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Proposition 8 challenges begin

Jessica and Sandra Rodrigues show their support for Prop. 8 outside the California Supreme Court.

Read latest blog updates on Prop 8 hearing.

Full Times story: California Supreme Court signals mixed response to Proposition 8

Lanow_prop8ontrial_6 The lead lawyer for opponents of Proposition 8's effective ban on gay marriage opened today's high-stakes challenge of the November ballot initiative by arguing before the California Supreme Court that the measure unconstitutionally deprives same-sex couples of the fundamental right to marry.

"What Proposition 8 accomplishes, if it were upheld by this court, is to establish the constitutional principle that a majority can take away a fundamental right from a group defined as a suspect class" that has already suffered a history of discrimination, said Shannon P. Minter, lead counsel for those petitioning the state's high court to invalidate the measure that redefined legal marriage."

Chief Justice Ronald M. George and Justice Joyce L. Kennard pressed Minter to explain why Proposition 8 opponents believe the initiative was an illegal revision of the state Constitution, which requires a two-thirds majority vote in the Legislature rather than the simple electoral majority that narrowly passed the measure.

Justice Kathryn Mickle Werdegar also asked Minter how the initiative changed anything other than the "nomenclature" of gay marriages as the state continues to recognize civil unions for same-sex couples.

Minter replied that deprivation of the right to have same-sex marriages "of equal stature and dignity" accorded opposite-sex couples represented discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

-- Carol J. Williams

Photo: Jessica and Sandra Rodrigues show their support for Prop. 8 outside the California Supreme Court. Credit: Barbara Davidson / Los Angeles Times

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Everyone seems to forgotten that the Bible has defined Marriage as being between one man and one woman and nothing else. This is not and never will be a civil rights issue. Homosexuality is not a race but an orientation of ones sexual habits therefore nullifiing that its a civil rights issue.
If Prop 8 would have mention race then I could see a reasonable reaction. But the law is the law no same sex marriage. If this Proposition is invalidated that will be the beginning of the end of Marriage as the Bible has set forth.

Marriage is being redefined by few radicals and militant homosexuals.
Remember when the hippies were saying "We don't need marriage to show our love man". Homosexuals don't need a marriage license to show their love man. Homosexuals also do not believe marriage is monogamous and it is acceptable to have lustful sexual orgies outside of the "sacred" marriage vows.
Marriage wil never satisfy their insatiable appetite for sex.
God did not design men to have sex with men. If he did then god
is an idiot.

I do not remember where the constitution defines or outlines marriage, so how is it unconstitutional? If this passes, they will have to allow Polygamy marriages and go through all that marital tax and healthcare issues with them as well. While we are redfining stuff, why is it that children do not have constitutional rights to get married and bear arms and everything else. In other countries they can, so maybe we should at changing that too.
I do not understand, and it is my simple mind, but what other nations and religions have express views of promoting same-sex relations and marriages? Even Amazonian tribe still have man and woman unions, correct? Why is that? Where is the boilogical proof that same-sex is right? I don't deny that people have these feelings, but many people have feelings that they do not act upon. Humans as with other species are meant to procreate, and these unions to not allow for natural procreation, so by choosing to embrace this social conversion, are we ending the continuation of the human race? Maybe in time; maybe this is the beginning, maybe it is simply something to think about.

Lyndon, are you suggesting that we follow ALL the Bible has to say on the subject of marriage? Does that mean that you support polygamy because that is allowed under the Hebrew Bible? Another question, which "Bible" do you believe we should follow?

How would you feel if someone started a new religion with their own Bible and all that considered something that is allowed in your Bible to be an abomination? Next image that the religion become so popular that a majority of Americans believed it and you become the minority. They next push that it should become part of the law and therefore striped you of your rights.

This is un-American!

My being in love with my husband (for 24 years) has little to do with the "orientation of our sexual habits."

Further, our son's right to have his family (formed with permission and support from the state) recognized and treated the same as his peers whose parents are able to marry is not negotiable. A child does not choose his parents.

Thankfully we have a country built on a Constitution and not some farce of a religion. Equal rights should be secured for all people.

"the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion"
- President John Adams (Treaty of Tripoli, article 11)

Lyndon - you seem to have forgotten than marrige does not apply to just Christians; marriage for governmental purposes is a legal union and applies to all religions and persons who are of no belief, so for societal purposes, your argument does not hold water.

Lyndon - you seem to have forgotten than marrige does not apply to just Christians; marriage for governmental purposes is a legal union and applies to all religions and persons who are of no belief, so for societal purposes, your argument does not hold water.

Lyndon, the Bible also allows for slavery, for stoning women caught in adultery, and other hideous features under the guise of religion.

We are not a state religion. We are a state of laws, and, one day, of equality.

Keep your religion out of my life.

All this Bible bashing from the right and the left.

To the left I say: quit dishing on the Bible. It played an important part in the establishment of laws and ethics for our nation.

To the right I say: although you believe a certain way, that doesn't make you right. Don't claim authority from the Bible over people that don't believe in it. I have a deed to your house that I bought from a guy down the street, can I kick you out and move in? No? But I have a deed! I get that you believe in your deed.

The rule of law comes from you acting as a concerned citizen and voting according to your conscience. The rule of law came when more people voted for Prop 8 than voted against it. That's democracy folks. Don't think so? Then use your vote to change the constitution of California (just as the Prop 8 supporters did) and fix this State. Think it should be your undeniable right to marry who you wish? Change the law. We do this all the time, just look at abortion, gun control, and capital punishment. Gay marriage is no different.

I really believe that gay people have a serious brain DEFECT. I'm not here to hurt anyone but that's the truth. Others will tell you the same. The Almighty did not create man to have sexual relations with another man or a woman to have sexual relations with another woman. These gay acts are totally unholy. Why would gay people want to risk going to eternal damnation (hell)? This is insane. If everyone was allowed to do anything that they wanted to do or felt good to them, how would this world look like? How about legalizing murder, theft, adultery, idolatry, etc.... How about giving Islamic terrorists the right to murder innocent people for every terrorist killed? Being gay is evil. True believers need to take a strong and defiant stand against gay marriage. End of story. No Ifs, Ands or Buts. NO TO GAY MARRIAGE.

The word marriage historically in different part of the world is a whole lot broader than the union of one woman and one man. Let the same-sex people have their marriage. Move ahead of the pack and start using a new term to define the sacred union of a woman and a man. Such as facebook group mananwife


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