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Phil Spector jury again interrupted by illness

Spector, 69, faces second-degree murder charges in the fatal shooting six years ago of Lana Clarkson, a 40-year-old actress. For a second time, deliberations in Phil Spector’s murder retrial have been interrupted by juror illness. The panel, which began weighing evidence March 26, went home at midday today after a juror became sick.

Because of court holidays and a prior instance where a juror was ill, the panel has deliberated only about 27 hours over seven days.

Spector, 69, faces second-degree murder charges in the fatal shooting six years ago of Lana Clarkson, a 40-year-old actress. The jurors are also considering a lesser count -- involuntary manslaughter.

The legendary music producer contends Clarkson shot herself. The six-men, six-women panel has been relatively quiet during its deliberations, asking only to rehear Tuesday a portion of a criminalist's testimony.

-- Harriet Ryan

Photo: Phil Spector is seated in the courtroom during his retrial murder case at the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center in Los Angeles, Thursday, March 26, 2009. Credit: Al Seib / AP

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Sorry, hit enter prematurely on my comment.

I agree with the blog Talk Left that opined last week that 1. The forensics do not exclude suicide and 2. There is reasonable doubt about the accuracy of the alleged six word confession to the driver De Souza.

I am of the school of thought that most juries are reluctant to ground an important decision (such as a homicide conviction) on the testimony of an admitted perjurer.

(De Sousa admitted that he annually lied in his visa renewal applications signed under oath for four years in a row.)

Not to mention that mishearing another person is a very common experience (at least in my household).

And of course Lana Clarkson wrote to a screen writer friend on December 8, 2002 and said she planed to 'tidy up her affairs’ and end it all (a communication that many would view as a reference to suicide, and not a ‘career change’ as some have tried to spin it).

What is left of the case is, at best, some suspicious behavior by Spector.

But, to cite one example, knowing how the rich live, I do not view Spector's relying on the driver to call Spector's business manager and 911 (which the driver did) as guilty behavior--since he has probably not placed an important phone call himself since he was 21.

Ultimately I believe that this second jury will acquit Spector of firing the shot that killed Lana Clarkson.

More importantly, I believe that under the evidence and the law it will be the right thing to do.

This trial is sickening. Not to mention a huge waste of taxpayers dollars.

Stephen Gianelli: as always you cherry pick your facts.

You ignore that Spector never called 911. Never, Nada. Not once.

At least de Souza was man enough to call the police on behalf of a woman who was dead.

You also leave out the fact that Clarkson's last e-mail was: I can't wait ( for the party.) You leave out that she bought shoes.

Your arguments have become increasingly surreal. And not once have I ever heard you have any compassion for Clarkson.

L.A. Defense: Not Guilty by Reason of Celebrity.

I believe that Spector is guilty of lst degree murder. This trial is a waste of taxpayers money as he should have been found guilty after the first trial. Having worked in the mental health field it is very very rare for someone to commit suicide in the presence of another for fear of being stopped. If I remember from the lst trial she had made future plans with either family or friends for the next day. This again is not the norm for suicide victims. Usually they will cancel appointments as they know that they will not be around to keep the appointment. Having never met Spector until that night I cannot believe that she would come to a quick decision to kill herself there. How did she know he would have a gun? How would she know where the gun would be located? Why place a chair to sit in by the front door? Have your purse slung over your shoulder as if you were ready to leave the residence? Why was her blood found in the bathroom? Was his first thought to wash up rather than seek medical help for her? It just doesnt seem logical to me that this was a suicide. Even though he is not required to take the stand i always question why a person who is not guilty does not take the stand. if he is telling the absolute truth what does he have to fear from cross examination. i would be on the stand in a second if my freedom was at stake and i was not guilty. Again i fear that a california jury will hold a celebrity above the law. If he is again acquitted i hope her family files a civil suit and ruins him financially.

Phil should enjoy his last week of freedom.
Goodbye mansion, hello cage.

Dear e owens:

1. Not even the prosecutors in this case believe that Phillip Spector is guilty of "first degree murder". Spector is charged with murder in the second degree.

2. In the United States (including Los Angeles California and whatever locale you hale from) a criminal defendant has a right to remain silent and force to compel the prosecution to proved the case. This is one of the fundamental constructional rights that all of us American's enjoy.

