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House where octuplets' mom lives is in danger of foreclosure

Suleman The Whittier house where Nadya Suleman, the mother of octuplets, and her six other children have been living with her parents is in pre-foreclosure, according to records.

The three-bedroom, two-bath house is owned by Angela Suleman, the children's grandmother. A default notice was filed Feb. 9 for a loan that is $23,224 past due. The notice lists a projected sale date of June 9, according to the website foreclosureradar.com.

She bought the house in March 2006 for $605,000 with a loan from Indymac Bank for $453,750.

Angela Suleman could not be reached for comment Wednesday. In an interview last month, she said that she had filed for bankruptcy and lost one house to foreclosure, but said her finances had improved and she had paid her debts.

In an interview with Us magazine, Nadya Suleman acknowledged that the house "is too small" for her 14 children. "We're going to have to move," she said.

It's unclear, though, how she plans to support the growing family. Three of her children receive federal supplemental security income because of disabilities and Nadya Suleman acknowledges receiving $490 a month in food stamps. Her temporary disability income has also stopped; however, she is eligible for permanent disability payments that have yet to be determined, according to workers' compensation records.

The March 2 issue of Us magazine cites sources indicating that Nadya Suleman has received $100,000 from American tabloids for photos and $227,000 from British tabloids. Angela Suleman reportedly received $40,000 from RadarOnline, the Web-only edition of the celebrity magazine that folded last fall.

—Kimi Yoshino

Photo: Nadya Suleman

Credit: NBC

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Let them throw her out. Then she will be forced to put the children up for adoption. They can't let this nut take them home from the hospital.

dont worry Obama is here to save the day

ya right

Maybe she should stop having plastic surgery and buying acrylic nails...

Maybe she can move everybody into the cardboard box her gift fridge came in.

Just when I thought that this woman's life could not get worst... it does! Whew! I can't believe someone gave them a loan for a $600K house!

Well, it's fairly obvious that none of that tabloid money has gone to end the foreclosure proceedings.

Lovely daughter you have there, Angela. Nice that she's looking out for you.

Maybe she'll let you live in whatever house she gets the
Section 8 folks to pay for...you can be the live-in babysitter. You've been enabling her this long, why not go whole-hog and just make it your official job description?

Nadya Suleman has been a systematic abuser of tax dollars. She has collected workers comp because she "claims" she is disabled by constant back pain kept her in bed and unable to work. She rely's on food stamps to feed her kids, but can afford acrylic nails and a nanny service. She "qualifies" for Medi-cal but had an extra $100,000 to use for IVF. Three kids collect SSI (soon to be more kids) - and one "disability" is a two-year-old with a speech delay! Taxpayers are being billed millions for the octuplets medical expenses, even though the family is now getting paid large amounts of money for interviews. Email the government and request they investigate Ms. Suleman's abuse of public assistance programs. Now that she's "cashing-in" on what has been free ride on the backs of taxpayers, it's time for her to pay her own way. Email: STOPMEDICALFRUAD@DHCS.CA.GOV and FRAUDHOTLINE@DSS.CA.GOV

I notice she is still getting her acrylic nails done.

I don't feel sorry for her. She knew she lived in a crappy 3 bedroom house where 9 people were already living... she knew she was jobless, that she was disabled, that 3 of her original 6 kids were disabled, that she was on welfare... yet she went and had plastic surgery, then went for these kids.

Worse, once she had them, knowing she will owe over a mil to the hospital... she went and had her nails done and bought video games.

She did this intentionally knowing she wasn't in a good situation. She should have to dig herself out of this whole herself. Our country is in financial straights as it is. We shouldn't have to add "take care of mentally instable woman who collects children like normal people collect stamps" to our tax bill.

She should be investigated by CPS and mentally evaluated before the kids are allowed to come home.

oops... there's no home for them to come to. Yet, there will be some people who will still praise her for bringing these kids into the world instead of donating her embryos to a woman looking to have a child, or waiting till she was financially stable to have more.

no sympathy from me.

Now she can pay back her mother who has been raising and supporting her children for her. With this money she recieved, she can get her mom out of forclosure. My bet is that she is still working some kind of scam. I say she needs to be investigated for fraud and have the children placed in foster care until the investigation is over. As far as I'm concerned, the death threats and forclosure is just another attempt to get people to feel sorry for her. By the way, did her mother make amends with her daughter before or after she recieved all this money?

If Nadya did indeed receive all that money, she should get the bank note up to date so they can stay in the house!

Seriously, who but a fool pays over $600,000 for a three bedroom house in Whittier?!?

Nadya Suleman can use her tabloid money to get the psychological counseling she so badly needs.

Nadya Suleman along with her fertility doctor, bernie madoff, the Big Three, investment firms, AIG, Freddie Mac, amongst others should be prime case studies of economic irresponsibility taught in college Economics and Business ethics classes.

She is too stupid and greedy to bring her past bills up to date. She would rather spend it on things for HER!! The state should move in and take those kids away from her so they can have a REAL home with REAL loving parents. Not one that will let them lose their home so she can have plastic surgery for her big day on television. She is a sicko.

All proceeds from this latest scam of hers--the octuplets--should go directly to Kaiser, to the State of California and to whomever else is owed money for her irresponsible behavior. It hugely angers me that this woman has the nerve to ask hard-working taxpayers to foot the bill not only for these children but for her grotesque facial surgery and fake nails.

"She bought the house in March 2006 for $605,000 with a loan from Indymac Bank for $453,750."

Well if anyone needed evidence of loans being made to people unqualified to pay.........

What a complete idiot!!! I hope she loses those kids and someone punches her in the face for everyone in America. How could God create such a worthless individual talk about a walking talking parasite among the rest of society. You are also in the same boat if you think there is anything right about the stupid Octuplets, NO THANK YOU send those mini cancers back where they came from. I know I know Im mean and insensitive but I do know I feel this way and Im sure Im not the only one!

Interesting. Whatever happened to octomom's father, with the "huge house" in that unknown location? And all of the money he says he has (to pay the hospital bills, remember?)

Or is this just another PR ploy to get sympathy and contributions? And don't forget more press coverage.

these comments are UNBELIEVABLE

yes the woman should have been more responsible and not have had so many children, but the fact is, there are children involved and are being affected and we cannot blame them for their mother's shortcomings

the children are innocent and whatever happens to their mother affects them as well.

this woman needs help and if all you can offer is criticism and judgment then SHAME ON YOU

maybe she was right: everyone seems to be more critical because she's a single woman. i wonder how different it would be if those children did have a father...

This woman is easily a seven figure welfare case with neo-natal care, lifetime disability, and many kids on SSI. BTW: Can we stop using retirement trust funds for payments to children? Who authorized that?

No problem. Just sell a few of the extra kids for scientific experiments. I'm sure there are buyers.

mwil47: what does Obama have to do with this nutcase?

Even I'm appalled...! :-p

People should help her. The complaints against her are, for the most part, false. She has not broken any law. She should get all the government aid she can. If she makes money on books she can use this money as she likes. She does not have to pay medical bills. That is what tax money is for. Until the laws are changed I say go for it and rake it in.

At the time grandma bought the house, she had money. She put 25% down which is much higher than normal. But what I can't understand is if the missed mortgage payments started last May, why Nadya chose to spend her money on IVF instead of helping to pay for the house she was living in. The house problems began before the pregnancy.

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