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Octuplets born in Bellflower [UPDATED]

A woman has given birth to octuplets at a Kaiser Permanente hospital in Bellflower, hospital officials confirmed today.

Updated at 5:10 p.m.:  Two physicians who helped in the deliveries said they had planned in advance for the C-section deliveries but were expecting only seven babies. They got six boys and two girls.

“My eyes got to be the size of saucers,” Dr. Karen Maples said, when it became obvious there was an eighth child. “We just went on and delivered the babies.”

“The orchestrated delivery went off without a hitch,” added Dr. Harold Henry. “The babies are all doing well and the mom is also doing well. There were no complications from the surgery, to the best of my knowledge.”

Henry said that hospital physicians and their assistants practiced two dry runs ahead of time.  “We planned well, and it was well executed,” he said.

Maples said 46 people were involved in the deliveries.

“It was exciting, a little anxious,” she said. “But we were prepared.” She said the mother should be released in a week but that the babies would probably remain in the hospital for at least two months.

The six boys and two girls were born between 10:43 a.m. and 10:48 a.m, the doctors said. The babies each weighed between 1 pound and 15 ounces to 3 pounds and 4 ounces, the physicians said.

Updated at 5:50 p.m.: Dr. Richard Paulson, director of the fertility program at the USC Medical School, called the event “unbelievably rare. When people use fertility drugs, 80% even then are single births. The vast majority of the others are twins.”

Still, fertility experts consider the birth of more than two kids with fertility medication to be not a medical triumph, but “a serious complication,” Paulson said. “We do not ever intend to give someone octuplets.”

Usually, he said, births of this kind are brought on by fertility medication, not in-vitro fertilization. Often, during the medication, several of the mother’s eggs are fertilized. In most cases, Paulson said, the mother chooses to reduce the number of fertile eggs to two, “to make sure the two remaining babies will have the best chance at having good health. To have all those babies, the mother would choose to have selective reduction. Apparently the mother made the decision to carry all the eight babies to viability.”

Updated at 7:20 p.m.:

At a Monday evening news conference, the team leaders -- Maples, Henry, and Dr. Mandhir Gupta -- beamed like new parents. “It was a truly, truly amazing delivery,” Maples said. “We have been talking about this delivery for weeks on end. That’s why when we discovered the eighth, we were so well prepared.” The doctors will do predawn interviews today with ABC’s “Good Morning America,” CBS’ “Morning Show,” NBC’s “Today” show and CNN. The doctors said the children, born nine weeks  premature, were in incubators in stable condition, as was their mother. The two girls and six boys weighed between 1 pound, 8 ounces and 3 pounds, 4 ounces. Five of the infants are breathing on their own. One has needed some help breathing, while two are attached to respirators.

KCAL Channel 9 reported that the babies were born today and quoted a doctor as saying they were “doing quite well.”

In 1998, the first known set of octuplets was born in the United States. The six girls and two boys were born in Houston. One of the babies later died. The others survived and recently celebrated their 10th birthdays.

Read the full Times story about the octuplets.

-- Sam Quinones, Jeff Gottlieb and Carlos V. Lozano

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I am a single parent and I regret every day about making my son an only child...If I could do it again I would of had more...I came from a family of 10 and I wouldn't change any of them for anything in this world...So I say more power to that woman for being brave enough to bring all those babies in this world...And I believe they were meant to be or they wouldn't be here...Thanks

The mother is married, and legal.

She lives in an upscale neighborhood, NOT with her parents, but with her husband and 6 other children.

The father is a contractor who works in Iraq, so he makes very good money, but is also putting his life on the line every day. However, if he dies over in Iraq, his insurance money will support his wife and their 14 children for a good number of years.

It's such a big drain on the taxpayers for this woman to have 8 children ::sarcasm::-- such a bigger deal than the greedy corporations that are now costing us trillions of dollars and still managed to give themselves a "bonus" while millions of people are unemployed. If I had a choice of who to give my taxes to (and note that I said "my" taxes), I think I might just choose to support these children since it wasn't their fault they were born into this world welcomed with as much hateful comments as supportive ones.

Maybe all those do-gooders should read ALL the stories out there. These 8 beautiful babies were born to a single mother who already has 6 children at a home she shares with her grandmother!

