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Singer Chris Brown under investigation in alleged assault

December 2008 photo of singers Rihanna and Chris  Brown  performing at Madison Square Garden in New York.

R&B singer Chris Brown, one of the biggest-selling performers in pop music, was booked tonight in Los Angeles on charges stemming from an alleged assault on his girlfriend, pop singer Rihanna, according to police and other sources familiar with the investigation.

An official police statement did not name Rihanna, but said the woman in the incident “suffered visible injuries.”

Details of what took place between the two were sketchy, but authorities and sources said that about 12:30 a.m. Sunday, Brown and a woman got into an argument in a rented Lamborghini on North June Street in Hancock Park. Brown stopped the car, the two got out, and the argument escalated. A witness called 911, but police said Brown was gone by the time officers arrived at the scene. The woman identified Brown as her assailant.

Authorities did not describe her injuries or whether she was treated for them.

The sources said the woman was Rihanna, whose full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

Brown was booked on a charge of making criminal threats, and police said he remained under investigation for felony charges of domestic violence. “The exact charge was criminal threats and it is going to be investigated as a criminal threats investigation,” said Police Sgt. Bridget Pickett, who spoke to reporters at the Wilshire Division police station, where Brown was booked. “There may be domestic violence charges added later, but that will be up to the district attorney’s office.”

Pickett defined a criminal threat as “a threat that is made to a person with the likelihood that it may occur.” She said that Brown arrived at the police station about 6:30 p.m. dressed in a T-shirt and jeans. “He was very professional,” she said. Brown was joined at the station by his lawyer, Mark Geragos, and Geragos’ investigator, Scott Ross.

After posting $50,000 bail, Brown left the station before 9 p.m.

Both Brown and Rihanna had been scheduled to perform at the Grammy Awards, which began at 5 p.m. at Staples Center. Neither appeared, and Grammy officials issued a statement just before the show saying: "We have just been informed Rihanna will not be attending tonight’s 51st Grammy Awards. Rihanna will not be performing. We are sorry to see she is unable to join us this evening.”

A publicist for the Barbados-born star, who sold more digital song downloads than anyone else in 2008 with nearly 10 million tracks, said Sunday night: “Rihanna is well. Thank you for your concern and support.”

Her song “Disturbia,” which she’d been scheduled to perform at the ceremony, was the sixth best-selling digital track of the year. She was replaced by veteran soul singer Al Green, who was accompanied by country singer-guitarist Keith Urban.

Brown and Rihanna had appeared together Saturday night at producer Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy gala in Beverly Hills.

A spokesman for Brown’s record label did not respond to The Times’ request for comment. Brown finished 2008 as the fourth-best-selling artist in the digital realm, posting 6.8 million tracks sold, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

-- Andrew Blankstein, Randy Lewis, Ari Bloomekatz and Mitchell Landsberg

Photo: Singers Rihanna and Chris Brown perform at New York City's Madison Square Garden in December. Credit: Evan Agostini / Associated Press

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Jesus christ people are a joke these days.
Ever heard of innocent until proven guilty? There is absolutely no evidence, photos, or confessions that prove this story is true. Just wait until the true story unfolds then voice your opinion.
Until Rihanna says personally "Chris Brown attacked me" and Chris Brown says "I attacked Rihanna" no one should be slating anyone. You're ridiculous and so are all these newspaper things.

How does anyone know this even happened? Or that it was him that did it? Has anyone ever heard of a publicity stunt? Helllllo! Its probably all fake. And EVEN if he did it, the broad probably deserved it anyways

I agreed with HA.

My thoughts and prayers goes out to Rihanna and Chris Brown. They both are great singers. I can't believe when I hear about Chris Brown and Rihanna. It is not right for a man to hit a woman as she does not deserve it. I cannot tell, if they should remain together or what? Is ridicilous.

