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Man wants DNA test to see if he is octuplets' father

Nearly a month after she gave birth to octuplets, the story of Nadya Suleman continues to take on soap opera-like twists.

The latest chapter came today on "Good Morning America," in which a man who says he "might" be the father of the octuplets said he donated sperm to Suleman a decade ago when they were dating. He now wants a DNA test to see if he is the father.

Denis Beaudoin told ABC News he had a three-year relationship with Suleman and found it "out of the ordinary" when she asked him to donate sperm.

"But I cared about her so much. And I mean, we were, we were in love. I mean, I loved Nadya very much," he said. "She really had a really infectious laugh. You know, just her laugh would, it would make you crack up. It's kind of like she had a real high-pitch, squeaky cartoon voice. And, you know, she was a lot of fun to be around. Just her whole bubbly outward personality was really, really cool."

Suleman has not identified the father of the octuplets and denied to ABC News that Beaudoin is the father.

Suleman, 33, had six other children before she gave birth to octuplets. Many have questioned how Suleman can care for the 14 children when she doesn't have a job and lives in her mother's three-bedroom house, which might soon be foreclosed on.

A default notice was filed Feb. 9 for a loan that is $23,224 past due. The notice lists a projected sale date of June 9, according to the website foreclosureradar.com. Suleman's mother bought the house in March 2006 for $605,000 with a loan from IndyMac Bank for $453,750.

Beaudoin, who is married and has two of his own children, told ABC he would be willing to help raise the octuplets if it turns out he's the father.

"You know my wife, she's not real happy about, you know, the whole situation. I mean, you can't really blame her. I mean I kind of threw this in her lap after, you know, it kind of hit the news," he said.

-- Shelby Grad

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There's an adult in the room after all. I think Denis is amazing, and has a right to know if these are his children. Nadya, your children deserve to know who their father is, as well as, their father needing to take responsibility for helping to raise them. Sperm and eggs, the two make babies. Babies are not responsible for their own support. If you are a good mother, you will see that they have the means to have a good life. Having a REAL father is one step down the road to their success. Don't just think of yourself, it's not becoming and you are in way over your head at the children's expense.

Buddy are you nuts...well maybe you are if you dated this wacko and actually fell in love with it for a time.... Since I'm a guy I can't really state what I would do if I was your CURRENT wife and just found out about this.... But I will tell you this, you had better get a really good Attorney, have a lot $$$$$$ and a great paying job with benefits, because if you go through with what you're thinking about, you're going to be devorced, with child support on two families, the one you're CURRENTLY married to and the un-employed, On-th-Dole, Wack-job with the Litter of kids. I'd actually suggest that you inform your current wife that you suffered a mild stroke, forgot who you were and would like to get bact toa normal life now....and never speak to the press again. You'll have a chance at your 15 minutes of fame at a later date...trust me. You can make an absolute fool of your self on your own, you don't need this Psycho-'B' from Hell to help.

Just when you think that this story can't get any more freaky or pathetic, it does.

I hope you have a great job (or don't have a job) because child support will be huge.

Hey, like, you know, my wife would be like totally uncool about it too, man, you know. Dude - so like you'll totally know like next time - beware of like chicks with totally infectious laughs bearing, like, you know, collection jars...

"Woman was God's second blunder." Nietzsche
So finally "God's first blunder" is making his appearacne on the state in Nadya's Theater. He should be allowed to bask in the spotlight and be cheered and applauded and rewarded too. After all if it wasn't for his 'donation' Nadya wouldn't be getting any money, donations, charity and free-bees would she.

Am I the only one who doesn't see a trace of african american in any of the 14 babies???

I'm just suprised his name wasn't Barnum or Bailey.

Denis, how do people like you live to adulthood? This woman wound you around her finger, scammed you into giving up your juice, and now you are destroying your present relationship with some kind of weird fantasy. What is wrong with you? I feel sorry for you, her kids, and especially your present wife and children. Back out now, and apologize to your wife for your temporary(we hope) insanity.

What is wrong with this guy? Why would he want to claim 14 kids? The welfare department might start investigating him today to start replaing the welfare that she already received. The welfare department bills first and ask questions later. Unless, Denis is trying to cash in on the Reality show Suleman might get.

This guy is an idiot. He's gonna tank his marriage and get a huge child support payment at the same time.

Denis your fifteen minutes of fame is now up. Please retreat back into your life.

Who are these crazy people? No wonder the world is deteriorating!!!!! How frighteneing that they have so many children when they aren't equipped to funtion themselves.

Better take Warren's advice and the others. Bow out now.
seek help.

Makes no difference if this guy is the donor or not. According to the Uniform Parentage Act unless the signed a form when he donated the sperm acknowledging parenthood he had no rights or responsibility towards these kids.

This little factoid is quite important but none of the news accounts reporting his claims bother to mention it.

