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Man leads police on chase, then fatally shoots himself in standoff [UPDATED]

Police surround a white Bentley on Lankershim Boulevard in North Hollywood after a lengthy chase on area freeways.

Updated, 8:45 a.m.: The driver of the white Bentley died early this morning at a hospital after shooting himself. The case remains under investigation. Read full coverage here.

Authorities pursued an armed man in a white Bentley across area freeways for several hours late Monday, leading to a standoff between Los Angeles police and the suspect, who apparently shot himself, police said.

The incident began to unfold shortly before 8 p.m. in the 4000 block of Lankershim Boulevard in North Hollywood after officers responded to a call about an assault with a deadly weapon involving the man's girlfriend.

The suspect, who was believed to be armed but not immediately identified, traversed the Hollywood, San Diego and Santa Ana freeways at speeds that did not appear to exceed the limit before returning to a location in Universal City near where the chase originated.

About 11:30 p.m., the man stopped the Bentley within one of the northbound lanes of Lankershim Boulevard in Universal City. A woman approached and tried to talk to the driver before backing off. The man opened the trunk of the vehicle, then sat in the car for more than an hour as police surrounded the luxury car and blocked off the street.

The standoff continued until 12:41 a.m., when the man shot himself.

Read more on the slow-speed car chase and shooting.

-- Carol Williams and Andrew Blankstein

Photo: Police surround a white Bentley on Lankershim Boulevard in North Hollywood after a lengthy chase on area freeways. Credit: Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times

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Was this DJ Khaled?

I am hearing that this suspect was DJ Khaled Khaled. The photo on abc.com looks identical to this rising rap star.

I am assuming he shot himself in the head, but I guess I could hope for the best and maybe he shot himself in the foot. This story doesn't really say, does it?

i seen it online the whole time...and now on fox11.com n abc7.com have changed the story around..not to long ago it said, who ever was in the car was dead...and it seems to be DJ KHALED...

From the footage I was watching, it seemed like the fire EMTs weren't rushing around like he was able to be resuscitated. It looked like they pretty much just checked his vitals... once he was in the ambulance there wasn't anyone that jumped back there to monitor the status of his wound.

I watched this on TV and I think the police officals acted poorly. They ran around with their heads cut off!! I would expect them to return to training once again or dismissed. Like the news reporter said "If it was another incident they would have surrounded his car like locusts." I actually was bored of this the guys car just sitting on the raod with the trunk open come on I think they should be punished insted of the guy!!!

Irresponsible journalism! How dare the stations broadcasting this go away from the chase after midnight and deny us the opportunity to see this numbskull shoot himself! As with all of these idiots, he wasted L.A. law enforcement resources (at taxpayers' expense). At least we, as those taxpayers, should get the satisfaction of watching him eliminate himself from the gene pool (and, thankfully, sparing taxpayers the expense of a trial and incarceration).

I watched this incident late last night on television and was appalled by the overly aggressive measures the police took. The police did not operate to cool temperatures, only to raise them. After the suspect's car came to a stop, the area was blockaded in a matter of minutes by LAPD and the driver had no possibility of escape. Blockading was the right thing to do. Thus there was no need to draw more than 10 guns on the suspect and from so many angles. It was easy to see the suspect had nowhere to run, had no options but to surrender or kill himself. Most of the officers could have stood down, let the guy in the car cool his head or just get bored and give himself up. The police applied far too much pressure. After television coverage went off-air at 12:08am, I figured that the man in the car would become overwhelmed by the pressure the police were applying and take his own life. Also, the police wasted a ridiculous amount of resources on this one suspect. I saw at least 20 police cars nearby the suspect's parked car--those were the ones visible on television. I guess LAPD is one of the few government agencies with money to waste, and I wonder if criminals elsewhere went unapprehended thanks to this lopsided allocation of officers on this one suspect at Universal City.

I watched a little of the chase on Fox news and turned it off in disgust, since you never can get any real news while a car chase is going on - they can't break away even for the dire economic news.

But what I heard sounded like something even more irresponsible than usual - Susan Hirasuna, one of the Fox anchors was following the chase in a car supposedly obeying all traffic laws. Just what you need, Fox news(?) people added to the chaos on the streets.

It wasnt DJ Khaled, per his official myspace page. He apparently is in Florida working on an album with Rick Ross.

These arm chair cops are amazing. People with absolutely no clue about tactics spouting about what to do. Here's tactics 101, Peter: For every idea you come up with, ask: "Would you bet your life on that?" Don't need 10 guns? Really? What if he comes out spraying and praying? If you duck, will one other cop shoot him before he gets off one at your head? Are you sure? Will you bet your life on it?

As for "overly aggressive"... good Lord! What do you want? They follow him for THREE HOURS - sometimes from a half-mile away. He'd already assaulted someone with a gun. Should they have bought him a plane ticket and given him a lift back home? Would that have been enough for you?

it was not dj khaled

It’s hard to have an opinion on something when you don’t know all the FACTS. Its obvious the man was on the phone talking to someone...it could have been law enforcement…maybe the police did try to talk him down. While we don’t know who he was on the phone with we do know he had a gun and made several gestures (pointing the gun to his head) that he wanted to kill himself. That aside I do agree there was a lot of pressure put on the guy by all the added police personnel. But what bothers me is that the EMTs were not readily available. You'd figure whoever was in charge would have had a EMT on standby in case an officer, civilian or the suspect was injured. Yet, you saw that after the SWAT stormed the guy they had to wait for the ambulance to arrive. Then on top of that the EMTs seemed relax like he was ok and sustained minor injuries. I mean they took there dear time on the guy. I was shocked to find out the guy died several hours later at the hospital because I thought for sure he had minor injuries by the way the EMTs were moving. All this makes you question things could have been done differently. The main thing to me is the EMT thing that stood out the most. Seriously isn’t it standard procedure in a standoff type situation to have an EMT on standby. I do think local government better get a fix on this kind of stuff because sad to say with the declining economy a lot of these suicide things will come up. I think they need to be better prepared on how to deal with it.

I saw the whole thing on TV. I believe all of this pursue stuff is a waste of money, time and lives. If Police would have rushed this guy (instead of wasting time and taxpayers money) from the start he would have not killed himself. He obiously needed help.
The Police needs to review the way they handle this situations. The protocol should be to stop the car and arrest individual asap so this does not continue to happen.
If people are put against the wall they will fight or kill themselves. Lets take control of our streets.
Party on.

I am kinda of thinking it was DJ KHALED.


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