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Molina wants Spanish translation for Gold Line. “La Linea de Oro”?

When light rail returns to the Eastside neighborhoods of Boyle Heights and East Los Angeles this summer, many Spanish-speaking residents will undoubtedly talk about taking el tren.

But will commuters say they are riding La Linea de Oro? L.A. County Supervisor Gloria Molina will propose during an MTA board meeting today that the Eastside extension of the Gold Line be officially named La Linea de Oro, Edward R. Roybal.

If the motion is approved, it will be the first time the name of an MTA facility, rail or bus line has been translated from English to Spanish, said MTA spokesman Jose Ubaldo. In her motion, Molina says  that Spanish has been a “cornerstone of Boyle Heights and East Los Angeles” and that several community members asked that the rail line be referred to in that language, as well as honor the late Latino congressman, who grew up in Boyle Heights.

Molina could not be reached for comment. Boyle Heights and East L.A. are more than 95% Latino, with a huge Spanish-speaking population.

Lupe Bojorquez, 59, a Neighborhood Watch captain, said she has talked in the past with Molina about naming the Eastside stretch of the lineLa Linea de Oro.“I think it would be a nice gesture if it was named in Spanish,” Bojorquez said.

Although a date has not been set, the Gold Line extension is expected to open as early as June.

--Hector Becerra

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I'm sorry, but this sounds extremely confusing to riders.
"Wait, am I on the Gold line?"
"No, you're on la linea de oro?"
"But I was on the Gold line a few minutes ago at Chinatown and I didn't change trains. How did I get on la linea de oro? How do I get back to the Gold Line?"


"Where's the Gold Line?"
"It starts at Union Station"
"But I though the Gold line had stops in Boyle Heights"
"No, la linea de oro has stops in Boyle Heights"
"So how do I get on the Gold Line train"
"Get on la linea de oro toward Union Station and stay on the train"

Maybe some people have forgotten that the train system can be EXTREMELY confusing to people that are trying to ride for the first time or for people from other countries visiting the LA area. I'm sorry, but if we have a "society" we need to have a common way of communicating with one another. English is already established as the official language of California. It might be a smart idea to embrace that.

I frequently see things happen in the Metro system that makes me think the people coming up with names, rules and station designs are NOT thinking about the people riding the train and their experience as a rider. That is sad. As it is, I already see so many people confused by the Red and Purple line because they think they can only get to the Blue line from the Purple line. This problem is exacerbated by the lack of maps in some stations. On the new Gold line trains, they don't have maps on any of the cars.

I'm Latino, borm and raised in ELA. Enough of this non-sense!
Latino's rail...LA Linea de Oro, Black Community..soul Train,
Asian Commnuit...Hong Kong Express...Spend your effort and time
on solving issues, like crime, jobs, bugets, Teacher lay-offs, no city
council pay raises, for a year, gun control, Get the idea Gloria!
I agree with some of the people who have commented, this is
the USA, with due respect, English only PLease, this is not Mexico!

Supervisor Molina is a prime example of an ethnocentric
desire to rename and repopulate California into
Mexico North,what is next .....rename Parker Center
after Roybal or Chavez?!!!
When will it stop?

We have more important issues to resolve, than changing signs to Spanish , for godsake, stop wasting taxpayers money on projects that only lead to waste of economic funds that the city don't have. When I was growing up back in the 60's I was always told by my teachers "SPEAK ONLY ENGLISH". so there, We taxpayers don't pay your salary so that you can think and apply stupid ideas that lead to no-where . Don't waste Tax payers money on nonesense.

just because it runs through east LA, doesn't justify changing the name to a different language. I'm sure people from various countries call the lines of the metro rail in whatever language they speak. but officially, it's still and should remain in english. continuity please...gloria, Keep It Simple Stupid...Gold Line!!!!

I'm sorry, but does this mean I can move to Mexico and ask them the start naming things in English? It's arrogant, not to mention lazy, to move to another country and expect them to adapt to your needs instead of working to assimilate into the existing culture. And if I find one more job listing that lists "biligual" as one of the requirements, I think I'm going to file a discrimination lawsuit.

Why is this even an issue? Are there not more important things to dicuss? Supervisor Molina get a reality check nobody really cares that is not at the top of the list of priorities. I'm Latina and you know what I speak English in fact its my first language so don't insult me by worrying about what to call the "Gold Line", not to mention that isn't Boyle Heights in the City of Los Angeles not the County were your focus should be? I'm sure there are many people just like me who are Latin and English is our first language think about us once in a while, because in the Latin community we are the silent majority. IF OUR SUPERVISORS CAN'T STICK WITH WHAT'S IMPORTANT FOR US THAN VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE. We can make a difference.

I don't care what language the line is named in, but I DON'T want the name of the line to change from one section to another, and I am not at all crazy about a 7 syllable name being used vs a simple 2 syllable name.

I also have the least amount of sympathy for Spanish when it comes to naming, simply because the state is chock-full of Spanish names already. The list of Spanish names Includes the names of the cities (Los Angeles!), streets, stores, beaches, and much more. I'd much rather see a few new names from the Korean, Chinese, Thai, Persian, Armenian, Vietnamese, Arab, Ethiopian, Indian and other cultures who share the city with us.

What does it matter what they call it?...

You say English only? OK, what are you gonna' do about all the other things with names in Spanish, i.e "Los Angeles", "Arroyo", "San" this and "Santa" that, etc. The blatant hatred that easily spews forth on this non-issue would be comical if it were not so frightening that it boils over rather quickly over something as asinine as this.

