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Man gets seven life terms for torturing his children

Mansa Musa Muhummed, who beat, tortured and starved his children for decades, was sentenced to seven life terms in prison today by a judge in Murrieta who said the man’s "reign of terror" against his family merited the harsh sentence.

"Mr. Muhummed showed no remorse and accepted no responsibility for his twisted behavior, and the court is sending the strongest message possible," Riverside County Superior Court Judge F. Paul Dickerson III said.

Some of Muhummed’s 19 children urged the court to show no mercy to their father because he showed no mercy to them. "I’m very afraid of him, please don’t let him ever get out of jail," said Sharon Boddie, who was locked up in a dark garage and starved by her father. When police found her, she was 18 and weighed 48 pounds. "I still have nightmares about him,” she told the judge. “Parents are supposed to protect their children, not abuse them.”

During the trial, family members testified that Muhummed locked them in their home, hanged them from the ceiling and beat them, made them eat their own feces and vomit, and routinely hit them with boat oars, hoses and electric cords. He also had three wives.

One of his wives finally slipped a letter detailing the abuse to the mailman, who notified child protective services. The police raided the family’s rural Aguanga home in 1999 and freed the family. The case took 10 years to get to trial because of legal maneuvers by Muhummed.

He denied any torture today, saying his children would someday regret accusing him.  “I never tortured them, I don’t know where that came from,” he said. “I still cheer for them and love them even if they hate me.”

Most of his family left the room when he spoke but returned for the sentencing.

He could be eligible for parole in 65 years, his attorney said.

-- David Kelly

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Ridiculous that this took 10 years, but good for CPS and Judge Dickerson. While justice delayed is frustrating, justice appropriately applied is meaningful.

What can you say? To call this man a beast is an insult to the animal world. Too many women and children throughout the world are treated like chattel and punching bags, all in the name of machismo and male superiority. This must stop.

I hope he rottens in jail!

Ok. So we have a comments section for THIS article, but nowhere to voice our opinions on the stimulus package. Don't the geniuses who run the LA Times website think that maybe there would be a more important exchange of ideas on THAT subject than this one? I mean, what is there to say about this story? Is ANYONE really going to defend this guy? The only conceivable comments are going to be along the lines of "Wow what a bad guy" or "Throw him in jail forever". Not exactly an enlightening discussion is it? Do we really need a public debate about this or the octuplets as much as we do about THE MOST IMPORTANT THING HAPPENING IN AMERICA TODAY?! How about taking this USELESS comment page down and putting one up on the article about the stimulus package. Should be a freaking no brainer. Jeez.

The California Justice System is a JOKE!!
How on earth could we allow these Lawyers to get away with delaying this trial for 10 years?
Those children and all victims of abuse, deserve swift justice!
People of California, we need Laws to Protect Victims Rights!
If that means taking away some of the defendants endless appeals,
So Be It! We are paying for these Public Defenders, to drag out these cases
for their own personal gain!
We Need To Fix This...We Must Fix This!!!!!

I hope my mother doesn't read this. She may become concerned about retractive punishment. Many parents get away with the most horrific crimes just because children grow up, and move on. We were beaten and starved until she got bored, then she (thankfully) abandonded us. As an adult when I speak to her now, it is easy to see why. She is not bright or sane . Very little potential as a human. Not worth recognizing as a criminal when you get right down to it. The woman who managed to rescue the others ought to get an award from the Governor. It's the people like her that make a real difference in the world.

I hope these women and children will heal, or at least be able to cope with whatever remaining physical, psychological, and emotional scars this monster has left them with. I can't think of another species on earth that wreaks the destruction that man does. Reading of things like this forces me to think that the planet will be a better place when we humans finally manage, whether through environmental ruin, global-warming, or nuclear warfare, to destroy our own species entirely, leaving the globe and remaining species to bring themselves back into balance naturally. So much for our "superiority" and our "dominion over the earth."


Thanks for blaming this on men, I'm sure you're an outstanding woman with that attitude and I have no doubts that you live with 5 or so cats.

Read the damned article, the man had three wives and 19 children, this behavior is common in the Arab world and has nothing to do with machismo and male superiority you muppet.


Tim L. -- He was in jail the entire 10 years while awaiting trial; it's not as though he was free and living it up. There's no huge injustice to the public or anyone here.

Hey if this guy had some child porn on his computer, he would have been prosecuted immediately, but torture your family for 20 years and it takes 10 years to go to trial. Sounds like the justice system I know and love.

