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Octuplets' mom says society is judging her unfairly

Suleman_2 The mother who gave birth to octuplets born last week in Bellflower said she knew she was taking a "risk" when she had embryos implanted, and she now feels society is judging her because she's single.

"I feel I'm under the microscope because I chose this unconventional life," Nadya Suleman told NBC's Ann Curry in an interview. She said she did what couples struggling to have kids do all the time. "[That is] not as controversial because they are couples [and] it's more acceptable."

Suleman has come under criticism because she already had six children  before carrying the octuplets. She told NBC she used the same fertility specialist for all the implants and that the doctor knew about all the other births.  She said she refused to selectively reduce the number of embryos and that the births of eight babies "turned out perfectly."

While she is not working now, she told NBC she will get a job once she finishes school.

"I am providing, myself, to my children," she said. "I love my children unconditionally."

--Shelby Grad

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Photo: NBC News

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This 33 year old single woman is unemployed, has 6 fatherless children (one of whom has autism), lives with her bankrupt parents and decides that she wants another 8 fatherless children to fulfill her life. What a selfish and immature woman!!!
Who's going to pay for these 14 children, the bankrupt grandparents???? No, taxpayers like you and I.

Though public records show that Nadya Suleman was on the payroll at Metropolitan State Hospital until last year, it appears that she did little work (if any) after September 1999 due to a workman's compensation injury (back injury and psychiatric condition) in which she's received up to $165,000 in compensation. She filed an additional claim for worker’s compensation for a separate car accident in which she argued that this car accident wouldn’t have occurred had she not been going for medical treatment for the earlier worker’s comp. injury.

Apparently Nadya Suleman knows how to “work” the system and will have no trouble finding the funds to support her large family and stupid decisions for the next 18+ years.

no... this irresponsible breeder hasn't been judged harshly enough, yet. she needs to be IN a mental hospital.

Why a woman with phychiatric condition is allowed any fertility treatment is beyond me. I simply don't understand why an unstable woman has a right to such reproductive expirementation?

It's not about the money.
It's not about her desire to have children.
It's not about how many children she could have.
It's not about her rights.
It's not about her welfare.

It should be about the rights of these 14 children to receive the full proper care and attention they deserve from their mother and father.

It should be about the future of these children, whether they will grow up to be a blessing or a menace to society.

If she had thought about these and can handle it, then there's no problem. Otherwise, she is just selfish.

I hope the fertility specialist who implanted the embroyos' gets to pay support for these children.

"While she is not working now, she told NBC she will get a job once she finishes school."

What I don't get is why she didn't finish school and THEN have these babies. It's not as if artificial insemination is unplanned. I shudder to think how much taxpayer money is going to support these kids.

no, lady, we aren't judging you because you're single... we're judging you because we're the ones who will be paying for your litter! you started having babies while on disability (so, already, we were paying to support your lifestyle), and have no job now! go on all you like about being sure you can pay for them after you finish school... but how will you pay for them UNTIL THEN? your parents already filed bankruptcy last year... could that have been prompted by you moving your brood of 6 in with them in their tiny house?

and while we're on THAT subject, will the state of california's department of health and human services approve of 14 babies living in a 2 or 3 bedroom home?

Nutritionally, I am a beast. I am 100% focused on making sure that I continue to eat healthy. There is nothing that will derail me. I do manage to eat, not too often, a desert. That is usually on Thursdays, but recently I haven’t even been craving anything. Speaking of which…Israel 4, Ice Cream 2. I win again! I just eat the usual veggies, chicken, meat beans, a sandwich, fruits, etc.

14 kids with one having autism, which require more of your attention. What about the rest of your kids. How are you going to divide the attention they crave for from their mom. That why you need a father. If it was six kids and you only you then we'll probably let it slide but 14. Come on!!! Sadly some of your children might have problem in the future if you can't give them what they want.

Here is the reality in moving forward:: the children are here now, so Nadya can't responsibly go back to school. School is a copout. Everytime she uses the word I, she must stop herself and insert the words "what action can Nadya take to provide for her children".

She must go to WORK to provide for these kids. Yes they need love, but they also need a provider who is not Nadyas poor parents. She should not turn these innocents kids into a tv freak show either.

I feel for the kids, perhaps when Nadya is experiencing troubles, she should adopt some of them out, so they will have a chance to turn out "perfectly", as she so views her risky decision and its end result. The kids did not turn out perfectly, what turned out to be they were merely "alive and now breathing". Is that her definition of "perfect"?

Two words--- total wacko.

With the Today show letting Rod Blagojevich make the rounds last week, that program has apparently turned into the "Let's Watch the Crazy Person" hour. Way to go, NBC.

She started collecting disability for a back injury before she had any children. She then went on to bear and care for 6 children and still have a strong enough back to carry and birth octuplets. Her back is good enough for all that, but not for a desk job somewhere?? It looks like a clear case of disability fraud.

I have two comments on this subject;
1. This woman was supposedly unable to work because of employment related back injury and remained on the state payroll and disability, i.e. tax payer money, for a number of years. It did not prevent her from having multiple pregnancies over the same period of time, a condition notorious for severe back strain. So if she was able to go through the pregnancies, why was she unable to work?
2. Take a look at her face; these are not natural features. How did she pay for her nose and lips? This face speaks volumes about her personality; it's all about her, just like the kids who are there to make her feel better!

The government should take away her children before it's too late. That's what they do with people that have more animals than they can care for too.
This woman is either insane or out to get free money from the media and government (welfare for life babies!). Talk about disaster. Poor children!! My boyfriend comes from a family of 10 and they were dirt poor their entire lives and they had a father!

