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Father of octuplets' mother calls her "absolutely irresponsible"

The father of octuplets' mom Nadya Suleman is the latest to speak out, and he had some harsh words for his daughter.

Speaking on the "Oprah Winfrey Show," Ed Doud questioned the mental state of Suleman and criticizes both Suleman and the Beverly Hills doctor who provided her with fertility treatment as being "absolutely irresponsible."

Suleman, 33, gave birth to octuplets even though she already had six other children. Many have questioned how Suleman can care for the 14 children when she doesn't have a job and lives in her mother's three-bedroom house.

"You know what? She needs help. I say to everybody now -- people, we do need help," he said. "Do not punish my daughter for what she had done and do not punish the babies, because they were given by God."

Asked about his daughter's decision to have 14 children, Doud said: "Now I'm no psychiatrist, but I question her mental situation."

Suleman's mother has also criticized her daughter.

"I was actually very upset that my daughter had gone and done this in vitro," Angela Suleman told CBS News. "But after I saw them, you know, I thought, my goodness, these are my grandchildren. They're so tiny and fragile. I'll have to be there for them, you know, like I was for the others."

-- Shelby Grad

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These babies were not given by God! This was human intervention!

It's pretty sad that Ms. Suleman's mother has to use up all her retirement pay each month to support her daughter's irresponsible actions. And, it's equally sad that her father has to work overseas to support his family! There's no question that Nadya has deep emotional problems, and one wonders how she is going to be capable of caring for all these children, get an education, work for a living, etc. I think she'll be living off my tax money for years to come, and it doesn't make me happy when there are so many other things that the taxpayer's money can go to; i.e., education, etc.

This story will never end! What a mess!! Now the news is reporting that Nadya was looking at a million dollar plus house in Whittler with a pool. Are the authorities just looking the other way on this case? And her father was on Oprah? Was he paid for that appearance??

I think that this lady is so selfish to have these children, there is no way that each one will get the attention that they deserve, or will get the fair chance at education and life as the rest of the U.S.A enjoys. I understand the mother being mad and then turning around to help because it is not the kids fault but that of a dumb, selfish free loading mother expecting the rest of the world to pay for her kids to be raised. DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that by some strange twist in the law we should make that doctor legal guardian to these children since the father signed an agreement to be left out at hte start. HE was the DOCTOR after all, who supposedly has a education and knows better.

Her father seems just as crazy as her. How could he say, in a live interview, that god gave these babies to her. Hello....god (if there is one) -vs - invitro. There is no way she could've naturally had 8 babies. This is totally irresponsible on both the mothers and the doctors part. Hey......I have an idea. Since CA likes taking away constitutional rights from people why don't we vote and make a law that limits the amount of children people can have. I propose if you're single your allowed one mistake.....if your a couple, 2-3 per family. Now lets vote on this issue, maybe just maybe, it will help out our economy.

I think if I hear one more person say that these medically implanted babies are "From God" I am going to completely die inside. Nothing about this fiasco warrants bringing God into it... and as far as the father's other comments about his daughters mental well being are concerned he should be awarded the "No Duh Award 2009" and the "Total Hypocrite" award for judging her parenting choices when I doubt he was any kind of winner at being a dad himself.

This is not even a matter of mental stability or not, this is a matter of defrauding tax payers and Nadya Suleyman indulging her whims on everybody else's dime. These babies will be developmentally challenged, and it is now up to the California taxpayers to for out millions and millions of dollars. We should have a say: Nadya goes to jail!!

This woman and her grandparents cannot raise all these children properly. The mother is clearly unfit and the grandparents don't appear to be very supportive of what she has done. They obviously love their batch of granchildren, but that doesn't alter the fact that the household is problematic. These kids need to be taken and put into loving homes that can give each child the attention and healthful environment that he or she needs and deserves. Forget Suleman. Anybody with no livelihood who has six children and goes to a fertility specialist to have even more kids is not a stable personality. When you add in the questions about her obsession with Angelina Jolie, she probably should be hospitalized. This situation is a ticking time-bomb.

Dear Ms. Clown-Car-Uterus,
Please stop making news. You situation is causing serious cognitive dissonance for everyone who knows the story--the joy of new life--but fourteen kids. Only in the bad old days of extended families living together, with aunties and grandparents and all the women staying at home, were families of six or eight reasonable. But you can't put toothpaste back in the tube, and your best bet is to unwind this news coverage you're getting, because everyone is clearly stuck on the costs of your endeavor and the potential harm to these kids.

Where is the Department of Social Services, they should take these babies away from her and adopt them out to families that have no babies....How does she think she can give quality time to each child......there are not enough hours in the day.....I am also a grandmother, and love the babies, but thank God.....the were raised to accountable, responsible, and productive career women, which this little spoiled brat has not learned. She needs to go to the Norwalk Mental hospital as an in-patient along with her parents.


