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Octuplets born in Bellflower [UPDATED]

A woman has given birth to octuplets at a Kaiser Permanente hospital in Bellflower, hospital officials confirmed today.

Updated at 5:10 p.m.:  Two physicians who helped in the deliveries said they had planned in advance for the C-section deliveries but were expecting only seven babies. They got six boys and two girls.

“My eyes got to be the size of saucers,” Dr. Karen Maples said, when it became obvious there was an eighth child. “We just went on and delivered the babies.”

“The orchestrated delivery went off without a hitch,” added Dr. Harold Henry. “The babies are all doing well and the mom is also doing well. There were no complications from the surgery, to the best of my knowledge.”

Henry said that hospital physicians and their assistants practiced two dry runs ahead of time.  “We planned well, and it was well executed,” he said.

Maples said 46 people were involved in the deliveries.

“It was exciting, a little anxious,” she said. “But we were prepared.” She said the mother should be released in a week but that the babies would probably remain in the hospital for at least two months.

The six boys and two girls were born between 10:43 a.m. and 10:48 a.m, the doctors said. The babies each weighed between 1 pound and 15 ounces to 3 pounds and 4 ounces, the physicians said.

Updated at 5:50 p.m.: Dr. Richard Paulson, director of the fertility program at the USC Medical School, called the event “unbelievably rare. When people use fertility drugs, 80% even then are single births. The vast majority of the others are twins.”

Still, fertility experts consider the birth of more than two kids with fertility medication to be not a medical triumph, but “a serious complication,” Paulson said. “We do not ever intend to give someone octuplets.”

Usually, he said, births of this kind are brought on by fertility medication, not in-vitro fertilization. Often, during the medication, several of the mother’s eggs are fertilized. In most cases, Paulson said, the mother chooses to reduce the number of fertile eggs to two, “to make sure the two remaining babies will have the best chance at having good health. To have all those babies, the mother would choose to have selective reduction. Apparently the mother made the decision to carry all the eight babies to viability.”

Updated at 7:20 p.m.:

At a Monday evening news conference, the team leaders -- Maples, Henry, and Dr. Mandhir Gupta -- beamed like new parents. “It was a truly, truly amazing delivery,” Maples said. “We have been talking about this delivery for weeks on end. That’s why when we discovered the eighth, we were so well prepared.” The doctors will do predawn interviews today with ABC’s “Good Morning America,” CBS’ “Morning Show,” NBC’s “Today” show and CNN. The doctors said the children, born nine weeks  premature, were in incubators in stable condition, as was their mother. The two girls and six boys weighed between 1 pound, 8 ounces and 3 pounds, 4 ounces. Five of the infants are breathing on their own. One has needed some help breathing, while two are attached to respirators.

KCAL Channel 9 reported that the babies were born today and quoted a doctor as saying they were “doing quite well.”

In 1998, the first known set of octuplets was born in the United States. The six girls and two boys were born in Houston. One of the babies later died. The others survived and recently celebrated their 10th birthdays.

Read the full Times story about the octuplets.

-- Sam Quinones, Jeff Gottlieb and Carlos V. Lozano

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Apparently this woman plans to breastfeed all of her babies.

According to some reputable sources I checked out, she will need to consume somewhere between 6,000 and 9,300 calories a day (about 3-5 times what an active, healthy woman would consume otherwise) in order to provide adequate nutrition for herself and the babies. I'd say people should get her gift cards for the healthiest restaurants in town, as I can't imagine she'll have a lot of time to cook. Until these babies are weaned, her life will be feeding, eating, and, hopefully, sleeping and a daily walk to keep her muscles from atrophying. I hope her mother's up to doing everything else.

What is wrong with this woman? She must be crazy. She better not be getting public assistance!!

I have not seen it mentioned although couldn't read all posts, that this woman also has an austistic son who a lady who took care of him related. The grandmother stated she is moving out as she is stressed. She is the one taking care of the other six. Said her daughter has always been obsessed to have children. They live in a 3 bedroom home. Tell me how 14 children, Mother, Grandmother, Grandfather can live in a home this size. I am sure there will be many donations, but is someone willing to donate a home for all. Ca is in enough problems, I am glad I don't have insurance w/Kaiser. This mother holds a 2006 degree in child & adolescent development from Ca State Univ. Last spring was studying for Master degree in counseling. So it looks like if she has been school for this length of time, Grandmother has had the burden of taking care of the other children.

