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Octuplets' mom identifies her fertility clinic in Beverly Hills

Whittier mom Nadya Suleman told NBC in an interview that aired this morning that she sought treatment at a Beverly Hills clinic for all her in vitro fertilization procedures, including the one that resulted in the birth of octuplets.

The 33-year-old said she went to West Coast Infertility Medical Clinic -- now named West Coast IVF Clinic -- headed by Michael M. Kamrava. He describes himself on his website as "an internationally recognized leader in the field of in vitro fertilization" who has helped pioneer "breakthrough technology that revolutionized IVF, reducing risks to both the mother and child." That procedure also helped reduce costs, according to the website.

According to statistics collected by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, his clinics performed 20 in vitro procedures in 2006 on women under 35. Of those procedures, four resulted in pregnancies and only two of those resulted in birth. One of those women delivered twins. His pregnancy rate and live birth rate are far below the national average, according to the statistics.

At the same time, the average number of embryos that he transferred per procedure -- 3.5 -- was among the highest in the country for women under 35. Fertility specialists say that a high number of embryo transfers usually reflects either a patient population with an especially poor prognosis or problems with the laboratory.

Medical guidelines established by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine recommend transferring no more than two embryos per procedure in women under 35 except in "extraordinary circumstances."

Suleman told NBC's Ann Curry that her treatment was "very appropriate." He implanted six embryos, which she had remaining from previous procedures because of her medical history, which include miscarriages and scarred fallopian tubes.

"At the time I was so focused, so fixated on wanting so many that I just kept going," Suleman said. Because the success rates are low, Suleman said, "the most I would have ever anticipated would have been twins. It wasn't twins times four."

She said implanting that many embryos, even after having six young children at home, was "nothing different" from before.

"He did nothing different," she said.

Kamrava could not be reached for comment this morning.

Since the birth, Suleman has come under fire for going ahead with all the pregnancies when she already had six children at home. She is a single mother and a graduate student who lives with her mother.

She denied getting pregnant to make a lot of money and told Curry that money is "paper." She said she is not on government assistance.

She said that with six children, she was struggling financially to support them and likely would not have been able to make it without the support of her mother, who allowed the family to stay with her in her three-bedroom Whittier home.

"I will feed them; I will do the best I possibly can," Suleman said in the interview. "In my own way, in my own faith, I do believe wholeheartedly that God will provide in his own way."

KTLA released video today showing Suleman at the clinic in 2006 talking about the in vitro process.

"I was slightly pessimistic, then I realized, yeah, it worked," she said in the interview, which also showed two of her children.

The video shows a doctor, which KTLA identified as Michael Kamrava, describing the medical process.

-- Alan Zarembo and Kimi Yoshino

Are you a patient or former patient of Dr. Michael Kamrava? Contact Kimi Yoshino at this link.

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This woman is clearly in need of mental help -- by her own definition, she admits she was "obsessed" with having a dozen or more children since childhood, blaming her mother for making her an only child, trying to foist friends on her in a vain attempt to fill the "huge void in her life". Poor thing, what a hellish life that must have been with 2 parents all to yourself, taking care of your every need and filling your life with parties and playmates. No wonder you hate them! She is the defnition of selfishness, and yes, she has essentially abandoned her other children, and did so years ago. Not working for years now, claiming to have a permanent back injury that forced her to refrain from walking or standing or even sitting for long periods of time (but yes, go ahead and carry 8 fetuses at once, that is great for those lumbar discs!), she took that disability money and spend it entirely on herself -- for IVF treatments; for repeated plastic surgery procedures (ok, please stop the lip injections, you are going to frighten the children) and fake nails. And of course her Master's Degree, which, in her deluded head, is going to make her an instant millionaire so she can support all these kids (she is going for a psych degree, btw, she wants to counsel others with mental illness -- physician heal thyself is all I can say to that!) She did not use the money to buy her children clothes, or food or contribute to the roof over their heads, or try to improve that sad and rundown living environment. She did not even use the money to send her autistic special needs child to early intervention (nope, California you are paying for that, and will continue to do so until that child is 21 years old). Her prenatal care and labor and deliver cost $1.5 million (conservative estimate) which the hospital (which gets public funding and like so many ofther Cali institutions, is already operating in the red) could ill afford. They did it for the publicity, but the actual cost will get passed down to the consumer and taxpayers (it will be millions more to provide perinatal/pediatric care for those kids, some of whom will have developmental issues). Both your state and federal taxes are going to support this woman's decisions, lifestyle and children for decades to come, so yes, everbody should have a say in how this borderline psychotic chooses to fullfill her wish list.

