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Octuplets' mother gets a giant babysitting offer

Allred There appears no shortage of people offering guidance to the Whittier octuplets' mom.

Attorney Gloria Allred lobbed a huge offer to Nadya Suleman on Thursday: round-the-clock nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy and a home for the super-sized Whittier family.

Now all Suleman has to do is call and accept the help from Allred and Angels in Waiting, a nonprofit charity founded by Kaiser nurse Linda West Conforti.

"This is something where she can still be a mom," Conforti said. "We’re not trying to rip these children away. We’re trying to give her a support system."

So far, Suleman has not responded to the offer, which was issued last week through her former publicists, her now-defunct website and Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Bellfower, where the octuplets were born on Jan. 26, Conforti said.

Volunteer nurses would help care for the babies in eight-hour shifts, Conforti said. In all, she said it would probably take about 14 trained professionals to provide stability and care for the octuplets while also assisting Suleman with her other special-needs children.

Allred said she filed a complaint on Feb. 12 with the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services requesting an investigation into whether Suleman’s 14 children might be endangered if left in her care and custody. Her complaint also asked that the children be temporarily removed from Suleman’s care if it is warranted.

Although Suleman has reportedly earned money from interviews with U.S. and British tabloids, it is unclear how the single mother plans to support the large family long-term. The small Whittier home she is sharing with her own mother is in pre-foreclosure. Suleman is also not employed, receiving about $490 a month in food stamps, with three of her children receiving federal supplement security income. Sources have said that Kaiser filed for Medi-Cal reimbursement for the octuplets.

The offer from Angels in Waiting would keep the family together without use of taxpayer funds, Allred said.

--Kimi Yoshino

Photo of Gloria Allred in 2002 by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

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This has got to be the bravest thing Allred's ever done in her long, storied career.

Only time will tell if it is also the most foolish thing she's done...

Does the over $300,000 in tabloid money disqualify her for food stamps? Just wondering.

Suleman probably prefers cash or credit cards!

I'm tired and have a lot of responsibilities, too. Would Gloria help me out? I could use a housekeeper, a new car, some new clothes. I can barely pay my rent. Groceries are really expensive, too. Thanks, Gloria!

Brilliant, and bravo. Now all they have to do is bury a commitment order in the fine print and throw away the key. But unless I miss my guess about what's goin' on with Nadya, some judge is going to wind up signing that one. After all, she just scored $300K for tabloid photos of the young'uns and is probably feeling independent as a hog on ice. The only hope short of that judge is if Nadya's mother Angela has actually, finally removed herself from the child care equation. Remember, this was the little princess who was going to take care of all these kids while she was going to school. "Fullerton has great day care" she cooed. I don't see her as a hands-on kind of mom.

She'll break.

Ok, we are all mad as hell at Nadya Suleman, fine, I agree with alot it myself. But what's done is done. Nadya has 14 children to raise and it is not their fault there Mom had a temporary lapse in judgment, (remember Bill Clinton had a few of those). Anyway, NadyaMom needs help and so do the kids. So, let's help the kids and if Nadya gets help along the way, fine. Maybe she is raising a future president, or future cyclist or swimmer. She needs help and so do the kids. 'Come on, the kids are adorable.

ms. aldridge says out of one side of her face she thinks that these children may be in danger if left in their mothers care, and then this nurse says out of her face that she can still be a mom under their thumb and supervision, sounds like gloria is in it for making more of a name for herself and ultimately get control and book rights to this womans children and their story, this young mother has not shown a great deal of common sense yet,although if she is getting paid for these interviews and other things then she is trying to have money on hand for everything they and her other six children will need, and i agree she needs help and lots of it, some counseling and literally a small army to help her, THIS STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN AND I BELIEVE THAT GLORIA HAS ULTERIOR MOTIVES, this young women definately needs help but not from what appears to be a wolf in sheeps clothing, and if this mother decides to accept any offer like this especially from this woman she needs to insist that cameras be installed so as not to allow stuff to be made up about her. gloria aldredge is very high powered and very wealthy and after all this is IMHO, BUT SOMETHING STINKS HERE AND WHY WOULD SHE TRUST HER, I KNOW I WOULDN'T, WHEN YOU HAVE FILED SUIT ON HER, I HOPE SHE ACCEPTS A LOT OF HELP BUT JUST NOT FROM THIS WOMEN.

I agree with other comments. Everyone has problems. Do we all get round-the-clock services hand delivered to us? No. We all work hard for our livelihood. She made the decision, with complete knowledge of the implications of her actions, and now she should have to live with it. I'm not saying these children, who had no say in being born to someone selfish enough to bring 14 children into the world without the means to care for them properly, deserve to be punished. The article says they don't want to take away from her being a mother and having her children, when that is exactly what they should do. I'm glad someone is trying to take the burden away from taxpayers, but this demonstration gives individual's all over the world the incentive to make catastrophic mistakes and reap the rewards.

So irresponsibly have 6 or 7 embryos implanted, give birth to a litter, and you get all the help in the world? What gives?