I would love to adopt one - or two- of this babies, if the mother decides 8 is too much in order to give them a better life. I live in argentina, have a good and stable job, and much love to give. I'm trying unsuccesfully to be a mom ( 7 A. Insemin. and 2 In Vitro-ICSI failed).
How can I contact the mother?
thank you very much!
my mail: silviabus@sinectis.com.ar

I don't recall if it was mentioned in here, but she already had six children! i don't think she'll be capable of raising 14 children. If she's got the money, the financial part is covered/ but what about the affection?

Procreation is a miracle of God so of course these babies are a gift. BUT...
Who paid for the invitro?
Who is paying for this woman's education?
Who is supporting her entire litter of children?
I have a feeling that the answer to these questions is.....
That being said, I would not keep the miracle of parenthood from anyone.
When I am FORCED to pay your bills to support more children than I could afford to raise for myself, and I cannot begin to afford invitro to have any more children of my own, I think I should be able to at least limit you to 1 miracle per customer.
God Bless the children....can't say the same for mom....though I guess I should.

Is this mother from Iraq? not married?

I really don't understand how she was able to get these embryos implanted after having 6 children already. Clearly there must be mental issues at work here, her own mother has even said it and that she feels responsible.

I feel so sad for those children. I have 5 and feel guilty daily that I can't give each the attention they deserve. I also am lucky enough to be married to a wonderful husband and father. We planned for 3 and after the 2nd "oopsie" he had a vasectomy. I think most of us parents can say even 1 is a job for 2 people, but 14!!!! I am outraged and want her to answer for this. I wonder what the bill would've been if she had to pay cash instead of Kaiser covering the cost?

If her mother is moving out, who is going to help raise all these children?

This single mom must be retarded and I mean it literally. She was single, unemployed, already had six children, and she goes and take fertility drugs. This was insane. Those babies face so many physical and mental challenges when they grow up. How can she be a good mom to all those kids? She is a criminal and she should be placed in jail for neglect. They should make sure this crazy person do not bring anymore children to this world and take those kids from her.


Right to life people have a problem with abortion but this is ok to have 8 babies at once with all ready being a single parent and having 6 other children at home! Makes no sense!

Everyone keeps refering to "this couple" but it is only a mother with 6 other children. It will end up a taxpayer burden, but maybe Ty Pennington can help with an "Extreme Home Makeover". That way they have something too hock and loose as others who have been featured on the show. I mean how hard is it to buid a 16 bedroom home (14 kids, mom, grandma and grandpa). Maybe it should be 17 bedrooms since gma and gpa are divorced. We do want the children to grow up with strong moral values.

There are a lot of selfish people out there!!! You think bringing children in this world is a bad thing. There is nothing more wonderful then bringing children to this work. You think it is a better option to have had them abort seven? Maybe your mother should have decided that as well. I welcome all 8 babies in this world and hope one of them become the next mother Teresa and make more changes in this world for the good than you will ever come close to doing.

Or one of them could the the anti-christ??? having more children on this earth and not enough resources from the global environment or the single parent to support them. look at Mexico...how irresponsible!!!

Come on people. She had initro to add to the 6 - yes, 6 children she already has. She is a single mom with now 14 children. We hear daily that California is running out of money quickly. Well look around folks here is why. I think we spay and neuter pets to keep this same thing from happening and I feel it was wrong of her doctors to intentionally implant that many eggs full well knowing that this could happen. I am a firm believer in God above and don't think you can blame this on him. She is just purely selfish wanting that many children.

i feel that these babies were ment to be here who is to say theses babies dont have the right to live and enjoy what god gave all of us and that is life if u think about it these babies are lil miracles the parent or parents should be proud of what they acheved not many can and those people can choose to adopt if they please the eighth baby is a lil gift no body was exspecting but here they are thriving andmay be the next future presadant or the person who cures all the world illnesswho is to know so all u nasty people who say they dont belong to be here well there are some poeple who shouldnt have been born but are so dont put blame on what you cant change any ways i hopeing all those lil ones thrive and live a happy succsefull life and remember not all people take but give and shame on you all for thinking that .....the parents may need help now but these children will grow up and read all this negative crap people have written any waysgod bless that family and peace and love be with you

This is by far bizarre, shameful, and out right immoral especially since this woman is only doing this for financial gain because she is going to exploit these children through the media, and television appearances she is asking for 2 million from the Oprah Winfrey show that's how she plans to pay for some of her child's expenses, then what next Larry King...Barbara Walters..