The silver lining. Mexican clinics NOT to blame. Just a slimey "merican" doc.


The sad part is that her parents won't have anyone to care for them in their old age. These kids will cost at a minimum of between 20-30 million dollars because of their prematurity. The taxpayers will be forced to pay for their upkeep and that means taking from people who may have only one kid, who was not born under the same circumstances. That child will probably the only child the parents will ever have.
She didn't give birth, she whelped like an animal. And we shall all pay for it for her mental condition.
The doctor should pay and pay big time, all those people who could have been helped by his expertise will now lose out for this maladjusted woman.

Taking about G-d, I wanted 6 kids when I was growing up, after the first pregnancy, after 48 hours of labor and later 2 c-sections, I was happy to have what I have and I have a good husband and am financially capable of having those kids. I did not want anymore children.

Yes, folks, we are all going to put out around 30 million for these last 8 kids and so much also for the others, so she wanted her very own village and her parents will go to the rottenest nursing homes because they don't have anything.
Why is America celebrating her whelping? Shameless woman, and the sperm donor should also be paying up.

I find it unconscionable that this fertility doctor would put this tab on the US taxpayers. She gets food stamps on the first six and SSI disability for 3 of the 1st six, and now there will be a lifetime of support for all 14 of them. Besides it appears she had her lips, nose and other slight cosmetic surgeries in the past. That's just an observation. Meanwhile, I get laid off after 28 years on the job and my wife has battled 4th stage cancer with no health insurance. She also worked her whole adult life until she got sick. We've used up our whole retirement, and have nothing to fall back on. I'm a veteran, and this is what our country has come to. I wish my family stayed in Ireland, about 160 years ago. This country has all of it's priorities wrong!

This mom is a nutcase but I want to know why in the world the expert dr is using a transvaginal ultrasound wand on her stomach??? It's not made for that. Maybe he can't count either and thought he was implanting 4 sincehe can't use the equipment of his trade the way it is supposed to be used!

I think we, as Californians, need to find an attorney who'd file a class action lawsuit against the "doctor" to pay for ALL her hospital costs and those of the "litter" so we, as taxpayers, aren't saddled with her bills. I'm certain there's an attorney out there who wouldn't mind the publicity and taking a stand!
This woman disgusts me--not only the psychosis and large number of children, but NO JOB, NO DAD...give me a break. the "doctor" needs to PAY for ALL OF THIS.

First, I want to know who is the pathetic MD that did this needs his license revoked now! God forbid he does this again!!!
Next who paid for this procedure? If this girl has that kind of money: estimate that for that many embroyos had to be at least 100 K -- where did she get the money? Most insurance companies do not pay for AI. And I am almost sure that Medicaid does not either. And she gets state assistance. No way could she have this kind of cash on hand.

This woman has no comprehension of how to take care of children or what is involved as she has clearly neglected her first 6 children. Just listen to her remarks. So, before she ends up neglecting these next 8, state needs to step in and take them away. Next, remove her uterus before she does something stupid again.
Every new parent knows how hard it is to take care of one child and God bless those with twins or triplets. This is outrageous and ridiculous. And makes a mockery of motherhood and the importance of care and concern for an infant. This selfish woman did this for herself and will probably lead to signifacnt more neglect and (God forbid) abuse of these little babies.
She should have listened to her mother, who told all of us that she can not even care for the 6 children she has. What a shame! and horrible thing this woman did for her own self serving glory and greed.

