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City restricts lawn watering to Mondays and Thursdays

The Associated Press is reporting new restrictions on lawn watering in Los Angeles. Here's the story:

A new water conservation plan in Los Angeles will restrict lawn watering to Mondays and Thursdays.
The City Council approved the plan Tuesday amid a statewide water shortage that enters its third summer.

The new rule goes into effect June 1 and adds to restrictions of no watering between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. The council has already revised water rates to penalize Angelenos who use too much water.

The Metropolitan Water District predicts regional water supplies will drop about 20% this year, and it voted last week to reduce water deliveries to its member agencies for the first time since 1991.

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This can not be enforced. Being how big the city is, how can this "law" be enforced" Are inspector going to be driving around 2,3 am looking for violators? Basically it sounds like this is feel good law that is just not possible to enforce

In the drought in the 70's, while we stopped watering our gardens at all, flushed toilets when necessary, bricks in the back of the toilet, and built a pipeling from E.Bay to Marin across N.Bay bridge because they ran out of water, LA only watered in the early am and late pm. Quick shower not every day. This time, do your share.

This is incorrect - we have gone to phase 3 and that says that watering outdoors is Mondays and Thursdays only - not just lawns. Anything that is on an irrigation system. Plants are included not just lawns.


Please explain to me how this water/restriction going to be enforced?

I water my grass (front and back) during very early morning(while it's still dark). During summer, sidewalk is totally dry by the time sun comes up. Unless city employees thousand of inspector to driver around the city(think how big city of la is) during the night i don't see how they can find me violating the ban being that they need to witness me watering on restricted days.

Regarding me watering my backyard. How are they going to enforce that? Backyard is behind a fence and unless they want to tresspass on my property, can't see anything from the road/sidewalk.

My point basically is, this law will not do anything except make mayor and other politicans look like they are trying to do something while in reality they are doing nothing.

It's tragic that the LA Times is quoting the AP about a LA City Council decision....where are our reporters? Where's the comments by the council members? By the comments it looks like they are misreporting at that!!! Tragic and very sad indeed.

You can see what others are doing to conserve water by planting drought tolerant yards on a FREE garden tour in the Mar Vista area (near Venice, Santa Monica) this Sunday. There are 44 gardens on the tour, and again, it's FREE. Visit www.marvistagreengardenshowcase.com for info.

Will this law apply to Caltrans too, which waters weeds growing on the side of our freeways every morning?

Regarding enforcement: next time you step out your front door, Dmitriy, look right and left. There is where you will find your enforcement. Your neighbors, abiding by tough restrictions, will not let violators off the hook for long. The difference this year compared to 1991 is the internet. No longer having to wait on hold, reporting rationing abuse should be relatively quick and easy.

dmitriy, I agree with you to an extent. I don't see it being realistically enforced, especially for those who have most of their lawn in the backyard, free from street view. I have heard of people being fined for having their sprinklers on during the day.

I think it's pathetic that the Los Angeles Times has to resort to the Associated Press to report on breaking Los Angeles City Council news. What the hell is wrong with the world when the local paper of the second largest city in the United States can't cover decisions that affect literally every single homeowner in the entire city. Tell me again why I bother subscribing?

Jean, and to others that replied.

From my understanding, in order for enforcment officer to cite you, he/she will either a)have to witness sprinklers going off or water on sidewalk during ban days. Being how big the city is, even with internet for this officers to be in right place at right time is just not realistic. The city budget is -500mil they don't have the money to hire more enforcement officers. Also, it appears no where does it say for how long you can run your sprinklers for. So what is stopping people from running sprinklers for 20 min on monday and thursday?

Additionally, setting up your sprinklers to run for 1 min is pretty hard to catch unless enforcement officer is lucky or just sitting on your house(which again highly unlikely that they will have time to sit on a house). So basically it's unlikely to start neighberhood war.

If city really wants people to use less water, then start charging more money using variable rates base on how much water get used.

What about us who live in the San Fernando Valley? I spent a lot of money putting in a lawn several years ago. If I water only two days a week during the July - September perid - when it's 100 degrees or more - my lawn will die. I certainly want to do what I can to conserve water, but I think there should be some consideration for those of us who live in the hotter areas. If you live on the westside, or anywhere near the ocean, two days a week should be fine. But not here.


City has about 16 inspectors to cover the size of 498.3 SQ MI. What that basically means is nothing will happen to you. Set your sprinklers to run at 1 am, for 3 min each day. By the time sun comes out the sidewalk will be dried. I have neighbhoors that run sprinklers 3 times a day and nothing have happened to them. So i would not worry to much worry about it.

How many of you that are concerned with your lawn dying would choose the lawn over food? The farmers of the central valley have been allocated 15% of the water needed to grow food. Wake up and look at reality, some people in the state of California have no water to have a backyard vegetable garden, they have been cut off by their water districts, they have water for household use only. So you should feel lucky that you can water your lawn at all. Selfish.


I pay for my water and i should be able to use as much as i want period. Farmers are in business and should adopt or get out of business. Specifically they can install water wall and use natural ground water. Yes it cost much more but again that is cost of doing business.

Do the June 1 watering restrictions apply to Santa Monica City?

"If city really wants people to use less water, then start charging more money using variable rates base on how much water get used. "

They already do that. They've BEEN doing it for years.

Neighbors will be watching each other. It is encouraged. Neighbors don't have to trespass to see that you've been watering your backyard.

As global warming intensifies this issue will begin to heat up as well. There is a documentary titled FLOW that touches on this.
Manicured lawns are nice for the neighborhood...but at what expense? If you feel the need to be surrounded by lush green grass...you came to the wrong desert (unless you brought your own water supply)

what should someone do if they find a neighbor watering the street in front of their property?


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