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Father of octuplets' mother calls her "absolutely irresponsible"

The father of octuplets' mom Nadya Suleman is the latest to speak out, and he had some harsh words for his daughter.

Speaking on the "Oprah Winfrey Show," Ed Doud questioned the mental state of Suleman and criticizes both Suleman and the Beverly Hills doctor who provided her with fertility treatment as being "absolutely irresponsible."

Suleman, 33, gave birth to octuplets even though she already had six other children. Many have questioned how Suleman can care for the 14 children when she doesn't have a job and lives in her mother's three-bedroom house.

"You know what? She needs help. I say to everybody now -- people, we do need help," he said. "Do not punish my daughter for what she had done and do not punish the babies, because they were given by God."

Asked about his daughter's decision to have 14 children, Doud said: "Now I'm no psychiatrist, but I question her mental situation."

Suleman's mother has also criticized her daughter.

"I was actually very upset that my daughter had gone and done this in vitro," Angela Suleman told CBS News. "But after I saw them, you know, I thought, my goodness, these are my grandchildren. They're so tiny and fragile. I'll have to be there for them, you know, like I was for the others."

-- Shelby Grad

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I think too much time and resources have been devoted to this whole debacle. Nadya's not the first irresponsible and free-loading mom and she will not be the last. And remember, she's not the only one getting money from our income taxes; every man, woman, and child in Israel is getting money from us as well, in the tune of about $500 a year. You all should be outraged about that. There's also the war in Iraq which has cost us, what, hundreds of billions of dollars and are going to cost hundreds of billions more. There's also the corporates' bailout money which is only a few hundred billions so far. Give this story a break and move on, people.

Babies from god? No, from science. NS is looking at a 4 bedroom, 2 bath house for $1M+. How will 15+ people fit into this? Why isn't she helping her mother out of foreclosure? Why isn't she paying the state back for all her medical bills for delivery etc? The children need to be removed - their mother is not mentally capable of raising them.

Suleman is an extreme example of a typical single mom.Most of them are on the dole.Single moms have the narcissistic assumption that one is "entitled" to "the experience" of childbearing .But the taxpayers are picking up the tab for their lifestyle choices.

i think she is a con artist. in my opinion, i think she planned it. how can her dad says god had given her those babies? tsk, tsk, tsk.... yup, she planned it, because she knew she would get some attention and money. i think she is exploiting her kids for money. she's very smart.

It seems the real issue is a government gone crazy. here we are worried about the financial costs of 14 kids to the tax payers, but we are importing millions of illegals who will have more millions of kids raised on state funds : read, middle class taxpayer dollars.

Forget about this nutcase, and think about how more crazy the government is with your money

It's amazing to me that so many people think they have the right to choose what a woman can and cannot do with her body.
People are up in arms about this "issue" with this woman simply because she's a single woman. It's appalling.
If she were married - All anyone would be saying is, how amazing it is that she managed to give birth to 8. What a miracle it is - and what a struggle it is for her and her husband now that she has 14 kids.
People - this was not intentional. That's been stated over and over again. The odds were against her that this would occur.
Would everyone that's so quick to judge her be saying the same thing if she had aborted all those chidlren? Would that have been a better solution?
Stop slamming this woman and her "mental state" for wanting to have kids.
This is a womans right.
It's disgusting that so many people are outraged over what is someone's personal and private decision.
Furthermore - someone that is single has the same rights in regards to having children that someone married does.


Nadya said she gets no welfare. Actually she gets hundreds of dollars per month in food stamps, and thousands in social security disability support for her first 6 children. Thus she LIED. Then she said "..well, technically it's not welfare." Goodness, she is delusional. She called her loving, sacrificing parents "dysfunctional." How rude and selfish! She says "...it takes a village to raise a child." She interprets this literally! Wrong!!! She says she'll take care of her children herself, while saying it will take lots of donated money and the help of volunteers (thus free help) and her family (the "dysfunctionals"). How hypocritical! I foresee her not finishing school, never really working again, and the "village" will be all the rest of us, she talks as if we have no lives of our own. She had a good childhood, already had SIX children and spends all her time with them and her parents, was married for years, and she describes herself as "lonely"? She believes having more children is the answer??? My God, it's all about her, and that's why her name is the title of the children's web site! In spite of her proclamation that she loves her children (as we all do our own), she is actually quite selfish. LONELINESS IS A BAD REASON TO HAVE CHILDREN!!! IT'S ALL ABOUT HER... It's also waste of expensive medical resources. The mother's "loneliness" is delusional and her SELFISHNESS is sorrowful. And with her charm and disarmingly soft speech, we are seduced... But what we have here is the polar opposite of grace and humility. She represents many of the most selfish and very saddest qualities of people in our society... May God and the nation have mercy on her children.

