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Father of accused teen in gay classmate shooting found dead

William McInerney The father of an Oxnard teenager accused of gunning down a gay classmate who was romantically attracted to him has been found dead, Ventura County authorities said today.

Bill McInerney, 45, was found shortly before 8 a.m. in the living room of his Silver Strand home by a friend, said James Baroni, Ventura County’s chief deputy medical examiner. The friend was supposed to drive him to a court hearing in his son’s murder trial, Baroni said.

McInerney’s 15-year-old son, Brandon, is accused of murder and a hate crime in the Feb. 12, 2008, shooting death of classmate Lawrence “Larry” King, 15. The two boys had been sparring in the days before the killing, allegedly because Larry had expressed a romantic interest in Brandon.

Brandon McInerney is being tried as an adult and was scheduled to begin a preliminary hearing today to determine if there is enough evidence to move to a trial, officials said. That hearing was postponed.

Baroni said there was no sign of foul play or suicide at the father’s home. An autopsy is underway, and a cause of death should be available later today, the deputy medical examiner said.

“Nothing at the scene was a red flag,” he said.

Court records show that the elder McInerney was facing recent felony charges of making criminal threats against his sister, Maura McInerney. He also was charged with possessing a firearm within 10 years of a domestic violence conviction, records show.

The local blogosphere exploded on news of the father’s untimely death. King’s killing has spurred heated debate in Ventura County about whether it is appropriate to try Brandon McInerney as an adult.

“Please pray for Brandon McInerney and his family, AS WELL as the family of Larry King,” said one commenter to a story about Bill McInerney’s death in the Ventura County Star.

“Karma is coming around for Brandon early,” said another.

-- Catherine Saillant

Photo: William McInerney leaves the U.S. Superior Court in Ventura on August 7, 2008 after the arraignment of his son Brandon McInerney, 14, for murder in the shooting death of Lawrence (Larry) King.

Credit: Anne Cusack / Los Angeles Times

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So Brandon is now responsible for the death of 2 people? No doubt his father's accidental death was caused by the stresses of knowing he had to go to his son's murder trial hearing today. If there had been no murder or trial, don't you think the elder McInerney would still be alive? What a waste of life. This is what happens when people tolerate (or encourage) hatred in their families or communities or churches.

It's not right!!! The Gay kid does something wrong, and now another kid who didn't ask for the Gay kids advances nor did the kid ask for thothers to tease him about it, and now this kids dad is dead. Just because a GAY kid couldn't keep it in his pants. It disgusts me very much. There should be a GAY class on how to behave in school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Please pray for Brandon McInerney and his family..."

why in the world would I pray for a man who obviously couldn't teach his child to respect every human being, no matter their race, creed, religion or sexuality? may young Larry King rest in peace and his family find some kind of solice in this horrid senseless crime.

Touche caitb! I hope the man said a prayer before death to help his soul - obviously he set horrible examples for his family!

Brandon had a good teacher. When Brandon gets out of jail, he can breed another and continue the what his father started.

For some reason when Ms. Salliant uses this phrase "a gay classmate who was romantically attracted to him", as she did the last time she wrote about this case, it totally irks me. Why include this detail? It seems as if she is giving young Mr. McInerney a motive so people feel compassionate or understanding of why he would GUN DOWN a classmate EXECUTION style.

Somethimes I wonder if God exists or even if the devil punishes its own type of followers. In this case it seems that someone in the family has already paid a price for their off-spring crimes. In the article, one come to the conclusion that the father was not a good person. Karma has come to him... and the family. You pay for your sins on earth. There is no heaven! Hell is here.... To the family of Larry King my deepest sympaties for your loss... I lost a son , same age, and I know how much it hurts. Justice comes earlier in some circustances!

karma is alive and well

This case is tragic on almost every level. Almost everybody involved could have used and continues to need intense support and mental health services that unfortunately are dwindling with every day that passes. It is all very sad no matter from what angle you see it.

rest in peace billy you are loved and will be missed...

Yes, I will CERTAINLY pray for Brandon and his family-- that they ALL get struck by lightning and know why...

Father like son apparently. At 15, you know what you're doing. A simple tip: if anyone approaches you with romantic interests and you're not interested, say "I'm flattered, but I'm not interested", and walk away. Killing someone becuase they say, "I like you", and certainly any other time is not an acceptable response. His action of cold-murder may have been influenced by his enviroment, but it is wrong and punishable, period. He's not a child.

Jason, I think you have answered your own question. Ella

To the author: You state that Larry King "was romantically attracted to" his killer. Then later, you state "allegedly... Larry had expressed a romantic interest in Brandon". Extremely poor reporting. Not that it should matter, however.

To Jason: Following your reason, should every woman who has had a male express unwanted sexual interest blow said male away? Do you think all males should take a class on "how to behave in school"?


"The Gay kid does something wrong"

What did "the gay kid" do wrong? He expressed a romantic interest in a classmate. If said classmate had been female, would you feel the same? I had several boys in whom I was not interested do the same to me in junior high/high school, and some in predatory or demeaning ways. Does that mean I should have killed them? I've had women hit on me also, and it's quite easy to explain that I'm not interested. I don't need need to assert my heterosexuality with a gun.

Jason: So it's Larry King's fault for coming on to Brandon. "Keep it in his pants", you say? Funny, I wasn't aware that being - for lack of a better word - "horny" was a crime punishable by death? Should it matter that he was gay? Both girls and boys can go a little overboard in expressing affections - and all this is said even without knowledge of how exactly Larry King expressed his romantic interest. I'm not sure how you can come to the offhand assumption that King deserved this death.

Yes this is a hate crime.The crime of Larry King bulling the smaller Brandon in front of classmates.this is a crime of the homosexual agenda persued by the federal goverment.Larry King was a sexual predator.Nothing exites a sexual deviant more than the thought of convincing a normal person that they to are a sexual deviant and will use all tacticts and stop at nothing to persue there sexual conquest.Brandon is the real victim here plain and simple

This is not only a sad tale it is a commentary on political correctness and the insanity of the current day. Schools refuse to teach and enforce ZERO TOLERANCE, parents encourage no tolerance egged on by their religious leaders and political laws avoid admitting that if you are oriented differently "you are not created equal". In an earlier article where the teacher was interviewed she stated that the school administration was aware of the "issue" and refused to intervene. This is disturbing. sexual harassment of any nature should not be tolerated but to allow a student to be killed over it is beyond. According to Sexual Harassment education, taught in the work place, any sexual content that makes a person uncomfortable may be construed as harassment and should be avoided. At what point is a person supposed to be able to express interest without fear of discipline or in this case murder? Why is the victim being called out for being Gay? What does a persons sexual orientation have to do with our acceptance? When will society realize this is not a phase and that the gay society has been a part of society since day one? If this had been a young girl killed for asking a boy to the Sadie Hawkins would we be so quick to judge her? Think about it. Yes morn for both families, but also hope that the future will not let this happen again.

This whole story is a deep seeded tragedy, one that, unfortunately, we have heard before and until we as a society change will be repeated.


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