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Man stabbed after Dodger Stadium home opener

The Dodgers home opener against the San Francisco Giants was marred by violence Monday afternoon when a man was stabbed multiple times after getting into an argument with several men in a pickup truck, Los Angeles police said.

The stabbing was reported at 5:43 p.m. in parking lot 6 at Dodger Stadium, said Officer Karen Rayner. The victim, who was not immediately identified, was taken to a hospital, where he was listed in serious condition.

Police are searching for the assailant, who fled with two others in a black pickup truck, Rayner said.

"Officers have a good description of the vehicle and the suspects, and we expect to make arrests," she said.

About the same time,  police received a report of a man with a gun in parking lot 4. Rayner said police later determined that the man had been vandalizing cars and was unarmed. He fled before officers arrived.

Despite scattered incidents of violence at the stadium, there have been no cases of significant  violence in recent years.

Complaints about unruly fans at the ballpark continue, and the stadium has a history of problems that critics have blamed on lax security.

In 2003, Marc Antenorcruz of West Covina was walking out of the stadium after a game when he got into an argument with a group of men that included Pete Marron. Marron was later convicted of shooting Antenorcruz to death.

Fan misbehavior stemming from a club promotion early in the 2005 season led the Dodgers to hire uniformed Los Angeles Police Department officers to patrol the stands. 

Later that year, a clash between private security guards and unlicensed vendors working near the stadium turned into a violent brawl after a game against the St. Louis Cardinals, leaving several men hospitalized with stab wounds.

-- Andrew Blankstein

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It's really starting to get embarassing to be a Dodgers fan. It used to be the worst thing a Dodgers fan would do is hurl harsh language at someone - now fans of opposing teams are worried about being shot or stabbed. It's tough to love my team when more and more fans that are being attracted are ignorant, garbage spewing, violent, cretinous visigoths. At this rate, if something isn't done soon, we'll be seeing gangbanger graffitti inside the stadium. Too many of these so called "fans" are nothing but retrograde troublemakers looking for a fight. Too many people have forgotten about the fact that baseball is a "gentleman's game" and should be treated as such. Stabbing someone in the parking lot is not very gentlemanly at all.

I wish I could say this is surprising, but if you are not a Dodger's fan at Dodger Stadium you have to keep your head down and not draw attention to yourself... I refuse to go back there any more.

Ho hum, yet another Dodger season is upon us. Why am I not surprised about this?

The Dodgers should just change their colors to silver and black and get it over with.

What else is new at Dodger Stadium! The DODGERS promote and welcome hooligans to their games. They have tried to hide the problem of drunken male Hispanics becoming unruly, screaming curse words openly, excessively drinking, fighting and ruining what was once a nice place to enjoy a baseball game. Only a fool (i.e. hooligan) would spend over a $100 for a game and be subject to a Dodger culture that does little to protect fans or create a positive baseball experience. The ball club leadership will take any dollar even at the cost of alienating families because those families are not in the beer line dumping hard earned money into alcohol sales. I take my kids to enjoy America's past time, not to become exposed to roving drunken gang members who have no self-control. Shame on the Dodgers, Los Angeles and the idiots who calls themselves fans yet have complete disrespect for the game, the majority of good fans and each other. Stay away from the park, don't waste your money!

What a great game and day to be at Dodger Stadium . It is an unfortunate incident that should not put a dark cloud over an incredible home opener.

Time to bring back those middle aged ushers with straw hats to kick butt and take names.

This is what you get at Dodger Stadium. The true baseball fans go there to watch a game. The gang members who go there are looking to mark their territory. It is simple: you keep them out of the stadium, have a "Professional Security" staff and preventive measures such as cameras and a command post, and you do not allow these thugs into any game.
I took my son to see two games last year. One at the Coliseum, in which there were more gang member than I have ever seen at one Dodger game until the second game in the NLCS, in which we sat in the Left Field Pavillion. Well, even with the Los Angeles Police walking by every few minutes the Gang Members made it virtually impossible to enjoy the game without having to watch every cheer or comment made not in line with the way they think.
This is a Major League venue. It should be fun and entertaining, not a roll of the dice to see if you live just because you may cheer for a player from another team or wear a jersey or hat from another team.
If Dodger Stadium cannot protect it's fans then it needs to go away and so do the gang members who seem to think this is THEIR Team. It is not. It is Dodger Fan's Team.

I have been going to games for 20 years now and I agree for the most part except for two points:

First, I am hispanic and I am not one of the gangsters you are concerned about...Most hispanic dodger fans are out there doing the right thing so don't make this an ethnic thing...60,000 fans there and perhaps a few hundred hardcore troublemakers. Most fans are still there for the baseball. Again, that's over 20 years of going regularly to ballpark.

