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3 boys killed in Fontana police-pursuit crash [UPDATED]

A Fontana yard is a scene of destruction after a crash that killed three young boys. Updated at 12:26 p.m. Read more at latimes.com:  2 boys killed in stunning car crash are believed to be brothers

Three boys, including a 14-year-old driver, were killed when they fled from police in a car that eventually crashed into a Fontana home, authorities said today.

The underage driver was speeding south on Alder Avenue at more than 90 mph Wednesday night when the silver Nissan Maxima struck a concrete wall in a yard, flipped and struck the roof of the house, said Officer Steven Cuevas of the California Highway Patrol.

The driver and his 11-year-old front-seat passenger, both of whom were not wearing seat belts, were ejected from the car, Cuevas said. They were pronounced dead at the scene. A 6-year-old who was sitting in the back seat was taken to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center but died from his injuries soon after.

Officials said they did not know whether the boys were related. Cuevas said a CHP officer had originally pulled the car over at 8:55 p.m. for running a red light.

“The officer walked up to the car, and the driver’s vehicle sped away,” he said. “A pursuit was initiated. It was under two minutes, then the driver lost control.”

The five people inside the home at Alder and Shamrock Avenue were not hurt.

-- Corina Knoll

Photo: A Fontana yard is a scene of destruction after a crash that killed three boys. Credit: Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times

Audio: Witness account of fatal accident           Photo Gallery

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You would think that a city as big as Los Angeles would have the brains to end such nonsense as police chasing cars around city streets endangering the lives of everyone in the area. Police are trained in persuit situations but the people (example in this story) they are persuing are not. This is insane! Are some cops doing this just to get on the police videos? What really looks silly is when about ten police cars are chasing a car around he city. Fine use of taxpayer assets. Isn't there a better way, such as helicopters and use of radios? Sick, sick, sick!

How awful.. they were just babies...

Where are the parents?

Where were the parents of these boys while their out at night driving under age and without a license?

The kids must have watched too many episodes of ^Cops.^ Now, they're all dead.

somebody please tell me how this baby got the keys to the car. and where were the parents.

Michael Smith is a fool. When a cop tells you to pull over, you pull over, no discussion needed. And the kids weren't wearing seat belts? Not the cops fault. This event is natural selection in action.

We often blame the police for doing what they are hired to do. If the police had done nothing and then the boys crashed and killed someone, we would then blame them for not doing anything.

It is the responsibility of the parents to know where there children are and what they are doing. Lets put the blame where it belongs: on the children and the parents.

What a dumb comment by Michael Smith. First, Fontana isn't in Los Angeles. It's not even in Los Angeles County. Second, you have no idea why a car bolts like that. What if they'd just committed a murder? What if they had your mother or sister bound and gagged in the trunk? Fine idea. Let anyone who runs from the law go. See what society would be like then. Departments have very strict pursuit policies about what they do and don't chase and most pursuits are terminated early or followed by a helicopter. That's why it was significant this pursuit ended in less than two minutes. Geez, what a dumb thing to say.

to mchael smith

God forbid the Police do their job. How about punk kids obey the law in the first place. How about parents teach their kids right from wrong and to respect law enforcement officers.

Why must you put the blame on the police when they were doing their job?

Kara, It all starts with bad parenting and who the kids hang out with. I glad no by no by-standers were injured. I have no sympathy for them and glad to see them off the streets before tax payers are paying for a life of cime for these bad kids

A 14 year old driving a car is pursuit worthy. Every person on the street is in danger while this under age driver has nominal facilities to handle 1 ton of metal projectile.

To blame law enforcement for not turning their heads when my life and the lives of my family are in danger because of the poor choice made by an unsupervised 14 year old is foolish. Offered a way out in a non-lethal confrontation, the 14 year old compounded one bad choice with another. He ran. He became even more of a threat to all of us when he made that choice.

What if: The 14 year old lived but his friends died? Do you think he's above the law from prosecution?