Don' get me wrong I def do not support abuse BUT from what the media (radio) continues to say (that she had an STD and passed in on to chris after missing with Jay Z I believe she had what was coming to her. He didn't do it for fun and believe me the fact that he did abuse her is worng but anyone who finds out the his/her other half in a relationship may haven given him/her an STD would try to inflict some sort of pain on you too like be for real. I mean and the fact that she is a famous women makes it even harded on Chirs Brown being that he is famous and male, all she really had to do was cry and im sure he would still have been arrested. Now radio shows dont want to play his music and ppl are automatically siding w/ Rihanna. Truthfuly all we know right now is what the media tlls us I want to here it form the mouth of the two I believe they do owe us at least that, and all these radio stations who are singling out chris brown becasue of his alleged behavior the same should go for her since shes allegedly affecting ppl w/ what ever STD shes allegedly carring. Right now I feel like Chirs Brown is being left out in the wind and hasn't been able to stick up for himself. So dont start knocking him just yet

People who are saying 'Maybe she was being violent towards him and he defended himself" are dreaming. Rihanna is a VERY slim woman and Chris Brown is built. Both sides of her face were lacerated and she has broken teeth. Only one explanation for that, folks. Namely, he was beating up on her. It's a sad truth that many people who come from abusive homes continue the cycle of abuse, but that doesn't excuse anything. If low-income families can manage to deal with abusive pasts and get the help they need, who is in a better position to do so than Chris Brown? He may be 19, but his body is all-grown-up and he has to take responsibility for his actions.

just cause he is star and everyone thinks he is so oooocute doesnt mean that he didnt beat that poor girl up. NO WOMEN deserves to have that done to them for any reason. whether she gave him something, was running her mouth to much whatever the case may be he deserves to pay for what he did.

im so tired of hearing reasoning for why so many sorry boys and men use that fact that O my woman has to much mouth thats why i did or what ever the case is its all bull learn how to control your emotions along with hands and get a grip. I say fry him if he did it. He must have thought that either she wasnt going to say anything or he thought he could get away with it

STOP. Domestic violence is wrong, but let's all wait and reserve our judgements until we get all the facts. How do we know that Rhianna didn't hit him. None of us were there and we just don't know the facts. Let's not do what he police love to do to Black men on a regular basis. Let's not rush to convict Chris Brown. People in relationships get into arguments all the time. Lots of times women hit men and the law turns a blind eye. If Chris hit her, was he trying to stop her from assulting him. We just don't know. Let's get all the facts before we judge people. Also, remember that people make mistakes. Those who are remorseful deserve second chances. Let's not bury our successful young people before they reach their potential. Thanks.

I hope everything gets resolved. Prayers go out to both Chris and Rhianna.
2009 is for Change

Everyone is making this out to be somethig that it really is not. And like always everybody saying rumors here and there which i hate. Just give it some time and the truth will be told and until then we will know and everybody can give there opinions and say what they have to say.

As for the time being all i gotta say is Chris Brown hold your head up and i love you!!

God is good, God Bless.

they are regular people with regular issues, she probably got jealous at something she saw and confronted him about it in the car, and they got into an argument. the person who called the police did not know they were famous,and he probably was trying to keep her from going haywild on him. i know he did not punch her or anything, the most he probably did was hold her arms trying to keep her calm. we as people can blow alot of things out of preportion. every body has had issues and it is not right to put other peoples personal buisness out in the street. if you support their music its fine but stick by your stars, the media wont.

Is it just me, or is Mike the only sane person commenting here?

"Some of these comments sicken me. Still support the guy? Has a rough life? Give me a break. Chris Brown is just another thug off the street turned into a millionaire for no particular reason, and beyond his ability to comprehend. The most unfortunate part of this incident, other than the physical damage done to Rihanna, will be that Brown's downloads will probably spike.

Oh, and the Ike Turner comments are also inaccurate. He was no less a pig, but did have musical vision"


Whatever happened to personal responsibility? If it turns out that he did beat her up, then he should go to JAIL. Not help. JAIL.

chris i still love you buh u gottz to make better choices okay boo

chris brown is a total moron. any man who hits a women deserves to be thrown in prison. And for all you nieve chicks who still love him, grow up and get your head out of the clouds!!! HE IS A DISGUSTING PERVERTED CRIMINAL!

I believe that you cant put all the blame on chris untill all the info has been release from both sides ....it could of went either WAY for all we know they could of got into an arguement he hit her with not thinking ,then she goes into the house and makes the situation worse and bites and hit on her self for all we know im just saying we dont know the full story.......and we cant dictate what happens behind closed doors........love you chris your in my prayers!! KB

I believe that you cant put all the blame on chris,not just yet.Well not atleast untill all the info has been release from both sides ....it could of went either WAY for all we know they could of got into an arguement he hit her(with not thinking)but hey every one makes mistakes but with her having bite marks n whatever,how do we know he did it, how??She could of easily went into the house and made the situation worse by bites and hitting on herself for all we know im just saying we dont know the full story.......and we cant dictate what happens behind closed doors........love you chris your in my prayers!! KB

I'm just wondering why so many people jump on the bandwagon.