Most important: put responsibility squarely where it belongs: with the stadium security and stadium policy. The security are low paid young workers who are not properly trained.

Stadium policy should prohibit gang attire, and professional security should be hired to enforce rude behavior. Bottom line...If people know they will be held accountable, they will not go to game or they will tell their tale in jail.

Alcohol sales should also be limited to perhaps one per person per order and perhaps should stop earlier in game.

Just because they dress different than you doesn't make them gang bangers. This is certainly a problem, but the other problem that comes to mind is trying to enjoy a game while sitting next to people who find the mass cheering of Mexicans as some sort of threatening gesture. Someone got out of line. No surprise there, because there are enough people around to make it almost a sure thing, but there were WAY many more Latino people there, some of the gang members who did NOT cause a problem.

Dodger Stadium can bring chaotic fans, but that can happen anywhere in LA. People get unruly and they fight. Only COWARDS pull out knives and guns. What happened to fighting one on one and whoever wins, wins! That's it.

As a San Franciscan who has spent his fair share of time in LA, I've been shocked by the state of security at Dodger Stadium in recent years. Back in the 80s, I would go to games and remark on the beach ball mellowness in the stands (esp compared to the 'Stick), but nowadays, games in LA might as well be played by the Raiders.

And, it's not just the low paid security, either. Last year, I was at a game where a woman wearing a Giants hat was literally knocked down the stairs of an aisle by a bindside from another woman and then had beer thrown on her. This shocked even the Dodger fans sitting around me. I rushed to the LAPD that were standing 30 feet away and asked them to do something. They responded that it was "private property" and they had no authority. They didn't even bother to see of the woman was okay.

After the game, have fun in the parking lot if you are wearing orange and black. I'm all for witty rejoinders on the deficiencies of the opposing side, but at Dodger Stadium you only get F yous by people who wouldn't know a sacrifice fly from a Texas Leaguer.

I went to the opener yesterday. It's been three years since I've been to Dodger Stadium, and believe me, it has changed. I grew up in West Covina, and was a die hard fan when I was a kid during the 70s. I went to at least one game a year and was a faithful Vin Scully listener. These were some of the best things about Dodger games...They were RELAXING, and fun. Fans were friendly and funny. Helen Dell played the organ. You could get from your seat to the concession stand and back to your seat between innings (or close to it). Even three years ago, the games were fun to go to. This is what it was like yesterday...drunk men staggering through the parking lot BEFORE the game...drunk men yelling in the corridors during the game. Parking lots oversold, with some cars taking up two spots and others having to park in 4' wide spaces. Inattentive parking attendants. 45 minutes in a concession line, being jostled from behind because there were too many people in the corridors. Missing two innings and spending $30 in exchange for 2 Dodger dogs, 2 waters, a soda and nachos. Witnessing people throwing bottles and food and a Giants fan. An hour to exit the stadium. Idiot "fans" driving drunk, opening the passenger door of a truck as they drove past. Passing the same truck pulled over and a motorcycle on the ground and the motorcyclist being treated for injuries. Sorry to say, that was probably my last trip to Dodger Stadium for a long time. Apparently, the bottom line has become the most important thing to Dodger owners and management, as evidenced by the acceptance of bad behavior and terribly low standards. This is really sad for those of us who know how it used to be.

I have been going to Dodger games since I was 3 months old (I am now 27) and have never had a problem or see a fight go down. Granted I am "white" and not a "hooligan", "latino", or "gangbanger". I cannot believe the rude, racist and presumptuous comments on here. It doesn't matter what you look like, it matters if you are an angry idiot. There really needs to be a better security detail and maybe a stricter policy on beer.......I will continue to go to Dodger Stadium. I love my Dodgers!

...and the sterotype that Dodger Fans are gangbangers continue... WTF are you people doing out there. This was a great game and it had to be ruined with violence. Why can't you just go to a game have a hotdog and beer and shut the hell up. It's so sad that people are scared to go to a nice game at Dodger Stadium, it's sad that people have to protrude violence towards other people that I remind you are most liking cheering for the same team. Why do you act this way? What a cowardly act to stab someone and run away like a little BEOTCH!!! STOP THE VIOLENCE PEOPLE and enjoy America's favorite past time sport at one of the oldest stadiums untouched and beautiful.

I just want to say that I totally agree with what Cole wrote and Jess! All of it its sadly true and I'm not a Dodger fan but I've been there a few games!!!! Just because of few stupid latinos people think that all of us latinos are the same and is not true, few of us like to respect others and just for the record, not only MEXICANS goes to the stadium, why does everyone call mexicans to the latinos??? Not every brownie spanish speaking is a mexican!!

