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Octuplets' mom identifies her fertility clinic in Beverly Hills

Whittier mom Nadya Suleman told NBC in an interview that aired this morning that she sought treatment at a Beverly Hills clinic for all her in vitro fertilization procedures, including the one that resulted in the birth of octuplets.

The 33-year-old said she went to West Coast Infertility Medical Clinic -- now named West Coast IVF Clinic -- headed by Michael M. Kamrava. He describes himself on his website as "an internationally recognized leader in the field of in vitro fertilization" who has helped pioneer "breakthrough technology that revolutionized IVF, reducing risks to both the mother and child." That procedure also helped reduce costs, according to the website.

According to statistics collected by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, his clinics performed 20 in vitro procedures in 2006 on women under 35. Of those procedures, four resulted in pregnancies and only two of those resulted in birth. One of those women delivered twins. His pregnancy rate and live birth rate are far below the national average, according to the statistics.

At the same time, the average number of embryos that he transferred per procedure -- 3.5 -- was among the highest in the country for women under 35. Fertility specialists say that a high number of embryo transfers usually reflects either a patient population with an especially poor prognosis or problems with the laboratory.

Medical guidelines established by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine recommend transferring no more than two embryos per procedure in women under 35 except in "extraordinary circumstances."

Suleman told NBC's Ann Curry that her treatment was "very appropriate." He implanted six embryos, which she had remaining from previous procedures because of her medical history, which include miscarriages and scarred fallopian tubes.

"At the time I was so focused, so fixated on wanting so many that I just kept going," Suleman said. Because the success rates are low, Suleman said, "the most I would have ever anticipated would have been twins. It wasn't twins times four."

She said implanting that many embryos, even after having six young children at home, was "nothing different" from before.

"He did nothing different," she said.

Kamrava could not be reached for comment this morning.

Since the birth, Suleman has come under fire for going ahead with all the pregnancies when she already had six children at home. She is a single mother and a graduate student who lives with her mother.

She denied getting pregnant to make a lot of money and told Curry that money is "paper." She said she is not on government assistance.

She said that with six children, she was struggling financially to support them and likely would not have been able to make it without the support of her mother, who allowed the family to stay with her in her three-bedroom Whittier home.

"I will feed them; I will do the best I possibly can," Suleman said in the interview. "In my own way, in my own faith, I do believe wholeheartedly that God will provide in his own way."

KTLA released video today showing Suleman at the clinic in 2006 talking about the in vitro process.

"I was slightly pessimistic, then I realized, yeah, it worked," she said in the interview, which also showed two of her children.

The video shows a doctor, which KTLA identified as Michael Kamrava, describing the medical process.

-- Alan Zarembo and Kimi Yoshino

Are you a patient or former patient of Dr. Michael Kamrava? Contact Kimi Yoshino at this link.

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who else thinks this woman is a giant moron who should have all her kids taken away and herself placed in a mental institution??? this woman now has 14 kids now!!! this is insane, there is no way for her to financially, emotionally, or in any other way provide for and care for these children. not to mention we have too many people as it is without one person bringing in 14 more!!!!! irresponsible and stupid, and now shes turning into a publicity craving celebrity want to be too! take her kids and put her in the place with the padded walls, thats what i say. madness!!

I have twins, I love children would love to have more but as I find it too hart I will leave it at my twins a boy and a girl. So , not sure how she does it, how she is going to do it, but good luck.

Looks like they was trying to get their stats up. Their 2009 numbers will look much better.

Maybe--the clinic and the Dr can pay for the support of all these children instead us taxpayers!!!!!1

This woman is beyond words. With thousands of kids in LA county that need to be adopted, why didn't she apply to adopt or be a foster parent?

These so-called doctors should be on the hook for child support.

What a stupid comment, money is paper? Yes, paper that you need in order to PAY for things. Nothing is free, someone somewhere is paying for every handout that someone else gets. I would like to know why octo mom was at home, paying for lip injections, a plastic nose, and multiple in-vitro treatments, where was she getting the money? uh, paper?? I vote to foot the bill to Michael M. Kamrava and his so called fertility clinic. He helped create this mess (according to octo) he should help pay for it, NOT the taxpayers. This story just keeps getting worse and worse and I'm sick of reading and hearing about all her crap!!

Her attempts are trying to gain sympathy only exposes her destructive psychosis that will eventually cost the taxpayers in a time when California is issuing IOU's and furloughing State offices. To say this is the wrong time to have eight babies, in addition to the six she already has, is an understatement. Who is going to pay for these babies if she has no job and no husband. Her mother sounds deeply disappointed that he idiot daughter is setting up all her children for a long, miserable life.

Disgusting- a human is not to be impregnated to mimic delivery of a litter of offspring. Shameful and loathesome conduct by a medical professional and an unrealistic women obsessed with having babies. Positively disgusting. Who paid for this? Where did the money for the IVF come from? Let me guess, the doctor did it for free? Both parties were seeking infamy- and they've gotten it.

