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Man arrested in Dodger Stadium stabbing


Authorities have arrested a man in connection with a stabbing last month in the Dodger Stadium parking lot after the club's home opener, Los Angeles police said today.

Arthur Alvarez, 32, was arrested Thursday night at a relative's home in Santa Clarita, said LAPD Capt. Bill Murphy. Alvarez, a reputed gang member, was booked on suspicion of attempted murder. He was being held in lieu of $550,000 bail and was expected to be charged today.

Alvarez, who is unemployed, had attended the Dodgers' home opener against the San Francisco Giants with a couple and another man, police said. Investigators said Alvarez and the other man began quarreling, and Alvarez stabbed the 30-year-old victim several times in the arm. Alvarez then fled in a black Ford pickup.

At about the same time, police received a report of a man with a gun in another parking lot at the stadium. Rayner said police later determined the man had been vandalizing cars and was unarmed. He fled before officers arrived.

Those incidents and other reports of rowdy behavior led Dodgers officials last week to step up patrols in the parking lots surrounding the stadium and to enforce rules that prohibit alcohol consumption in those areas.

The stadium has been the scene of violent incidents in recent years that critics have blamed on lax security.

In 2003, Marc Antenorcruz, of West Covina, was walking out of the stadium after a game when he got into an argument with a group of men that included Pete Marron. Marron was later convicted of shooting Antenorcruz to death.

Fan misbehavior stemming from a club promotion early in the 2005 season led the Dodgers to hire uniformed Los Angeles Police Department officers to patrol the stands. 

Later that year, a clash between private security guards and unlicensed vendors working near the stadium turned into a violent brawl after a game against the St. Louis Cardinals, leaving several men hospitalized with stab wounds.

-- Andrew Blankstein

Photo credit: Los Angeles Times

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Dodgers need to learn from Trojans. THUG Behavior like this never happens at the Coliseum when the USC Trojans are playing football.

It used to be that Dodgers fans were the nicest around. The worst a fan of an opposing team could expect was harsh language. Now Dodgers fans are even fighting each other! It's sickening. It is beginning to be embarassing to be a Dodgers fan. If I tell someone I'm a Dodgers fan, that person is likely to smirkingly ask me if I'm a Blood or a Crip.

Dodger Stadium is no place to bring a family. Until they get serious about security and ENFORCE rules and laws it will not change.

I'm glad he was caught. I'm a Dodger fan and I get sick of hearing of people with uncontrolled anger issues taking it out on other fans. I'm all about sportsmanship, and the disrespect that is seen at the games is sickening. It's unfortunate thtat it results in violence.

Should anyone be suprised about this? Hello! Los Angeles is notoriously known for road rage and maybe this is another trend in Los Angeles. "Game Rage" or "Parking Lot Rage" who knows?

This is just my two cents

Time to bring back the Raiders. That should siphon off some of the thugs from the ravine.
Ever since the Dodgers replaced the elderly ticket takers with the straw hats and replaced them with LAPD things got out of control. They need to bring them back as they struck fear into the hearts of many.

What a suprise...DUH If anyone has been to a dodger game lately it is like going to a mexican gang outing. I paid 70 bucks for a lodge seat only to have a crowd of tattooed gangbangers who obviously did not have seat tickets crowd me out. I complained to an usher and all I got was maybe I should be the one to move. I won't be going to any more dodger games.
Maybe the stadium should be used by the INS instead!!!

It is sad to see the class deteriorate over the years. It used to be a fun, family friendly, place to go and enjoy the game. Now "Raider Nation" have taken over and it is cussing in front of kids, groping each other in front of the kids, fighting, public intoxication, making the employees' lives miserable. It is just a sad sight to see. I used to love coming to Dodger Stadium as a kid. Now? I have to pony up and buy a more expensive ticket so i don't have to deal with the "just released from prison an hour ago" crowd.

teaches everyone who's not a dodger fan something...if your not a dodger fan keep your mouth shut @ dodger stadium, visiting fans tend to get out of hand sometimes(if anyone has been to the stadium should know this). LA is known for violence this shouldn't surprise anyone. Yes its bad but im sure the victims in these incidents had something rude to say towards these people to react this violent way. If they kept there mouth shut and just walk to there car, no one will say nothing or just ignor them if they do, thats my best advice to visitors at Dodger Stadium.

