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Nadya Suleman's neighbors tired of the media and traffic

Whittier resident Ulyses Guzman protests to show he's fed up with Octo-mom and her brood.

The saga over octuplets mom Nadya Suleman has dramatically changed life in her suburban Whittier neighborhood -- and some say not for the better.

Ever since she gave birth to eight babies in January, reporters and the paparazzi have been camped out on the street. Some residents said they are sick of the traffic, interview requests and notoriety.

For two years, Douglas Reyes and his wife searched for a new family home. Two months ago, they found it on Sunrise Drive, a cul-de-sac in  Whittier. But before making their final decision to purchase the home, the couple parked on the street one afternoon and observed the neighborhood.

“It was like a ghost town,” Reyes said, sitting next to his wife on the couch. “We liked it because it was a nice area, it was tranquil.” That tranquility disappeared when media outlets came looking for "octomom."

Since then, neighbors have been dealing with the paparazzi and news reporters who have camped outside of Suleman’s house. Curious drivers often speed down the street to get a glance or snap a photo of the home. Daily walkers and dog walkers turn into the street in hopes of spotting Suleman or to observe reporters. 

“I’ve thought about starting a sale outside,” Reyes' wife, Doris, said. “Maybe I’ll sell tacos.”

“Or chimichangas,” Reyes said.

But what has been seen as an amusing event in this quiet neighborhood has now become “annoying,” longtime resident Mike Crawford said. 

“Prior to this, I have never seen this amount of vehicles and police traffic. It’s been like zoom, zoom, zoom.” 

Crawford, a 52-year-old construction painter, said his wife, who is recovering from surgery, has been unable to relax because of the cars coming in and out of the street, but most of all, what has been occurring in his street has him on the edge.

“We just want the drama to end.”

The speeding cars on the street have also forced Reyes to place orange cones outside of his home whenever his three children are playing outside.

“The other day my son was playing basketball and a driver ran over it,” Reyes said. “Sometimes they don’t even care if the cones are out there.”

This past week, one nearby neighbor, frustrated with the media, walked out of his home carrying a shotgun and shouting at members of the media lounging outside.

Authorities are continuing their investigation into the matter.

Sweeping cigarette butts outside of her home Thursday afternoon, 87-year-old Thelma Steinweg said she’s mostly fed up with the paparazzi, who often leave trash outside of her house. “This is a pack of rats,” Steinweg said. 

-- Ruben Vives

Whittier resident Ulyses Guzman protests to show he's fed up with Octo-mom and her brood. Damian Dovarganes / AP Photo 

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I sympathize with the residents there. Something needs to be done to rid this town of the paparazzi. They are vermin.

Maybe sell Kool-Aid...

To the 87 yr old lady, I feel your pain as we live in a celebrity studded area that others seem to think is a full on commercial enterprise. Have had to deal with the "press" brigades in my neighborhood and it is just flat awful.
One suggestion for the neighborhood residents: Call the city and report the trash as well as the fact that they are loitering in the area without any sanitary facilities. We actually had them relieving themselves in bushes so as not to ever step away and possibly lose one more photo op. That's the magic ticket, use the health codes to drive them out and force the police to do the work, but it needs to come from the city staff or code enforcement.
Calculated complaints lobbed by neighbors stating that their lifestyle has been altered, their property values affected, their neighborhood being used as a commercial operation (by Suleman to create her profit ventures), noise levels exceeded, and whatever else you can find in the city municipal code to use against the "rats" as so perfectly defined by the seasoned lovely woman who should NOT be out sweeping up after these nasty elements of humanity. If you find an open window on any of the news trucks, that's the ultimate depository!

What's wrong with the Left Coast? These people hate babies as much as they hate the unborn. Can't they just celebrate the Gift from God? Nadya deserves all the attention. She deserves the million dollar house too. God rewards the givers of life. These selfish neighbors need to mind their own business. They probably voted for Hussein and his pro abortion platform anyway.

Lawn sprinklers are difficult to keep aimed and often spray in unexpected directions and get stuff wet. :-)

BTW, do a side-by-side comparison of Octomom and Michael Jackson photos...separated at birth?

This is exactly why I drop in on my old hometown via the Times - to catch a glimpse of it's true, and ever lasting weirdness.

LA has become a sewer. Watch as tens of thousands of Middle Class (the TAX BASE) leave.

Let the non paying third world immigrant parasites like Octo-pig pay for it.

what a horrible invasion of privacy. the Suleman kids should be respected and left alone. Those poor little kids are being terrorized. Stop it!

I’m sure it has been a nightmare for her neighbors and wonder why the police haven’t been involved. Nadya has been saying that they are moving to another home so it may soon be another neighborhoods problem. Unfortunately at this point they could move to another country and the publicity would continue.

ha ha ha. all these GOONS complaining about the paparazzi. yet thse same GOONS are reading a story about Octomom written by the paparazzi. Also probably watching Dr. Phil and Opera for the latest Octomom updates. You LA folk are GOONS.

Lemonade is not a bad idea! Does a permit need to be obtained to start a small convenient store next to Suleman's. Any Idea!

