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*Armed man killed by LAPD at New Year's Eve party

Los Angeles police officers shot and killed an armed man in Panorama City just after midnight on New Year’s Day, authorities said.

Police responded to a 911 call about a man firing shots into the air and threatening his family during a holiday party about 12:20 a.m. at a home in the 14100 block of Terra Bella Street, said LAPD Lt. John Romero.

Officers arrived at the home just after 12:30 a.m., surrounded the residence and evacuated everyone from the party, Romero said.

After a two-hour search, police spotted a man about 2:20 a.m., in a crawl space above a converted garage located behind the home, Romero said. The man was armed, and three officers opened fire, according to preliminary reports. Police were not saying whether the man also shot his weapon, pending an LAPD investigation of the officer-involved shooting, Romero said. The man, whose identity was not released, died at the scene, Romero said. Investigators believe he was in his early 40s, Romero added. The suspect’s gun was recovered, he said. -- Nathan Olivarez-Giles Update: This officer-involved shooting is the first homicide of 2009, said Larry Dietz, a spokesman for the Los Angeles County coroner's office. *Second Update: This officer-involved shooting is not the first homicide of 2009, officials said. A double homicide in Long Beach claiming two lives took place about 12:40 a.m. Thursday. It is believed to be the first homicide of the New Year. Read more about these killings here.
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It is just too easy to get a gun in this country. Stricter gun control should be imposed.

The man hid in a crawl space for 2 hours waiting for police to leave. I doubt he wanted to kill anybody. And when the police found him, they killed him.

LAPD murdering someone again! If he was in the crawl space, and didn't shoot at the cops, why do they need to kill him?? And, how many times did the cops fire at him? Once, twice, twenty times..they have a nasty habit of emptying their 15 round clips into people...

In California police are obviously encouraged or even expected to shoot anyone (else) with a gun. "Police did not say whether the man also shot his weapon......."

They won't say until they have finished their "investigation" which will, obviously, find no wrongdoing. After all, he had a gun.


Given the recent Covina bloodbath could the police have done any less? I am sure that an army is assembling to cry about excessive force. However you stand on that issue you can't reasonably dispute the fact that the guy who unfortunately got shot was a bad man. Innocent people were saved and another family won't have a bunch of orphans to deal with and such a terrible grief to bear. I say good work LAPD!

If you knew what the officers have to got through after a shooting, you would know that they dont go out there looking to shoot. Also citizens were being threatened. they were who called the police. oh yeah he was shooting his gun an threatening family members that had to be evacuated. When searching if he points a gun toward officers he will be shot. Thats it. Its a shame it happened but it wasnt the police fault.

Everyone seems pretty quick to pass judgement on the LAPD. Next time someone is breaking into your home and threatening you family, better live up to your words and call the ACLU. And remember, no amount of gun control will keep firearms out of the hands of criminals, only those law-abiding citizens who can no longer defend their family.

If he wasnt going to hurt anybody then why was he hiding WITH his gun! If you come into contact with the LAPD with a gun in hand.... your probably gonna die. Good job LAPD

give the cops a break,the bad guy was hiding for two hours with a gun why?
the family was terrorized. the lapd made that place a safer place for the lawabiding citzen! OBEY THE LAW NO DIES

Angelenos sure are stupid. Obviously the only way to deal with this idiot was to put a bullet in him. Great job, as always.

I, too, am sick of the whining and complaining by the public at the police officers who respond to our calls for service and put themselves on the line. This man was armed, dangerous, and a clear and present danger to his own family - threatening his own family with weapons. They called for help. The call record seems to clearly indicate that this individual was armed and refused orders to lay his weapons down and come out of the crawl space. Opening fire is an appripriate response to an armed suspect who refused police orders and posed a danger to innocent people.

People must support officers in doing their jobs. Or else be prepared to do their own policing and quit relying on these brave men and women who risk their lives everyday so that we can live with the level of safety we take for granted.

As the wife of an officer (non LAPD - out of area) who is currently recuperating from a severe injury received on-duty, I am SICK of the level of public whining about excessive force these officers must sometimes be prepared to use. Personally, I'd like to hear SUPPORT ffrom the public for once -that would be novel. These officers are routinely battered, bruised, shot at, kicked, hit, punched, spit on, stabbed, beat up, threatened, and killed everyday. All for the benefit of the public. For YOU and for ME. For our children.

This sacrifice requires respect. Not denegration. Everyone makes mistakes, to be sure. And accountability is a necessary and vital aspect of serving the community. But the Los Angeles public needs an attitude change towards its police. Show some gratitude for those who put their lives on the line for you.

