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Octuplets fertility doctor at center of another multi-pregnancy

Kamrava_2  The Beverly Hills doctor who helped Nadya Suleman conceive octuplets also provided fertility treatment to a 49-year-old woman who is pregnant with quadruplets and is hospitalized at County-USC Medical Center.

Several sources told The Times that Dr.  Michael Kamrava transferred at least seven embryos made from younger donor eggs.

Fertility experts said that transferring that many embryos raises the odds of a multiple birth, which threatens the health of the mother and babies.

The California Medical Board is already investigating the octuplets case. In fertility medicine, any pregnancy greater than twins is considered a failure because of the danger it poses to the mother and the babies.

Quadruplet births are rare, with an average of 14 sets born in California each year, according to state records.

“I do think it is concerning, and dangerous, especially to the mother," said one doctor with knowledge of the case. "She is close to 50. When women get to be that age, our fear is the cardiovascular complications, such as stroke or heart attack. That’s how serious this is.”

The woman in the latest case arrived recently at Good Samaritan Hospital for treatment but was transferred last week to County-USC because she lacks insurance, the sources said. Doctors placed her on bed rest until the birth of the babies, which, they added, could be two or three months from now.

Reached by telephone, the woman, who is about five months pregnant, denied that Kamrava was her doctor. She said her doctors urged her not to talk to the media because she is already dealing with a high-risk pregnancy and doesn't need more stress.

"Please respect my privacy," she said.

(The Times has confirmed the information through several independent sources, who spoke on the condition that they not be named.)

The woman has three grown children from a previous marriage but wanted another child with her second husband, who is in his early 30s and doesn’t have any children. She works as an apartment manager; her husband is a contractor.

Kamrava could not be reached for comment and has declined previous interview requests. A woman who answered the phone at his West Coast IVF Clinic said, “If [a] mother wants to bring four kids, so what?”

Doctors at USC and Good Samaritan Hospital also declined comment about the quadruplet pregnancy, citing patient confidentiality.

The California Medical Board has said it is looking into the Suleman case to determine whether a doctor may have violated any standards of care.

The American Society of Reproductive Medicine said it is also examining the doctor's practice. Although it appears Kamrava violated professional standards, there are no laws that limit the number of embryos that can be transferred in a fertility procedure.

Suleman said in an interview with NBC that her doctor transferred six embryos. She gave birth on Jan. 26, and although the births were initially lauded as a medical miracle, public opinion quickly turned when it was discovered that Suleman had six other children, was a single mom and relying on some public assistance, including food stamps and Social Security benefits. In the only other octuplet birth in U.S. history, only seven of the babies survived past one week.

-- Alan Zarembo, Jessica Garrison and Kimi Yoshino

Photo: KTLA

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Thiis is what happens when the Medical Board of Californai and most other states are influenced by money and alleagiances other than truth and public safety. The real incompetent, unethical, criminal doctors go unpunished and practice without restriction or scrutiniy, while, the honest and truly good hearthed doctors become victims of money hungry, greedy, and politically connected, wealthy medical system. The licensing boards of medicine should NOT be run by other practicing medical doctors, but, by independent individuals, nominated by the Governor and approved by the Legislature. Their backgrounds scrutinized to ensure independence from any medical institutions.

One commenter wrote: "ANSWER: Contact your elected representatives and demand a new law that says potential IVF parents must undergo the same screening process as foster parents."

This is NOT the solution! You do not make it more difficult for a 38-year-old couple who wants to implant one or two embryos to conceive. You DO consider adopting the laws already on the books in European countries that limits the number of embryos you can implant based on history of the woman/couple. Let's not punish every IVF patient in order to prevent abuse by the very few. I find it offensive that foster and adoptive parents need to go through hell to adopt a child, yet irresponsible, unemployed, on-the-dole women can pump out all the kids they want and we are all responsible for paying for them. Let's keep some perspective here.

