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Octuplets' mom tells TV show she's not receiving welfare, despite reports to the contrary

On the "Today" show this morning, NBC aired more of its exclusive interview with octuplets' mom Nadya Suleman, who told the network she is not collecting welfare, despite confirmations from her publicist Monday to The Times that she is receiving $490 in monthly food stamps and three of her children receive federal supplemental security income because of their disabilities.

That confirmation came after two sources informed The Times of the benefits. In addition, Kaiser Permanente, where her children were born, has requested funding from Medi-Cal, the state's healthcare program for the poor, to help pay for the octuplets' medical care, sources said.

"I am responsible," Suleman told NBC's Ann Curry. "I am not on welfare and, again, I don't want to disparage or seem like I'm disparaging any individual who uses welfare as a form of a resource. It can be a valuable resource as long as they are not taking advantage of it and are working toward a specific goal. I have chosen not to go on it. I feel as though it is my responsibility to do what I can to provide for my children."

She said she has no income but would go back to school and use student loans to help support her 14 children. She said she now has an "alternative source of income" that would probably run out before she returns to school.

"So I have my own way, an alternative way, but it works," she said.

She said she worked double shifts and hoarded money to pay for the in vitro fertilizations, which she used to become pregnant with all of her children.

"My friends said, 'Were you saving up for a house, a car?' I was like, 'No, babies,' " Suleman said in the interview.

She said she has spent close to $100,000 in in vitro procedures at West Coast IVF Clinic in Beverly Hills, run by Dr. Michael Kamrava.

-- Kimi Yoshino

Are you a patient or former patient of Dr. Michael Kamrava? Contact Kimi Yoshino at this link.

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I think she wants to be Angelina Jolie -- it looks to me like she's had her lips done -- and now all these kids!! At least Angelina can afford hers!

Go ahead and make another declaration Ms. Suleman- that you are really not disabled, that you faked your injury to get money for more IVF treatments. Furthermore, with those supposed injuries to your back, how can you be obese and carry 8 fetuses in your womb? You are a liar.
Positively revolting.
And yes, for the record, FOOD STAMPS and SSI are forms of WELFARE!
I know that and I don't have a masters degree!!!!

I remeber the other day looking out the window of my car and tears were falling from my eyes. My husband died a few years ago in a car accident his car was hit by a drunk driver. I sat at the red light thinking that my children would be better off with my life insurance. My mother could raise my kids with my brother's help and they would have the money needed to live a comfortable life. I went home sat down and remembered that the insurance might not pay if I did something to myself. So optin B had to be thought of. Now I sit here reading about this woman's request to raise her children for her and the fact that she has set up a website. I haven't worked a full time job in almost 8 months. I have worked three part-time jobs here and there while trying to give my children the basics. I went once to apply for food assistance and I was turned down. To think that this woman not only gets food assistance, but probably WIC and SSI. Well each of us must decide for ourselves what we consider worthy when giving out charity. I wish I cold set up a website and request help just to make it through one more month. The kindness of strangers, I hope and pray that people give to a more worth while cause. I dont' think this particular "MOM" would know what to do with any donations. She certainly doesn't have 8 more cribs waiting at home and all those bottles, and diaper changes. In a few months this story will be forgotten. Maybe I'll take the time to set up my own website at that time, and plead for help Or maybe my family will, who knows. The next time I find myself sitting at a red light crying and feeling hopeless maybe then I'll find it in my to set up my own website with paypal to make it even easier for everyone to donate. Thanks for reading from mom with no more hope.

No wonder CA is in the bucket! How many other swindlers, con artists and rip-off queens are bleeding the state dry by spawing a brood of children who will never get off the welfare rolls? Don't let this story die. Write to your representative and demand that the whole entitlement system in this state gets a complete overhaul ASAP and somebody with at least half a brain investigates this woman's case and gets her OUT of the program. Evidently the people who run that system couldn't find their butt with both hands. They should all be fired. Trained chips could do better. At a time when CA is drowing in debt, this disgusting event may throw some light on how badly many of our programs are administrated. Oh, BTW, I'm a liberal who's all for helping those in need through no fault of their own and would be the first to step up (and have many times) to help with donated funds and with my time. I'm in no way suggesting we deny people our help, especially now with so many getting laid off and unable to care for their families. That's where the tax money should go...not to this chiseler.