A co-worker of mine is going through h** raising one severely autistic child by herself. It's a constant fight with the school district to get her son the help he needs, her husband bailed 'cos he didn't want to deal with a child that is so explosively angry all the time, so she has to work full time and raise her son. No help from the government, just massive therapy bills she has to pay out of pocket because insurance won't cover it.

My friend has said many times she wanted more children, but couldn't think of bringing another one into this world when dealing with her son's autism takes up all her time and energy.

So Octomom decides to bring more children into this world, even though she has no means of support, two disabled children, including one with autism. It's an outrage!

I think the Octomom should have her children removed, the octuplets should be adopted out in sets of two with the stipulation that all the children remain in contact. Send Octomom and her doctor to jail for welfare fraud.

Why should this be left up to Gloria Allred?

Why wouldn't a better judge as to the future quality of life for this family be California Childcare Protective Services?
Why is some talking head TV yenta of a lawyer determining the fate of 14 helpless children left in the care of 3 extremely dubious adults who have shown themselves for the past seven years to not be up to the task?

These babies are the highest priority in this situation.
the question is whether this family can keep them that way.

It seems that Nadya Suleman lives in a reality where she is foremost seen to herself to be ready at all times for her closeup.
She's complaining about being targeted as a celebrity whenever she can't control it (and get paid for it) and gets a paparazzi mike stuck in her face. Meanwhile she is giving exclusives to tabloids. And I am guessing this isn't for free.

Nadya has no credibility and continues to blatantly and compulsively lie with every soundbite and make foolishly spendthrift financial choices with all the "donated" money we've been watching her spend..
What makes Gloria Allred think that anything her intervention does will change that?

The long green is likely being funneled through her mother so Nadya can keep grifting government benefits.
A $500 a week nanny from an agency for the past two years, at least $25,000 in cosmetic surgery, the money to keep that minivan going, charge cards for manicures and cosmetics at Nordstrom and a fast-food diet, now all being paid for by "donation".
And if you don't have a TV, why would you be browsing for a Wii?
And if you don't have an Internet connection, how do you "research" all that infertility stuff she said she did?

All this while having to face a future for 14 children , 10 of them under age 2 . And a grandma who is planning a European vacation. And a granddad who is next to be seen on Oprah.

Meanwhile there are the babies, all 14 helpless to their own fate. And why Gloria Allred thinks that this is the sort of woman who has displayed the kind of judgement where the babies come first so far remains to be seen.

Birthing a litter does not a mother make. it's the nurturing and putting the children first. Something that Allred can't show us has been done here.
I think it really is commendable that Allred is trying to help but this is a woman with issues bad enough two publicists have fled. And they are used to the worst in human behavior as an investment in raw material.

Allred is on thin ice.
What If she gets herself locked into a deal she can't get herself and her charity out of? There are many, many single moms out there right now whose commitment to their kids doesn't come with a freak show list of very expensive extras and a mom lost in her own narcissistic priorities jeopardizing the stability of her family.


I am a single mother of 4 from age 19 to 19months! I know the challenges that mom's in general face let alone single mom's. Many years ago I was a young single mother without any viable support system I had a premature child who I recieved SSI for, I also accepeted food stamps & finanical assistance (all totaling less than $1000 a mo. to cover rent, gas water electric, phone, transportation, clothes, food, diapers & daycare for 4 people) while I went back to college with a 6yo, 3yo & a newborn with special needs to get my degree. Some times we need a hand up not a handout. It's personal belief that it's absolutly INSANE to have 14 babies with no father, real support system or independant wealth! I can't even begin to say how wrong that is on so many different levels. But Ms Allred you have got some pompous audacity to file agaist her with department of children & family services. That is vexacious & obdurate. You do not even KNOW THAT WOMAN. However irresponsible you may feel her actions are you have no right to file against her. Then to offer the facade of help farnkly I wouldn't take jack **** you'd offer either. I think she's smart not to take your self rightous "strings attached" offer. That's plain dirty! You have used your status & legal expertise to threaten/bully a woman who most obviously needs help. You may feel like it's your tax dollars at work she is receiving but remember that it's your tax dollars hard at work in the bank "bailouts" which served no one but the mega rich(Oh, but I guess you weren't negativly affected by that), its your tax dollars hard at work in the BS no child left behind LACK OF education taught in the public school system it is your tax dollars hard at work FINANCING a WAR that the MAJORITY of AMERICA is against. If you want to get on your soap box about something look into how many soilders families are forced on food stamps during their deployment because they are paid below the poverty level. That poor public school education has a direct bearing on cycles of poverty & crime. Do some good for a change. I'm pissed they use my hard earned tax dollars for MANY things I don't like nor agree with. I m not happy knowing that the working poor are suffering with lack of basic nessecties & middle class jobs are being "outsourced" & the mortgage industry has foreclosed on their shot at 'the American dream'. That I work the ER & care for multitudes of people who despite the fact they work full time jobs sometimes 2 they still can't afford health coverage. They are often critcally ill when they finally seek help because the could not afford to be sick. With all that ills our society you choose to expend your energy on a woman you dont even know? I pray you don't end up in my ER.