Look at the pictures carefully, they don' look like they have the same father. . . and possibly not the same mother. All those brown haired brown eyed babies and then a blond??? What if crazy doc implanted other peoples abandoned embryos? What if they aren't even her kids?
I hope childrens services demands dna confirmation.

Octupus strikes again! What a two-faced paradox this woman is. Nadya's statement as to why she couldn't destroy embroys is a bizarre paradox. She claims she wouldn't want children out there that she didn't know. HELLO! The sperm donor has children out there that he does not know. I think Beaudoin is straight up. I bet my cards on him. Nadya Sulemen has more than proven to be a psychopathic liar. Nadya’s Octups are noticably bi-racial looking with the exception of one fair-haired preemie. Rest have tons of black thick infant hair; significant with bi-racial babies. Her other six have same bi-racial looks. Re public records: Beudoin's father is white, mother is black. Sulemen's father is Arabian, mother is Lithuanian. A very mixed bi-racial gene pool to draw from!

Beudoin has VERY good reason to take a DNA test. Nadya’s very twisted tales can’t be trusted. There are some who question if a sperm donor is responsible to pay support for offspring. Catch 22 deal! Yes and No. Yes, he is responsible. That is UNLESS he signed a valid contractual agreement while at the IVF clinic, which he states he has no parental rights. Signing is a given, the usual practice that happens at ANY legit IVF clinic. Sperm donor can choose to have his name disclosed or not disclosed. His name will not be released if he has requested so in writing — BUT he MUST be present to sign his REAL name on the IVF contract. A woman can’t go around collecting sperm in a back alley, stick the sperum cup in her breasts to keep warm and run off to an IVF clinic without a legit doner present to attach name to the sperum and sign agreement. The forgery of a sperm donor’s name or — omitting of the agreement could only happen in a clinic ran by an unthical Doctor. Dr. Kamarava comes to mind. After all, Nadya worked in a ferility clinic and my guess would be she worked for Dr. Kamrava at his clinc.

Another hoop — is that Nadya was legally married for 12 years when --implanted; she wasn't legally divorced nor had a legal separation. Her divorce was final 2008, no children by tmarriage to Marcos Gutierrez. Yet, Sulemen bore six children every year for six years, then -- had eight Octups in 2009. JHC! In a span of 13 years; 1996-2009. If every wife could decide who the father of her unborn is to be and her husband have no say -- then what? This is a legal issue far from kosher!! Nadya wanted her own TV Show. Fantasy Island would be fitting. Ain’t over yet! Like they say, “it ain’t over till the fat lady sings.” Beaudoin is a husky guy and he has just sung. He strikes me as being very clean-cut, sincere, kind and likable guy. Go Denis!! Waiting with baited breath for that DNA to come back!!

Either this guy is stupid or he just want a piece of the cake aka money. This case reminds me a little bit of Ann Nicole Smith's case. When she died, few men came forward claiming paternity of her child because they knew that child is cash making machine. Suleman's kids might be a cash making machines as well. Maybe not as much as Ann Nicole's baby but there is money for sure.

If this man happens to be the father of these kids, I hope the welfare department goes after him for child support. Poor kids!

Dr. Phil claims officials at Kaiser Hospital told Nadya they were concerned about the babies living at her home in suburban Los Angeles. "What she is telling me is that unless and until she has a better living arrangement, that they are not likely to release the children to her." MORE -- http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-octuplets25-2009feb25,0,5853437.story

Good for Kaiser! By now, Nadya's time may have ran out with "Angels In Waiting." Offer may be null and void.

Oprah Show aired and it sure seems like Doud Sulemen knows more than he is telling. He was way too cagey about who the daddy is! No sense in trying to make sense out of nonsense. Feasible suspect is MARCOS. Anyone ever wonder why Marcos Gutierrez’s sperm was not used? After all she was married to Marcos from 1996 to 2008. Marcos and Nadya were divorced in 2008, had no children the degree claims. Now, Nadya’s Dad tells Oprah that he has seen the father of Nadya’s children only once when he came to their house. I think the Suleman clan is covering up what is yet to be discovered. Common sense says that Nadya could have had IVFs with Marcos. Why didn’t she? Or did she? She seems emphatic that Denis Beudion is not the father and claims to know who the father is. Does Dr. Kamarava know? MARCOS may be the father of 14 children. Maybe the investigation going on with Dr. Kamarava will give us some tell-tale.

It's not stupid at all to want to know if you have kids out there. The babies are still human, even if the mother acts otherwise. I suspect that due to the nature of their conception, with its legal ramifications, that the birth father can not be legally required to provide child support. The doctor should be held somewhat accountable, but that's another story. (I just had an interesting conspiracy theory thought. Never mind.)

Offering support to these children, even if they're genetically his, is a foolish move without the approval of his current wife. but that's between them. The really stupid thing is filling up her collection jar in the first place. If they're going to stay together, they can use the fresh stuff. If they're not, then they have no business making a baby, let alone a sports team.


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