Where did this woman come up with the money for in vitro fertilization when she already had 6 kids without a dad!!!

The American people's hard earned and then lost tax money will end up supporting her maddness. I pray this doesn't inspire other women to try and get rich off having too many kids.

She underwent & paid for a forced pregnancy without caring about her actions or children's futures!

I love certain things too but it's called self control and thinking reality America! She even looks like an Angelina Jolie wannabe!!!

She is guilty!

"Octuplets Mom Got $168G In Disability"-CBS News

The mother of newborn octuplets and six other children collected almost $168,000 in state disability payments for an on-the-job back injury that she and a doctor said was worsened by pregnancy, according to state documents released Thursday.

Nadya Suleman, 33, became pregnant with all 14 of her children after a 1999 injury during a riot at a state mental hospital where she worked, state Division of Workers' Compensation documents show.

She stopped working, but had the six older children during that time, notes Early Show correspondent Hattie Kauffman.

"There has to be some question," says CBS News Legal Analyst Trent Copeland, "about whether or not a woman who's disabled and collecting over $150,000 worth of disability payments is really authorized to receive those payments if she's too disabled to work, but not too disabled to have at least a half-dozen children."

SHAME ON HER! I am a 25 year old single mom living with my parents struggling to make ends meet, and just trying to be sure my ONE child is provided for and has all she needs. I refuse government assistance because theres people out there who NEED it.. not like me who can manage without. How dare she waste MY tax money on her selfishness! And her poor children! I hope they take her kids away from her. How ridiculous that she should be expecting money for her story. I hope the state takes her kids and finds them better homes.

i feel sorry for her kids and her parents .they have a thankless daughter who blames them for her problems (am not convinced about her "dysfunctional" childhood) and now the father has to leave for iraq to make ends meet .

as for her desire to turn all her eggs into kids, i guess it's natural. i have seen similar behaviour in insects (eg. queen bee).

finally,even though i am not angelina jolie's fan, i dont think she deserves criticism . three of her six kids were adopted from third world countries and she seems to take good care of them .

Nadya Suleman received $169,353 in temporary disability payments from the State of California in the past 8 years and may now qualify for permanent disability payments based on a back injury..


This woman is insane and selfish. My husband and I both work full time and my husband also works a second job at night, all so we can afford to raise our two children. Millions of moms would rather be home with their children, but they go to work to pay the bills and taxes. Clearly, California cannot afford to support this woman and her 14 children with taxpayer dollars. The children should be adopted by families that will be able to care for and support them.

This woman is crazy and selfish. She is using these babies to fullfill her unment psychological needs. How dare she say that we are judging her unfairly. I saw her interview on TV. How can she possibly afford to get her nails and her toenails done. She had beautiful French nails.

It is absolutely ridiculous that she wants to go back to school to get her masters in counseling. There is no way on earth this woman should be allowed to counsel any one when she is so sick. It is disgusting that society is offering her money to tell her horrible story. This will just encourage others who are poor to try for even more babies so that they can get a million dollar book or movie deal. This story makes me sick.

i cant believe everyone is giving her a hard time if shes on a benefit so what is everyone jealous that she has kids many families have lots of children and they survive i dont understand why people judge one another especially about paying for these kids we all pay taxes for almost everything like food water so what if you have to give up a dollar for her kids get a grip and all you mothers out there who work and think that your all that, whoopy what do you want medals and anyway we also pay for registration for cars pets and anything else the government can make up, we also donate money for children all over the world who are suffering so whats up with 14 children i think good on her for being strong and id like to tell her to ignore all you horrible people we are human (not animals) give her a break.

How awful, newly born and such an ugly mob tearing at their mother like that...

I was told I shouldn't judge, and I know I shouldn't. But........Seriously, she put herself out there, interviews, web sites begging for money.
She claimed she got no assistance yet has been recieving foodstamps and medicaid for at least 1 1/2 yrs.
She has THREE children on disability, one for Autism, one for ADHD and one for a slight SPEECH IMPEDEMENT and a slight form of Autism. I will keep my opinion about those to myself.
Now she's begging money for her 8.
The problem is she sees nothing wrong with this.
The judgements come from the fact that her actions are irresponsible, she can't afford to care for them, she has destroyed everything her parents had. She has some deep seated mental issues. And it seems the CPS don't want to be involved for fear they will be persecuted. Goes to show they really don't care about the kids.

My number one concern is for those babies ... they do not deserve an irresponsible, self-centered mother like Nadya Suleman.

With that concern in mind, my number one hope is that donations do not pour in as Suleman is hoping. Then there would be cause for California to remove the children from her care (which, of course, is a joke even if she had money!), put them into foster homes, and allow them to be adopted by families who would give them the love and care they deserve.

And one more thought ... Kamrava, the IVF doctor, surely violated standards of care and should be held responsible in every way possible!

Nobody's criticizing this idiot of a woman for having 14 kids while being single, she's being criticized for having six kids that she already couldn't afford and opting to even bring ONE more child into a situation like that is selfish and unfair. Sure, maybe she didn't think that all eight embryos would take, but point being, she already HAD six kids she couldn't afford, three of whom she was claiming disability payments for because one's "autistic" (don't even get me started), one has "ADHD" (really don't even get me started) and the third displays "minor signs of autism, including a speech impediment." (...)

I had a lisp in second grade. I saw a speech therapist. I got better. My family didn't get disability because I said "th" instead of "s".

If you're on unemployment and already leeching money out of the state, don't even make the attempt to have ONE more child you can't properly feed. It has nothing to do with her being single or expecting eight new mouths or not.

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