Vehicles are dangerous when not within the skill set of the driver.

@mchael smith

Why so quick to blame the police for doing their job? How about punk kids obey the law to begin with. How about parents teaching their kids right from wrong and to obey the law. While the accident is tragic because of the death of innocent kids, it was the 14 year old driver that caused this, not the police. Had he had an ounce of responsibility, he would not have tried to flee the police. He would have obeyed the law to begin with.

So before blaming the police, blame the idiot that caused the chain of events in the first place.

Fontana is not the City of Los Angeles - it is not even in LA County. Doesn't anyone know how to read?

Let's not forget that these kids stole a car, the 14 year-old driver didn't have a license and he was driving 90 mph. Don't place all the blame on the police. People need to take responsibility for their own behavior, including kids.

This did not occur in Los Angeles, Mr. Smith. Not even in LA County. But that's OK, lets blame the police instead of the supposed parents, right?

The article said the pursuit lasted 2 minutes before the crash. Do you think police should just wave goodbye to a fleeing car? Those children died because they ran, not because they were being pursued. Try and imagine the lawlessness if the police adopted a policy of saying, "We don't chase people."

Michael Smith, you obviously didn't read the article as it states the CHP officer pulled the vehicle over for running a red light. These kids had no regard for anyone's safety. Judging by their decision to run and eventual outcome in under 2 minutes, there was nothing that could be done to further protect the innocent. This behavior rests with the parents upbringing. Never did I disobey a police officer as a juvy, let alone lead them in a pursuit. No respect for the law. I hope you don't teach your kids to have such little respect for the law. Being so quick to judge those paid to make a split second decision in order to ensure the community's safety is borderline cop hater in my opinion. No one likes a soldier until the enemy is t the gates.

Very sad, but not the police department/officers fault.

Don't blame the police. They could have been killed just as easily when they ran the red light that started the whole thing. And others might have been too.

Where are the parents is the best question to ask here.

In life stuff happens.

This is the likely the result of the violent television & video game culture we now have. I wonder if this 14 year old driver played Grand Theft Auto?

Police endangering lives? Don't you think a 14 year old driving around at 9:00 pm on a school night with three younger buddies were the ones endangering not only their own lives but those of everyone else they encountered on their joy ride?

The lack of personal responsibility and apparent absence of contempt for the parents of these kids makes my stomach turn. The parents of the driver should be tried for the murder of their son as well as the two other kids in the car.

Let's face it - a 14 year old who steals a car and drives it around at night and then refuses to stop for the police would have amounted to little more in life than a future felon, possibly siring several other illegitimate future felons along the way. Birds of a feather for the other two kids - although the 6 year old may have had a chance to be put on the right path, he obviously lacked the parental care and guidance for that to have ever happened.

Kids, and especially boys, DO such incredibly STUPID things (I know, as I did.....and survived) and, it is a tragedy to pay such a HIGH, and FINAL, price for it. Worst of all, the parents will LIVE with this forever.

For ALL the money showered on the police, ALL the excessive FREEDOMS they have, clearly, ALL police depts NEED to be reined in, and HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

We as a society, hold NO ONE accountable, not even the Catholic Church and its Pedophiles here, and in ROME....so go back to your coffee, Fox news, and forget about this, NOW. Why? Because this goes on, and on, and on, ENDLESSLY, and we continue to REWARD the GOONS in downtown LA, Sacramento, and don't even get me started on Washington DC!!!

To the parents and extended families.... HEARTFELT SYMPATHIES for such a needless loss!!

Yes, WHERE WERE THE PARENTS OF THESE CHILDREN? When the police pull a car over they do not have any idea of who is driving or who/what is inside the car. They were simply pulled over for running a red light. If the driver had simply pulled over and stopped those 3 children would be alive today. Very sad.

so... if people run from police we should just let them go. Is that what you are proposing?

This is a tragedy but the police are not at fault


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