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Social workers, police quiz octuplets' mom about son's black eye

Orange County children's services officials and La Habra police detectives visited the home of octuplets mother Nadya Suleman today after her 4-year-old son went to school with a black eye.

Suleman told Radar Online that the injury was minor, adding: “He’s autistic; he bumps into things.” She also told the online celebrity news site that the boy had some bite marks on his body.

The visit is the latest twist for Suleman, who is living in her new La Habra home with 14 children.

Suleman's attorney, Jeff Czech, told the Associated Press that he was not sure whether the social services officials took any action and said he suspects that they were called by the boy's teacher.

Czech said the boy likelyy got the black eye in a fall and that the bite marks probably came from another of Suleman's children.

Radar described the visit this way: "Preparing to pick up her older kids from school on Wednesday afternoon, [Suleman] was paid a surprise visit by the Orange County Social Services Agency-Children and Family Services and two La Habra detectives. Sitting in Suleman’s living room, the officials had to put a hold on their inquiries, promising to return when Suleman came home from the errand."

Suleman, who gave birth to octuplets earlier this year, is caring for her children with the aid of nurses who stay at the house.

—Shelby Grad

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Urgh. Really?

This culture has become crazy narcissistic.

How does a woman who already has an autistic child expect to take care of 13 more children?

I'm going to be straightforward here: She can't and she's crazy to think that she can. The fact that this woman hasn't been more vilified in the media is in itself a crime. There is no "balanced" reporting of this. It is like a "balanced" reporting of murder. It is simply wrong and any discussion otherwise is cowardly.

Mom can not stay home long enough to talk to the social workers? Her son has a black eye and BITE Marks by another child, where was mom when her son was being bitten? Mom can obviously not properly care for her children or keep track of them. Please take them and give them to families that can

Who is paying for the nurse's????

This poor innocent child born to incompetence, probably got his black eye while mom was getting her tattoo.

The visit apparently had a satisfactory outcome; Apparently they were satisfied with Nadya's explanation and quite impressed with the level of organization in the house. The two year old boy twin, Caleb is known to bite as many children of that age do.

the octomom needs to be locked up in jail for neglect and child abuse.

This is the beginning of more to come with that sicko.

John Smith

This is just the beginning of Social Services..Nadya buckle up girlfriend this is going to a bumpy ride ....

OCTO=mom is at it again. She actually told Radar (her favorite news organ) that CPS "actually complimented HER on how WELL ORGANIZED HER HOUSE IS."

She also claims cps said they would "NEVER HAVE TO RETURN TO HER HOUSE."

The woman & her 14 kids are living off taxpayers still ... and she can't manage to safeguard even the OLDER KIDS from black eyes and BITE MARKS from their siblings. CPS: do your jobs. TAKE those kids away till OCTO-freak gets a job.

leave them alone. they are being unfairly harasses, monitored by the entire world it seems so people are hypervigilant on their family life. the videos of them at home are almost necessary pr for people to start to understand this family and accept them. the visit of social services and policemen is undermining to family cohesion and life and creates more tensions in a family because it provokes fear. this women is doing everything she can to support these children and is caring for them outstandingly well whatever the learning curves involved in raising any child. she is being unfairly villified and crucified for having the audacity to choose her own life, have many children despite struggling to make ends and try to have an education and career to support all her and her kids needs. she is trying to have her dream and people who cannot fulfill their own, women with problems, men with inferiority complexes feel very threatened by this one woman show. there are many genuine social services cases around the country but this women is unduly under the spotlight which she never sought. she had to go on tv to defend herself and her family and to show the world theyre normal human beings trying to get by as best they can. shes a high achiever, and thats getting a lot of stupid people mad. children in special needs education have bites and bruises all the time. they do it one another, attack their own teachers and support staff or are attacked by other special needs children. her autistic son is at the receiving end of a two year old siblings aggression which is also highly normal in any family and just needs to be calmly dealt with not catastrophised. siblings fight in any household. yes, it has to be handled well but thats just hte ups and downs of family life. give them all a break they totally deserve it - enough hate and psuedo concern from people just out to bring her down. there are millions of fathers who father kids and never show or care. go after them? their kids may feel angry, dejected, confused and may even be more vulnerable to a rough deal in life because of that total negligence. wheres their dad? suleman is the one there in these kids lives caring for her offspring in every way she can like millions of single moms out there and doing the best she can for them, while her selfish donor is just having his protected existence couldnt care less for these children longing to have their dad in their lives and asking about him poor things. those boys need a father, those girls need a daddy. he needs to give his kids the time of day as soon as possible and quit being selfish. thats my view anyways.

hey mngal - mom cannot stay home long enough to talk to social services?! did you even read the news? she had to go pick up her kids from school. you should ask why social servies would pick such an inconvenient time to stop for at least a 45 minute chat. everyone knows the school run times for kids of that age including after school activities and no parent would be available to stop to talk to anyone at that time.
normal children bite and fight, ive in all types and classes of families! special needs kids self harm and harm others around them so its fortunate her autistic son is so peaceful and is not hurting the other kids. theyre a very happy, healthy family who are well loved and cared for. autism should not dominate a family though that often happens. its good there are many more kids to carry on a normal life instead of the normal life being turned upside down because of the one special needs child. its is healthier for him and he seems a lot more relaxed and easy going and happy looking than many autistic children. the other kids just need a bit of training in how to manage a child with different ways of communicating. they all love being together thats obvious. young families always fight its perfectly normal part of growing up and im glad she did not stop having kids after her autistic child was born as so many parents do and let it define the family. her family and her own life and the autistic childs is much healthier as a result and not overobsessed and mentally unhealthy as many neurotic families struggling with one child with autism. nadyas done well.


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