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Miss California officials bypass no-show title holder

Carrie Prejean, the controversial Miss California, was neither fired nor embraced today by local pageant officials. Instead, frustrated officials said at a news conference in Beverly Hills that they would simply circumvent her and appoint first runner-up Tami Farrell as "our official Beauty of California ambassador."

In effect, they created a shadow Miss California to fulfill the appearances they claim Prejean has been unavailable to do. The co-executive director of the pageant, Keith Lewis, described the local pageant as little more than helpless passengers “on this runaway train.”

He added: “But that ends today.”

The local pageant does not have the authority to fire Prejean as Miss California. Only Donald Trump and the Miss Universe organization can do that. Pageant officials said they would be willing to work with Carrie Prejean, but every time they reach out to her, they are confronted by an army of her handlers and haven’t been able to talk with her.

“Up to now, it’s been very difficult to get in touch with her," said Shanna Moakler, executive director of the California pageant.

-- Carla Hall

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Luckily, there are no important local issues that need to be covered so we can continue to get hourly updates on this critical situation.

I don't think that Miss Prejean should be fired for her beliefs.

But if she isn't fulfilling her duties as Ms. California..then she should be replaced. It's isn't fair to the runner up to have to do her duties and not get sole title to the job!

To the pagent and it's officals..if you don't want your contestants to have a "view" ..then don't have YOUR judge ask a controversial question that can lead to this kind of situation!

These ladies are not running for office and for this "judge" to run his personal agenda on a non-political forum...shame on the pagent and it's officials!

And as far as the photos...please...women wear less on the beach!

I fully support gay marriage but this is just silly. Few would have said a word if she supported gay marriage. Her view is in synch with almost 70% of the state, but not with the 30% that consider themselves smarter. Even Obama says he holds the same view as her, but he gets a pass because we know he doesen't mean it, while she is excoriated becasue we know she was honest. Leave this woman alone. No one likes bullies. Thats exactly what the pagent officials look like.

Earlier it was reported that Donald Trump said he was going to examine the pictures, carefully, before reaching an opinion. It wasn't clear what he planned to do after that - ask her on a date?

You guys do realize that she's being circumvented for a breach of contract over controversial pictures that she posed for, right? This has nothing to do with what she said about gay marriage.

So you get fired for being HONEST now? I guess every single person in America should LIE when asked a question just to fit the STATUS QUO.

I just watched one of the executive directors on the news say something like Ms California should "not be polarizing" and should "represent all the people". He also mentioned that they encourage the contestants to be "free thinkers". I'm confused.

What exactly is the correct answer?

Would stating her support for gay marriage be acceptable? That's hardly non-polarizing but that would have appeased the judges - as long as it "only" offends the conservatives, right?

Would saying that it's up to the people of California to decide be the right answer? If so...Prop 8 WON, did it not?

What about "no comment"? That seems to be the only option left that would satisfy the part about not being a polarizing figure. So much for being "free thinkers."


It baffles me that readers believe miss california is in danger of losing her crown for her beliefs. Her beliefs were the catalyst. She is in trouble for breach of contract, she lied about photos that have surfaced - period.

The poor pageant directors (Lewis, Moakler, et al) are being so unfairly treated because Prejean won't talk to them. Why would she after they and other's who didn't like her candor tried to assassinate her through the media? The pageant directors are playing this to accomplish their own agenda ... and to silence Prejean for not sticking to expressing only preapproved opinions. That is, opinions preappoved by them.

ha ha ha. This whole "scandal" has been bloody hilarious. They want Carrie gone so bad for one reason and one reason only, because she didn't give the pro-gay marriage answer they wanted. But they know they will look so stupid if they get rid of her. And now they hide behind they can't get a hold of her. Pure and unadulterated B.S. You go Carried!!!!!!

Is there a good link for the photos...??

As usual, the anti-gay comments come packaged with LIES. Proposition 8 passed with only 52% support, NOT 70%. So that means 48% voted against banning gay marriage.

Also, most of the nude photos of Miss Prejean have NOT been released because they would be considered obscene. Simply saying "I've seen worse on a beach" misses the point entirely...you haven't seen the worst. Get it?

Miss Prejean isn't being fired for her beliefs.