She hasn't made a statement.

He hasn't made a statement.

What we hear as passers-by is rarely ever what happened. I mean, first it wasn't Rhianna that he attacked, then it was. First it was a limo, then it was a Lamborghini. Whatever.

They're both great artists and I'm sure that eventually the truth will come out, and it will not be as bad as it has been made out to be.

Haven't we all been mad at some point and said we were going to hit/slap/punch/kick/kill somebody? Technically, that is a criminal threat if someone decided to pursue it.

For all we know, she went at him, he pushed her back to restrain her and she fell in the street. She may not have even bothered calling the police on her own, maybe they just showed up because of a 911 call made by someone else.

Give Chris a chance to defend himself before you jump to conclusions. He hasn't even been charged with abuse according to these articles.

I was a big fan of Chris Brown but now that this incident is all on the news. I am stunned. If he did attack Rhinna that is dead wrong and he is a punk for that. But, there is always two sides to every story, I dont know his side of the story so right now I am waiting patiently on that piece of info. I do hope Rhianna is doing okay.

well i dont believe in any of this, maybe things didnt happen this way yuu know every couple has arguements, dont judge him until there is prove that he actually beat her up ! ! ! wow is funny how one day everyone was lovig him and know that some rumor popped up everyone starts calling him and calling him bad things, pssh ! i believe in yuu chris !

Wow what angers me is the sacasm of some men in this comments section and also some people making chris sound good after hearing this he's not. He's a violent thug who harmed a woman and he should definately be punished.

Last I heard Jay Z was threatening to sort out chris saying he's a "walking dead man".

Well what a filthy hypocrite trying to act like a good man!

LOOk!!!!!!!!! Chris Brown iz not wrong 4 doing wat he did..................T3ll m3 sumthin if simbody gave u herpes you wuldnt do the same thing!!!!!!!!!!! if i was a boii i wuld..................so i fell that all charges shuld b droped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

heres how it went down, they were leaving the pre grammys party and rhianna found saucy texts on his phone so she confronted him, he obv denied it but she didnt believe him and went into a jelous rage and threatened to leave him, so they got out of the car argued some more, she pushed him n he hit her coz she was sayin ''come on i dare u, go on u wouldnt dare'' provoking him to do it so she could get all the sympathy, shes a smart girl, she knows the best ways to get revenge

I know we don't have all the facts straight about what happened between Chris and Rihanna. A lot of speculation is going to the fact that Rihanna gave Chris Herpes. I am a Mother of a 13 year old Daughter that worships the ground that Chris walks on and as far as she's concern one day she is going to Marry Chris Brown. I am so upset right now about this whole situation because there's no EXCUSE to hit a Woman period. I really blame his Mother because from what I've heard there was clearly a lot of Red Flags that went up letting Joyce Hawkins know that her son was TRAUMATIZED by what he witnessed her going through during her Abuse with his Father and Step Father. She didn't leave her Husband the first time he hit her she stayed and she put up with the Abuse. Wake up Mothers, "How do you stay knowing that your Children are being effected?" That is totally wack Mrs. Hawkins! You didn't love yourself and/or your Son to stay in that situation and nor did you get your or Chris counseling after leaving your Husband because if you did Chris wouldn't be in this situation now. Chris loves and respect his Mother but, she doesn't realize that Chris is becoming the Abuser that she kept around her Son all that time. He justified his Mother being abused by his Step dad and that's why its so easy for him to viciously attack Rihanna. Chris seems to be remorseful for his actions but, unfortunately Chris that's not enough you still need Counseling Chris so, you can be a better Man.

I really feel sorry for my Daughter and all the other Teenage girls that are being affected by this situation that Chris has gotten himself involved in I really hope that he will take care of this situation and right his wrongs. You are grown now get your own counseling for what you witnessed your Mother going through so, you can grow into the Responsible Young Man you have buried deep down inside you!

chris if u did that just forget about her stupid self .................... i stil luv u!
HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY (HUGS & KISSES) NESHA! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

i was just reading some of the comments and was taken aback that people are giving this guy the okay that during tough times or his young and learning is a perfectly good reason to hit women or anyone for that matter. Hit him where it hurts - IN THE POCKET BOOK- stop listening to his stuff, playing his stuff and give him the message- don't hit women.

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