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Region divided as city of Industry prepares to vote on NFL stadium bond

Nfl_2 When Mayor David Perez of the city of Industry looks out over a rolling, 600-acre site on his city’s eastern edge, he sees the future home of an NFL stadium and an economic engine that would bring jobs and tax revenue for the entire region.

When Joachin Lim, the mayor of nearby Walnut, imagines a stadium there, he sees a potential disaster: Traffic, noise and “passionate, emotional” football fans.

The eastern San Gabriel Valley has become the latest battleground in the decades-long -– and some say quixotic -– campaign to bring pro football back to the Los Angeles region.

The city of Industry, a city of more than 1,800 businesses and fewer than 800 residents, believe it has what Irwindale, Pasadena, Los Angeles and Carson lacked. Skeptics abound. But the city is taking a first step Tuesday, when its 84 registered voters will consider a $500-million bond that would pay for stadium-related infrastructure projects. And two days later, the City Council is scheduled to certify the project’s environmental impact report.

The plan, which includes the construction of four practice fields, restaurants, banquet facilities, offices and an NFL attraction -- has divided the valley.

Some neighboring cities, including West Covina and La Puente, passed resolutions in favor of the stadium, citing the economic boost that such a project could bring to the area.  But two of the stadium’s closest civic neighbors, Diamond Bar and Walnut, have mounted opposition to the plans.

They cite concerns about traffic and the effect that thousands of visitors to a stadium could have on their streets and their quality of life.

When billionaire Ed Roski announced plans last year to build an $800-million NFL stadium in Industry, part of a shopping and entertainment center he had been developing for the 600 acres of land near the intersections of the 57 and 60 freeways, he was doing so, he said, because he thought that having a professional football team was important for Los Angeles.

Roski, who is chief executive of Majestic Realty -- headquartered in Industry -- and was one of the key forces behind the construction of the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles, was not alone in that desire. Since both the Raiders and the Rams left the region after the 1994 season, communities around the Southland have tried to rally support for NFL stadiums within their boundaries, to little avail.

Anaheim and Carson considered but ultimately abandoned the idea of building new stadiums. Pasadena’s Rose Bowl and the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum were ultimately rejected as potential sites, either because they were civically unpopular (Pasadena) or structurally unsuitable (the Coliseum). Even if Roski is successful at obtaining the necessary civic support within Industry, there are still significant obstacles to his bid.

It remains to be seen whether the NFL would sanction moving a team to Industry. The city of Los Angeles continues to actively lobby for bringing a team to a stadium within its own boundaries. And the project may face legal opposition from Walnut or Diamond Bar or both.

-- Cara Mia DiMassa

Image credit: city of Industry

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If you build it, they will come.

L.A. needs to stop secret programs which enable the abduction of innocent people who are later tormented subliminally by clandestine subterranean lab facilities in a quasi-crucifixion format before they get an NFL team.

i think what you meant to say was, "help, help- i'm 38 and living in my parents basement. i only use white post-it notes...where are my shoes, again?"

The NFL knows that LA is too valuable a bargaining chip when it comes to black mailing cities into spending money to upgrade what ever the owners feel they need upgraded. They will not allow a team to move in here and spoil all that. The NFL will however keep jerking us around. Just watch, they will again have LA dancing on a string like a puppet.

A Scanner Darkly.... eat your meds.

I live in Diamond Bar, and this has DISASTER written all over it. I do not want this stadium in my backyard! Yes, I love football, but the NFL should put a domed stadium next to Staples Center, not in Industry!

City of Industry? L.A? Let me see. The team will be the Los Angeles Illegals of the City of Industry. Yeah, that's got a ring to it. C'mon get real. A city of 800 persons with a voting registry of 84. I'm sure those folks are going to be glad to footing 600,000+ on a bond to have all the raider fans running amok in their town.

Here's what should be done. Move the Dodgers to downtown LA, ala San Diego. Great for development, for revitalization of downtown and for tourism. Build the retail and stadium on the Dodgers site. Have it's South East side right on the hillside with shops, restaraunts and even a hotel built into the hillside with escalators and all those establishments offering a view of the LA skyline. Throw in a metro rail extension to the complex. That makes it LA. That drives local visits (don't forget the music events in the stadium) as does the incredible visuals from the blimp; of the city, the mountains and the vista to the ocean.
Restaruants, condos and retail through the roof downtown with the Dodgers and the same thing with LA's new expansion football team.

Just picture the camera panning from the Hollywood sign to the skyscrapers of downtown at sunset and then zooming in on the field below - cut to the kick off.

As a 20 years resident of Walnut, I am so enraged knowing that our neighbor, City of Industry once again is trying to ruin his neighboring cities. Only a few years ago, Industry tried to put a material waste management facility righ next to Walnut and Industry border where thousands of our residents live within 200 ft away.

I suggest to divide City of Industry into 3 smaller sub cities. So Industry official won't think they can do whatever they want.

Also, stadium in this magnitude will destroy the surrounding cities' daily life. We don't aginst stadium itself but its location is awfully wrong.
All resiential with limited commercial is what make Walnut and Diamond Bar so unique. The thing is we are fine with this setting. Just leave us alone.

I am a fan of the NFL, and if this stadium goes in I will not be able to get 2 games each Sunday...Will I have to purchase a PSL(Personal Seat License)? NOT ME! The taxpayers should not have to pay one red cent either. Move the stadium to Hollywood Park!

I live in Walnut and moved here to get away from the annoyance of living just a couple of miles away from USC and the Colosseum area. The helicopters , blimps, police blocking streets, news vans all over, exited young people speeding down residential streets hollering for their teams, vendors all over the street corners...it's just something I dont look forward to having the City of Industry dumping on Walnut residents and on my kid's lives. I grew up with that and it always made me feel like I had to put up with it just because my parents couldnt afford to move somewhere nicer. My kids live in a very nice area and there is no reason for them to feel like that.

A stadium in the proposed location by City of Industry would be a FUMBLE for all Southern California residents. Even with major construction & restructuring, there simply is not enough room to build an NFL stadium and the traffic in the area would be nothing short of a NIGHTMARE!!! The infrustructure in the surrounding cities simply cannot support 80,000 fans streaming into the city for a game. There just is not enough space in the surrounding cities to expand the streets and create a viable pathway to the stadium. The City of Industry is thinking about nothing but its own pockets and really does not care a damn about the NFL, football, fans, or the surrounding neighborhoods.

I'd much rather support USC who has made several attempts in the past few years to take control of the Colisseum and renovate/restructure it so that the Trojans can have a home that is truly their own. The Trojans are as close to a professional team that we have and residents of S. California should support them in their bid against the city of Los Angeles to take control of the Colisseum.

See how many people stick aroung DB and Walnut when and if this statdium goes in. I know i will be moving.


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