Trojan Al: By your ignorant sub-adolescent comments it is clear you are either a member of the paparazzi yourself, or you are a brainless redneck. Either way, your bizarre obsession with using the word 'goon' and refusing to type it in any way other than all capitals shows you are socially retarded and therefore probably don't have many friends, which would explain why you would randomly lash out at a bunch of innocent people for no apparent reason. Stupidest comments on a comments page EVER.

None of this would be happening if it weren't for that disgusting, parasitic sow and her greedy publicist, Victor Nunez. The two of them are responsible for her ugly, butchered face being on TV and in the tabloids. She needs to shut her fat face up, let us forget about her, and let her neighbors have their quiet neighborhood back. The craziness will last as long as her opportunistic hack thinks he can make money flogging her pathetic story to the media.

;Show me a single mom and I'll show you a parasite draining the system. Single moms somehow feel they can breed all they want and our (sick) society rewards them for their behavior with programs such as WIC,foodstamps,Medicaid,etc.Single moms somehow have the narcissistic assumption that one is "entitled" to "the experience" of childbearing.

Don't you believe if this was a street Villi the evil Major, or one of the County's imperious dupe-a-visors lived on, LAPD/Sheriffs Dept would have CLOSED THE STREET to all but residents. Suprised the bill board slime haven't figured out a way to line supervisors pockets and put up huge bill boards or those new TOWER-type adverts. WHY, are you fools RE-electing the VERMIN??? Silly me, you're all simple FOOLS!

good riddance, America could use some educated folks, which clearly you are not. Enjoy your trip - hope you are welcomed with open arms wherever you shall go.

Ok, Trojan Al, your comment was only the stupidest ever for an hour and ten minutes... "joe" now has that distinction. Hey joe, did it ever occur to you that most single moms are in the position they're in because DEADBEAT DADS leave them? To associate every single mother with this extreme octonut shows how pitiful your angry walnut of a brain is. You want a good example of irony? If you ever by some miracle actually had sex and impregnated a woman, it is clear your pathological hatred of them would cause you to be exactly the kind of deadbeat that puts women in exactly the position you blame them for. My guess is Joe will end up with at least one domestic battery charge in his lifetime, if he doesn't have one already.

Sweeping cigarette butts outside of her home Thursday afternoon, 87-year-old Thelma Steinweg said she’s mostly fed up with the paparazzi, who often leave trash outside of her house. “This is a pack of rats,” Steinweg said.

Does Ruben Vives (the Times reporter who filed this story) have no sense of irony? He is one of the rats!

Why isn't this story from The Insider getting much publicity?

Search for "Pathological Liar Nadya Suleman was a High School Misfit" in any search engine and read the article from The Insider website.

I've just got to say there is a level of ignorance and ill will out there in the world that shows its face in these comment blogs. Where's the love and acceptance? My gosh, we're all in this brief life together, why speak about others with such an ugly attitude? Live is too beautiful to waste it tearing down others.

I totally agree with LifeLibertyJustice. Babies are gifts from God, the almighty. They should be treasured and loved.

There's NOTHING WRONG with what she did. You guys are just a bunch of sick haters. Don't you realize that our demographics illustrate an aging population, and we need many more young folk to balance out the baby boomers. It doesn't work to have everyone retired and hardly anyone working.

We're going to need her kids, and many others. You guys just don't get it. Demographically, we need to welcome ALL KIDS, and we need to encourage all women, single or married, to have more kids.

Sure, I understand that she and her kids are a drain on our society TODAY, but today is NOT FOREVER. Eventually, they'll go to work and pay taxes, too, and pay for the retiring boomers.

You haters are stupid. Stupid stupid stupid. If you had her and her kids, you may as well hate all retirees, too.

Totally: Your comments are 'totally' based in emotion and not one shred of scientific reasoning or sound logic. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE TO SUGGEST A DANGER OF A DWINDLING POPULATION. In fact, you are so wrong that the opposite is true. The real danger is OVERPOPULATION. With the influx of immigration, increase in teenage pregnancies and ever-dwindling resources (which will only get worse with the global climate change) the LAST thing the world needs is people having eight babies. Our economy has always began boom periods when there were LESS people. Then idiots get it in their head that things are so good they should become baby factories. Thats when the economy starts to go down the toilet. Take a modern American history class sometime.

Babies are from GOD if people don't use IVF treatment to become celebrity and rich. Nadya is evil and agreeing. She did this to get rich. Have you check into her work history. She didn't have much of a work history except from a few short years of working as a mental ward technician. She lied about her injuries and collect approx 168K in disability payment. Three of her kids are still collecting that money.
GOD MAKE NADYA SULEMAN infertile for a real good reason and she changed it using science. She lies, lies, and lies. If you donate to her, then you are falling to her evil scam. Please donate to a more worthy cause. If everyone in the united states do this, then we will become worst than a 3rd world country. Making a baby takes 9 months, but raising them can take 18 or more years. Why don't you read more about this welfare fatso before any of you defend her. Those that defend her is in her class (probably welfare people who ride our system is defending her).


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