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Octuplets' mother will talk to NBC's Ann Curry

The mother of octuplets born last week in Bellflower will give her first interview to NBC News correspondent Ann Curry, the mother's publicist said.

It will take place at an undisclosed time at an undisclosed location. Michael Furtney, the publicist for Nadya Suleman said he could not discuss whether she was being paid. "That’s between her and NBC."

NBC officials confirmed that Curry is doing the interview and said the network is not paying Suleman.

Suleman was released from the hospital early this morning, according to hospital officials.

Nadya Suleman lives in Whittier, but it was unclear where she planned to go. Her babies remain in the hospital but are listed in good condition.

Suleman made world headlines when she gave birth to the eight babies, only the second time octuplets were born in U.S. history. Suleman lives in Whittier with her father and already has six young children.

--Jessica Garrison and Kimi Yoshino

Updated at 4:40 p.m.: Furtney, Suleman's publicist, said he misspoke earlier when he said any payment was between his client and NBC. "There is no payment by NBC for any story .... And certainly to to Nadya."

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I can't believe someone is giving this selfish idiot money. Did anyone ever think of doing a psychiatric evaluation of her? The fact that she's alone and wants her poor children to feel the same neglect she received is obviously being a good mom. I will NOT watch this crap and I strongly urge everyone else to do the same.
If all you have to do is squeeze out a LITTER to get money then get ready California - the baby race is on.

Wow, that's a really hard-hitting interview, Ms. Curry. From the excerpt, it seems like you fed into this womans twisted obsessions.
If you have a dysfunctional childhood (and hello, Ms. Suleman, most people I know do not) and lack a sense of self, that is NOT a reason to spit out a bunch of replicants.
Nothing she can say will make this situation ok to me.

one word - RIDICULOUS1

Why are you people blaming KP. They did not perform the infertility treatment, they delivered the babies, so please quit vilifying them. The mother is obviously irresponsible. And to the religious nuts decrying abortion above claiming god does not make mistakes, fine I'll agree but he really had no say in this, maybe God made her infertile for a reason? ?hy is it ok to implant 8 embryos in a womb that is really not designed for more than 2, see the one half nipple rule. It is sickening that the fertility clinic involved in this is still unknown. Those are the people responsible for ensuring these children are supported.

I agree, God didnt create these babies...she couldnt physically have babies. How come we are not hearing from the mayor of California about this mess or why hasnt chld services done an interview to say they have followed up on this women and she is providing a safe haven. Does california not watch their own news and not know what is going on, why isnt L and I doing an investigation,she cant work but she can carry 8 kids in a pregnancy and raise 6, hmmm physically i think she can work like the rest of us.. im just so angry that someone could even get away with this..
any and all money made should be going back to the state of california for the money she has taken from them. This is not fair. yes other people get welfare,but if they became millionaires the state would go after estate for payback. Even 2 million for her interview isnt going to cover hospital cost and the 1st 6 months of care of these babies...If she gets any money it needs to go back to pay for the money she has scammed from the system..How in her right mind did she think she was going to care for 14 children on her own. So why did she waste money on an education, because even with education, how does she expect to work and take care of 14 kids, even not working she can not care for them alone, this is just so horrible. This women is just a selfish, irresponsible person. There is no way i dont care how good of a mother she is, that she can take care of them without help. Each child needs comfort and love, there arent enough hours in the day for her to do this. Jon and kate plus eight, they didnt do this for money, they both were working and taking care of their children. It was because of their personalities that a show was produced, i just saw this woman's picture and hmmm she isnt even close to looking like she could handle a tv show and or a book..like im going to read her sob story...Give these kids to a two parent family that can take care of them and love them..this is just out of control...