Or you may find they just aren't willing to do it much longer and your safety is not as guaranteed as you have come to take for granted.

C'mon the guy is shooting and armed when the police contact him. If he did not want to get shot he should have unarmed himself and walked out and surrendered to the police. He was obviously waiting in a crawl space and possibly planning an ambush. Why is it that when a suspect get;s shot there are so many monday night quarter backs making comments against law and order. It is obvious that I strongly back the police especially the LAPD. Just imagine if the city were patrolled by gang members and thugs. We would all be paying taxes to a gang like 18th st or Mara Salvatrucha. Please people open up your eyes LAPD and LASD are the best in the nation I am glad I live here and not in NY.

No backgrounds on the "suspects"...Furthermore, I see you censor ALL comments that might suspect ILLEGAL ALIEN gangs.

How typical of this rag...

We pray daily for the complete liquidation of this illegal alien propaganda machine.

The negative comments the public has about this shooting without knowing all the facts is a major reason I bought a restaurant and resigned from the LAPD 3 years ago. 99% of the officers I worked with were hard working people that were just trying to do the right thing and go home to their families every night. How many other professions out there can you say your #1 goal for the shift is to make it home un-injured and ALIVE? Not many. I worked for the department for 12 years and I don't regret it....I PERSONALLY knew at least 5-7 officers that were killed in the line of duty (shot, car accidents, etc.) How many of you working at your jobs can say that?

The person that wrote this article made the department look bad with the title of the story. The LAPD didnt seek to kill anyone, the suspect dictated the departments actions. So next time try something like, "Armed Suspect hides and initiates a police shooting". All of you critics that bash the police, then call us for help need to look yourself in the mirror.

i'm sick of people making excuses for ANY and all of these gun pointing thuggish hyper-macho violent criminals -- whether they are citizens or illegal aliens.

they're all indulged and allowed to get away with too much tolerance of macho criminals -- if they carry / use/ point/ threaten to use a gun, everyone is much better off without them.

blow their worthless scumbag heads off so LAPD and the rest of us can live without all those worthless scumbags, thugs and criminals

point a gun, get your head blown off. WORKS FOR ME

What hole in the ground do the first 3 commenters hide themselves in. Did they ever hear about the Covina massacre? For crying out loud it's this kind of police hate that makes this city so unsafe. I can't beleive they would so quickly condemn the officers working hard in a dangerous city to safeguard the lives of even these 3 fools.

I hope he was white and had a license. Otherwise the NRA won't care.

Trythisone mentioned the question of illegal alien gangs. Besides the hordes of illegals draining our economy with WIC payments, Sesc. 8 and more, why can't we at least identify and send home the ones who are violating our laws?

A gun? The suspect had a gun? Hiding? Isn't the main purpose of a gun to kill? What would you have done if you were in the officer's place?

For those gang members who accuss the police for murdering, why don't you stop gangbanging, stop killing innocent people first? Last but not last, get a job you drug dealers!

What ever happened with shooting the suspect to immobilize him, such as shooting their limbs. Instead of shooting to kill them. I thought officers spent hours & hours on target practice.

i meat this guy I live 4 houses away and he seemed such a great person. I really donT now the reassons for his actions but laps should think about the kids and family he was going to live behind.

What would you do if you were a neighbor of the house where that guy was shooting and threating his family??? and other families in this neighborhood too??? WOULD YOU BE HAPPY, SAFE, COMFORTABLE WATCHING TV WITH YOUR FAMILY???
Was LAPD a big danger for you when officers were risking their lives to protect you and all citizens around OR do you think that they were like saviors when they quickly approached to protect you????
It is incredible how they were waiting or begging for 2 hours around the property in order that that armed macho guy accepted his mistake and delivered his gun. Surely he had shot the officers!!!!
That is price that innocent people must pay for that kind of unwished persons (citizens, residents, immigrants, aliens, whatever) to be accepted into the United States. It is must to have a CONTROL not only about guns but about the quality of persons who must be sent away to prisons if they are from the States or to their homeland countries if they are not from the country. United States have been sent to trash with the existence and acceptance of persons like those who are a danger for stability of the whole nation. LAPD did the work as it was supossed to be done.

you dont bring a knife to a gun fight, you bring a gun to a gun fight.....if the guy hiding really valued his safety for himself and the community he should have surrendered instead of hiding with a loaded gun....im just glad that LAPD was not hurt trying to PROTECT THE COMMUNITY....Ignorant people ( aclu lovers ) should stop trying to defend criminals and start supporting the community and law enforcement which serves it. It would make neighborhoods a much better place to live in.


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