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Britney Spears' conservatorship compared to Soviet oppression

Britney Attorneys for Britney Spears’ father are due to appear before a judge Friday afternoon to respond to court papers in which a Whittier lawyer compares the conservatorship overseeing the pop star’s affairs to the forced labor camps portrayed in the Russian masterpiece “The Gulag Archipelago.”

In the March 6 filing, lawyer Jon Eardley contended that the court-ordered arrangement giving her father complete control of her personal life and shared control of her estate is invalid, partly because Spears, who is touring to promote her new album, is working while deprived of freedoms.

He wrote that there were parallels to the suppression of dissidents in Alexander I. Solzhenitsyn’s book, adding: “It is worth noting that there has not even been a ‘show trial’ for Ms. Spears.”

Eardley has asserted previously that Spears, 27, retained him as her lawyer in a phone call last year, but a Superior Court judge rebuffed his attempts, citing a prior court ruling that the singer lacked the mental competence to hire her own counsel. A court-appointed lawyer currently represents her interests.

A temporary restraining order sought by Jamie Spears, the singer’s father, bars Eardley from contacting Spears. Eardley, who did not return a call seeking comment, asked a court to overturn both the restraining order and the conservatorship in his March 6 filing.

A lawyer who represented him at a hearing last month, Roger Jon Diamond, described Eardley as a “Good Samaritan” who was trying to help a stranger in need and told a judge then that Eardley had agreed not to involve himself in the case further.

-- Harriet Ryan

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The system of conservatorship allows any clever person to steal a pensioner's nestegg. If Britney Spears needs a conservatorship, then why is she on the streets??

This clown Eardley sounds like a paparazzi in pin-striped suit.

Mr Eardley needs to go away. Thank god her dad has been able to help her.
The Bar Association needs to remove scabrous idiots who make such evil statements. Try another career, eardley, YOU ain't gettin' Brit's $$$$$.

Brit is still probably reeling in around $900,000 a month in royalties. No wonder a vulture like Eardley is so "concerned" with her personal life under daddy.

With virtually no tabloid news behavior by Brit since daddy took the reigns of her career, someone ought to think about letting Jamie Spears take control of Lindsay Lohan's career as well.

Eardley's assertion is offensive in its comparison of Ms. Spears' life to that of a person in a gulag. It is also ridiculous for anyone not to see the improved state of Ms. Spears' career, mental/physical health and finances. Like the leeches who preceded him, Eardley seeks only to make money off of Ms. Spears. While undoubtedly Ms. Spears' father is profiting from his relationship with her, he is also taking care of her in a way that neither she nor her hangers on were able to do. Had her father not stepped into the situation, Ms. Spears by now might well have no career. no money and be legitimately mentally ill and physically broken, or worse yet dead.

Another vulture revealed. His comparison of Ms. Spears' predicament is about as ridiculous as Phillip Spector's attorney, Dornon Weinberg, arguing that is perfectly ok for a homeowner not to call the police after a guest has commited suicide in their home. It was also ok for Mr. Spector to take off his clothes, change, and wipe blood off the victim with a diaper, and then hide the diaper and his bloody shirt in a closet!!

NASGA is an organization of victims and families working to expose and end unlawful and abusive guardianships/conservatorships -- a growing national epidemic.

Conservatorship wards are stripped of all rights: the right to decide where to live and whom to associate with, how to spend (or save!) ones own money, to accept or refuse medical treatment -- or even ask for a second opinion, marry, vote, etc. Most important, wards are stripped of the right to complain.

With the fox guarding the henhouse and the hens muzzled, conservators and their attorneys can easily unjustly enrich themselves at the expense and to the detriment of the very person they have been court-appointed to protect.

And where to the victims go for help? Many go to the AG, only to be turned away because the abuse has been court-sanctioned.

Visit NASGA at StopGuardianAbuse.org or NASGA’s blog at http://NASGA-StopGuardianAbuse.blogspot.com for more information.

Elaine Renoire

so people like you richard ivey wont take advantage of her while she is getting help. britney has always worked and being on the road keeps her busy physically and mentally is good; makes one feel better about themselves. if you have ever watched general hospital the man who plays sonny is bipolar has been on oprah and talked about living with bipolar. he is lucky that he has a wife who knows when things aren't right. bipolar needs to be monitor and britney went way out and still isn't out of the woods so her father is there to help. maybe if you were a parent you would understand how her dad wouldn't want her to go backwards. jamie spears has a hard job and i am happy britney has him.

Being under conservatorship is like being trapped in the guLAG? Please. I don't think she's in danger of being shot in the head by the secret police; her family hasn't been ostracized from society; her money and belongings have not been stripped from her and turned over to the state; she not anywhere near being sentenced to thirty years of hard labor in -40 degrees Celsius weather. What a sickening lack of information her lawyer has, and what a disregard for real human suffering.

I agree that comparing it to the gulag is a bit over the top but I feel that a real injustice is being done to Ms Spears. As a mental health proffesional for over 10 years I can tell you that it is important that people going through the recovery process be allowed the opportunity to make some choices for themselves. While many times some of these choices may result in some backsliding the proccess of trust being reestablished is essential to the recovery. If you are never given a chance to prove yourself you never will so to speak. Ms Spears father clearly feels she is well enough to handle the major stresses of touring and recording a new album, so why not the power to make phone calls in private or to go out unescorted?

I love Britni!


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