How does a single mother afford infertility treatments, and 14 children without being a drain on society????????

Well it seems everyone has an opinion on what everyone else should be doing.
Since we cannot control the actions of others maybe we should all mind our own bisiness. But since were here eight new babies and six previous children are way more than any MOTHER can handle it appears the our taxes will be supporting these little wonders for the next couple decades. Although I would rather pay for the life of little babies rather than a war of death. People get over your own opinions your opposed to abortion, your oppossed the multipul births, is there anything you do support.

Did any of you know that this crazy woman also has 6 kids, 2 being twins, is not married and lives with her parents in a 2 bedroom house? How is that for rejoicing in life's miracle. I think she is a selfish woman and the fertility clinic has no morality nor ANY regard for RESPECTING life. If you need help having one or two, GREAT, but not FOURTEEN children and no support system.

Welcome to the world. Pretty soon your life will be on TLC and the government will be paying for your college. Can't wait for my taxes to go up.

I find any birth to be miraculous! and having 8 is no different.

What I find irresponsible is the fact that the parents already had 6 children at home who I am sure are a handful in itself, but then she goes back for more infertility. Why? don't you have enough to deal with. I know the father is away in Iraq, but he doesn't make that much money, and obviously the mother can't work so guess what, we the tax payers are paying for the parents to have 14 children.

When is the government going to say enough is enough and limit how many children you can have with regards to how much you make. There needs to be some kind of order here. All I can see are hard working tax payers paying for other people to have children and then we don't have enough to care for our own of which we have the education to know not to overdo our limits.

Stop stealing tax paying dollars, get yourself fixed and be done as a baby machine, because that is all you are.

I have no respect for a woman like you.

This lady just wants attention and a TV show! People will donate money to her and it will only lead to more of this behavior! TAKE AWAY ALL OF HER KIDS AND MAKE HER GET HER TUBES TIED!

I just have one question, its clear that she used fertility drugs to conceive, but if she already has 5 kids already, how is her conceiving a problem??

thank you

This woman wants to become famous or have her own TV show! People will donate money to her and the family to help raise the kids. This is only going to make this kind of behavior more common. People trying to get famous or make money for doing nothing now days! TAKE AWAY HER CHILDREN, PUT HER IN A MENTAL INSTITUTE AND TIE HER TUBES!

Is this really what our world has come too.. Everyone thinking about themselves and not about those 8 living babies.. That are already here and all these negative comments can't do a dang thing about it.. It is no diffrent than if a couple decided to have 4-6 separate births. The only thing is she had them all at once.. Or try this one a couple decides to have one child has twins and then wants one more but ends up with twins again.. Whats the diffrence.. Every pregnacy is special. I really dont think she planned to have that many babies.. Honestly all you negative people worried about your tax money and not 8 babies hearts beating meaning there LIVING. if you have never been in that sort of situation then really you dont need to be commenting.. It is like this and I am sure all parents have felt this way.. If someone who has never had children tried to tell you how to raise your children or what your doing wrong as a parent would you take there advice or think in your mind they have no idea because they do not have children and no experience in raising children.. Thats the samething with this.. you dont know, have never went through it.. so have no idea..

Why does a single mother with six kids under the age of 7 need to have more babies? To make more money off of the state. who paid for the invitro? WIth all the kids who have no parents why not open your home to them. So 46 people helped in the delivery? Is this a part of the stimilus package? Yes kids are a blessing but did he mean you had to go out of your way to procreate without a partner? Yes it is a miracle and it is good that she did not choose to abort, but what if she had made the choice to not have invitro? Does she think she is the best mother in the world? Suppose she considered giving them away to childless couples? Do all her kids have the same bio father, sperm donor? Didn't God start with a mother and a father? It just seems selfish of this mother to bring more kids into a world already full of kids who have no father or no parents at all. Actually my first thought was she is just as slimy as the Wall Street thugs who are using taxpayer money to get pay for their selfish wants.

In response to all the negative comments regarding the birth of these children, I believe it's truly sad to hear how random people can come down on somebody for making THEIR own choices. Whether it be having all eight, only some, or none at all. Remember, this woman WANTED ANONYMITY! If you're so concerned with world population, go live in a forest. Or a desert. There's enough space here in this beautiful earth. I pinky swear.