3. In every state in these United States (including Los Angeles California and whatever locale you hale from) the prosecution must prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. If the government fails to do so, no amount of suspicion, innuendo, or disapproval about the fact that (for instance) the defendant has not placed an important call himself since he became a millionaire at age 21, can take the place of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

i'm amazed at how some people are on a witch hunt when it comes to this trial. why can't people simply look at the facts of this case. it is a sad thing when a beautiful person like ms. lana clarkson dies that part of the case really breaks my heart. her death was a tragic accident. mr. spector said he did not know where lana got the gun from, the gun was not registered to mr. spector nor did it have his finger prints or dna. i don't believe that you can wash all the dna,fingerprints,and blood away. today's technology will find a mirco spec of evidence. i don't believe that 5'5" 135lb. phil spector being stoned from anti-depession medication and 151 rum plus being 63 years old could really beat a 6' 165lb. 40 year old lana clarkson in a fight. i think my 125lb. female friend tanina would beat him up in a fight and she's 5'4" and 27 years old. how did phil get the gun in her mouth? for surely no one is saying that she opened her mouth willingly for mr. spector to put a snub nose revolver in her there. are they? i believe that because he is a celebrity worked against mr.spector. he was almost immediately assumed guilty until proven innocent. what country are we living in a screwed up dictatorship? law enforcement did a terrible job front the start dr. henry lee tried to tell everyone that he did not do anything unethical. people chose not to believe him and his reputation has been tarnished. when mr.spector is proven innocent dr.lee's name and reputation must be cleared or i hope that mr.lee sues the state of california and the county of los angles for slander and defamation of character. bet your bottom dollar that unlike o.j. or robert blake mr.spector will sue everyone connected with this case for all the money he has lost approxitmately $2 million dollars a year since 2003. mr. spector is a genius and you all waiting for his demise will see him come out of this smelling like a rose. i'll hate to say i told you so that mr.spector did not and would not shoot someone down in cold blood. mr.spector if you ever read this know that i'm with you and team spector all the way. the district attorneys are grasping for straws,their case is circumstantial at best,it's witnesses tell 30 year old stories that are irrealvent. the reason they work for the state is because mr. bruce cutler got a's in college and they got c's. the science backs mr.spector and science is not bias.only factual. good luck to anyone trying to sue mr. spector civilly because he's not guilty of that either because he did not pull the trigger,lana accidentally killed herself. and yes i would believe mr. spector did it if i see a video. someone please show me the video. as far as people saying he's guilty of 1st degree murder that would mean that mr. spector premeditated the crime. no way that's possible. he what out for a night on the town,to enjoy himself and get out of that big house that he was in alone and have a couple of drinks and hear some music. mr. spector is guilty of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Stephen-thanks for reading my post. I appreciate your opinions. There are still some issues i have with the facts of the case. I did watch the lst trial on tv but must now rely on information obtained over the internet.

If i remember correctly wasnt there an opened drawer in a table in the foyer with an empty holster? That would make me think that gun came from that drawer. If it did how did Ms Clarkson know it was there? She had never been to his home before. Its seems far fetched to me that she would ask him for a gun.

Why was her purse over her shoulder? Strange thing to do if you are going to kill yourself? Why place a chair in the foyer to sit on while you kill yourself-she could have easily gone into a bathroom and pulled the trigger.

Witnesses from the House of Blues stated that Spector was insistent that she come back to his home. For what?

This is my theory. I think Spector wanted some kinky fun that night and Ms.Clarkson being the only female he made contact with that night targeted her. Upon arriving at his home they had a glass of wine and he made a pass at Ms.Clarkson which she rejected. She grabbed her purse to leave and Spector was not going to let her leave. I believe he grabbed the gun from the foyer drawer and forced her to sit in the chair where the shooting happened. Another poster commented on the size and weight of spector compared to Ms.Clarkson. A 100lb person can shoot you just as well as a 200lb person-would you charge at a person with a gun? I personally know of a karate instructor who was shot by a 16 yr old kid.

Would love to hear of any theories you may have. This is an interesting case and am anxious for the verdict.

have a great day.

Best predictor of future behavior is the examination of past behavior. Spector has a history of shoving guns in peoples faces. Not once, many times. The driver heard him make a statement to the effect Spector had shot her. There are plenty of items of evidence. Winton's statement is a classic example of people who use their feelings and emotions to decide a case instead of examining actual evidence.
I cannot believe that so many people will make excuses for a celebrity like "they are a genius". Genius has nothing to do with this case.


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