The CA department of social services should ask their attorneys to look into trying to be reimbursed by the both fertilty doctors. It is obvious that the woman has mental issues and they took avantage of that. Instead of the CA taxpayeers having to pay let the doctors pay for the rest of their lives if need be. UNBELIEVABLE!

I hope all the pro-lifers and religious right are there to lend their support to Ms. Suleyman. And for you Republicans out there, don't expect Ms. Suleyman not to use social services. Practice what you preach!

Amazing the public response to this woman. Why are we giving her much attention? Because we think it's selfish? Sure it is, but she is a product of our selfish country. Parents teach their kids that it's okay to feel entitled...Young people do not know the meaning of hard work. They complain about having to "work too much". We have allow people to believe everything comes easy here in the "Good old USA". People think they have a right to sue over outrageous claims of distress... She is not a whole lot different than you think than every or single parent with 4,5,6 kids with no husband in site living on public aid. She just decided to worked a little bit more...

Okay, that does it.

A million dollar home in Whittier???

Clear evidence of insanity.

An irresponsible and unethical doctor performing IVF is not a gift from God...period

This woman needs to go away and be a parent. As someone who has been through multiple failed IVF procedures, hearing about her constantly is killing me and my wife.

This is another commentary on our worker's comp system. This woman was deemed temporarily and now permanently disabled but she is healthy enough (at least physically, not mentally) to bear eight children at once? Another example of our great government agencies at work. No wonder people will risk their lives to come to America!

How is it that this family has so much time to do interviews??????? The grandmother, then the grandfather and let's see Nadya has done a few herself. She is now talking to Dr. Phil. Uh, I hope it's in private and not just another publicity stunt. If anyone really wanted to help this woman they would be helping her in PRIVATE not in front of an audience.
This whole thing STINKS! I don't believe for one minute that Ms Suleman is a nutcase, she is a master at pimping the system and so are her parents. She does what gets her results, like Dr Phil says "how's that working for you?" It all seems to be working fine for Ms. Suleman otherwise she wouldn't have gotten this far! Hmm, the Today Show, Oprah and Dr Phil Show keep the spotlight on her and even with the bad press she will eventually end up being taken cared of.....here we go again, the rewarding of bad behavior, GEEZ!

I could write a book on all my thoughts about this matter. I will try to make it short by saying that...the state is going to be caring for these children for the rest of their lives...unless...the state takes these children away from the mother and tells her...when you get your education out of the way, get a decent paying job and a house large enough to house her family, then and only then will she get all her children back! She is a freeloader and will always be a freeloader untill we all force her into caring for herself and her children on her own. She wants a large family...she needs to provide for it...not me or the rest of the taxpayers of California!

This is not even a matter of mental stability or not, this is a matter of defrauding tax payers and Nadya Suleyman indulging her whims on everybody else's dime. These babies will be developmentally challenged, and it is now up to the California taxpayers to for out millions and millions of dollars. We should have a say: Nadya goes to jail!!

It's always funny to read about this story. Whether it is the Animal rights people with their 200 pd killer chimps they treat as children or this woman and her 14 kids and no children's father or job... there are just so many ways to give the "salute" to the other people around you. So many ways to vandalize the community.

What puzzles me is that Dr. Michael Kamrava is allowed to continue his practice and his only response to journalists and the public's outrage is, "No comment." NO comment? Why isn't Dr. Michael Kamrava being held to some accountability? Undoubtedly there are cases where fertility specialists are warranted, but for Nadya Suleman it seems exploitive and extremely poor judgment on his part. What was Dr. Kamrava thinking when he agreed to this? My guess: How's my bank account looking? Dr. Kamrava's medical practice continues, while the Suleman home with 14 children tries to avoid misstep that will find child protective services at their doorstep.

Is the doctor the babies father?

The children shouldn't be punished but she sure should be! Jail time or LOTS of community service to repay the taxpayers for all that disability plus her hospital bill.

They got us! Mother and doctor were irresponsible, wrong; but what’s done is done. Let’s do this. 1) Set up laws governing invitro pregnancies so such excess won’t happen again. 2) Endow the family for entertainment and science, i.e. baseball players and Harvard Medical School.

I don't see that Ms. Suleman is all that different from other people who have more children than the earth can support--she's different in degree, but not really in kind. Certainly she appears to be irresponsible and possibly insane--but how sane and responsible is anyone who plays chicken with overpopulation?

When people brag to me about their eight kids and twenty-two grandkids, I'm polite. But what's going on in my mind is similar to the comments I read about Nadya Suleman.

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