean's punishment by local pageant officials has nothing to do with a gay marriage controversy and only centers on questionable photographs taken when she was a teenager:

"The state pageant is investigating whether the 21-year-old old violated her contract by making public appearances with groups opposed to same-sex marriage and by failing to reveal that she had posed in her underwear as a teenager."

So, folks, don't let anyone tell you that this whole stink isn't about gay rights. It definitely is what it's really about.

It's obvious she's been fired for her political opinions. I do remember the early 1950's when we used to do that.

To - Posted by: Chris | May 11, 2009 at 02:19 PM
"Miss Ca believes gay people deserve no rights and that domestic partnership and civil union laws should be repealed. "

You are just like most people who make judgments made on emotion not facts - Prop 8 in Calif. was to define marriage as between a man and a woman. No right were in jeopardy. Why do you and those who act like you never take 5 min. explore the issue look for facts and then speak.

Yes. She is entitled to her opinion. However, the hypocrisy of a girl who parades around in a bikini showing off her body for a living up on her moral high horse looking down on gay people is downright hilarious. If it weren't true, I'd think it was straight from a comedic satire script!

1. You get bashed when you don't espouse the forced indoctrination of the California Educational System.

2. If you espouse your own views, the views of your State, or the views of your President, see rule 1.

Posted by: Jess | May 11, 2009 at 02:44 PM
"I'd rather somebody be honest and truthful as opposed to a lying and deceitful."

Right. You mean like when she lied and said she had never posed for any nude or semi-nude photographs. Sure sounds honest to me! =)

I love America!

Two young ladies stood before the judges, one from California, and the other from North Carolina. One of the judges, Perez Hilton asked the question re: marriage to Miss California, not to Miss North Carolina. Reverse the role, and ask yourself, how would Miss North Carolina have answered? A bible-belt state.
Donald Trump should never have allowed this to happen! But, it's his business, and he can do as he pleases. It's kind of ironic that it's Miss California who is getting all the attention, and not the winner, Miss North Carolina. Op's, let me correct myself, maybe Miss California is the winner.
My personal views are for gay-rights. But, I strongly object to the personal attacks that the Donald, and his band of fools have thrown on people for expressing their own views. The whole mess is now his problem.

This show has been dead for years. Why it continues is the real controversy.

the heterophobe army is upon us

those cross dressers must be a serious segment of audience of the evening gown competition

must go with the money these days

A million bucks says Trump marries here before the end of 2009. Make it two million.

here we go! let's give rights to everyone EXCEPT the Christians....the ungodly, the gay, all colors, creeds, regardless of origin but NOT if you represent a Christian view. You are banned. You must be stupid. No friend, I am afraid it is you who is walking in the land of darkness and ignorance. I applaud her for speaking her mind. If only more would become less apathetic and more vocal, we might actually ACT like the Christian nation we once were. Everyone has a right to believe what they want but don't PERSECUTE us and call it a hate crime because we have convictions.

I think it's only fair! She decided to use her position to critize a group of people for being "immoral" based on her morals. So now she's getting called out for her hypocisy! Some people do think that her posing nude in pictures is immoral ... what's the difference what some view as immoral and what she claims as immoral? It just sounds like she's getting a taste of her own medicine!

Whatever happened to freedom of speach!!!!

When he asked the question was he looking for Ms. California's answer or for her acceptance? Sounds like she was set up to me.

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