I absolutely agree with all these comments. Unfortunatly she is a selebrity already and will cash in on the controversy. It's anfair to all other decent parents out where who work two jobs to support the family.

Wow, make kids and live free. I like to sue that feaking Doctor who implant. Where the hell she gonna get car that will carry 14 child seat "get ticket and have state pay for". Feel sorry for myself and all decent parents that worry about how to manage couple of kids and this B>>>>>What a shame.

My question is- why hasn't Department of Family Services gotten involved yet? This woman clearly neglected her first six children by using her money to pay for IVF treatments just so she could have more kids- and now she is going to have 8 newborns. How will she have enough time to even feed these children, change their diapers, and care for her first 6 kids? Her own mother has said she is tired of taking care of the kids so what is she possibly going to do? I hope the state investigates her to make sure she is at least able to provide basic care for all 14 children.

Now she's begging with a website

My bet is she is not getting student loans, a single mother with children trying to go to college would qualify for Pell Grants which are from the Federal Government and do not have to be repaid. I still would like to know who the Dr is that implanted the 6 embryos? Free school, free college, for 14 children if they choose college, while the rest of us wonder how our children will afford college because we may make just a little more money the government thinks we should. Yes I can see why there are alot of angry people in the good old USA, because this women will cost the government alot of money over the next 18 years or more for the disabled children. While people like myself and my husband work 40 hours a week to make ends meet, and are told by the government that we make too much money for our children to get assistance for college. What is wrong with this picture?Remember this was her choice!And a website begging for money.....I'm at a lose for words on this one!There is no way she can give these babys the attention they will need. My grandmother gave birth to 14 children, the youngest of which was born in 1939, they lived on a farm, raised there own food and my grandfather passed when my mother was 15(the youngest) my grandmother worked everyday to supply her children with everything they needed. This may have been possible back then, but they were all born naturally no artificial anything.Im sure we could all write a book about what we believe is wrong with this situation, and everyone of us would have a stong point. It's just unbelievable.

I think the fertility doctor should be made support these children.

Great ! I live in a state that is going to give me an IOU for my overpaid tax . I work hard and pay my tax on time , so i don't drain the system . I have no kids , so i drain or cost nothing for the education system . I pay for health insurance so i don't cost the medical system . I am not in debt for credit cards because i live within my means , and my mortgage is up to date because its fixed and i made sure that i could make the payments , even if my house is now worth 100K less than i paid for it. SO WHEN DO I GET THE DREAM AND THE FREE RIDE THIS STUPID , SELFISH OXYGEN THIEF GETS . YET AGAIN STUPIDITY WINS . Face it folks , the global warming isn't going to wipe us out , its dolts like this that will . I love CA , but after reading this and how she will get the money from my tax dollars , i'm moving out of state , and with it the tax dollars the state would have got for the next 30-40 years !

What nadya suleman had done to mobilize her swindling capability ,frauds, lies, manipulations, drama queen, is really bleeding california.; her crazy logic is coming from a sick mind. she is milking the tax payers & the government end-up paying for hospital, octuplets hospitalization, now & many years to come. If she gets help from all her activities now, then the govt. is an " ENABLER"to all her excessive delusional personality. the govt shold GET HER OUT OF THE WELFARE PROGRAMs whc she does NOT even accept that she gets welfare! This is not a good sample for other woman who might follow her doings.; to have 14 children by the expensive IVF procedure , she became BRUTALLY FAMOUS! with a website, book deal, interviews, plastic surgeries for lips,free nanny services, home etc...Lets NOT reward the DECEITFULNESS of evil souls ! She is going to use her student loan money to support 14 children? can she do that ?; to help her thru donations, will only enable her to do more abuses;.Is it really ok to raise 14 children wd no father ? welfare fraud? psychosis? collecting babies? No job ?

I am going to have faith in the Ca Dept of Social Services...these children have been negleted while she hoarded whatever money she had to get IVF treatments. The children should be removed from her 'care'.

We Californians have just taken on another 14 people to take care of for the next 18 years. And not wonder California is in the toilet....