To Iwillnotjudgethiswoman: This is not a matter of "judging" this woman or not. There should never have been the question of selective abortions. From a christian perspective; this is not God's will, this is doctors playing god. If her having octuplets was God's will, she would not have needed IVF, she would have gotten pregnant 'the old fashion way'. SHE NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN ALLOWED TO HAVE IVF IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!! She already has 6 children, the only thing her doctors should have done is a tubal ligation. People like this are the reason the state of California is BANKRUPT! The irresponsibility of both this woman and her doctors is simply apalling.

Am I the only person bothered by the LAT's pathetic attempts at reporting this story. AP dug up that the mother has been in disability since 1999. Whittier, unless I'm mistaken, is pretty much a straight shot from Spring Street. Can't the LAT's brightest and best find it? Or is this story beneath the dignity of the paper?

this lady should be ashamed of herself. God is the one who decides if you should have one or two babies not 8 or 14. The worst part is that the babies are not going to be raised with a father figure to them, it is not far to them. I will pray for the sake of the babies. As for her i have nothing else to say.

Those that pay Nadya Suleman for a "very" poor choice, greatly effecting her children should be boycotted as they are condoning her irresponsibility and greed!

There are so many financially stable, loving couples that would give these babies a chance for a better life.

Hey, "I will not judge this woman,"

These babies will suffer as a result of her actions, they should be placed with financially stable, loving parents that can give them the love, attention and medical care they deserve!

I will definitely watch the interview because I would like to hear her side of the story before making judgements like the rest of you people. I am also pretty sure that you all will be watching too since you actually took time out of your perfect lives to judge someone you don't even know. I love watching the Duggars and Gosselins...they are such wholesome, loving families and a welcome break from all the trash you see on TV.

If people give this woman donations to help her...so what!! Thats their choice not yours. There are still giving, selfless people out there in the world.

I can't believe NBC aired this story and even let Ann Curry do this interview..With all the unfortunate people in the US losing their jobs now, this irresponsible girl should not be sensationalized. Besides going through with this invetro, after having 6 kids already, we are all going to end up paying for 8 more ! She believes when she finishes her education she will be able to care for them?? Where will that time /money come from .. Oh, she believes she will find a way - sure all of us the working class !! Sure, I will just try to work for another 20 years to help her. Meanwhile, I am changing news stations. Good NBC.

This woman IS NOT on welfare!!! She is a social worker and in the fall she is going back to get her masters. And YES thre is a day care in the College!!!! GROW UP!!! THIS IS THE USA FREEDOM TO CHOOSE!!!!! WHY do women hate on other women????? Is it because you are so selfish that you could never give up that much of your free time to care for kids? CHILDREN ARE A GIFT! I hope one day people will understand that. My great grandmother had 14 children and lived to be 102 years old. Think back how many did your great grandparents have?????

Something is fishy here.. I've just read her interview, and she says she had some embryos left over from her other births.

Now, why would an IVF clinic implant 8 embryos when they usually only will implant one or two. Was she taking fertility drugs, which can be obtained from Mexico?

And yes, bottom line, this woman has some sort of personality disorder. The whole situation needs to be monitored by DCFS.

I just have to say that as someone who has been through all aspects of infertility assistant and did in vitro fertilization 5 times with no success, eventually having to have a partial hysterectomy, this woman really boils my blood. There are so many deserving people in the world that want to be parents. Here's a thought - if you need money b&^ch, maybe you should become a surrogate and have children for other people, NOT bring innocent children into a home where they will not have a normal family life, will not have proper care and will be tossed into the public eye by a greedy psycho mother!

NurseLewis You are just as ignorant as she is. There is NO reason for what she is doing and free country has nothing to do with it. She THINKS it means its a FREE stuff country and everyone will just hand her everything because she will be in the spot light. Im sure she watches Jon and Kate Plus 8.

