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Molina wants Spanish translation for Gold Line. “La Linea de Oro”?

When light rail returns to the Eastside neighborhoods of Boyle Heights and East Los Angeles this summer, many Spanish-speaking residents will undoubtedly talk about taking el tren.

But will commuters say they are riding La Linea de Oro? L.A. County Supervisor Gloria Molina will propose during an MTA board meeting today that the Eastside extension of the Gold Line be officially named La Linea de Oro, Edward R. Roybal.

If the motion is approved, it will be the first time the name of an MTA facility, rail or bus line has been translated from English to Spanish, said MTA spokesman Jose Ubaldo. In her motion, Molina says  that Spanish has been a “cornerstone of Boyle Heights and East Los Angeles” and that several community members asked that the rail line be referred to in that language, as well as honor the late Latino congressman, who grew up in Boyle Heights.

Molina could not be reached for comment. Boyle Heights and East L.A. are more than 95% Latino, with a huge Spanish-speaking population.

Lupe Bojorquez, 59, a Neighborhood Watch captain, said she has talked in the past with Molina about naming the Eastside stretch of the lineLa Linea de Oro.“I think it would be a nice gesture if it was named in Spanish,” Bojorquez said.

Although a date has not been set, the Gold Line extension is expected to open as early as June.

--Hector Becerra

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speak english?

Does that mean we should give the Gold Line a Chinese name because the other part of it goes through the heavily-Chinese San Gabriel Valley?

La Linea Dorada would be a more romantic name for the Gold Line, but I guess it's a matter of taste....

And I want the Koreatown stretch of the red line to be named "pal-gan sun" "red line". Ridiculous, or should I say ... ridiculoso.

La Linea de Oro is not quite the correct translation. It should be La Linea Dorada.

Someone please get these people a Larousse!

Folks will refer to it as the Gold Line regardless of the offical name because its shorter. Spanglish is a practical language.

I am more and more tempted every day to flee to London as my beloved country becomes a Third World Central American hellhole. It's like the forest reclaiming a glorious town.

Give me a break! It's bad enough that we have Spanish translations on every set of instructions provided on all of the metro lines. For the sake of continuity and fairness let's keep the line names in English. If this gets passed, are we going to then rename every single line that passes through an ethnic neighborhood? My guess is no. Why does the Spanish speaking community receive special attention? And I ask this as a Latino myself. The political grand standing of supervisor Molina never ceases to amaze me.

There is little to no reason why there should be an official change to the East Side Extension—bland pleasantries do not justify the logistical issues and future implications that will come with changing the name of the line, even if it's only an 8-mile stretch of it.

Metro produces material in a plethora of other languages, always maintaining service lines and their respective names in English. I don't see why this fragment should be any different.

This is what passes for government in this city.

I have a great idea. Instead of saying "Los Angeles County has a $300 million dollar budget deficit" perhaps Gloria Molina can start saying "El Condado de Los Angeles tiene un déficit presupuestario de $300 millones de dolares." That way we can honor the Latino community, while those people that don't speak English can't tell that Gloria Molina and the rest of the Board of Supervisors are incompetent.

I think what Gloria is really hoping for is that they will name it "La Linea de Molina" or maybe let's just call it the Pork Barrel Express.

hmm...let's think for one second...ok...


If you apply that crazy logic, change all the signs to Chinese in Chinatown, Korean in Koreatown, Japanese in Little Tokyo....

Come on, isn't there anything better to do, Ms. Molina, than to pander to the illegals? Keep the name short,simple, and oh yea, in English!

Trust me, NO ONE will ever call the Gold Line that long spanish name...and adding someone's name to that is a tad bit self-centered, isn't it?

It's called the "Gold Line" as in the color gold; not the "Line of Gold." Get a Spanish-English dictionary please! Better yet, just leave the name alone!

You should visit her website, unlike most Americans who at least try to have photos with the diverse makeup of this country, all her photos are with Mexicans. That and she looks like your typical shady 3rd world politician. What is wrong with using one language, English? One that every immigrant to the US has to use, Italians, Japanese, Chinese, Nigerians. But Spanish gets some special right because we are invaded by illegals? A nice gesture would be using the common language of the REST of the immigrants in this country.

This is ridiculous.

Great idea ! Linea de Oro sounds very cool. I Like it.

Good to see that the LA Supervisors, and LA Times reporters are focused on the issues that really matter right now. And that taxpayers' money will be used to reband station signs, maps, and printed timetables since LA County has so much to spare during the Global Economic Crisis.

English all the way. I really don't want this entire city to be insidiously transformed into a Spanish speaking one. Although we're already close to that. It's a power struggle and Spanish speakers are not any less guilty of wanting their piece of the pie. The war is on!

At the risk of being branded a racist, bigot or some other unpleasant name, why? Wouldn't it be more logical to settle on one language or the other for all the lines?

(Yes, I know the words "government" and "logical" are mutually exclusive, but please bear with me.)

Just like the politicians did away with the classic Brooklyn Avenue name in ELA, and without a community vote, the East Side Gold Line is already being tarnished by selfish political interests. Gloria Molina should be more concerned with cleaning up Whittier Blvd of unsanitary street vendors, unsightly blight and traffic congestion for future visitors doing exploring on the East Side Gold line than dividing the community over the naming of a rail line. Not all of us East LA residents approve of it being renamed.

I am sick and tired of the illegal immigrant pandering that Gloria Molina and her ilk participate in. What a ridiculous proposition; in these times is there no other issue that she can focus on?

Isn't it bad enough that the vast majority of these residents don't know (and will probably not bother to learn) English? They can't say "GOLD LINE", seriously?

Things like this make it more and more certain that I will have to soon leave my life-long residence of Southern California.

I am from the Eastside. The Spanish-speaking population will always call it linea de oro and the English-speaking folks as Gold LIne. It should officially stay as the Gold Line. The gesture, though heartfelt, paints Boyle Heights and East Los Angeles as a community that is different from the rest of the Southland. The other light-rail and subway lines are also known in their Spanish names unofficially by Spanish-speakers so I see the Gold Line extension as no different. Keep it the Gold LIne!!!!

Perhaps a more familiar name should be given to the "Gold Line" I propose the "La Linea Dorada de Gloria Molina" which locals can simply refer to as "La Gordinflona"

Leave it the Gold Line.

I agree that La linea dorada does have a nice ring to it...
And to some of the earlier commenters are you forgetting that a great number of american tax payers are spanish speakers?

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