There is a hole in her soul that even 1,000 babies can't fill. It's tragic. Remember, these kids did not ask to be born. They are innocent. Who knows?, maybe one or all of them will grow up to pay back more to society than the whole family took away, including the million dollar house. What's done is done, as far as their existence, so the basic care needs to be provided. I'm not thrilled about paying for it either, but I truly hope 'the authorities' step in and compel this woman to get a mental evaluation and treatment for her deep resentment of her mother and need to punish her. Oh, and sterilized, too.

I think the fertility clinic and the doctor should be responsible for the care and expenses of these children. They entered into the decision to perform these procedures for this unstable woman who did not need help conceiving babies and therefore should assume the consequences of their actions. They received the fame of an "octo" birth ...now take on the bills. All legislatures should pass bills to prevent another occurence like this and to put all fertility clinics on notice to act sensibly and ethically.

The fact that a woman with 14 young children would even consider a home with a pool tells me something about her.

This family is nothing but a collective of liars and cheats:

1. Where's the huge house that Ed said in an early interview he was going to be moving Nadya and her children to? You know, the one he said the media would "never find." Liar. It doesn't exist. It never did.

2. Grandma complains in an earlier interview that she was surprised to learn of Nadya's disability compensation because she had been paying the house paymenhts and buying the food for the family with non help from Nadya. Liar. Now it's discovered that NOBODY was paying the housepayments and food stamps were buying the food.

3. Nadya claimed that she doesn't receive any welfare. No taxpayer dollars. Liar. Now we know that she receives foodstamps and disability payments for herself and her children.

4. Nadya claims not to have had plastic surgery to make herself look like Angelina Joli. Please. It's only a matter of time before the receptionist at the surgeon's office decides to get her cut by leaking the records.

Add to all of this the manicures and trips to Nordstrom on the taxpayer's dollar and you've got a portait of a family of sociopathic con artists. It'll be interesting to see what Nadya Suleman and her family do with the very generous offer arranged by Gloria Allred. My prediction is that since it won't result in cash in their pockets, they'll turn it down flat.

Given by God? What does God have to do with anything this crazy woman has been doing.... I hope that this woman will be forced to undergo a phyc evaluation before bring any of those babies home... she just is not right in the head. PERIOD!!!!

I think it interesting that the Grandfather refers to the "Beverly Hills doctor" as god,
Do not punish my daughter for what she had done and do not punish the babies, because they were given by God."

God had nothing to do with this, it was Science at it's best or worst

"Do not punish my daughter for what she had done and do not punish the babies, because they were given by God."

Are you serious? Why in the world are you bringing God into this? If they were given by God, then she wouldn't have to use invitro fertilization. Maybe God didn't want her to have any babies in the first place with good reasons.

In no way am I religious, but this crazy lady deserves some kind of punishment.

Right on, Anne W. The overpopulation issue has somehow gotten lost in all the vitriol over public assistance and single mothers. Yes, Suleman is an egregious example, but anyone who exceeds the replacement rate in the midst of an obvious global overpopulation crisis is selfish and irresponsible. Period.

I assume that in-vitro fertilization is not covered by most health insurance plans in the US. So 2 questions need to be asked: how much did this cost and where did the money come from??

The family must have hired a new publicist to control damage from the public by asking the parents to speak up and at the same time asking for public sympathy, just like many Hollywood celebrities. Lame!

In the beginning, it was reported that the father had gone back to Iraq to earn money for the "growing family." The mother repeatedly said she would not be there while relating how her daughter had hidden income from her and let her spend her retirement feeding and clothing the six she already had. Now, with the website set up to collect money, both of them are there for their daughter. Wonder how long it will be before the next nut case wants to get rich off of people's sympathy and has herself packed full of babies.