The troubling thing on the "other" side of this equation, is not just the obvious political pandering by GloMo, but the grammatically incorrect translation that (as already pointed out by many) is unitellegent and uneducated and thus a poor reflection of those it is trying to honor. It's more Spanglish than Spanish. So maybe those who are so opposed to the name can take relief in that it is more "U.S. Spanish" and not that Mexican kind ;o)

Again, who "really" cares!?!...

It is so sad that there are so few Estonians in the metro LA area that they will never get anything named after them. As for naming it after a politician, what for? When was the last time a politcain got anything right? Just leave it the Gold Line.

I am very concerned that this could lead to violence against non-hispanics on the south Gold Line. As Gloria knows well, latino gangs routinely target African-Americans for violence. Numerous shootings and murders of innocent blacks have been committed in the past several years. Marking a line such as this with Spanish language plays right into this, marking an entire section of town "DO NOT ENTER" for African-Americans.

Gloria Molina is a RACIST by alignment on this and many other issues with racist organizations like Mecha and La Raza as well as latin american criminal gangs such as the Avenues gangs, 18 st, MS-13.

Gloria, STOP the HATE.

OK, on one condition, if Gloria Molina simultaneously changes her name to Glory Mill.

I noticed that the majority of the comments are against the Spanish translation, which I agree should not be done. Hopefully, Gloria Molina will look take her head out of the sand, do the right thing and drop the idea. Also, shouldn't those who want to live in this country assimilate to the country and not the country assimilate to the people. I would be curious to hear from early non-Mexican immigrants who came to America and established themselves having to learn the English language. Would they say, "Why didn't they change their language for me?"

The efforts by many here to make this an issue about immigration (whether it be legal or not) is simply convoluting the fact that it is a logistical issue, and quite frankly it's disgusting to see how even the slightest spark can cause a wildfire of racially-motivated comments.

I'm not totally crazy about the idea, and I say this as a proud Mexican-American who speaks both Spanish and English. It's a timing issue, really. We shouldn't be spending additional efforts to edit and change a service line at this juncture due to our economic woes.

But those ignorant enough to proclaim this a "no-Spanish" zone should really step back and learn a few things before making such inflammatory remarks. There are plenty of countries around the world that officially have two languages—Switzerland has three! So please spare us your myopic diatribes about how this is America and "English only" should be our credo.

Keep it in English, please.

And people wonder why Americans get so up in arm about the immigration debate. It is fine by me if people want to immigrate here, but do me a favor and speak English and learn to be an American rather then try to turn my country into the place you left. Thanks.

Why did California voters respond TWICE that we want English to be the official state language if the politicians are just going to ignore the wishes of those who put them in power?

Just rename the Gold line as the "SMOG" Line. I think that word is common to both English and Spanish and all cultures in the area definitely share that experience.

SMOG unites!

Alex C,
This has nothing to do with logistics - it's all about language. The line is currently called the Gold Line, and Gloria Molino wants to change it to Spanish.
As far as being about immigration etc, there's no question that as a result of significant Spanish-speaking immigration to the United States, these sorts of issues come up more often. In this case, the idea is completely impractical as it would mean changing the name of a rail line halfway along which would lead only to confusion for everyone.
On the broader question, we do need to have an honest dialogue about the implications of people living in the United States who rely on something other than English as their primary language.

If the people in East L.A. had funded this light rail line on their own, there would be little dissent. But the line is paid for people from throughout Los Angeles County. I hope the locals in East L.A. take good care of the line. As a transit rider I will ride it. I'm a bit envious because they get a light rail in their neighborhood, and I don't have one.

But it must be called the Gold Line. The is the language of the transit system, and to make this one line special leads toward divisions and Balkanization-and that is not good for the city.

Enjoy the light rail, ride the rails, I will see you there in East L.A. sometime. But it is part of a larger rail and transit system shared by peoples of many languages, skin colors, races, and creeds, and the language of the transit system is English.

The argument about English versus Spanish is not the point (and is kind of totally racist.)

The thing is that you can't just name these lines in some kind of symbolic political gesture.

Is it user friendly to change the name of a line that goes from Boyle Heights to Pasadena in the middle? No.

It's complicated. And the reason a lot of people in Los Angeles are not casual users of public transit is because it is prohibitively complicated.

Why are we making it more difficult for people to use this?

For that note, you also shouldn't name half the Expo Line "Cardinal" and the other half "Aqua."

You can't just arbitrarily change the name of a line IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LINE.


Logic and support seems to be on the side of using an English name for a public transportation system in the United States.

One line with two different names, yeah, that makes sense.


Or perhaps Spain, Bolivia, Honduras, Paraguay, Panama, Peru or Venezuela.

So Gloria Molina wants to give the little train going through Boyle Heights and East Los Angeles a Spanish name.

Cause for outrage? How about changing all the other place and street names in Spanish to English.

Check out a Thomas Guide map of "Los Angeles" County. How many street names, place names, locations, cities, etc. are spanish names or words?

Hundreds, at least.

This "spanish vs. english" argument is TOO FUNNY!!!

Wow! The fear of Spanish runs deep with some people! hide your children, their nanny's are teaching it to them too! OMG!

We should change the city's name to "The Angels" while were at it! LOL!

Let's not get hot-headed about it all, some people here need a cold Regadera De Oro, or, Regadera Dorada, whichever suits you.

quote: "That sort of thing is why thousands of Californias are leaving the formerly "Golden State".".........

And that's a BAD thing WHY??????????

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