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West Hollywood toughens rent control laws

February 15, 2009 | 10:43 am

West Hollywood is known for protecting the rights of renters. Now, the city is taking another step in this direction, closing what Mayor Jeff Prang sees as a loophole in the city's rent control laws that could hurt domestic partners with growing families. More from the WeHo News:

[Prang] placed an Urgency Ordinance on the last council meeting’s agenda closing a loophole in the city’s rent stabilization law that allowed a landlord to evict tenants with only one child. Urgency ordinances take effect immediately upon passage (with minimum four votes) and are in effect for a limited period of time. Under the West Hollywood rent stabilization rules, a landlord is permitted to evict a tenant for violating … a term limiting the number of people who may live in the tenant’s rental unit. A landlord may not, however, evict a tenant for having one more person than the number specified in the lease if that person is a close relative, such as a parent or child. Mayor Prang said that, “In the past month, the Department of Rent Stabilization and Housing has learned of two instances in which a tenant became married or domestically partnered, and thus exceeded by one person the number of persons permitted under his or her lease."