Vanessa Williams was fired because of having had nude photos of her published and she had made never made any controversial statements of any kind.

She is not being fired for her personal beliefs. If she were to be fired, it would be for failing to do the job her contract stipulates. I'm tired of her being a martyr for the Christian Right, but it's important to show that if you do not fulfill your contractual duties, you get fired. Donald Trump should understand that.

whatta dumb contest, no wonder the event gets lousy ratings.

"Her view is in synch [sic] with almost 70% of the state, but not with the 30% that consider themselves smarter."

No, it isn't. Prop H8 barely passed with a little more than 600,000 votes in a state with 38 million; a difference of 4.7 percent of the 13.4 million who actually bothered to vote. That's hardly a victory for Prop H8 proponents to crow about or even claim any sort of monopoly on the predominant state view. And, they know time isn't on their side.

Prop H8 will be overturned, swept into the dustbin of history, and its supporters will be immortalized at level as those who once supported anti-miscegenation laws using the same tripe.

Prejean's comments were divisive, and have consequences. She brought upon herself, and the spirit of Anita Bryant caught up with her in record speed.

"Leave this woman alone."

Yes, leave poor Britney alone!

She wouldn't be fired for her beliefs - she would be fired for not having and upholding the qualities necessary to hold the title of Miss California -

namely, No supporting Discrimination of Bigotry - which is EXACTLY what Miss Prejean has done.,

Just like you wouldn't get a job at a church if you believed (and shared your belief) that the church is an illegal tax sheltered organization that should be investigated for hiding the fact that a large number of their employees were molesting children, then it's likely you wouldn't get to keep that job.

Same goes here - support a bigoted stance?
Support discrimination?
No Miss california for you.

take photos that you say didn't exist that are in direct violation of pageant rules?
No Miss california for you.

She made her bed, she should lie in it rather than making this an issue about her supposed king who lives in the clouds.

I think the knuckle head judge should be the one fired for asking that kind of question, knowing, that if he didn't get the response he wanted, she was history. We have to make a mockery and scandal out of everything these days. It's just a pageant after all.
I think if you did a little research on this idiot, he's not squeaky clean either.

Two points:

1) Prejean isn't making the appearances that are the main job of Miss CA -- if you weren't doing your job or communiicating with them, wouldn't you be replaced? The job needs to get done.

2) Miss CA is a PR job. The women who won actually said (after the pagaent when asked) that she believed everyone deserves equal right, and she'd leave it up politicians what to call them...that's a very diplomatic answer, of course she doesn't believe the defininition of marriage should changed but she doesn't lobby angainst equal rights --- that's the issue, here: Miss Ca believes gay people deserve no rights and that domestic partnership and civil union laws should be repealed. That is an unacceptable answer, especially for someone who must represent the entire country -- 70% of American agree on that.

FYI -- Ms California's church -- Rock Church on San Diego -- has a program to "change" gay people into straight people -- tell me do you agree with that? She does.

What every happened to a contestant just wishing for world peace and none of us really caring because we knew that whatever dribble of an answer she provided would be irrelevant to the real point of the pagent - an opportunity to stare at her surgically enhanced fake breasts? Are we really arguing over the shallowest of all televion programs - a beauty pagent? This is a beauty pagent, for goodness sakes. Why is this even still on television?

What's the big deal? Miss California simply restated the view of the majority of the citizens of the state she represents, as well as that of President Obama ("Marriage is between one man and one woman") and most of the Congress.

Good for Carrie for standing up for what she believes in! I'd rather somebody be honest and truthful as opposed to a lying and decietful. Her views may not sit well with some, but their views may not sit well with others, etcetera, etcetera. Attacking somebody because they have different opinions that you may have is childish. Cry me a river.

"You're wrong because I said so." HAHAHAHAHAHAH

We have lost sight of the fact that the question was asked by a celebrity whose only talent she exhibited to make her a star was done on a video sold on the internet of her fornicating with her boyfriend.

And that was umpteen boyfriends ago.

Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I get dizzy trying to keep track of this stuff.

First, they attacked her. Now they play the victim while undermining her. Who would want to work with such people?

What duties had she failed to fulfill ?. She should be left alone and be able to represent California even if she believes like 50% of Californians that gay marriage is wrong. She is entitled to her opinion.

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