Quack, quack, quick! They ran Dr. Brinkley out of Kansas years ago. It sounds like he is back.

bc low, I struggled with infertility, and now I am so happy to have my son. Clearly her previous treatments worked, so there was no reason to have so many embryos transferred at one time. I could understand if she tried for years and had no kids, but after 6 why did she need to go on?

I actually think she has a mental illness, but the doctor should have known better.

It would be nice for the kids to grow up with the doctor as there daddy, I don't care who, what, when, or where the babies were delivered. What I care about is the welfare of these little ones, it seems there are alot of cowards out there threatening the mother. That will not make matters any better, we are a screwed up society if we are going to stand by as level headed amrican citizens and cut down this women. Have you read the newspapers or listened to the news on T.V., jeso folks, the #!*&% in running our country have led us to near bankrupcy, purely for greeds sake, but I suppose it is ok right? let's see, maybe because they have an education, well what did they use it for? Trillions of dollars and counting with absolutely no end in site, so before you make matters worse for the mother and the babies, and continue to criticize them, ripping them apart even before they are 2 weeks old think of how foolish you are being with all the thoughtless ranting and raving. I suggest you aim your anger towards the policy makers that are driving this country to ruin.

This woman has, reportedly, received $164,000 in Workmen's Compensation for a back injury, which would lead one to think the injury was pretty severe.
If her back injury was so bad how did she carry 8 babies? Photos of her 8 days prior to delivery show her standing upright with no appearance if discomfort. Maybe Workman's Comp should review her case for possible fraud. The doctor should have his license taken away permanently if the injury was indeed legitimate.

UGH. A 49 year old selfish idiot without insurance wanted a baby. Now the poor excuse for an adult will have four. How dare she bring even one child in this world that she can't afford. If she doesn't have the money to birth it, how was she planning on raising it? Standing in county lines and free clinics. It makes me angry that these selfish women don't want to see the harm they will be inflicting on the children.

Looks like octo-mom's PR company is paying people to make positive comments. That's the only way S Knight's remarks can be explained.

Today's story is about a 49-year old woman with no health insurence carrying four babies. It's not about crazy Nadya Suleman. Fourty-nine year old mom could well die from complications from pregnancy.

Nadya Suleman's father doesn't have the funds to foot the bill for his daughter's foolishness. If he's smart he stays in iraq. He would be a fool to lose everything he worked for to pay for his daughter's extreme narcissism.

I believe the fertility doctor should be held legally financially responsible for the octuplets medical bills during the first year of their life. Maxine Jaffee

Since when is it the doctor's responsibility to do a background check on every patient? Since when does a doctor ask you how much you make a year when you get something done? this is NOT the doctor's responsibility. It is Nadia's responsibility and she should be the one taking all the fault. She knew exactly what the risks were and moved forward with the procedure. If anyone is being unethical here, it's the mother herself for not being able to financially support them.

If a patient goes in to get her breast augmentation, the doctor is not going to go out and ask the boyfriend/husband and make sure he likes it before he does the operation. it's the patient's responsibility and she deals with the consequences. Same with Nadia. It is not the doctor's responsiblity to go to her house, check on her living situation and check her taxes to make sure she can afford them.

S. Knight....the FATHER of the QUADS is a "contractor" according to the article. It doesn't state he's ACTIVE DUTY. There is a difference. My husband is retired from the military and is now a Government Contractor. So, if he WAS active duty they would have TRICARE insurance through the military, which will only pay for CERTAIN infertility treatments/drugs. They will NOT pay for IVF! Believe me I almost went that route after 5 years of "trying" the natural way.

So, with that said being that the Father is a government contractor they 'should' have medical insurance. My husband is also deployed to Iraq and with him being a gov't contractor he HAS to have medical insurance, which is offered through his company. This just doesn't sound right.

