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Octuplets story takes surreal turns, including You Tube video [UPDATED]

Nadyasuleman With all the attention surrounding octuplet mom Nadya Suleman, it was just a matter of time before the inevitable song parody.

Now, Jodie Rivera, a.k.a. Missy Lil' Dingle, has posted a music video on YouTube.com that pokes fun at the mother of 14 from Whittier as a "baby poppin' pro," replete with dancing babies delivered by a nurse with a baseball fielder's mitt.

And then there are the lyrics: "She had complications: Childhood aspirations. That's her explanation. Pops 'em out like a toaster! Needs a passafire holster! And a pimped out stretch stroller! She's a food stamp high roller!"

The video comes as the octuplets story continues to take surreal twists. Suleman's Brentwood publicists quit over the weekend, citing death threats. Suleman is back home in Whittier, where she is being followed around town by the paparazzi (her octuplets are still at a Bellflower hospital).

Suleman gave a revealing interview with the Sun newspaper in England, which include new photos of the babies. In the interview, Suleman talks about her sex life and the future. “I can’t yet fathom out how I will take 14 of them to the park, but I have a month to six weeks before they all come home," she told the Sun. “I have three bedrooms and right now it’s OK -- with six, we fit. I don’t care if it’s not a perfect, immaculate house. It looks a bit like a forest outside, there’s a lot of nature. But I hope I can one day get a bigger house.”

Since Feb. 15, the YouTube video, with its mature theme, has had more than 135,000 page views and is becoming one of the most talked-about on the site. On Monday, it was the second-most discussed entry on the site and the second-most "favorited" video.

Updated at 10:30 a.m.: The Nadya Suleman family website that allowed people to give online donations to the octuplets and to leave messages has been taken down. No word yet from her people.

-- Andrew Blankstein

Photo: Image from a 2006 video provided by KTLA shows Nadya Suleman speaking at a fertility clinic in Los Angeles. Suleman gave birth Jan. 26 to octuplets.

Credit: Associated Press / KTLA

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What's done is done. I feel sorry for the kids, and hope the state monitors this family to make sure they're receiving proper care. Seems to me, though, like it's time for the rest of us to leave Ms. Suleman alone--she's not news anymore. And some of the reactions to her story--most notably, the personal threats--have been inappropriate, to say the least. Time for "Reporters go home," in my opinion.

I'd hope her doctor gets some negative professional consequences. It definitely sounds like he deserves them.

Suleman is an extreme example of a typical single mom,milking the system and taxpayers.Single moms feel that they are entitled" to "the experience" of childbearing .With someone else picking up the tab.




You do not have any house to begin with. That is your mom's house. Duh!!!

Shouldn't "passafire" be "pacifier"?

Here's a solution or at least part of it-- Child Protective Services-- Investigate this "family"! It sounds like, with all the new information coming out, that there are already questionable issues with the six kids at home. Let's not wait until the other 8 come home.

I find it very interesting that her publicists quit even though they could have made big bucks. Hmmm... maybe they realized that certain aspects of this story weren't even worth the money.

Joe: Suleman is an extreme example of an extremely disturbed individual, nothing more, nothing less.
She is no more a 'typical' single mother than you are.
Typical single mothers work hard and are not out to "milk the system." Furthermore, single moms are often single moms because irresponsible males (can't call them men, as a man would take responsibilty for his actions) feel they are entitled to "the experience" of getting a woman pregnant without dealing with the consequences of his actions.

Having that many IVF births is plain dumb, and not for financial reason so much as emotional reasons. I have a family member who was conceived via IVF, she has always she said felt different, and didnt really fit with family. When she actually found out she was a "bit" different things took a horrible turn for the worst. How do you think all these kids will react when they find out? How do you think the kids at school will treat them? If everyone is worried about now, just wait till these kids start jr high school and begin to turn into adults.. Thats when the real problems will begin.

I am sick sick sick of this more-deranged-and-pathetic-by-the-minute story. Here is my plan for how to deal with her:
A brood of 14 children would have been perfect for the old days of agrarian-life -- all those hands to help harvest the crops, milk the cows, feed the chickens, etc. So we put this nutjob and her children and even her parents on a farm, far far away from Southern California. Set her up for the chance to be self-sufficient.
We televise it as a reality TV show, and any profit will be used to cover her multi-multi-multi-million dollar tab to the State of California.

Fred, Let her deal with her own weight?? Hey, that is OUR tax money.

In her interview she has SO many dreams, a job even in this recession, a house?
Hell, I have dreams too but also one of the many laid off.

Way to go and make a burden on your mother even at 30 years of age and I thought it was hard taking care of my 20 yr. old in college.

As for the passafire bit, this is a RAP song.

I do wish her the best because I would NOT want all this responsibility that is why I only had one child and she has fulfill my dream as a parent.

Check out the Times UK article February 14, Obama Warned Over Welfare Spendathon


Perhaps Suleman can cash in like the four sisters with 17 children in Wisconsin!

"In Wisconsin, the state that forged a pioneering path in welfare reforms in the 1990s, residents were astonished by a newspaper investigation that disclosed that a $340m (£236m) programme offering taxpayer-financed child care to low-income working parents was riddled with fraud and expensive loopholes.

