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Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart killed in accident


Latest story: Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart killed in car crash

Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart was among the three people killed in a crash in Fullerton when a driver ran a red light, an associate of the rookie player said this morning. The crash occurred hours after the 22-year-old appeared in Wednesday night's Angels game.

Khtfuenc He died in the accident that occurred shortly after midnight at the intersection of Orangethorpe Avenue and Lemon Street in Fullerton, said Lt. Craig Brower of the Fullerton Police Department. Several witnesses told police that the driver of a red minivan ran a red light at the intersection, hitting a silver Mitsubishi carrying four people. Two people were pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics, authorities said. Two others were taken to a nearby hospital, where a third person was later pronounced dead, Brower said.

The driver of the minivan fled on foot shortly after the accident but was taken into custody on suspicion of hit and run when police found him a mile away, Brower said. Further charges are pending as the investigation continues, he said.  A passenger in the minivan was taken to Western Medical Center, authorities said. The condition of that person was unknown.

A third vehicle also was involved, but there were no reports of any injuries.

Authorities said the intersection would be closed at least until noon as the investigation continued.


-- Mike DiGiovanna and Ruben Vives

Photos by Mark Boster and Spencer Weiner / Los Angeles Times

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RIP young man....as a grandmother who's crazy about her Little Leaguer, I feel the pain of losing a loved one. May all the innocents involved RIP, and my thoughts and prayers to the extended families.

Psalms 145:8-9

Hey, Nancy - instead of speculating who did the hit and why they ran, why not wait until we actually know?

Your comment reeks of fear and racism, and really has no place in this thread.

If the driver of the minivan, which ran the red light, fled on foot, that should be some indicator as to how responsible they are! Three lives are snuffed out, and this careless jerk off will get nada! I say execute em!!

My condolences especially to the families, and to the Angels organization. Such a tragedy.

Nancy @ 9:03 says -- " Given that these tragic events occurred in southern CA, the odds are that these people fleeing the scene are in this country illegally."

CNN reports that the (alleged) driver, who has been arrested, is one Andrew Thomas Gallo.

Which is a long way of saying that Nancy is a heartless buffoon.

Back on message -- somebody has got to get to young athletes entering the Big Time and tell them some common sense things. For example: if the driver has been drinking, call a cab... every time. You shouldn't have to do this, but give kids piles of money -- and even the minimum contract looks like a fortune to someone so young -- and they (convinced of their immortality, still) can't control themselves or think long range. Or a good number of them, anyway.

MLB may very well have such a program -- a remedial course may be required to prevent tragedies like this from happening again. Just sad, really.

To live and died in SoCal.

Nancy-- the person who created this horrible accident fled because he was drunk. Why make the assumption he was an illegal immigrant? I don't know where you live, but my neighborhood is saturated with out of state license plates from aspiring actors who have moved here from the east coast raising the rent because they are dying to live in Los Angeles and will pay anything to live here. Take that into account rather than assuming people are moving out because of all the illegal immigrants living here. You know what happens when you assume...

My heart goes out to Nick's and the other victims' family, friends and team... what a tragedy, and so early in his promising life. I hope that the driver who caused the accident goes to prison for long, long time to think about the suffering they've caused.

This is going to be a tremendous loss to the Adenheart family as well as the Angels organization. Nick had an expremely bright future in front of him and was considered to be the top pitching prospect in the organization. To lose someone at this age is heart breaking, but the more important issue is how this happened. I am confident the driver was drunk at the time, otherwise he would not have left the scene of the accident. The comments about violent behavior@ stadium events around this country and hit and run accidents can only be tired to abuse of alcohol. MLB lost another one of its young interns 2 years ago when his taxi was hit by a drunk driver. When are we going to start to address this waste of innocent lives?

This is very sad and another excuse to blame the Mexican-American community and the so-called illegal immigrants for this type of crime, similar to the recent hit-and-run at USC.