Does the over $300,000 in tabloid money disqualify her for food stamps? Just wondering.

Posted by: h


when she gets the cehck in hand, the answer is YES

She is disqualified from Food Stamps

The kids on SSI (disability for very very low income households only) are kicked off SSI

The kids and she are all kicked off Medcaid.

She is off the public dole when she gets that money.

I am a widow with four children. Two daughters and a set of bo girl twins. I sustained a horrible back injury during the delivery of my twins (natural methods and birthing!) and still managed to reeducate myself and begin teaching. I have been teaching all of the most high risk students who are expelled from all schools. I go to wok daily and support my family. How dare this woman ask for public assistance, help, free childcare, food stamps or anything else. If she found the funds somehow to get over 30 thousand dollars of plastic surgery and to pay for artificial insemination fees, this should have been funds used to care for the kids she already brought into the world. The burden should be all her own as she intentionally had these kids to profit from their birth!!

How STUPID! This idiot does this and all these stupid people rush to 'reward' her... I sure hope the State of California goes after all this money and takes back what she has stolen. It's time the rest of us call any TV channel that has her on and boycotts all the products pushed. It's going to cost $25 million to raise these kids and everyone knows who is going to have to pay in the end and THAT"s WRONG! My kid can do without because almost 60% of my pay goes to taxes but this scum can sit on her ass while 'babysitters' watch her kids. And while we all work atleast one job to pay for our homes this scum is going to live FREE in a 10 bedroom house with 7 bathrooms and a pool. What a country!

As long as it doesnt concern tax payers...knock urself out

This is probably the best its going to get for Nadya. Allred addressed the concerns of the rational folks who have concerns over Nadya's behavior, she filed a complaint many feel is completely warranted. If she can teach Nadya responsibility (which is a stretch at this point) and help care for the kids Nadya should accept it humbly. The outpouring of support Nadya was seeking in this ill conceived publicity stunt is a non starter. Allred shows heart along with being rational. If Angela's home gets sold at foreclosure despite Nadya's tabloid payday, those kids aren't going to learn a thing from a Nadya Suleman upbringing.

Wonderful for the babies and children who obviously cannot be cared for by the mother......bring in the kids and let Mom go out and work full time and cocktail waitress at night to pay back the donors then come back to the facility and put in some midnight and 3 o'clock feedings!!

What's truly sad here is the Octomom is not able to take care of all the children she has and while some help from a charity is welcome, it takes away these professionals from being able to help other families. Sadly, there is no easy answer here. I would suggest that the charity take a look at the money octomom is getting from these interviews and ask her to make a very large donation to its coffers.

Give her a break. She's going to need help with or without the public's approval.

I hope she takes the offer. I'm all for someone else taking care of her instead of taxpayer's money. It also seems the charity is quite financially stable to help her out in the long term. Are there strings attached with accepting the help?

This is the WRONG time for Gloria to find a heart! This woman Nadya is a selfish person who WANTS people to help her, give her money and an easy way out. She is a user. She is using California tax payers money, she using the media, her parents, and anyone else who will help her. Shouldn't have she thought about ALL of this before she decided to have 14 kids. I will lodge a complaint against this organization Allred and Angels in Waiting if they do not do the same for other mothers out there who need help. So please call this organization and ask them for help. They should not refuse as they are willing to help this loser they have no discriminations towards anyone. Being stupid isn't a disease but somehow there is always help for the most stupid.

I am a single mother with 2 young children. Their father just walked out on us. I need help also. I filed for child support, but their father refuses to work. Can Gloria help me? PLEASE! I can barely pay our rent, gas and buy food each pay day. I need things for my children as well. Right now they need shoes. PLEASE HELP ME TOO!

It pisses me off that her irresponsibility is reaping her a free house, help, etc. Her kids should be taken away because this woman is just not a fit mother.

I actually think this is a very challenging and clever maneuver by Gloria. It is Nadya who elected to misrepresent the facts relative to receiving aid for herself or her children. Thus, the consequences of her public lack of credibility are now in process. She is not "sellable" at least for a high monetary amount, as the public has scorned her and she has embarrased herself in the public's eye. As we have all heard she has said she wanted many children, she loves her children and she will take care of her children. If Gloria Alred has a staff lined up taking the burden off the taxpayers I say great for her. For this woman to get further public assistance, medical, etc. would only perpetuate a repeat of this scenario by one or more copycats looking for a free ride. I think that her refusal under the circumstances to put the children first would be selfish and perhaps reflective of her initial motives for having 14 children. I say great, no state money, but Nadya will be under the microscope while living under these circumstances.

This is unbelievably SICKENING!!!

Anyone who wants to help this woman ought to have their head examined...and their (and their children's - if they have any) reproductive organs removed!!! How STUPID can they be?

Please silence and banish her from the news.

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