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Octuplets fertility doctor at center of another multi-pregnancy

Kamrava_2  The Beverly Hills doctor who helped Nadya Suleman conceive octuplets also provided fertility treatment to a 49-year-old woman who is pregnant with quadruplets and is hospitalized at County-USC Medical Center.

Several sources told The Times that Dr.  Michael Kamrava transferred at least seven embryos made from younger donor eggs.

Fertility experts said that transferring that many embryos raises the odds of a multiple birth, which threatens the health of the mother and babies.

The California Medical Board is already investigating the octuplets case. In fertility medicine, any pregnancy greater than twins is considered a failure because of the danger it poses to the mother and the babies.

Quadruplet births are rare, with an average of 14 sets born in California each year, according to state records.

“I do think it is concerning, and dangerous, especially to the mother," said one doctor with knowledge of the case. "She is close to 50. When women get to be that age, our fear is the cardiovascular complications, such as stroke or heart attack. That’s how serious this is.”

The woman in the latest case arrived recently at Good Samaritan Hospital for treatment but was transferred last week to County-USC because she lacks insurance, the sources said. Doctors placed her on bed rest until the birth of the babies, which, they added, could be two or three months from now.

Reached by telephone, the woman, who is about five months pregnant, denied that Kamrava was her doctor. She said her doctors urged her not to talk to the media because she is already dealing with a high-risk pregnancy and doesn't need more stress.

"Please respect my privacy," she said.

(The Times has confirmed the information through several independent sources, who spoke on the condition that they not be named.)

The woman has three grown children from a previous marriage but wanted another child with her second husband, who is in his early 30s and doesn’t have any children. She works as an apartment manager; her husband is a contractor.

Kamrava could not be reached for comment and has declined previous interview requests. A woman who answered the phone at his West Coast IVF Clinic said, “If [a] mother wants to bring four kids, so what?”

Doctors at USC and Good Samaritan Hospital also declined comment about the quadruplet pregnancy, citing patient confidentiality.

The California Medical Board has said it is looking into the Suleman case to determine whether a doctor may have violated any standards of care.

The American Society of Reproductive Medicine said it is also examining the doctor's practice. Although it appears Kamrava violated professional standards, there are no laws that limit the number of embryos that can be transferred in a fertility procedure.

Suleman said in an interview with NBC that her doctor transferred six embryos. She gave birth on Jan. 26, and although the births were initially lauded as a medical miracle, public opinion quickly turned when it was discovered that Suleman had six other children, was a single mom and relying on some public assistance, including food stamps and Social Security benefits. In the only other octuplet birth in U.S. history, only seven of the babies survived past one week.

-- Alan Zarembo, Jessica Garrison and Kimi Yoshino

Photo: KTLA

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This doctor is a menace. There's a reason women go through menopause in their 40s and stop having the ability to have babies. Now this doctor is responsible for another multiple birth that will be paid for by taxpayers. How do these people somehow have the money to pay this doctor but don't have the money to pay for their own health insurance? These two cases are showing the harm IVF poses to our society. Dr. Frankestein indeed.

Dr. Michael Kamrava is a quack who belongs in jail for medical malpractice.

I don't see anything wrong with people having as many kids as they can afford. If this family is paying their own bills and has health insurance, so what?

If she's going to mooch off the tax payers, then the kids should be taken away.

Truth is, the only reason women have these litters they can't afford is that they know the tax payers will be there to bail them out. If all these programs like disability and Medi-Cal weren't there, then they'd be more careful. I wouldn't voluntarily choose to have a multi-million dollar hospital bill that I would have to pay back.

So yet another woman -who lacks medical insurance-is going to be subsidized by us, the taxpayers due to this quack of a doctor-this is surreal--STOP THAT DOCTOR, NOW!!

I suggest that instead of suspension of his medical license, Dr. Kamrava, be financially responsible for ALL these children he helped produce.

This guy needs to be put out of business.

This doctor is competely unethical. All he cares about is money and not the health of the mother or future babies. I would bet that he has multiple welfare mothers who lack medical insurance who come to his practice asking for quadruplet or more births. He doesn't care and just takes the $$$...

His 49 year old quadruplet has NO INSURANCE?

This guy needs to be made financially responsible for the medical expenses of this woman.

Just because he gets paid does not mean he can force taxpayers, hospitals, and other physicians to go uncompensated for care.

I hope he get sued and loses his licence.

I don't object to folks choosing to have children. What I object to is folks having children they can not afford, without insurance, and expecting other tax payers to foot the bill.

So, would this be a case of mis-managed care?

Let me see, we pay 300 million per year to Planned Parenthood for abortions and now we are paying for this guy....what is wrong with this country, and more importantly, the lack of values on these people......stop it!!