In one case, a family of four sisters who had 17 children between them put all of them together, took it in turns to babysit them and over the past three years claimed $540,000 (£374,000) in perfectly legal state childcare subsidies."

"Perfectly legal" for taxpayer funds to pay low-income women to stay at home with their own children. How many mothers in two-parent households would love to stay at home with their own children but must actually work outside the home to help provide for their families?

All the more reason to pay, and get paid, in cash!

Hey Fred,

We would all love to "leave her alone". We want her to leave OUR TAX DOLLARS alone! That's the issue! If we don't want to help, we don't want the government to force us to, because of her insanity!

I think the children should all be taken away from her and given to people who are capable to take care of them. Many parents to be are awaiting children for adoption. So let these people have them. Oct-mom did this only out of greed and fame. Leaving her with the she might end up killing them sooner or later when she goes nuts.

Finally, a message board with intelligent and sensible commenters!

I fully agree with LEEbo's idea to transfer Suleman and all her children to a farm. Not because of the potential for a reality show. But because the fresh air do her (and her system-milking family) good, and such a move would bestow Ms. Nadya with a fine taste of adulthood and responsibility.

Indeed, back in the day women produced very large famlies, and they did so with a reason. But at least every person fended for him/herself and his/her family unlike today. And the births were somewhat paced, too.

I think if she is left to "get away" with what she has done she and others like her will continue to do it... The fame of it all has blinded those types of people... And once she is home with all the kids and babies she won't get the full effect of what she's done because she will have 24/7 help... The only way for her to get the point is to take those poor kids away... There is no way she can take care of them all without millions of dollars of help from everyone... She wanted to be like Jolie and she got her wish.. She is on the front of the papers on Dr Phil... When will it be enough? Its ashame that everyone else will have to support her instead of her supporting herself... Wish I had that type of help...

I am disgusted that I have to get up every morning and take my children to a baby sitter only to pay for this crazy woman to have all these kids. How dare she ask for donations when I have to pay for my own two kids and get up early and work my behind off to support my kids and hers. She should be locked up not provided for. Those kids deserve better than a crazy mom. The doctor should be paying for the hospital bill since he is the one who played God. We are all struggling to survive so should we all ask for the American people to help us out?

I think we need to worry about all the things we do wrong and lay off her she has alot on her plate and in time will struggle with the decisions she makes just as we all will. But the more debate that surrounds her the more of a circus of people to pay for and condone this behavior will only make it worse i hope she gets the support she needs i had five kids and could not see how i managed but i did and would not trade them for the world its between her and god and i trust he will make sure she can provide for them.

I think we need to worry about all the things we do wrong and lay off her she has alot on her plate and in time will struggle with the decisions she makes just as we all will. But the more debate that surrounds her the more of a circus of people to pay for and condone this behavior will only make it worse i hope she gets the support she needs i had five kids and could not see how i managed but i did and would not trade them for the world its between her and god and i trust he will make sure she can provide for them.

The comment about every single mother milking the system. EXCUSE ME! NOT EVERY SINGLE MOTHER MILKS THE SYSTEM. Some women choose to raise their child by themselves because of an unhealthy relationship between the father and mother that children do not need to be subjected to. As for Octomom, there is a limit. She IS milking the system, and who else is paying for it? The tax payers. SSI, Welfare help? Doesn't come free. She should not be left alone because what she did was WRONG! It is nice to be able to sit at home and take care of your kids, but AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE- not the expense of someone else. She could NEVER be Angelina Jolie, whom has the means and more to take care of the children that she has.

The media attention is just satisfying Nadya's desire to be like Angelina Jolie. If everyone would leave her alone and not
give her this attention that she so craves, maybe she will actually feal the weight. In a couple of years she's going to look like a 50 year old from taking care of those kids. She's already lookin hagard. How much do you want to bet she's hoping to get a boob job and tummy tuck with the money she makes. I bet she's already planning that. By the way, Jolie thinks she is a disgrace.

I was upset by the comment that ALL single mothers that get assistance are "Milking" the system. As it has already been said, usually when moms get to that point it's because their child's or children's father left and didn't take responsibility. I get state aid, but only for one of my kids, because her father is jerk and doesn't help me.
I also think that by giving Suleman all of this attention she MAY be getting what she wants. It angers me that she, already having six kids, decided to go for invitro AGAIN! I mean how can someone want to do that to their other kids, and put these new born babies through this! The other thing is, NO one really knows what her real reasons are. Or what she is really after. So everyone can sit there and judge, and point fingers and name-call, and what have you. But in the end she is the only one who really knows why she did and is doing what she has and is doing. So really what we should do is leave the guessing, name calling, and such alone. I think she should be forced to get some sort of job, take the free daycare, and work for the kids she sooo wanted to have. Make her take real responsibility for what she has decided to bring upon herself.
I also think that the state Child services should keep an eye out for her children, what I have read about past issues with her other kids concerns me.

..... where is all this hate coming from... Why don't you hate mongers get a life and leave this poor woman and her children alone?

Given a chance, I suppose some of you losers will gladly put on your kkk sheet and pull out the lynching cross from under your beds and go burn it on her front lawn.... ????

For God sake people show some love and compassion for a MOTHER and her children.... or, at least be civil and stop acting like a bunch of hate mongering barbarians.....

LOL! The video is hilarious. I think she's a crazy woman. 14 kids? She acted without thinking.


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