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Octuplets mom 'upset' hospital hasn't released babies to her

Octuplets mother Nadya Suleman expressed frustration that social workers and doctors have not released the first of her two babies from the hospital.

Suleman had hoped two of her sons would be released Monday, but she told Radar Online that officials at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center decided to keep them for now.

"I'm really upset about this. I really wanted to return to a normal life," she told Radar. "I know the hospital is doing its best for the kids, but I never asked for all of this. It just makes me sad, and I'm going to do everything I can to get them back, but I also need to please the hospital."

Suleman said she wants workers to check for gas leaks in her new La Habra home and have CO2 monitors installed. She spent seven hours at the hospital on Monday, saying hospital officials wanted to make sure she could properly feed the babies.

Suleman said the two babies scheduled to go home are each 5 1/2 pounds and very healthy. Eventually, she plans to have all 14 of her children at the La Habra home

"Even when the babies are home, it's not going to sink in," she said.

-- Shelby Grad

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While she is there, she should have her head examined too. In this day and age, to have 14 children is unrealistic. How is she going to work? I guess she plans on the taxpayers to foot the bill until they all grow up. Such a shame that this woman couldn't exercise better judgement, especially with 6 childrento care for already.

Carl Wiley
The Ring of Knowledge

I sincerely hope Nadya never gets her greedy hands on any of those innocent babies. A real mother would never have allowed this situation to happen. Her greed has blinded her throughout every single pregnancy and birth. Get her to a psychologist, fast!

This shows how out of it Ms Suleman is. While she's touring Disneyland, doing the TV circuit, and renovating and moving house, all the hospital wants to know is can she care for her babies. She should be in the hospital doing full time feeds and diaper changes if she wants to demonstrate she can care for them. Why didn't she get prepared for the last nine months? A mom doesn't do all this "to please the hospital". It's to care for her babies.

It seems like no accident to have met two of the oddest women just this year. First it was Sara Palin and now it is this macabre woman who has all these kids.....all of them children at risk.

They both show the worst portrait of the qualities that are perceived about women.....one is stupid and the other is evil. Both show advanced narcisism and are a threat to themselves. Ane they are public figures.....shame.

"Octuplets mother Nadya Suleman expressed frustration that social workers and doctors have not released the first of her two babies from the hospital."

Please, keep up the good work!!! Don't give that monster the opportunity to neglect those kids as we all know she will.

You need to stop reporting on this woman and her kids. Leave her alone to see if she can take care of all of those babies. Let her be responsible for her kids without the help of social services, etc. She needs to learn how it is going to be with all these kids. She needs no more publicity!!!! She is a complete idiot

"Even when the babies are home, it's not going to sink in."

Translation: Please keep sending money. Kthnxbai.

How long do you think that do-good group called "Angels" is going to be around? Those kids are going to grow up. Will the Angels be there to see them through high school? That den to be made into a nursery will be outgrown very easily. Octomom just nods her head to everything Dr. :Phil says to get what she wants now that the world is angry with her. No one has yet addressed a great many issues, the least of which is how was her plastic surgery paid? Did she get a tummy tuck? She sure shrunk after her pregnancy. She'll say anything to get anything.

"Even when the babies are home, it's not going to sink in," she said.

THAT is how OUT of it the octo person actually is. She won't "get it" even when all 14 children are under the same roof. If you noted, it was Nadya and Nadya only who kept saying the babies were coming home on Monday. If Nadya says ANYTHING, you can know right then and there that it is highly suspect.


While Sulemen is being lavished and sought after, MILLIONS of preemies from poverty homes are being released by --hospitals everywhere without any orders for lavish baby proofing and or ordering the public to support them with --donations "for the preemie's sake." Nadya Sulemen case is a social blight, mar to all preemies born to poverty striken single mothers and poverty striken parents across the world. What has happened in the Sulemen Saga reveals that insuring one preemie gets the SAME chance at life, SAME accomodations, SAME luxery and SAME opportunities has proven without a doubt that the cliche --"we're doing it for preemie sake" - -holds no truth whatsoever. Of course, single preemies born daily into poverty situations wouldn't raise viewer ratings and put one at the top of the HYPE HEAP. Put an end to trying to convince mothers everywhere that one little cookie is not as good as a batch of little cookies. In a fair world, one little poor preemie would get same luxery shake as a poor batch would. Sulemen's case is a classic case of social degradation. We, the people, have witnessed discrimination at it's worst. And, all for the sake of money. For shame! Those joined at Nadya's hip need to keep in mind - according to Universal Law, highest form of law, the wheel is round!

~ Equal rights is sacred.

William, the do-good group Angels as you call them, is a gourp of specially trained, RNs, PTs, OTs, and Special Ed teachers. They are certainly not just do gooders, they help parents and foster parents with the needs of premature/or special needs babies.
They truly are looking out for the best needs of these babie, even if the mother is not. You are right they will not be around forever to help Nadya, that is something she is going to need to own up to herself. However, until then these babies need a group of individuals to make sure that when they are released home or to foster care they are with someone that can take care of them.
Nadya should have had things in place but has yet to do much herself, she is ordering around LOTS of people to get things done for her. Everone involved is very, very concerned about her parental skills or lack there of. The group AIW is looking out after the welfare of these babies and many, many more premature babies that are not in the news. Thanks you.