What does everyone expect? For years now liberals have been encouraging women to ditch family roles and marry the state, rather than men (or other women, which I also support, because I'm in favor of marriage). Conservatives haven't had the balls to question it. This woman is the logical extension of a social system where imbalanced, immature, self-centered girls scam a system through sex work. All because they're playing the Mommy card.

I don't think that single women should get state support unless they lost their husbands/partners for good reason. But this is the outcome of anti-abortion extremists' interfering in rational, loving standards of when to have, or not, more kids.

Women who never had partners and never made commitments to anything but their own whims are not fit mothers. PUH LEEZE don't tell me about "single moms" who are "doing a good job." Kids need two parents and extended families. Period. Women who want babies without men are queen bees who use and discard drones then hit the hive up for support.

God had nothing to do with this. Love between two humans had nothing to do with this. Those babies were created by Dr. Frankenstein in a lab so some scammer woman could leach off the government, and now the rest of us have to pay for them the rest of their lives! Nadya needs to be locked up and those children. . .all 14 of them. . .need to be placed with REAL families that can afford them and raise them properly!

Stop saying they need money! They will not need our donations!!! The state and federal subsidies and welfare will probably total at least $20,000 per month!!!!

At least if she and her parents continue to do interviews they will generate enough income to eliminate any payments from welfare, SSI, foodstamps, MediCal, etc. Although tv shows state they do not pay for interviews they do pay for the rights to use photographs and film of the family and octuplets.

Is a person entitled to taxpayer freebies (welfare,WIC,foodstamps,etc.)for years(perhaps decades) simply because they were born with a womb and prove that they can breed? Should we as a society financially support single moms for 18 years++ simply because they feel that they are "entitled" to "the experience" of childbearing ??

Hold up, here! Who's Ed Doud? That's not the name her father gave before. Then who's Ed Suleman? Is her father back from Iraq, where he took off for post-octobirth? Where's the huge house in the "secret" location he was bragging about last month?

I'm confused.....

These people need to get their stories straight.

1. I thought that defrauding worker's comp was a felony? They need to investigate this woman because someone who's permanently disabled due to back problems wouldn't look happy carrying 8 children in her womb. Have you seen her picture showing off her HUGE belly and looking happy? By the way she is standing up & her face has no sign of pain. My sister has suffered from back problems for years, & she's in pain most of the day/night/365 days of the year. How can it be possible for Nadia to carry 6 full term preganancies and 1 almost full term pregnancy and still look happy? This story is full of lies and their characters (Nadia and her parents) are having trouble keeping up with their lies. No wonder she needs a PR person because she needs a professional liar to help her keep up with their web of lies.

2. Some people are quick to say "remove the children and put them in foste care". I do not think this is the solution to the problem. The County & orphanages have trouble placing disabled children. We know for sure she has 3 disabled children among her first 6 children & who knows how many more disabled children are among the other 8 chiildren.Furthermore, the foster care system is a BROKEN system where children fall through the cracks. They'll first try placing these children with family AKA the grandparents; therefore, the children will still end up within this crazy woman's reach. I feel sorry for the children specially for the autistic child since this child, due his type of disability, needs peace & quiet and he won't find it in his home that is soon to become a jungle. He will be lost.

3. The gov't needs to get involved and put more regulations on all fertilty doctors. Doctors usually can tell when someone is not all there & especially if the doctor knows the patient's history. Fertility treatments are not considered emergencies and the doctor was not obligated to render his services to Nadia. The gov't must send this iresponsable doctor to jail for child endangerment.

4. Last but not least, Most of the public is attacking Nadia but what about the children's father. He's not an anonymous sperm donor, he's actually her "FRIEND" according to Nadia. My understanding is that only anonymous sperm donors are proctected from child support laws. The gov't should be going after him for child support since she's receiving Medi-Cal benefits for her children. Any parent/legal guardian requesting Medi-Cal benefits for a child(ren) must cooperate with the child support office in locating the absent parent. Why LA Times is not questioning the board of supervisors about this? I think you should. Any other story you are all over them!

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