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Whittier police and Suleman: before and after she added 8


Octuplets-mom Nadya Suleman's case has kept Whittier police busy. Department officials confirm today that they have been called to the two homes where she has lived eight times over a period of a year. One of the calls came in response to the media storm that followed the birth of the octuplets in January.

At the first address, on El Soneto Drive, police responded after being notified on May 12, 2008, of an open front door, to avoid having the residence burglarized.

On July 7, 2008, police went to the home to investigate the complaint of a neighbor, who had called the county Department of Children and Family Services, alleging that Suleman was neglecting her six children, said Whittier Police Officer Jason Zuhlke. An officer went to the home to talk to Suleman and the children as well as to investigate their surroundings. The complaint was unfounded, police said.

On Aug. 10, police responded after being notified of an open door.

Police said they got more calls concerning Suleman's family at her Sunrise Drive home, where the children's grandparents live. On Jan. 9, 2008, a 911 call was placed from the home after one of Suleman's children was accidentally locked in a bedroom.

On Oct. 27, 2008, Suleman called police when she couldn't find her 5-year-old. The child had followed Suleman's mother, who was going for a walk in the neighborhood. Then, on Jan. 23, 2009, just days before Suleman's octuplets were born,  one of the children inadvertently called 911 from the house.

The resulting media circus has created more headaches for police.  Ed Doud, Suleman's father, called once for help in dealing with reporters who converged on the home, asking questions about the octuplets and Suleman's six other children.

--Andrew Blankstein

Octomom leaves her spawn at home as she enjoys some personal time. Nick Ut / AP Photo

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Why cant we get pass this octuplet garbage!!!!
Seriously who cares and why is this garbage still making into the news!!!

good thing this person and her family aren't a drain on our limited resources.
by the way-I want a new car
and I will give you the privilege to pay for it.
thanks and remember to come over to wash it at least once a week
(I like a clean car)
and bring some food too(I like to eat when someone else is paying)
I will have a list of chores (diapers,feedings)for you when you arrive.
(I am way too busy to do them myself what with not working and tv interviews and such)
dont come too early-I cant look like angelina if i dont get my beauty sleep(and collagen injections)
better yet-just send cash
I know a fertility clinic that will cash my checks for free(w/purchase)

It reallly burns me up that woman is making so much money from interviews and exploiting her chldren. She is trash! I wish Child Protective Services would take her children away from her and shut down her source of cash flow. It disgusts me everytime I see her on television.

whittier police like this kind of stuff, it keep them in business.

Come on Americans, stop being so darned mean ! We all know that if this woman were a Mormon or W.A.S.P., she and her 14 children would have been embraced immediately. The children are here and we should not interfere with God's WILL. Why don't I see web sites where I can donate to the relief of this family? It takes a village to raise just one child, even when there are two parents involved, so lets do our share in whatever way we can. If we'd stop throwing daggers and instead share some small part of ourselves and/ or income, we may well help this woman raise a (or 14)
righteous,God fearing, law abiding, human being(s).

I think it is great that post #1 wants to donate. More bleeding hearts should do so to support their position. I absolutely do not want to pay a dime, but am FORCED TO. Big difference.
I agree the children are now here and should be cared for, perhaps by foster parents and adopted into a good situation by a responsible person who realizes the enormity of the situation. Not by a self-centered person who puts starbucks and manicures above time with her children. We are also paying for the manicures and starbucks. Unfortunately most of us cannot afford to do that either.

She's the perfect Barack voter, only wants handouts, doesn't work and of no value to America. Just like B.O.

What's really interesting is that Nadia is the extream. Not only will we be paying for this mess no matter how it works out. I am all for a happy ending to this, but I know that there are so many cases like this, just smaller. How do we make sure child support or government assistance is being spent on what it should be spent on and not nails, beauty products, and booze... or more in-vitro fertilization?

