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Octuplets' mom tells TV show she's not receiving welfare, despite reports to the contrary

On the "Today" show this morning, NBC aired more of its exclusive interview with octuplets' mom Nadya Suleman, who told the network she is not collecting welfare, despite confirmations from her publicist Monday to The Times that she is receiving $490 in monthly food stamps and three of her children receive federal supplemental security income because of their disabilities.

That confirmation came after two sources informed The Times of the benefits. In addition, Kaiser Permanente, where her children were born, has requested funding from Medi-Cal, the state's healthcare program for the poor, to help pay for the octuplets' medical care, sources said.

"I am responsible," Suleman told NBC's Ann Curry. "I am not on welfare and, again, I don't want to disparage or seem like I'm disparaging any individual who uses welfare as a form of a resource. It can be a valuable resource as long as they are not taking advantage of it and are working toward a specific goal. I have chosen not to go on it. I feel as though it is my responsibility to do what I can to provide for my children."

She said she has no income but would go back to school and use student loans to help support her 14 children. She said she now has an "alternative source of income" that would probably run out before she returns to school.

"So I have my own way, an alternative way, but it works," she said.

She said she worked double shifts and hoarded money to pay for the in vitro fertilizations, which she used to become pregnant with all of her children.

"My friends said, 'Were you saving up for a house, a car?' I was like, 'No, babies,' " Suleman said in the interview.

She said she has spent close to $100,000 in in vitro procedures at West Coast IVF Clinic in Beverly Hills, run by Dr. Michael Kamrava.

-- Kimi Yoshino

Are you a patient or former patient of Dr. Michael Kamrava? Contact Kimi Yoshino at this link.

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Your poor Californians. I feel so sorry for all of you. You elect a State Legislature that creates new programs and new taxes at the drop of a hat. You did this to yourselves. Yes, the Octuplets mother is going to cost you money, but so what? Californians enjoy taxes. That's why you prefer Democrats. You can't have all these programs you want without paying for them. Now, you're complaining because one person is going to cost you a few dollars in taxes.

I was born and raised in California, but left some 20 years ago. There was no way I was going to pay excessive rental and exhorbitant taxes. Instead, I live in a State that has no income tax, nice homes at $200,000, and a growing economy. I'm not going to say where I live because I don't want you people moving here. Please stay where you live. I'm sorry you can't sell your 30 year old, 1500 sq ft, home for 1 million dollars. At the moment, you can't sell anything!

Stay in California and enjoy high taxes, excessive costs for goods and services, smog, crime, and liberalism that borders on facism. If you're in a pinch, sell your BMW, or your Mercedes. Sell your house at a reasonable price. Jump off a cliff. Any of these options are fine with me.

well, "kelly", the reason people are 'attacking" this woman is that we will all be left holding the bag for her selfish, irresponsible, sociopathic behavior. therefore, we should, AND DO, have the right to express our opinions and to comment on the situation. and just how "loving" is the home that these babies will be going to, anyway? grandma has to raise them because mama is off using her money to get plastic surgery so she thinks she looks like angelina, and she spends more of her money getting IVF so she can add to her brood, and she already is on the dole for food stamps and disability because she has no way to support the kids she already had except through student loans. . . and now she has her hand out begging for donations through her website & a publicist! how is that loving? "loving" includes "responsibility". her actions and mindset most certainly ARE NOT responsible - even her own mother recognizes this. these kids are doomed with a sociopath for a mother. and by the way, to blame God for this is a cop-out.

I rather see this poor girl on welfare than some crack head, dope addict do nothing who is trying to get a cheap fix by going to methadone clinics to support his habit on the governments expense.. MORE POWER TO YOU NADYA !!!