These stupid Mexican Gang members need to collectively burn in hell. Its embarrassing as a Mexican-American to have to witness these idiots give my people a bad name. Putos Welfariados!

I feel bad for the opposing fans. One thing is to heckle and give a hard time, but these gang bangers are literally looking to fight someone and potentially kill them. I would never ever take my kids to a dodger game unless I have really good seats so that I can sit with the civilized folk. Of course we still have the parking lot which is a battle ground in of itself.

The McCourts need to team up with LAPD because its gotten to the point that I fear for my safety. Its really pathetic.

Maybe we can bomb the pavilions and get rid of 15-20 thousand gang bangers all at once.

Seriously though, as much as it hurts me to say this, they need to stop selling booz in the paviliions and they need to not allow tailgating (an enforce it).

Hell, they need to screen for bald heads and clothing. haha

You resemble an "ese" you dont get it. They should also have police checking for warrants at the door. Im sure the pavilions may end up empty.


I don't go to Dodger Stadium anymore because of the gang problem. The McCourts should fix the gang problem, bring in more security, I do not feel safe there anymore. The last 3 games I have gone to, fights broke out and I had to move to another section.

Dodger Stadium is a horrible place to watch a game. Thugs, foul mouthed gang banging losers everywhere and NO assistance from ANYBODY associated with the stadium or the Dodgers. It's as if you are on your own there. Being a fan of another team, I can say that you take your life into your hands. Nice going Dodgers, way to keep the fan that forks out money for your pathetic organization safe and happy in your "House".

Ya "thugxican" that's the way to teach them. You should take your gangster mentality back to the ghetto and leave it there. You thugs don't own Dodger Stadium. You don't even own LA.

Dodger fans and visiting fans alike don't need to fear that what they say will make some lame gang banger cry in his cheerios and feel the need to kill them. Last I checked this is America and people can say what they want without being prosecuted. Turns out the ghetto people of LA have taken it upon themselves to self police. PLEASE!

Stay out of Dodger Stadium. No one wants you there and you just look like pathetic excuses for Americans.

Another act of violence at Dodger Stadium? Not surprising. The McCourts don't care about the safety and security of anyone who isn't sitting in the field boxes or a luxury suite. Just another sign of the times, I guess -- those of us in the middle are stuck between the wealthy elite and the scum of the earth. It's really PATHETIC. I saw incredibly poor displays of sportsmanship last year during the Dodgers/Cubs series -- beer being hurled onto a nice husband and wife sitting near me. They were Cub fans, but they were quiet, polite, decent people; true baseball fans who understood the game and wanted to see a good contest regardless of the outcome. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for the idiots who were tossing the beer -- young Latinos who probably don't know a ball from a strike. They needed to be taken out of the ballpark and beaten. The ushers and security were well aware of the situation and did NOTHING. It was a really bad display of what has become all too common at one of the greatest and most historic stadiums in all of baseball. I attended more than 15 Dodger games last season. I won't attend any this year. Truly happy the Dodgers are off to such a great start. Truly sad that Dodger management would rather cater to gang bangers and Raider Nation-type thugs than true Dodgers fans. Buy hey -- so long as the McCourts are making money - what do they care.

I will continue to go to dodger games as I have for the last 27 years (since I was a baby). I went to the game on friday, against the Padres, and god forbid there were "crazy gang members" that were yelling back and forth. The instigators were the PADRES fans. Nobody got stabbed or beaten and I was in the "ghetto" section on the top deck (nosebleed section). If you go to dodger stadium expecting bad things to happen, then they will.


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