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Chris Brown pleads not guilty to assaulting Rihanna

R&B singer Chris Brown today pleaded not guilty to a felony charge that he bit, punched, choked and threatened his pop star girlfriend,Rihanna.

A judge set a hearing for April 29, when a preliminary hearing could be scheduled.

Nearly 100 media representatives jammed the downtown courthouse entrance as Brown came through about 3:30. Deputies shielded Brown and escorted him to a freight elevator.

All available L.A. County Sheriff's deputies were summoned to the area. Although Rihanna's attorney was in court, the pop star did not attend the hearing.

Last month, a judge ordered Brown not to "annoy, harass, molest, threaten or use force or violence against anyone."

Brown faces a maximum sentence of nearly five years in prison if convicted of charges in connection with the Feb. 8 incident, which, according to police, left Rihanna’s blood splattered all over the Lamborghini he was driving.

--Harriet Ryan and Richard Winton

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My prediction: Chris Brown will get a slap on the wrist, and then Rihanna will get a slap in the face.

This is a very sad, unfortunate incident that if the aggressor does not immediately deal with in his/her life will, history proves, continue to reoccur. While I hate to pass judgment before he is found guilty of the act of domestic abuse, such allegations must be addressed by the court. If the brutal allegations are true, may Mr. Brown be enlightened that no one on Earth deserves to ever be treated in this fashion and may he start his introspective journey to find out where his aggression stems from.

this little boy could never man-up & admit he's guilty. It's clear to everyone else. He'll never be a man.

Oh Chris Brown. I can't believe you. You are a coward. How are you not guilty for beating this womyn? Now I can't even listen to his sweet sappy love and crazy dance music without picturing some womyn being attacked by him. ugh

He is guilty no matter what! any boy who hits a women is a coward and a Stupid person..

he is a punk for hitting a women

Who is Chris Brown and who is Rhianna?

My prediction based on the police report/investigation reported previously re this case: Chris Brown will either plead out or do jail time. A jury will send him to jail.

He splattered her blood all over that car?...

OH, CHARMING. JUST CHARMING. And it's his first offense, even if he gets a guilty, nothing much will happen. Oh great.

My son was involved in a domestic violence relationship at the age of 18 years old. His girlfriend was jealous, overbearing, mentally and physically abusive. My husband and I could not understand why our son would stay in such an abusive relationship. She would do all things possible to keep him secluded from family and “his” close friends. He is a confident and self-assured young man and I was confused why he was so drawn to this young woman other than she had a Victoria Secret body and this happened to be his first serious relationship. One problem though, she is a very insecure person. We started noticing scratches and bruises on our son and didn’t think anything at first, but then they started appearing more and more. I confronted my son and he admitted that she was hitting him and scratching him if he looked or talked to other girls. I WAS SHOCKED! I was mad. I asked him if he was hitting or touching her and he assured me that he didn’t or wouldn’t. Two nights later, my son was arrested for domestic violence. He had a fat bloody lip and scratches on neck and face. She got upset at him because an old girlfriend from grade school (second grade) gave him a hug. When they left the party, she started slapping and hitting him. She then grabbed his balls and squeezed them. He bit her shoulder to get her off of him and then he back handed her. Without hesitation she called the cops and he was arrested. She had a fat lip and a bite mark on her shoulder. Well, this little interlude gave her even more power and control over his life. She partied and did all she wanted with no remorse. That one little thing called a restraining order gave her all the authority in the world. He could not disagree, raise his voice or have an opinion without her threatening to call the cops on him. Long story short: My son plead not guilty at his arraignment. The prosecutor wanted to settle with a plea agreement (deferred prosecution) because he was afraid of all the facts coming to surface, but my son refused. He would not settle and we had a jury trial. All of her abusive outbursts were characterized in front of her family, our family, and friends. The case was dismissed, charges were dropped, and my son is no longer dating this WITCH!
Sound familiar. I would not be surprised if the prosecution offers a plea bargain. We will soon see.

You say your sorry to Oprah and then plead not guilty.

Someone gave you advice to plead innocent is someone being paid to tell you that, your surrounded by people who well lose some money If you go away. You may lose your carrier if you go away, but as a black male you'll lose your pride your dignity, face the music it helped you once before it well help you again.
Be the man.

ok well i think that he is guilty to! but rihanna took him back so apparently she doesnt care so if she doesnt care why should we debate over it when the person who was assulted wasnt even adfended!!!??? please dont yell at me!

cardiem: You apparently have been living under a rock. Unlike the case you described with your son, Chris Brown had no physical markings of abuse on his body. Rihanna on the other hand had multiple bruises to her face along with bite marks and other indicia of physical abuse. It is against the law to hurt another human being. There is no excuse for what he did. End of story.

As for your allegedly "innocent" son, he should have walked away instead of biting a woman. You and your son get no pity from me. Didn't you ever hear that two wrongs don't make a right? I am certain biting her wasn't the only way he could have gotten away. He got lucky that he got off. In reality, they both should have been charged and convicted for assault.

chi tobler: Luckily, in America prosecutors have an interest in making sure that justice is done. While the victim's wishes are important, they are not the final word on who gets prosecuted. The state has an interest in punishing someone like Chris Brown. Imagine if our judicial system allowed victims to have the final say. Then there would be a gross incentive for criminals to terrorize their victims into dropping the charges. Our current system is much better because it allows the state to punish those who break our laws. Chris Brown broke the law, and Rihanna's feelings don't change that fact.

i believe that a man shall never hit a woman how ever i do not like judgement on people when no one knows the real story. there is always two sides to every story i believe that he is a nice young man and by him being famous everyone is making a fuss over something they do not know about. there is women getting abused evey minute and dying from domestic violence why they not getting the public insight so before anyone start judging get the true facts from both sides.


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