This doctor is unethical and should have his license pulled. Shame on the mother for being such an enabler. Koo koo mom wouldn't be able to afford all these treatments without the mom giving her a place rent free and supplying free child care. Both mom and daughter need counseling. I disgusted by this story. I hope she doesn't make a penny trying to pimp her kids for a magazine story or reality show. I for one don't want to see her.

How did she pay for all of the IVFs - aren't they expensive, and isn't she unemployed????

Get ready for the law suits, doctors!!! You have been set up, just like everyone else. DUPED! Can you spell duped? Duped by a mentally ill person who now has you by the balls. She can claim that the hospital/doctors should have know she was unstable because her request to have an additional invitro procedure, when you already have SIX AND NO VISIBLE MEANS OF SUPPORT, is a NO!!! But they didn't and everyone will end up paying through the nose to this self serving mentally ill individual.

As far as I am concerned the doctor who did this, SHOULD PAY, until these kids are on their own!

Nadya Suleman was already struggling financially to support her six children and needed help from her parents in raising them, so much so that she had to move her brood into their home.

HOW did she finance the implanting of eight more babies?? It had to cost minimum $25,000. That's a mystery to me; I seriously doubt this West Coast IVF Clinic did this procedure for free, or suddenly did it for altruistic reasons.

If you go to the SART site (sartcorsonline.com) you can see the statistics for doctors for the year 2006. Dr. Kamrava implanted an average of 5.5 embryos whereas most of his colleagues implnated around 2 embryos for women under 35 years. This was in 2006 when our field was implanting more embryos whereas in today's world we are implanting even less than in 2006. Look up Dr. Paulson or Dr. Marrs, who are icons in our field and you can clearly see they were implanting less embryos than Dr. Kamrava. Now look at Dr. Potter and Dr. Surrey - known to be a little more aggressive in the number of embryos they implant and once again their stats for number of embryos they implant are way less than D. Kamrava.

she may not be on welfare now - but check later when the heat dies down. There is no way she can afford to take care of 14 kids without working and being a single mom.
She says "GOD provides in his own way" ! Yeah - it is called "soak the taxpayer" with the bill !

she may not be on welfare now - but check later when the heat dies down. There is no way she can afford to take care of 14 kids not working and being a single mom.
She say " GOD will provide in his own way" !! Yeah - it is called soak the taxpayer.

Nadya Suleman is a raving nutball. The doctor who did the procedure should have his license revoked for implanting multiple embryos in this obviously deranged woman. I want to know exactly how much Suleman's pregnancy cost and how much she is going to cost me as a taxpayer to support her and her 14 kids.

"According to statistics collected by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, his clinics performed 20 in vitro procedures in 2006 on women under 35. Of those procedures, four resulted in pregnancies and only two of those resulted in birth. One of those women delivered twins. His pregnancy rate and live birth rate are far below the national average, according to the statistics."

The doctor probably thought he had a "live one". I mean, this woman was "fertile mertle" and it could eventually be good for business, yes? It will be interesting as to how this will all play out. I think by revealing the clinic so quickly, she just threw them "under-the-bus". Guess she couldn't take the heat by herself for very long, now that her mother has come out and added viable information to the "facts". I do however, feel sorry for her parents, who had already been "thrown under the bus" by her comments. She is obviously a very sick person.

I hope the Department of Children and Family Services is monitoring this "family". Or litter.

This morning the mother ratted out the daughter as a fruitcake - see:


"God will provide"........ No your mom does, and your disability payments do, and soon the taxpayers will. It is close to criminal to bring so many children into the world without a father. Children thrive when a father is involved and suffer when they are not.

Oh, boy. She dropped the G-bomb.... "I do believe wholeheartedly that God will provide." You know who's going to provide? Us. Our taxes (14 spaces in classrooms, public assistance she will inevitably be on), our insurance premiums (subsidizing all the healthcare she can't afford.) On and on. God won't be pitching in on that, sweetie. To say nothing of the inevitable, decades-long burden on her family and friends. But now that the G-word has been invoked, we'll probably start hearing again what a "blessing" these 8 miraculous babies have provided.

her children will probably be a great asset in the coming years when the usa collapses and reverts to an agrarian society. god Is looking after her, doing his mysterious best. this story gives me Hope. Yes We Can!!

Now that the name of the clinic and the doctor have been made public, I expect the clinic will close and the doctor will move on. There will be so much bad press, no one will go there.

Nadya Suleman says "God will provide".This statement shows just how divorced from reality she is.More likely the taxpayers will provide.They have already paid for prenatal care and the delivery.the cost is over one million dollars already...and the meter is running.

How sad. An emotionally incompetent woman with no insurance meets a shyster IVF doc and taxpayers get to shell out to fix the mess. Maybe the State of California should consider collecting child support payments from the clinic that made this all possible and also attach liens to future "book" deals this loony makes. That would be one way to cover the expenses.

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