I can not believe first of all that this ivf clinic allowed this to happen, and what 6 KIDS isn't enough....obviously this woman doesn't have a clue what it costs to raise a child these days and i'm from canada and even we have a hard time and stuff like medicare is free here....she has no consideration for these precious babies who never asked to be planted there in the first place....whats in the best interest of all 14 of these kids is that they be placed with foster parents so they can at least have half a chance.
does she have any idea how many people out there yearn for a baby and can't have one and along comes the fertility welfare queen....as far as im concerned this should be a jerry springer show!!!!!!
lady do whats best for these kids and give them up

Beyond the effect on the taxpayers and economy and into this time of "living green"......what kind of footprint does this leave on our planet? This planet and its resources are not infinite and we all need to remember that. Perhaps it 's time to stop the television shows that promote 17+ children and loving it!!! Just what kind of message are we sending to Americans and the rest of the world? My sympathies go out to those babies and the six before them - shame on you Nadya.

I am so apauled by this woman!!!!! Let me tell you that when I first heard about the octuplets, I was thrilled for her. Then I sypathized for her knowing that 8 is MORE than enough.
Then the story started getting more in depth. *Single mom w/ octuplets. *By ivf. *Still lives at home with mom. * Has 6 more kids at home. Then her father gets on tv and says that she and their family are finacially capable of taking care of the 14 kids without any govt assistance and any other assistance for that matter because they are finacially well off.
Well, surprise surprise!!! She does get govt assistance-food stamps. I don't look at the social security assistance as welfare but it is govt assistance.
Then the story is that she was awarded over $100,000 for an on the job back injury. She worked 2 jobs and double overtime to be able to afford the ivf procedures.
Ok, if you can save up $100k to get pregnant, where is the other savings to support the child or in her case children. And now she on tv saying that she don't receive any welfare. But you want America to help you take care of your responsibility. Opening up web site to take in donations. Do you know how many kids went to bed hungry last night because their families could not get food stamps. The only meals their kids will have is at school. And they, unlke you are not selfish and arrogant. They find some type of legal work to try to make ends meet. You on the other hand just made way for ends to never meet.
This is when I am just apauled because YOU have to audacity to say that you want to go back to school and go to work. Who is gonna take care of 14 kids while you work, and go to school? Oh Im sorry you are not gonna go to shcool. You are gonna defraud the student loans so that you can try to support your children.
The way I look at it, yes, I do agree that your children should be taken away from you because this is beyond child abuse. You still live at home with your mother who has to help you with these kids. You need to be an independant woman/mother get your own place since you are so "finacially secure" and stop waiting for donations to help support your kids. No one gave you donations to make the babies.
Everyday I see Child Protective Services trying to take people's children because they say that they cannot provide the bare necesities. Or there is not enough living space for all the children in the home. I want to know why you chose more kids over a bigger house and car for th kids you already have?And you talk about working and going to school. Now you are neglecting and avoiding your kids to do all this in a day. WHO IS GONNA TAKE CARE OF THE KIDS? The only job you would qualify for right about now is to be a human incubator.

This woman is an irresponsible twit who indulges her whims with the knowledge that the taxpayer will foot the bill. The State of California has a responsiblity to the chidren and to us taxpayers: Take the children away from this person who clearly is unable to support what she views as little toys, and give them to several (make that many) families who I'm sure will love them and be able to provide a better, much better, family and living environment....

This poor woman is obviously severely mentally ill. And she is also guilty of Workers Compensation fraud; she shows no signs of having a spinal injury. Someone needs to be held accountable. Start with her physician and revoke his license, then take her children away ASAP. LIke John Lennon's assassin, Mark David Chapman, she is a publicity seeker of the lowest order. Having 14 children to gain fame and fortune is just plain sick. And denying that she receives government aid and assistance when it is well-documented that she in fact does, only serves to underscore the fact she is clinically insane and should be placed in a psychiatric facility where she can't harm another person, including herself or her children. Is it any wonder that Angelina Jolie is 'totally creeped-out' by this freak? How can a woman on State Disablity and Welfare afford IVF and plastic surgery? This case needs to be closely investigated by all responsible authorities.