The first six of her other kids are all also from fertility drugs someone needs to stop this woman something is really wrong with her this is sick.

These kids are going to suffer not only physically, but emotionally with this kind of selfish woman for a mother this in not love.

You ask yourself why in Gods name why would any 33 year old unmarried woman with no job, no home of her own living with her mother want to have 14 children in this day, and this economy if you cannot see that this woman is doing this for money, and attention I have some property I want to sell you dirt cheap in Las Vegas....Hello


It looks like the state will need to intervene and take the children away as it will not be possible for the mother - and stressed out grandmother to take care of 14 children in a 3 bedrrom house.

And more than likely some of the children will require special care due to their low birth weight.

The doctor that perscribed fertility drugs for this woman should have his/her license revoked - unless they were lied to.

I think that when all the facts come out that this may not be the wonderful event that the media has painted.

And for the bible thumpers out there - get a clue!

totally irreosponsible. i'm a teacher and i see the cycle of ignorance just recycle itself. what moron has 6 kids and then has 8 more. the physicians who facilitated all this are criminal. time to get out of cali...

I can't believe this woman. What was she thinking?? She all ready has 6 children and now 8 more. Where are the fathers of the children? I certainly hope they are paying the medical bills and not the State of California. Whom we all know has NO money.The State of CA is giving out IOU's for tax refunds to hard working people. It's fine to have large families if the parents can provide. Love and attention to all, medical, dental, a place to live, food, clothing, education just to mention a few. But if that is not possible just maybe people should think before having more. I do hope the babies grow up happy and healthy, since they didn't have a choice in this matter. And to the Doc who allowed her to carry 8 babies: What where you thinking?

I think the doctor and the mother should be taken out and hung

You are ALL annoying! First of all: there is no God. Get over it and get on with your lives. Secondly: even if there is, it has absolutely nothing to do with this story. Stop trying to spoon feed everyone your religious propaganda and mind your own damn business!

Regardless of my personal opinion on the woman's decision, I wish all the best to mother and babies.

Okay, this girl has taken away so much from her six other children. There is no way she can devote her time to 14 children. I am not sure where she got the money, why she decided to do this, or what possesses her to think that this is okay.
I am a firm believer in God and know that God can do miracles. However, there is a sense of "going too far". God can provide miracles, but I believe miracles come for those in need...and yes it can be a miracle for this mother, but I don't understand the point of her actions.
Who is going to support all these children? Let me guess, the loving taxpayers. I am not for abortion at all, but I do think that she should share her blessings with those who are not able to have children and that would love them and care for them and nurture them as they each deserve.
If people can support the children they have, then go for it. I am sick and tired of seeing couples who have just three children and not able to provide for them. I understand times are tough and that everyone needs help now and then, but this chick has 14 children and I am not sure she plans on funding for them.
Has anyone ever thought that she might be doing this so that everyone will want to donate things and provide her kids a future. I heard on the radio that she wants $2 MILLION FOR AN INTERVIEW! That's absurd. I also heard that she wants to be on a show and talk about what she does when all 14 of her children act up and throw fits. She wants to be paid for being a responsible mother - that she's not.
I think she needs to grow up and find some self worth in herself and STOP MAKING BABIES! She already has several corporate sponsors that are stepping up and taking care of the kids financially by supplying diapers and formula and things of that nature.
I guess I am so against what she has done because she already has six children, no daddy for the kids, no income, living with her parents, and not providing for her own children. She is a disgrace to society, her kids are not - they didn't ask to be brought into this world. And I don't believe in taking any child out of this world, but I do believe that you should be able to afford your responsibilites - she obviously cannot!

DO you think you can all get past the judgements and offer prayer and support
The babies are here now !
How or why they are here is not a proirity at this time !
Give it up people
If this woman wants 14 kids and she s a great mom , isn't that better then a married couple that have 2-3 kids and abuse them ?
Good LORD let her be!!!!

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