The final question. Did she have her tubes tied while this happened or is she planning on having more babies? Damn, for I know she is crazy and the answer is "NO". Oh God help us if she has more...

I believe she has watched TCL shows where parents with multiple kids like John & Kate plus 8 etc. Because TLC has given everything that the parents of multiple kids wants - free trips, publicity-- you name it, she wants to be part of that circle. Don't have to work- just be in the TV shows and live fancy life.. People.. the blame does not go on her alone. The blame goes on TLC program which give people like Nadya do stupid stuff like this.. Take my forcast on this-- she will have TV shows and book deals in a near future.. You and I are just a bunch of barking dogs.

This woman has a mental issue; first of all she has enough kids to fill a kindergarten class now and there's no way she can possibly give each of her children the attention they deserve and will need. I feel sorry for the little ones and hope that someone is held accountable for the selfishness she has displayed! Back in the last century it was acceptable to have litters but nowadays it's economic suicide and society pays!

The woman is mentally unstable, the medical clinic needs to be investigated. Taxpayers are the ones paying for this and we and the State should step in and remove these children from her.

Dr. Kamrava is the most unethical doctor I have ever met. His utter disregard to the health and well-being of his patients is unnerving!
His "practice" should be shut down and his license revoked. Not just because of Ms. Suleman, but for the other patients he has harmed.

I am a mother of two sets of twins by the grace of God no in vitro or nothing. I was bless to have two sets. But this woman must be out her mind. And she states that she don't receive public assistance. That's a lot of kids for grandmom to help take care of. I am surprise the doctor will even tempt to give her another in vitro come on. After my second of twins which was natural my doctor immediate say he was going to tie my tubes, because I can't have one baby at a time. Not knocking anybody who is trying to have a baby but come on get real you have six kids already single and staying with your mom. Know you have eight more mouths to feed especially in this hardship economy.

you people are so pessimistic. just be happy for the woman and leave it at that

Has anyone looked into the timeline of when Angelina Jolie had her babies and whether there is a time correlation to the Suleman brood?

Both the nose job and the lips suggest this isn't a recent fixation.
Has anyone checked with her mother and friends whether it isn't some fan-tribute wannabe thing gone amok.

I know the doctor is an immigrant, but is Nadya Suleman an American citizen?
If she isn't why can''t she be sent back to where ever she is from?
And when will we be hearing from the doctor that did her cosmetic surgery?


Anyone see the news video from 2006 from KTLA? Seems Ms. Suleman was featured in an interview when she was, I believe, pregnant with twins. Even two of her children were in the video. Evidently she is responsible for one of the two "live" births that the good Dr. produced that year. Or, if she had twins, maybe she was responsible for both live births.(?)

Quite possibly, she received a "discount" from said "Dr." for being such a good spokesperson for the clinic. I imagine because of this news feature, he received many new clients.

This woman needs help, and her children need appropriate homes. And the Dr. needs to pay for their care as well as pay back the taxpayers who are providing the food stamps and disability payments....especially if three of her first six births resulted in children with disabilites..........I'm just sayin.....

Our country/world needs to have "Populuation Regulation" with incentives for waiting and/or refraining from reproducing, especially when one doesn't possess the basic necessities to provide for a child, much less 2-14. I've been planning on running for U.S. President in 2020 for over 10 years now, so I can eventually put my solutions to the world's problems in action. We need more birth control options for men: a shot, a pill, something user-friendly. Doctor's should be required to obtain financial records before they provide in-vitro. I still don't understand why the media hasn't disclosed how this woman paid for the procedure and her cosmetic surgery. That is a very important piece of info. Norplant, or something like it, should be brought back to provide 5 year birth control via "matchsticks" tempoarily under the upper arm. It should be available to men and women. There should be incentives of a grant for a home/condo and/or college for people who wait to have children until age 30. There should be a huge financial penalty if someone has more than 2 children. Our freeways are so crowded, jobs/colleges are increasingly competitive, pollution is increasing, our welfare system is out of control, etc. No one should be eligible for welfare unless they are temporarily sterilized with Depo [every 3 months] or Norplant. I hate to see a pregnant woman with a young child using food stamps. It's such a slap in the face to people who have empathy.