The United States allowed illegal immigrants to work as cheap labour and destroy our own labor unions, raise the property prices and over burden social services.THE REAL CULPRITS ARE US IMMIGRATION AND PRIVATE EMPLOYERS. IT'S HIGH TIME TO ALLOW ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS TO BECOME FULL US CITIZENS AND BECOME LEGAL WITH FULL BENEFITS AND, SUBSEQUENTLY, FULL RESPONSIBILITIES.

Wayne Dennis Kurtz

Wow. I've seen people use a situation to spew hatred before, but Nancy, you take the cake. You use this poor kid's death to spout your TOTALLY unverified predictions about where the driver of the minivan came from. Let me give you "the odds" on your posting. It tells me you're a complete jerk. Take your hatred to a more "appropriate" forum.

Nancy, don't make this an immigration issue. You know nothing about the driver, and it takes away from just how incredibly heartbreaking this is. Thoughts and prayers with the family...

Running a red light is not an accident, it is a Crime. These tragic deaths are the result of murder, not accident.

sad news. our thoughts and prayers go out to his family

Where is the name and photo of the minivan driver? The Times is so Politically Correct, that I am forced to conclude the driver is a "person of color" most likely an illegal resident of the US. There is no other reason this information is not published. Ever see a photo of Claudia Cabrera the woman who killed the student at USC or the Hispanic truck driver who killed the father and daughter in La Canada? No, because they are Latinos and the TImes apparently has an internal policy of not "stigmatizing" those ethnic groups. Disgusting. Call a spade a spade and liet the cards fall where they may.

i witness the accident last night ,I'm a shift supervisor for jack in the box a cross the street .from the scene of the accident to family members most sinciere prayers .

Situations like these where stoning would be justifiable...


This is a tragic event and already you want to blame it on immigrants without any information confirmed. The L.A. Business Journal has no stats on hit and run drivers and the percentage of them being illegal aliens? Race has no factor in such a tragic event. It is human decency that determines how you react whether you are here illlegally, naturalized or American born.

Thoughts and prayers are with Nick's family, friends, and the Angels

An Angel forever. Our prayers go out to the family. Also, thank you Nancy for taking advantage of this tragedy to further your own agenda! R.I.P. Nick.

My prayers to the Adenhart family-thank you for sharing him with us for this brief moment. As for the hit & run suspect-there is and never will be any excuse for killing this young man and his friends! It's time to increase all penalties for hurting and killing people and then leaving them to die! If that's the only good thing that comes out of this...it will at least help.

Keep on drinking and driving, folks - this could never happen to you.

Nancy, racist comments are always inappropriate and non sensical, but you have stooped to a new low spewing hate over a tragic event. I am sure you can't apply logic if you have attitudes like that, but there is no evidence that the minivan driver is here illegally. And if you're so worred about white flight, then please move to iowa.

Tragic indeed. But could have been prevented if the elected leaders in this state stood up against illegal aliens. Illegals and their offspring continue commiting crimes in CA when they should not have been here. They should have been stopped at the border or deported. You will read about these crimes more and more because of no one is enforcing our immigration laws. The MSM will not talk about this and contnue writing sob stories about illegal alien hardships. They should be writing abot the negative consequences of the invasion.

Given that these tragic events occurred in southern CA, the odds are that these people fleeing the scene are in this country illegally. The L.A. Business Journal (4/6/09) published an article citing that in the 8 years from April 2000 to July 2008, L.A.'s population increase can be attributed to foreign immigrants and the natural growth that occurs when there are more births than deaths. During that same period, American-born residents, a net of more than 1 million moved out of L.A. County. Also a very real, on-going tragedy.

BOY JESSISCA, Ya got that one right on. Nobody wants to talk about the white elephant in the room. As a result we US citizens just end up paying thru the nose to the tune of 10 ~ 12 Billion a year for their services, just in California alone. Why don't the politicians get it? A real tragedy both emotionally and economically!

What a ridiculous and bigoted correlation you tried to make, Nancy. This is a terrible tragedy, not a stepping block for you to make anti-immigrant nonsensical comments. Just so you know, other sources like SI and CNN.com have stated that the driver was booked on felony DUI charges, so I would think that's why he ran.

Regardless of your stereotyping, this is an awful and unfortunate event. RIP to all those involved.

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