However, I believe this is a good controversy for people to be exposed to. Taxpayers are tired of caring for other people's children...be resonsible, people. taylor franklin smith

Ok the kids are here and what can you do? I hope or the best for the kids well I know one thing I am a workers comp person and my benefits are depleted, selling the pills for what? more fertility meds.this is the biggest form of welfare fraud i have seen or heard.she knew having all theses kids at 1 time she would get freebies.Is she a gypsy? I had to call y local congressman to get medical and i am a heart patient.high blood pressure, and injured from my job. I wish I could go to work and make my own money.what does the welfare has to say about this? If this was me I would be in jail by now.oh and by the way where is the kids father? living with her? she probably gets section 8 too. this is too much. anyway I want to get taken care of too if that's the case.NOT. this is a shame though. she needs to go to work like every body else.

what does the color of the little baby has to do with anything RACIST?

I think the social security system should take a good look at her case and deny her all of her benefit, as well as her permant disability payment, now that everyone knows she is using the money for her own plastic surgery and in vitro treament. It is people like her who cheat and lie, cliaming entitlement, that is destroying this country. To top it all off, there are idiots who will be her publicists.

LA Times, Great job so far on your investigation catching what's really gone on with monies and food stamps she has been collecting. Please check a little deeper in light of reports saying this woman seperated from her husband in 2000 yet didn't not divorce him until jan. 2008. In Calif there used to be a law that would have made the husband financailly responsible for all children born while still technically married. Check on fraud for this back injury she had while having how many babies during the time of being on disability. Is there any way to get the dna the babies and the ex-husband to see if he happends to be the donnor possibly cps order it or whoever? Can you find out how many bedrooms house must have for per person/child (I believe it may be 2 per bedroom and one per living room space)? So far this woman and her family keep lying about things especially finances saying they're fine financially and the most recent the grandfather is on video saying oh this little house we just got this for the children to play. Keep up the good work!
Cindy in California

Their seemingly bizarre behavior would make sense if the sperm doner was the infertile doctor himself!

I was reading an article where her church is buying her a house for her and her children. She now has a website where she is asking for donations (click on my name to go to her site). She also owes $50 thousand in school loans. But also she claims she wants to finish school and get a job? But yet she qualifies for per. disability??? Makes one question if she is disabled or not? What gets me is she had all her children AFTER her back injury and any woman knows how much pregancy and labor puts strain and pain on your back. And she has been having babies left and right since her accident. My heart and prayers goes out to the children and I pray for Nadya as well.

Suhlman is an extreme example of a typical single mom.Most single moms are on the dole collecting,WIC,food stamps,welfare ,etc.Why should society and the taxpayers be held financially hostage to their irresponsibility and poor choices???

The state needs to take ALL of the kids away from her and make her go in for psychological treatment. It is absolutely wrong that this should be put on taxpayers when she made the decision to do this. She wanted publicity and everyone is giving it to her. Next we will here she got a house from Extreme Home Makeover. The best thing for those kids is they be put with people who TRULY have their best interests at heart. She is exploiting these kids and it is outrageous!!!

Didn't the majority of people from the state of California vote Obama? The stimulus bill includes billions more in welfare payments that he wants pushed through 'real fast'. You get what you voted for.

Whoa! She's getting welfare money and school grants which she uses for fertility treatments (and obviously also for plastic surgeries) while grandma feeds, houses, and cares for the kids??? Why isn't this woman in jail for welfare fraud?

I think everybody needs to live their own lives and stop worrying about Nadya's. stop attacking her and stop the horrible comments. her babies are beautiful and a blessing if God did not want her to have 14 children, then he would not have blessed er with them. stop the hateful remarks and get over it. they are beautiful babies and are lucky to be in a loving home.

I see in her the classic hoarder of animals. They love the animals they hoard but don't have the resources or ability to care for them properly. She wants to fill some sort of hole in herself but application of children, no matter how many won't cure that. She has given birth to children who are going to grow up in poverty, with only one parent, and with a mother who puts her needs first. Not a plan for a good upbringing. Children deserve 2 parents if possible who are concerned with their needs first. Her Children deserve a parent who has time to give them attention and care, not an obsessed college student who won't have time to care for them properly. A parent who would hoard money to fulfill her desires rather than using it to care for her children is in my eyes an unfit mother. Children who are autistic need much more care than children who don't have that affliction. She is going to school to get a full time job?? Who will care for her kids then? This is a sad mentally ill woman. I wonder if she had had cosmetic surgery, if so it went horribly wrong, she has a strange face. It would be interesting to see pictures of her when she was younger.

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