It is frustrating that we can't comment on all the articles, especially on important topics like the Stim. Go over to the SF Chronicle, sfgate.com. You can comment on everything there.

He a GITMO type of person! And we objcet to the torture of GITMO prisoners!
They are brutal and inhuman prisoners!

I agree with Sean

"He a GITMO type of person! And we objcet to the torture of GITMO prisoners!
They are brutal and inhuman prisoners!"
Putting aside for the moment that you have no idea if that is true of all of them, so what you are saying is that America should be the type of Nation that tortures "evil" people like, maybe, skinning them alive, burning them, gouging out their eyes, dragging them behind cares, breaking their fingers daily, etc? That's the kind of America you want? Oh I'm all for locking proven terrorists in very small cells for the rest of time. But that is the type of Nation you want to be? Really? Wow.

How on earth could we allow these Lawyers to get away with delaying this trial for 10 years?
As a trial attorney, I agree, that is BIZARRE long. However, he was in prison the entire time. And I thought the sentencing took 10 years and not the trial. This article isn't real clear on that issue.

Hey SCY, 911 was a form of torture of over 3,000Americans!!!!!

Sean you should be the Times blogger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank God. A good and just sentencing.

Dear Bill G.,

In your comment directed to Tara above, why did you say 'this is common in the Arab world?' Arabs condemn such behavior too. You might want to reflect on why you have an anti-Arab bias. Or perhaps it is an anti-Muslim bias. We do not know based on the information in the article where Mansa Musa Muhammad is from. Granted, the name is from Arabic, but to take a different example, my name "Tony" is from Greek--and yet I am a Korean-American from Hawaii and I do not have any ties to the Greek Orthodox Church. Or to the Italian Mafia for that matter. I feel strongly about this issue because it is too easy to get carried away talking about "those Arabs" or "those Muslims" (all 2 billion of them!) or "those Chinese" or "those black people." If you saw me on the street I would be very surprised if you could reliably distinguish me from some other East Asian ethnicity (remember there are 1.4 billion Chinese, who are not always so easy to distinguish at a glance from Japanese, Koreans, Taiwanese, many Nepalis, and others). And knowing that I am Korean-American, would you say that the Virginia Tech massacre is somehow common in "the Korean world"? I am in Seoul, Korea now, and I have heard about heinous crimes being committed by people here. But that does make me hesitate from condemn such acts. The thing is that it is so easy in the post 9/11/2001 atmosphere to point fingers at Arabs/Muslims and people are so ready to speak carelessly about 'them' that reasonable Arabs, Iranians, Turks, Kurds, Afghans, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Indonesians, Malaysians, and other people form Islamicate-dominated cultures are likely to feel at least slightly antagonized when you say 'this is common in the Arab world' or 'this is common among Muslims.' What about Josef Fritzl? Do you think his behavior is common among Austrians? How about Jeffrey Dahmer? Timothy McVeigh? O.J. Simpson? Is their behavior common among Americans?

Mr. Muhammad is a monster, but your indictment of "Arabs" is no less problematic than the sexism you see in Tara's comment.

He did not have a public defender. Pete Morreale is a private attorney who also works with a conflict panel. It wasn't the lawyers who strung this out. It was the defendant who was constantly changing lawyers. He was in custody the entire time, so I would say that hardly means the justice system is a joke. There are umpteen rights for victims on the books. For anyone to say otherwise would be indicative of a person who isn't very bright.

Wow! I remember reading about this guy years ago when the story first broke. It's a shame it took this long to bring him to trial. How in the world could it have been delayed for 10 years? When I first read about it, it sounded like a slam-dunk prosecution.

Oh well.

I doubt that there is anyone out there that is sympathetic towards this man. He is no doubt a monster...a perversion of man....so why are we going to feed him; clothes him and nurture him for the next 65 years as if he were salvageable for some higher good. Genetic deformities like this should be dealt with as Mother Nature intended, they should be cast out into the wild to be devoured by predators. Recycled like the trash they are.

"Hey SCY, 911 was a form of torture of over 3,000Americans!!!!!"

Actually, a lot of 911-victims were foreigners. But no, you guys have to elbow your way into every opportunity to present yourself as victims.

Besides, weren't these the same Americans who cheered when Bush bombed Baghdad in the first gulf war? There you go!

Sometimes kids need a little tough love. It sounds like this guy is innocent.

i'll pay for the rope.

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