I totally disagree with this kind of situation; it's so embarrassed that entities like NBC pays tons of money to an IRRESPONSIBLE women like this, in addition to all taxes that working people has to pay for this kind of behavior. Also, Kaiser Permanent ethics is out there by doing this treatment to a women that does not have a stable family, plus six more children to take care of. NBC, you should use the money you're paying to this Nadya to help many children in the world without food and health care assistance. I bet you don't have to go around the world to do this, here in the U.S. you can find lots of children in need. And, to that lady because "mother" shouldn't be called for being so irresponsible... STOP utilizing the gift of conception to take advantage and make MONEY.

yes...she probably made a wrong choice but lets give her a break,give her a chance to prove herself .... we should just wish her the best and if theres people that wants to donate to her thats there choice its not your money....all you jealous people who are not getting the same attention like she is ...need to stop...

With a back injury worth $175,000 how did she carry all of those children? How will she lift them from a crib, from a bath, a car, a high chair, and will she claim more workman's comp money for further injury to her back because of 14 kids? Those kids should be taken from her and put up for adoption and this is one case where I would applaud a mandatory spay! Only dogs have 8 in a litter. How many more eggs are hidden in the freezer? The woman is truly nuts.

Ms Suleman has a publicist . . . . . well, that answers my question as to why she did all of this.

r m kraus akron

i will never watch or read anything that has anything to do with this stupid cow with the angelina botched lip job, this was done for one thing and one thing only money, she wants it all the reality show the endorsements, the book and mag. offers and the new big house that some fool will donate. i can't believe nbc is giving the angelina want a be air time, i will never watch any show she is on, anyone who listens to her fairy tale is a fool

Instead of interviewing this irresponsible, selfish, obviously mentally challenged caricature of a woman the American public would be better served had NBC went after an interview with the fertility clinic, the doctor involved, the insurance company involved, any representative from the State who would be there to explain how Ms. Suleman would start repaying the people of the state for the incredible amounts of money expended on her. I am the mother of four and grandmother of 10. My children and their spouses work every hour they can, in this incredible economic mess that we find ourselves in to support their children and do not ask for help.

Wake up America, stop rewarding bad behaviour, if this woman benefits in any way from this irresponsible act it will only be the tip of the iceberg for the people lining up to "make a buck" for this type of irresponsible act.

For some reason our enlightened "first world countries" this are obsessed with the wierd, the badly behaved, the out and out crazies. We are media junkies and the more outrageous the act the more we appear to want to know.

The majority of right minded people on this site are absolutely spot on. Ms. Suleman should be ignored by the media but conversely come under the very closest scrunity from the Welfare Service, The Workers Compensation Board, the Hospital Billing Group and whatever insurer the clinic used.

I too love my children and grandchildren and cannot imagine being without them but God help those little ones - six children would be more than enough for a loving, caring family to support never mind a single, unemployed woman. Shame on you NBC, shame the clinic and the doctor involved, shame on the Welfare department who were not monitoring the situation prior to the birth of the eight - Just SHAME.

This woman gives Mental Illness a bad name.

I guess the Government is stuck with providing money for food, shelter and diapers, unless they can find a way to put the kids back. The thing is, even with all the toys in the world, these poorly conceived children will be dreadfully broken adults, as there will be virtually no mothering in their lives.

Should private companies and charities chip in? Yes, not for the sake of the mother, but for the lives of the kids. Create a fund, but have it administered by her mom Angela, her dad, or by the father of the children. Create a orphanage for this kids, so that they can have some structure and continuity, as well as caring adults, in their lives.

And for God's sake, make a tubal ligation a prerequisite for any aid to her.


I find it interesting that she said that she had them to compensate for all the lack of emotional support she had as a child, yet her "horrible parents" are raising her kids, bankrupting themselves while doing it.

I would like to know if she is an American Citizen and if not just deport her and her children and let her country take care of them all.

I am just sick thinking that this women would pull a stunt like this all at the expense of these poor (14) babies. I have one child and would love to have one more but know that I couldnt afford to feed,clothe,support another child not to mention a collage education. Oh, wait, you mean the state of Cali will pay for it all for me? No thanks, I want to give my child all I can and not sponge off of the sate of ca. Fix that lady and then, casturate the dr. that did the procedure.

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