I'm not condoning this couple for wanting children as I was 40 when I had my 2nd daughter. Beverly De'Angelo had a set of twins and she's over 50, Marica Cross from desperate housewives had twins at 44 and so did Jane Seymour. Holly Hunter....twins at 47! It gets better...Geena Davis twins at 48! Susan Surrandon was 46, Madonna was 41, Annette Benning 41, Brooke Shields was 40...

Alot of women today are having babies later in life and are in better shape than years ago.

My problem is with Nadya Suleman and the doctor NOT this woman and her husband trying to have a family together. I don't AGREE with having to foot the bill either. Just getting my point across that women of TODAY'S society are having babies in their later years.

Some fertility clinics accept credit cards. In fact, I know a couple who ran up over 35K in credit card debt on IVF, had a baby, then declared bankruptcy.

To all you saying that IVF doctors must screen their patients. It's pretty much illegal. Doctors can't discriminate. Until the baby's born, it's all just medical procedures.

he needs to lose his license-yes, there are no written guidlines, but doctors do work on morals and obviously, he has none. He is in it for the fees and the publicity (able to impregnant older mothers with multiple births, etc). He does not have the scruples to see if these women have insurance which, besides effecting the taxpapers, effects the wellness of the mother and babies. He does not care how these babies are going to live after they are born, he does not care about their wellbeing beyond their birth and basic survival. he is just trying to get his clinic's statics up and to get more women in and to probably raise his feels.

I think we should have a class action lawsuit [California tax payers] to sue the doctor for all the medical and welfare expenses of all these moocher clients of his.

The doctor should be responsible for the hospital bills, he knew these women didn't have the means to pay for his expensive treatments and their hospital stays, he was just interested to see if his methods worked, not at all about the consequences, as they are out of his hands and he can go on with more of his unethical experiments.

It is my strong belief that these infants should be taken away from the mother. Theses babies were not born out of love. Both the mother and Dr. should never had have gone through this procceedure. The Dr. was just being greedy and the mother wanted her fame.
The Dr.knows that mulitiple births are high risk births. Not only are premines high risk at birth but thoughout their whole life; they may need special care, some are born with lifetime handicaps.
I know what I am talking about. My son was am primie. The first month of his life he spent in the hospital; what a hospital bill! Who's going to pay for these children. After my son came home I had to feed him every two hours plus take care of a two year old. Who's going to take care of these children.
I also have a lot of knowledge because I work in a hospital.

Are these children the ones we hear of being found drowned in a bath tub. the mother doesn't sound stable.
These children should be taken from their mother and put up for adoption. That would be the best for the kids. God be with them.

Like Lucy, I also want freedom. I definitely pause at wanting the government to be able to tell Suleman or anyone else that they cannot have children. And that is not really what I want. What I want is for Suleman to take care of herself and her children and not depend on me. What I want is for her to have thought this through and developed a plan for how she would support her children. It is irresponsible to purposefully have 14 children with no plan to support them. It appears her plan was to mooch off of us. I want her to have the freedom to have as many babies as she wants. I also want the freedom to not give her any of my money. I can't imagine how more government involvement can help. They have already helped create the problem by providing this type of assistance. Some others have indicated that it isn't really THAT much money, but it is really more about the principle isn't it? We are the victims of Suleman - I feel as robbed as I would if someone walked up and stole my wallet - and someone does need to be an advocate for us.

There are too many people on this earth. Ruining it at a faster rate than borer beetle eats a wooden house. How stupid do you have to be to have even ONE child under these environmentally stressed conditions? Now - add her existing 3 to the 7 in her tummy = 10 kids. Multiply her thinking by 10x. The result: This woman is 10 times stupider than the average non-breeder and 10 times less considerate than the average non-breeder is - of this beautiful world we are exploiting at an enormous rate of knots... Humans are the worst, most destructive plague the earth has ever encountered - and they KEEP BREEDING. Duh! And they call themselves intelligent. It is too funny to even laugh.

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