If we are concerned about these babies futures then let:s think about the trauma they are going ti suffer around the ages of 2 or 3 when they get taken away because their mother can:t take care of them properly and it will happen. So wouldn:t it be better to put them up for adoption now and save all this future heartache for these innocent babies? Or better yet,send the whole kit and kaboodle to Colorado City!!!!

Will someone give me the local state and welfare phone numbers and addresses? If enough people send letters and emails to the local officials they will have to begin fraud charges against Nadya Suleman. I think they (officals) are hesitant to make charges because Nadya is 'a mother'. She is a fraud and a thief! Go after her. Have you noticed that Kaiser keeps adding new specifications to their list? Hopefully the elected officials of the State of California are fullfilling their sworn duties to prosecute fraud!

GO AWAY crazy octomom. Your 15 minutes were up long long ago. GO AWAY! FAR FAR AWAY!!!

This nutcase gets worse and worse. She didn't ask for all of this? She knew dang well what the chances were when she asked doctor dimento to implant all 6 eggs (or was it really8?) Do us taxpayers get an 'octo break' on our taxes next year since this is costing us millions??!!!!

WHAT A FARCE: ~ How come releasing any preemie from hospital does not require 43 Safety Latches? Tells me that the safety of one preemie, two, three or six are of no REAL importance. I never knew two month old preemies were known to wander alone at night getting into stuff. News to me!

43 Safety Latches were installed by Boo-Boo Baby Busters.

"In Mitchell's profession, each of those inquisitive pairs of hands represents a potential mishap waiting to happen. So, over the course of the day, she installed 43 safety latches on drawers and cabinets, a dozen door locks, three toilet lid locks and, at Suleman's request, safety gates at the top and bottom of the stairwell near the nursery."


You all are so judgmental. Just focus on the babies' health now for goodness sake.

Has anyone noticed how Nadya, in all the videos she's made with Radar Online, has never been filmed having actual dialogue with her 6 children? You'd think there'd be plenty of opportunities to capture that on film with that many children. In one video she says, "Gentle, gentle" when one of her twins tries to hit her. She also tells another child to stop trying to pull up her top, who doesn't listen and tries it again. She does not have control of her older boys which concerns me especially if they're going to have access to the preemies, they could potentially harm them. The lack of conversation with her children concerns me, the younger of the six need more than one word communication, and encouraging her older daughter to tell the camera where they're going (Disneyland) when she is obviously uncomfortable shows Nadya is obviously more interested in being engaged with the cameras than putting her children before herself. I know the cameras only show so much, but for all the talking she does for the cameras, with 6 children around, you'd think there'd be some magical moments of dialogue with them caught on film, but no, none, nada, because it's all about Nadya. Even if this situation were different and Nadya wasn't a user and abuser of the system, I would still be questioning her parenting skills. It's a shame people are required to take a test to get a driver's license, yet not required to take a test or any training classes on parenting. Having a house, a trampoline, swing set, and toys, does not make up for being a good parent. With Kaiser Permanente having invested so much in the care of these preemies without payment, they ought to require cameras and visitation rights through CPS. I hope CPS will be watching closely, especially the older children. Nadya appears to be fascinated by the *baby stage* of development since her 6 older children weren't enough to satisfy her as a mother. Remember CPS, child abuse includes endangerment, neglect, emotional and otherwise. Also, review the videos where she's driving, repeatedly she takes both her hands off the steering wheel while her car is in operation, with her daughter in the car. I don't believe she's demonstrated any parenting skills that prove she can handle 8 preemies, let alone the 6 children she currently has at home. Save the children! Get them all out!

If the hospital and social workers aren`t releasing the babies, it is because they know some things about Nadya that the Media does NOT. I am sure that their concerns go beyond gas detectors.

She thinks she is going to return to a normal life? With fourteen children and no partner to help her? I have never seen such denial in my whole life. Even this one statement documents how detached she is from reality, without having to consider all the other crazy things she's done, including voluntarily putting herself in this situation. I have no sympathy for her, and lots for her children. The babies should not be released to her unless she starts talking sense, maybe not even then.

Why didn't they buy a house that was on one level with no stairs?

And the poor neighbors - if someone could cough up money for a house, it should be out in the boondocks with some acrage so that photographers could keep some distance.

I feel SO sorry for the neighbors. What a circus.

What's all this talk about needing CO2 monitors? Does she really mean CO (carbon monoxide) sensors?
I feel really sorry for all 14 kids.
Nadya in living in Fantasyland. She has no sense of reality.
What is she going to teach her kids about surviving in the real world? Is she going to teach them all to be leeches just like her?

It's a CO detector. Contrary to global warming alarmist CO2 is in all normal healthy air!

Is her idea of "back to normal" shopping for expensive cosmetics, manicures and plastic surgery?

They are not going to show much of her kids because right now with the crazy press and crazy people the children don't need to be in the media as much. People need to stop worrying about her life and think about their own. If someone having 14 kids is worrying you about your taxes, then think about the women who stay pregnant and only have one baby at a time. Who has proof that she is a danger to her kids? I think all of you shouldve realized before that the media can twist things as much as they want, for anyone who took an American history class, also known as yellow journalism. Think of how much money they get for these stories and the people like you who buy into it. There are plenty of people who shouldve stopped having kids 6 babies ago. She just had them all at once. Go waste your time on something else. If you want her 15 minutes of fame to be over, stop posting and complaining about her.

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