In response to Brijesh, albeit a little late. I open these articles simply to see the comments by people, as most of the 'authors' appear to endure some level of retardation. One, maybe two years ago nobody would have really cared. The invitro "octuplets" thing has already been done anyway (octuplets is not accurate, as each embryo resulted from a seperately implanted fertilized egg, making this a litter).
There are two factors that have made this into such a large issue. One, the woman is clearly unhinged and made it entirely obvious that she expected free money and publicity, and is simply using her innocent babies.
Two, she decided to pull this scheme in the worst of financial times. Essentially publicly announcing to the nation that she expects everyone else to pay for her when they can hardly afford their own gas.
Using children as a get rich scheme, while likely resulting in lifelong health problems for them, and using taxpayer money quite publicly during a crisis has harbored a lot of hatred towards her. It's likely she won't completely fade from the news until the children have been taken from her. She's an infamous celebrity.

Where did Suleman get the name "Suleman." She was born "Dodd." Her name was a spanish-sounding name that began with the letter "H." Sometime after high school she just randomly decided to change her name. Did she have a police blotter under her maiden name DODD? She also attempted to legally change her name to "SOLOMAN," which was denied. This is the name of the supposed father of her brood. It appears she was attempting to pretend she had been married to "Soloman," so she appeared more normal. If feel sorry for this Soloman, if he is indeed the sperm donor. Poor guy. I hope he can remain anonymous. This woman is a repulsive LIAR and FAKE

Question I have is WHY is nobody such as CA Workers Comp board not investigating this woman Nadya/Natalie/Denise Doud/Gutierrez/Suleman disability fraud from which she received almost $170K of tax payers' money. She claimed a back injury whereby she stated she was bedridden and could no longer work for almost 8 years, yet she was able to carry babies to term for 6 consequent years walk straight with octuplets in her belly, soon after birth she is able to jump on her trampoline, play horsey with her kids, carry one 2 year old child in each of her arms simultaneously and still walk straight all the while claiming a back injury? I have a herniated disc in my lower back and I can barely carry my 15 lb cat!! In my opinion this woman should be in jail for claiming a fraudulent disability! And what's with all the name changes. People usually do that when they are trying to scam someone especially the government. She also needs to be investigated for fraudulent birth certificates for her kids. Her own father has stated that the name of the birth father on the first four kids' Birth certificate is made up, probably from Doud Suleman that grandfather's name to the anglicized version of David Solomon; basically David Soloman does not exist.

Idiocracy, here we come! Hey, wait a second....doesn't Boss Limbaugh need a boss lady? Anybody have Nadya's phone number?

Supposedly she's received several hundred thousand dollars from tabloids--is she still eligible for all the taxpayer help she's sucking up? Is anyone investigating this? If she can make a living from tabloids, fine, but why is the taxpayer stuck with the huge hospital bill, the disability payments, the foodstamps, and on and on?

This is a psychotic woman that is a danger to her own children.
They need to take all her children away from her including the 6 that she currently has.
Those kids are in grave danger.

Now Ive heard it all.ANYONE WHO THINKS THIS IS FROM GOD hasn't a clue to what God is?If you think god would have anything to do with this you are so,so misled?Number one God didn't use IVF when mary got pregant,why would you think he had anything to do with this nut job?If I was to rationalize this I would come up with someting far better than this,Try this on.God didn't want her to have the second greatesr gifts a woman can experence why did he let her be borned with blocked fallopian tubes,so she couldn't have babies the way GOD intended women to have children,The people who would say something like this.are the same people who wake up in the moring and say "I wonder what burden God will put on me today?I would be carefull,because one of theses days he might just do that?This woman,and once again,I use the term LOOSELY said she did this "ALL ON HER OWN".If you don't believe me look what she said about her new house"I have done this myself,all by myself I have bought this house on "opportunitiy's"I made"?end quote?SHE DID THIS ALL ON HER OWN? God help these kids escape this woman exploitive clucthes?


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