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Two killed, 1 injured in Fullerton crash

Fullerton Police crime scene investigators examine the scene where a speeding pickup truck rolled over in a single-vehicle accident in Fullerton, killing two passengers and injuring the driver. A speeding 19-year-old driver drove his pickup truck up a hill and crashed into a tree early this morning in Fullerton, killing two passengers and injuring himself, officials said.

The passengers, a male and a female, both 19, were ejected from the car and pronounced dead at the scene, said city spokeswoman Sylvia Palmer. The driver, Jared Berggren, was taken to UC Irvine Douglas Hospital, where he was being treated for head injuries. Police said he was listed in stable condition. The three are residents of Fullerton.

Officials plan on charging Berggren with vehicular manslaughter once he is discharged from the hospital, said police spokesman Mike MacDonald. The 2006 Toyota Tacoma was speeding east on Coyote Hills Drive near Foxwood Drive about 2:30 a.m. when the driver lost control. The truck veered off the road and flew up a hill at an angle, where it rammed into a eucalyptus tree.

The impact sheared off most of the truck's roof, MacDonald said. Investigators found beer bottles at a cul-de-sac down the street and believe the three may have been drinking there before they got into the car.

Fire officials searched in the bushes with thermal cameras after the crash to make sure there were no additional victims, said Fullerton Fire spokesman Gary Dominguez.

“Schools try to impress it on graduates, doing demonstrations of what happens in accidents,” Dominguez said. “Well, here it is in real life.”

-- Victoria Kim

Caption: Fullerton Police crime scene investigators examine the scene where a speeding pickup truck rolled over in a single-vehicle accident in Fullerton, killing two passengers and injuring the driver, authorities said.  Credit: Allen J. Schaben  / Los Angeles Times

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miles christensen was my friend from elementary school till high school. he was one of the passengers. its not fair how he died at the mercy of a drunken idiot. i also know jarred. hes stupid. this shouldnt have happened.

How horrible. I'm very sorry this happened. Condolences to all of the family. I don't think it's fair to call one person stupid at a tragic time like this.

My condolences to the friends and family of the two victims.

I knew Jackie. This is so stupid, I feel sick to my stomach.

i went to school with them. its definantly a shame what happened
and i know the whole school will be mourning for miles and giving his brother tanner their condolences.

they werent thinking.
and if they would have just put their seatbelts on. better yet not even gotten in the car.

theres not stupid people they just make stupid desicions.

im sorry

All 3 are guilty it sucks that they died however they all made the choice to drink and then made the choice to get in the truck. This is what happens to people who think it will never happen to me. Hopefully this will wake some people up and they learn from their friends mistakes. My daughter knew the 2 boys and she is absoutley devistated. This is a sad time for everyone. Stop calling one person an idiot and it is not all his fault.

does anyone know anything about funeral arrangements? i went to high school w/ miles. would be nice to pay respects.

First of all, the funeral arrangements aren't set yet. They will be held Saturday but the church hasn't been selected yet.
Second of all, for those who choose this time to preach, it would be helpful if you didn't stab knives into broken hearts. Our families, including Jarod's, are all devestated and I'm not sure what motives you have for being publicly judgemental about people you've never known.

The Law should make it MANDATORY that DUI survivors be escorted to a Morgue to View bodies of dead victims as a result of DUI's - nothing like a first hand look to give a lasting impression. I know the father of the victim dead and they are a nice family - I pray he doesnt blame himself for the kids drinking - its their choice - we as a society must step in and educate and push judges to enforce hard consquences for drunk drivers - I am heartbroken for all these families. Prayers are with them - alcohol is evil

actually shar i'm pretty sure they do. my friend who got a DUI was forced to go to a morgue and look at dead bodies. they forced him to see a dead baby. so... i think it's done.

my condolences to ALL the families.. if anyone has any updates on the funeral please let me know.

This whole thing is very sad, and why anyone would call someone a drunken idiot in a time like this is beyond belief... all of them decided to get in the car... so it is not more so his fault... and im not trying to put the blame on anyone, i really just wish it didnt happen at all. I'm very sorry to all the families and my thoughts and prayers go out to you. I was around these kids in big groups of people... but i never really knew them that well, but they were very close friends of my friends.

I know they will be missed so much. BUT THEY ARE IN A BETTER PLACE NOW... way better than earth... just think of it that way... they are smiling from ear to ear now with nothing to make them sad...

AND my prayers do go out for jared. he has to deal with not only his friends dying but the consequences of him living through this.

we all love & miss you. RIP.
and we are hoping for the best for Jared!
i pray for all the friends and families that have been affected by this accident and send my dearest love.

RIP Miles.
you were an awesome friend and fun to be around.. K-12 cant forget roomin with you at DC in 8th grade..

Miss you.

My prayers and thoughts and HOPE goes out to all of the affected of such a tragic event. WE ALL MUST learn from these horrible mishaps. Some may say that "it was their time!" and others may say "It could have been avoided" - but which is it for sure? Is it one or the other? or maybe a little of both?

Which ever it is, it is definitely 3 lost lives, I take that back, its probably hundreds of lost lives. The victims, of course, then there's the mothers, the fathers, the brothers and sisters, the friends, and family.

Young people out there, please, please learn from this. Take a little something away from this. None of us knows for sure whether it could have been avoided, or it was just their time - but, WE, all of us, that are still here, have seen this before

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE - Learn a little something from this tragedy. Don't let these poor souls that have been lost, die in vain! If the tragic loss of these poor kids manages to save even one young person, or stops one young person from driving drunk, or getting in the car with someone driving drunk, then this tragedy might, just might, have some meaning.

I never met Miles but my brother did and he is sad about it but it is sad to hear that young people died so well young.

Drinking and driving is the worst thing someone can do. Now two teens lost there lives due to a person not following the laws. This kind of example should teach every teen out there and grown ups not to drink and drive.

I knew Miles and Jared very well and being close to them I know that this was a mistake and could have been different. All 3 passengers made a conscious decision to get into that car and the outcome was tragic. Jared now has to live with the pain and knowing what he has done but he is an amazing person and we need to help. He is now living for 3 people and will make the best of it.

I new Miles... Not for long but he was a good kid.. my step brother knew miles for years. he also knew miles' brother. We were all family friends, my stepfather was his employer and i have worked with miles many times at Koji's his old job. it will never be the same without him and he truly was a great kid. He was an athlete and had his head on straight. It truly is a tragedy that this happened to him we will all miss you Miles i wish you were here right now


i just hope that we can all learn from this....... and not take there deaths in vain...... they will be missed and as for jarred, i pray he uses this to changes anothers life

Do you consider it good journalism to post a picture of the crash that clearly shows one of the victims? How would you feel seeing that picture if you were the parent?


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