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Octuplets' mother loses another publicist

Suleman Octuplets mom Nadya Suleman has lost another publicist.

Victor Munoz told Us Magazine that he was stepping down over disagreements with Suleman and general chaos at her house.

"It just got to be too much," he told the magazine.  "It's pretty much a free for all over there right now. They are freaking out right now. .... Not to sound arrogant, but those people depended on me for everything. You have no idea what I’ve had to do for these people."

Suleman's last publicist quit after she and Suleman received death threats.

Munoz served only a few weeks as Suleman's spokeman, appearing on "Larry King Live" last week. Suleman has been appearing on various talk shows and last week began posting blog items about her life on Radar Online. 

She could not be reached for comment today.

--Shelby Grad

Photo: NBC

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What publicist speaks so openly about his strained relationship with his client? He sounds as unprofessional as she is a nutcase. We publicists often disagree with our clients and will resign if we can't make it work, but then we move on rather than prolonging the story to leverage our own fame.

Just as reminder in the midst of Us Weekly interviews, book deals and endorsements: There are 14 helpless little ones here. They need basic care and a plan for the future, not press clippings. Even if Ms. Suleman made millions off this today, who trusts that she knows how to save and spend in the best interest of these kids?


Most publicists aren't in Mr. Munoz's shoes, are they? He sees a major problem in these children's future and and is expressing it, hoping that it sticks somewhere and someone does something before these eight high-need babies are released from Kaiser. You are casting stones at your own glass house. Professional mouthpieces, or "publicists" as you like to call yourselves, don't have the best of reputations, typically there tends to be a great deal of prevarication about the truth that shows up in the end. Maybe Mr. Munoz is more professional than you can ever aspire to be and I for one think he is.

Social services needs to step in. If they don't and something bad happens to those kids, it will be on their heads.

The first team representing the mother were not publicists, but rather public relations professionals. There are clear distinctions in definition and fuction. While many of us are familiar with the term "publicist" - typically, someone who is presenting an author or celebrity with a singular or narrow focus in mind - a public relations professional carries out a much broader communications role to convey information about an issue, a medical story (as was the original case here), a financial report or more. It's not that we public relations professionals don't somes take on a "publicist" role in the course of our work. But it is important to understand the differences. visit www.prsa.org for more details.

Oh my gosh, when will this nutcase go away?! I'm personally sick and tired of hearing about this woman and all her drama!! Between her Starbucks run, her next plastic surgery fix, her fake nail fills, etc. etc. she actually has time to be a mother, and also sit down with her plublicist?? This woman is nuts and we all know it. Social services or whoever needs to do their job and step in and find those children decent homes where they have a chance at a good future, and let us focus on some real issues like the economy!!

gotta say, its pretty amusing that Mr. Munoz didnt notice his client was "nuts" BEFORE he signed her? (It hasn't escaped the rest of us, Mr. M) The man was either in denial, greedy as hell or stupid--my guess is probably all 3.

This whole episode just doesn't hint that it will end with: "And they all lived happily ever after."

Child services need to take all of her children away.
She is a danger to her children.

The six Childrent that she still has are in grave danger.

She should be sterilized so that she can never endanger any more children.

Marie and Deborah: I agree with you. This woman thought she could live off the public and get whatever she wanted but it backfired on her. Maybe she will forced to get a job and make a living like normal people. The free ride is over!

Time to cart this woman off to the funny farm and let the octuplets and other six children get on with a REAL LIFE!!

I am so tired of this woman and feel for her children.

The state says: "A child is neglected by a parent or caretaker who fails to provide adequate food, clothing, shelter, medical care or supervision". Ms Suleman has met these qualifications on the surface and so, is probably safe within the law. But what of the ethics of the treatment of those children? I question the legality of her living off of student loans and support further efforts to discredit her and find safe, realistic parents or even a parent (yes, a single parent is a-okay) for the children.

Isn't it sad that Ms. Suleman has so much trouble with the truth! She gives so many different answers and none of them make any sense. Here, again, she claims she is buying the house. Actually, the paperwork on the house is in her father's name. To avoid what she sees as an impropriety, she, in turn, is leasing it from him. That's one way to work the system at which she's an expert. Think of her poor neighbors. Probably what they should do is make videos of her comings and goings to see how she conducts herself with the kids. In this economy, it could come in handy. They could take this opportunity to make some money for themselves and sell the tapes (like octo-mom). Then, invite the Dept. of Child Protective Services to view it. Maybe that smug smirk on octo-mom's face would fall off when they find her in violation of their guidelines/regulations. This saga is so disgusting. No one should have to put up with all the drama that she creates, especially her neighbors

This note is to the mother of the octuplets, nadya. Congratulations on your eight beautiful babies that God bestowed upon you. Never forget that God destined these babies to live and that He gave them to you and they are your children first and foremost. Forget all the negative people who are unwilling to help you and instead focus on creating relationships with the positive ones. You will do fine if you take that to heart. I commend you for having the courage to be a mom who wouldn't allow a doctoer to harm any of her children born or not. God will reward you for that decision. I wish the best to you and your family. To ALL THE NAY SAYERS and your DADDY, SHAME ON ALL OF YOU! Go out and GET A HOBBY

Nadya Sulleman is reckless, irresponsible, inconsiderate and thoughtless. She certainly did not use good judgement. The children will suffer. It will be harder on them without a father. I forsee all kinds of problems as they become teenagers


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