I too am as outraged s everyone on this site. I have no doubt that the Child Protective Services will become involved in this case (the sooner, the better).
I believe that she gets away with saying she "is not on welfare" as technically speaking the SSI (supplemental security income) program is a federal program for disabled persons (as evidently 3 of her children are). The food stamp pro-
gram is also a federal program, usually administered by the local "welfare"
offices. The statement that she says she has not had plastic surgery is pro-
bally another technicality. Probably not actually a "surgery" , but probally
botox injections. I feel sorry for these children and for her family. I know
someone has to support these children, but personally, if I see any commercial endorsements to her, you can bet your booties that I will boycot their products.

Sadly Ms Suleman had managed to gain attention and stir up emotions of a nation, as a society we have a moral obligation to protect the innocent victims, the children, we should focus our energies on lobbying for change, bring awarness to the need to set controls that prevent this kind of abuse, does the social services at the hospital not have a moral obligation to make sure that she has the proper resources and facilities to take care of these 8 babies? much like discharge criteria after major surgery? I do not believe that anyone will disagree about the lack of responsibility and judgement lacking in both the patient, and the crazy doctor, where are his ethics? the medical board need to investigatge


Some women seem to realize that having a baby is a meal ticket for themselves.

I'm glad to see that almost everyone else who blogged here is also as outraged by this situation and the delusions of this woman. I think that her story points to a major flaw in the welfare system which is that PEOPLE SHOULD NOT BE REWARDED FOR CONTINUING TO HAVE MORE CHILDREN THEN THEY CAN AFFORD. No one should be able to continue receiving more benefits by being more and more irresponsible. Anyone can make a "mistake" (not that children are a mistake but if you can't take care of them they are) and end up with a child or two that they cannot afford to raise. But after two (at the very most) the system should penalize those who are on welfare by refusing to pay any more benefits to them. As an example, the welfare system could make getting welfare contingent upon women like this having their tubes tied so that they CANNOT have anymore children. Having children should be considered a privelege and not a right. I know this gets into people's civil liberties and their "right" to procreate but if you can't afford to raise your kids yourself then you really don't have the "right" to have more of them and you certainly DON'T have the "right" to burden the taxpayers with raising them. This countrly is already in enough trouble without stupid and selfish people like this woman causing more problems and adding more debt to this country.

Yes, she is the epitomy of selfishness, stupidity, and actually she disgusts me. However, even if the kids are taken away from her and placed in foster care, the taxpayers still foot the bill. Furthermore, take a ride through the "projects" and see how many kids are running around and then find the mom and you will realize, there are multiple "babies' daddies" and mom has fancy nails, hair, bling bling, a car with rims, no job, plenty of food, a roof over her head, and no education. Also, 7 out of 10 black women have children out of wedlock and with no pot to pee in. I won't even go into the Hispanic and White trash sectors of our society. We are supporting all of these people. We are supporting them in virtually all aspects of their life. Our entire education system has been jolted into systematic reform based on the lowest 25% of kids which is comprised largely of poor and minority kids. I am a teacher in an impoverished area and I feel sorry for the kids. I am sickened by their parent/s. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that kids cost money and if you are poor, you have the CHOICE to better your life so that you can properly provide for a child. When is it going to stop? There are many women on welfare in this country that have as many kids as this lady. The only difference is they spread their legs and something was inserted. I am sick of being responsible and paying for those who are selfish, ignorant, and frankly, un-American.

I understand why everyone is upset at this situation but when the government continues to let people keep having kids and abuse the system this is what is going to happen. They need to re-evaluate the system and do something in order to fix it. How many billions of dollars could the U.S. save by cutting off welfare at a certain point and making people become responsible for their actions. If Nadya had enough money to get multiple IVF procedures then she shouldn't be allowed to collect any kind of government help. My husband and I would love to have more children but we decided to stop at 2 because of how expensive they are. Maybe we were to haste in our desicion and should crank out acouple more....lol

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