The mom should move into the docters home and the good doctor should support her, not the taxpayer.

What this woman was thinking only God knows. She says she didn't expect more that twins regarding this pregnancy but the truth is the six children she already had was where she should have drawn the line. How she compares herself to Angelina Jolie I don't know. Angelina's children have a loving father and Nanny's. She and Brad are also not financially dependent on any outside source. This women has no other choice but to rely on aid to feed, clothe, and at some point house her children. She really does need to be evaluated. If there is a mental problem of sorts it would be best to know for the childrens sakes. I'm sure there are plenty of couples who would love to adopt those babies and allow them to grow up in stable loving homes.

This women obviously made a critical judgement error. A women sholuld have the right to have as many children she wants, if she can afford it and! and! We do not have to pay for it. That is an infridgment on our rights as taxpayers and irrsponsibility on her. A baby needs both parents involved and her decision to not allow that should be against the law as an unetheical issue for the babies sake. She will need alot of help from her community and church. What we as citizens can do about this, is legislatively demand change. Demand (not ask) they don't abide by ask, That our Representitives put restrictions on practices that involve taxpayers to support the consequences of these irresponsible practices, and punish doctors who break them. This is how we can effectively reverse these unfortunite situations for our's, the babies sakes, and mother's. Remember this would not be communistic because it involves the repercussions on taxpayers rights.

Thanks B.B. for posting the link to her Mom. I felt for her when she said her daughter never told her she had received money and that she did not give her any that would have so helped with the children..
I think the doctor should be held accountable for what he did to this woman who obviously has a mental disorder.
As a mother I realize you want to help your children. But at some point this woman should have said enough kids get your act together! I feel bad for all the children this woman has given birth to.
Hopefully she gets the help she needs.

Who cares? I certainly don't. I've never has children and I'm now middle aged and have never understood what value humans get from raising children anyway; it seems like a difficult job to me but I do respect those of you who go there. I'll play with the kids of relatives and then they have to go home! Lol. Frankly I've watched children and they are selfish! Ha! If left to themselves they'll take us all down! lol.

To me there's absolutely too many people in the world as it were. Since I completed high school the worlds population had doubled. That's amazing to me.

As for the tax money; I completed college in 1972 and since that period I've made a fair living. Prior to that I had part time jobs from the time I was sixteen. The government has always taken tax money from my paychecks and in {no way} have they ever shared with me where that money is being spent. Our leaders lie and tell us they're saving our money by cutting taxes. LIE'S!!! Lol. Even the old Gripper stole my money and attempted to hoodwink us into beleaving he cut taxes. YA RIGHT! So I say give this silly woman the money to take care of those babies. Worst things have happened in this skitsofrentic ( wrong spelling) society ours. Those that threaten the woman are nut cases. Give me a break. Use you head; you have no idea of where your tax money is going. Besides, our army has killed at least a thousand children in the world in the last year anyway, so, get a life.

My philosophy is to live in the moment but when it comes to our money we cannot live that way because it's all pooled together for good and bad folks to steal or use for good causes like building roads. I'm thankful for that because I wouldn't want my truck to hit a big pot hole resulting in my death too early.

She should move everyone up to Wasilla, Alaska where God is taking care of business and Gov Palin can give out checks from the oil profits.

As if that rapist Dr. Seyyed Nasser Alavi Lotfabad and also that notorious Iranian dentist were not enough showcases for Iranian doctors , now we have the new nutcase: Dr. Kamrava.

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