Granted, Chavez Ravine does not lasso in the best of Southern California's clientele. LA is filled to the brim of the low socio-economic class. That alone will bring the desperate and the "small man syndrome" thugs. These individuals will constantly need to prove something to their comrades and their turf. Does this make it ok to assault someone? Absolutely not! The thing that Dodger Stadium executives need to do is regulate. If Dodger Stadium has an individual attempting to walk through the gates stinking of alcohol, screaming obscenities, and being obnoxious - don't let him in. Going to Dodger Stadium is a privilege not a right. Just because a jerk wants to feel big in front of his friends, doesn't mean that you have to ruin the beautiful image, place, and brand that is The Dodgers.

I am a Dodger fan that now lives in SF. Its been happening equally at both parks for a few years now, although I noticed it starting about 7 years ago in SF when the Giants were at their peak. Last year I saw a Dodger fan get punched in the bathroom line at AT&T by a group of thugs that were allowed to just hang in the hall and talk trash to anyone in blue. When I saw it go down (they kept taunting him and taking his hat and throwing it on the floor), I got out of a long beer line and asked an usher to get a cop and he acted like I was crazy. The worst part is all the giants fans in line acted like it didnt even happen (even parents with their kids!!!). It seems like there is an unwritten rule that you can't bust anybody if they are pulling this crap in their home park. Start taking your cameras to the park people and post this crap on youtube!

I was at Dodger Stadium from 9:30 am to 7:00 pm. I parked in Section 6. I sat in the Left Field Pavillion with the "hooligans".

I did NOT see one act of violence the entire day. I am also not concerned over someone being "stabbed" in the arm. That is a NONSTORY.

I was in Lot 6 at the time of the "stabbing". There was absolutely no "chaos".

The funniest part is that whoever it was "FLED" the scene of the crime. That's hilarious because there was nowhere for anywhere to flee.

I go to 37 games a year at Dodger Stadium. I've been to every stadium except New Yorks' and Toronto's. And Dodger Stadium is just as safe if not safer than any.

From all I've seen, it sounds like a Giant's fan had some popcorn thrown on him and it broke the skin..."multiple stab wounds".

I have to say, the games have gotten worse. All these people do is ruin it for the true fans. We go and spend good money and the last thing that I want is: having to worry about my kids having things thrown at them. I had to tell my 4 year old, that the fool next to me was yelling, “dirty socks”, rather then “Giant Suck”. There needs to be a no tolerance rule with all of this fools who think, getting drunk and going to a public place is cool. On the cultures, I have seen everyone fight…But, I will say, you see less fights on the field level, since it is about $300.00 for a family of 4 to seat there. Last thing someone wants to do is get kicked out and there goes your money….Next time you think about yelling out something stupid, look around to see if there are kids around….Just as you would if you saw a fine looking girl walk down your aisle.

My son was killed at Dodger stadium in 2003. Please stop the violence and enjoy the sport.

The man who got stabbed was a Dodgers fan. The man who did the stabbing was a Dodgers fan. You wanna blame this on the rest of the Dodgers going population, or any opposing teams vs Dodgers? Your choice. I don't have to agree with it, but what I WILL NOT agree with, no matter what the argument, is holding Dodger stadium accountable. Just be glad whoever got stabbed wasn't killed, and not about your Dodgers game experience. Think about it.

These violent attacks are nothing new at Dodger Stadium. I went to a Dodger game at Dodger Stadium a couple of years ago with my girlfriend and 3 kids under 14. As we were leaving to go to our car there were 2 guys just hanging around their car about 30 feet away. The lot was almost empty and I got a weird feeling from the way they were watching us from in front of the our car. As we got into the minivan I got in the sliding door on the passenger side and quickly locked the doors. I can't help but feel that if I had gone around to the driver's side door that I would have been attacked. You need to know your surroundings at all times and not look for trouble.

i have been a fan since i was born, my friends and i go to every game and i've come to the conclusion that the problem at Dodger Stadium isn't the staff or the lack of. but IGNORANT people who instigate the situation.

Honestly security needs to do what airport security does and that is to use judgement. All in all... NO CHOLOS allowed. All fights would be stopped, and stabbings would end. Sounds completely ignorant and racist but you know what? it WILL allow fans who are human beings to enjoy a game rather have these adolescent monkeys act up like they do on the streets.


the last time I was at a Dodgers game I saw too mexicans having sex behind a bush.

I saw one guy who was mexican taking a crap in the parking lot.

I also saw one mexican dodger fan dressed like a female.

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