We have killed 40 million babies through Planned Parenthood and here in LA, we pay doctors and patients to have multiple births.........I am going to stop paying taxes.....its the only way to stop the madness.

Wow. Just...wow. I don't know how you can legally deny Medi-Cal to a woman who used fertilization therapy to become pregnant, but I also don't know how you can justify making babies at taxpayer's expense. Maybe you could bill the new mom for all of the hospital bills she will accumulate? I just don't know, but there MUST be an answer.

If not, perhaps we can make fertilization therapy illegal if you do not have health insurance. I am uninsured myself and wrestle with the ethics of having one single baby at taxpayer's expense; I can't imagine having multiples and expecting everyone else to foot the bill...

I think Dr. Kamrava should be held financially responsible for these children. He knows they will be on public assistance, but he obviously doesn't care. Maybe if it costs HIM, it might get his attention.

Disgusted in Colorado

How the heck are these women getting the money to pay for fertility but don't even have medical insurance?! I guess all the Dr. cares about is getting paid. I'm sure there are other women out there who will come to this reckless man to get implanted. Unfortunately it looks as if nothing will happen until one of these poor women wind up dying. The state needs to step in and regulate before this all ends tragically.

Enough allready! This quack should have his license revoked period. Then let him pay for all these children he helped FATHER. Revolting how there are no laws to prevent this miscarrige of society.

Infertility treatments are not inexpensive. Both of these woman are without apparent means of support. If the good doctor didn't provide pro bono services, how did they pay for a (maybe many) very expensive treatments?

My error, I forgot the good people of California that will without a doubt foot the bill for the vanity of these women. If we get a budget.

As a mother who returned to grad school when her kids were school age, I can attest to how difficult it is to work, go to school and raise children. I purposefully had my tubes tied after my divorce (ex-hubby had himself clipped after 2nd child) because two is PLENTY. I know my resources (personal, professional and financial). There is no way she can give those kids the time they deserve and there is NO WAY she will be able to care for them financially. This is an outrage. That doctor does need to stop. We need laws that prevent this sort of thing.

If a financially stable woman wants to have children I am all for this, but when you purposely get pregnant without health insurance, a job, or already have 6 children you can't take care of, then I have a problem with it. There is something seriously wrong with this woman and this doctor. Isn't there counselors to evaluate these candidates before they are fertilized? If not then there should be, one baby is a huge responsibility emotionally and financially, times that by 8 infants who are now in need of hundreds of thousands of dollars of premature infant medical care. Also add into that the hundreds of thousands of children in foster care who need good loving homes. ADOPTION!

Even worse, I'll bet that if Suleman had been black, that this doctor would not have worked with her on this ridiculous pregnancy....

(The doctor should pay her bills.)

Wow. Some of these comments are really out of whack. It is clear that the vast majority of people have never had to deal with the issues that arise with infertility. More often, women are upset when fertility treatments DON'T work (which is more common), and blame the doctor. So when treatments work beyond anyone's wildest expectations, people are angry all over again?

In the scheme of things, 4 or 8 or 14 more kids aren't going to even be a blip on the tax radar everyone is so concerned about. Since when do we get an itemized bill from the government about where exactly our money goes? It's easier to vilify the doctor, or the lady with 14 kids than to get our feathers ruffled by the Madoff's or Enron's of the world. Really, who is costing us more?

And if everyone is so hot on taking away this woman's children if she "can't afford them", where will it end? With people losing their houses, stocks crashing, who is really in a moralistic position to say whether one or two or 18 kids are or aren't affordable? When people have kids, and love them, they make it work no matter what the odds are.

Has anyone ever heard of overpopulation? And it's not ALL the doctor's fault. THe mothers and fathers are also responsible

The article says "In the only other octuplet birth in U.S. history, only seven of the babies survived past one week. " which is misleading. One baby died at a week, the other 7 are now ten years old.

what about freedom? for the doctors? mothers who want children? who are we to decide if they should be put out of business or have their children taken away? the second we start dictating other people's lives then we open the doors to have our lives dictated. i want my freedom. don't you want yours????

ANSWER: Contact your elected representatives and demand a new law that says potential IVF parents must undergo the same screening process as foster parents. If an IVF doc implants a woman who fails the screening process, make the doc responsible for all the resulting children's bills until they turn 18. Problem solved.

And Nadya Suleman is not content to bleed taxpayers dry. Now she hopes to collect 'donations' on her website. (Paypal accepted for your convenience!)

Bleeding hearts, please make your contributions directly to the people who will financially support these kids: California Social Services

CSS needs your help more than a woman who can afford 6 IVF treatments, plastic surgery, and schooling for a master's degree.

How can these women have enough money for invitro, but not have health insurance? Where are their priorities?

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