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O.C. suspends Planned Parenthood funding

The Orange County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously today to suspend a county contract with Planned Parenthood to provide health education for thousands of teens and preteens because the nonprofit organization offers abortions.

“I personally have a problem with government funding of an organization that provides abortion services,” said Supervisor John Moorlach, who placed the item on the agenda.

The decision to suspend the $291,788 education grant came after nearly two hours of impassioned public and board member discussion. Planned Parenthood's curriculum includes discussions about birth control alternatives, such as types of contraception and abstinence, as well as about sexually transmitted disease.

None of the Orange County money is used to fund abortions, said Jon Dunn, CEO and President of Planned Parenthood for Orange and San Bernandino counties.

“It’s clear to me that the agenda of Supervisor Moorlach and the other supervisors willingness to go along with him, are driven more by a religious ideology than an articulate health policy that benefits the people of Orange County,” Dunn said.

--Tami Abdollah

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Another example of The Orange Reich's clear-headed and objective thinking. Thank god OC people are usually too holier-than-thou and snobbish to spend much time in LA, otherwise we'd have to put up with them. We should look into the possibility of making them an unincorporated patch of Nevada.

This is absolutely insane. Our country is becoming a theocracy. Our governments and municipalities shouldn't be led by people with religious agendas and it certainly is not what the founding fathers wanted.

I personally have a problem with Supervisor John Moorlach, his cronies, and all males that interfere with female bodies.

Let start with equally idiotic suspension:all males opposing abortion are to be banned from ever having sex with any female.

Second: all males getting any female pregnant will be responsible for all cost of her upkeep, health care and fun during the nine months of pregnancy and 6 weeks of recovery.
After that they will be required to provide all financial and emotional support the child born from their seed will ever require.

Failure to any of the above will result in prison term .I assure you abortions will be way down.

In a meantime, who is going to take care of the people seeking pap smear and health checks, the already pregnant poor, the once seeking birth control and the victims of rape?

Can they all bunk down with Supervisor John Moorlach?

What about the unwonted kids born into poverty and neglect, the homeless resulting this chance?All welcome in the Supervisor's lavish Office?
Anyone here to start re-call?

where do i sent my donation?
more pregnant teenagers with STD's is just what we need.
if you put your religion before all of your constituent's needs,
why are you in office but to serve your own agenda.
we need more self-serving politicians ignoring 2/3 of
the population.
after 8 years of that on the national level ,
sounds like its time for a recall!

..so if Supervisor Moorlach decides he doesn't personally find the book selection at the local public library religiously edifying, then there goes its funding as well?

Planned Parenthood gets millions in federal funding to support a type of service that very many people (including women) oppose. Don't offer abortion through planned parenthood, and I"m all for funding them. Roe v. Wade may have legalized it, but I certainly don't want my taxpayers to fund these procedures.

“I personally have a problem with government funding of an organization that provides abortion services,” said Supervisor John Moorlach, who placed the item on the agenda.

Hey, Supervisor: your PERSONAL problems can be addressed through counseling or medication. Leave them out of my government.

Sure keep kids in the dark, let them get pregnant and then collect welfare, or put their kids in dumpsters... Ignorance is bliss...

"Planned Parenthood gets millions in federal funding to support a type of service that very many people (including women) oppose. Don't offer abortion through planned parenthood, and I"m all for funding them. Roe v. Wade may have legalized it, but I certainly don't want my taxpayers to fund these procedures.

Posted by: BC | March 10, 2009 at 05:31 PM


And I don't want my tax dollars subsidizing any faith based programs either.

It's time to ELIMINATE the tax exempt status for any organized religious group who feels the need to inject and thrust their personal agendas into the political arena.

Religion is indeed the bane of mankind

If you are so in favor of Planned Parenthood, why don't you contribute the money for them to do their education/indoctrination?

This is yet another disgrace to Orange County. Tax dollars spent on teaching young people about reproductive health and sexuality PREVENT abortions. In the OC and around the nation, Planned Parenthood can't use tax money to fund abortion services. I hope local women's organizatons will be protesting this decision. This is an affront to the health and well being of all women and children in the OC. Shame on "our" supervisors!

This is disheartening to the core. As a young female, I have many friends who have relied on Planned Parenthood for reproductive health, including STD and AIDS testing. These women (AND men!) would otherwise not be able to afford such procedures. Orange County should expect a rise in the spread of diseases...

Why don't we have public executions of unmarried pregnant women and the men who father their babies? That should make the dark age mentalities happy. I'm sure the Taliban would approve.

It's nice to know Mullah Moorlach and his American Taliban are hard at work in Orange County.

I'll donate money to a fund right now to recall the Supervisors who voted for this and to support opponents to replace them. I'm also sending more money to Planned Parenthood. It's long past time to get these godbots away from having any power over women's bodies.

Good Idea Wesley…Let’s donate to Planned Parenthood in OC in the name of Supervisor Moorlach! Let’s start the Moorlach Education Fund for Planned Parenthood.

Call PP today and make a donation in Supervisor Moorlach or your favorite supervisor name. PP will send them a Thank You note and their name will appear in next year’s Planned Parenthood Donor Acknowledgement.

I have NO problem with federal funding of organizations that offer abortion services.

We don't need more babies out there.

If people are wanting to adopt wiggly little babies, they can always ask Octomom to have more. She seems to be willing to be a broodmare. We don't need to have more teenagers having babies.

A human embryo's heart begins to beat at the 18th to 25th day from conception. He or she has brain waves at 40 days. An unborn child has its own fingerprints and has fully functioning body systems at 11 to 12 weeks. He or she has its own blood type. What part of this do "pro choice" people not understand?

Add to this the fact that abortion = a multi million dollar industry that uses women for profit, leaves them deeply hurt, and kills millions of future feminists. Nothing about Planned Parenthood and similar organizations has a woman or young girl's best interests in mind. God help you see the truth.

Not that I'm a huge fan of abortion, but I'm even less of a fan of some bible thumping idiot who uses government power to tell everyone else what to do with their lives. Just like those idiot Prop 8 people. They go after gays first, then they'll come after the rest of us heathens.

I'm sure the board has totally thought this through, and have already lined up another organization who will keep down those abortion rates/STDs by providing birth control.

Oh wait. That's right. Bible thumper probably doesn't believe in that either.

"If ya'll pray really hard, Jesus won't let you git an STD! Praise the Lawrd!"

It really is pretty sad that, when it comes to helping people deal with unexpected children, the first thing so many of us want to do is kill the kids. Where do so many people get off thinking that killing children is a right? Granted, it is very convenient, as are most crimes.

are you kidding me? they would totally ruin nevada.

There is nothing more heartbreaking than the tyranny of unwanted fertility. This guy should mind his own business and stay out of women's lives and wombs.

I am with Mr. Bohanan. Except, I know where PP is in OC. I will be stopping by tomorrow with a check. I find this an appauling and ignorant display of public policy. READ the studies, understand your own county contracts. And, voters, you may want to take a hard look at who you have placed in office, and their commitment (intellctual grasp?) to solid research, seperation of church and state and their commitment to access for those who cannot afford healthcare. Also, I suggest you take a look at their respect for women's right's under the US constitution.

All of the county's unwanted children can be dropped off at Supervisor John Moorlach's house. No doubt he is willing to raise all of those unwanted children.

This was precisely the 'last straw' reasoning that I needed to give myself to move out of the county, and the state. Thank you, Supervisor John Moorlach! If you're still in a position of my city's government by the end of this semester, I'm leaving!

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