The mother is married, and legal.

She lives in an upscale neighborhood, NOT with her parents, but with her husband and 6 other children.

The father is a contractor who works in Iraq, so he makes very good money, but is also putting his life on the line every day. However, if he dies over in Iraq, his insurance money will support his wife and their 14 children for a good number of years.

Posted by: KW | January 30, 2009 at 11:35 AM

You have NO CLUE about what you speak. The MOTHER's father supposedly is an Iraq contractor. The LA times article says that she lives in on a "well kept" culdesac. There is a difference between well kept and upscale. She is unemployed and lives with her parents who have a history of financial problems. The medical care for these children just for their birth and neonatal care is going to run into the millions. Sending them a check, are you?

unmarried, not working, already has 6 kids and now 8 more....WOW what a welfare check she must be getting. We are losing jobs....but she will always have those checks coming in, and at our expense. As far as the Dr.-- That Dr. should lose his license or let the state sue him for malpractice. He wasn't looking out the kids that were already brought in this world. All he wanted was to make a buck.

God Bless those 8 babies, they did not ask to be brought into this world or into this time of economic upset. Why must you people bash this woman because of her having 6 children and bringing 8 more into the world? For one, if you are on welfare (I know in the state i live in it is this way), when you applied for assistance is how many children you will collect for, if you have more after you have been on welfare you do not get an increase in your government check. We need to let this family live their lives and wait until all the facts come out. I am one of those people that do not have children (by my choice) because of the fact it would take away from the care of my disabled husband (who would have been the best dad to kids). Some people want big families, so stop judging this woman and let her have the big family she wants and if you don't want to help support her then by all means move from that state. There is too much hate in this world already, and no need to bash this woman and these 8 precious beings that deserve the chance to a life as well as you and I do. GOD BLESS THOSE BEAUTIFUL BEINGS ALL 8 OF THEM, AND MAY THEY ALL GROW UP TO BE HEALTHY AND STRONG.

1 - this woman is unmarried
2 - the grandfather said he was 'going to Iraq to work' - not the father
3 - why won't the press give her race????
4 - she is already on assistance and her parents' home is in foreclosure
5 - she sees these kids as 8 more assistance checks from the good 'ole USA
6 - not to mention the medical bills!!!! of couse those of us who 'are' responsible - work and pay taxes will end up footing the bill for this
7 - this is irresponsible behavior gone wild

For all you wacko's who rant about its gods will to have a litter of 8 preamies really don't seem to grasp the real issue here,when dr's get involved it is taken out of gods hands.this woman is the poster girl(woman) for mental tests before breeding,as she is black it seems that she could have been more responable to all including the world if she had pulled a brad/angie and adopted some from her homeland

It is a very sad state of affairs when an unmarried Mother who already had 6 children through a sperm donor out of wedlock and proceeds to get pregnant again and has 8 babies. SHAME...SHAME...SHAME on her and the "doctors" that facilitated the deed. What an effing disgrace to parenthood. I hope she puts them all up for adoption. After all she must be going for the Money.

Please all the people who think it is a miracle or God's will (because they have triplets or quadtuplets as well) that think this type of irresponsible act is OK. If so, adopt one or send them money. It should not be on the taxpayers dime.

Not only won't the media give her race, I believe most are hiding the fact that this woman lives with her parents, already has six other children and isn't married. And Fox News says she used a sperm doner to get pregnant. My question . . . it takes money to go to a doctor to implant sperm, testing and mental evaluations. Where in the hell did she get this kind of money? Who is paying for all these teams of doctors and nurses who reportedly did a number of dry runs practices before the delivery? Who is paying for the special care these babies will be receiving for months while in the hospital? And who is going to raise them? Now there will be 14 children who will have no father and a burden on the taxpayers. It would be better not bringing more children into the world in this manner, but seeing that the ones already here are being given a chance for a decent life. I wonder if she planned on selling them. It seems like this woman has mental issues that really need looking into and that she needs to be sterlized ASAP.

I was watching the news and they said she has 6 kids already and now has another 8. There has to be something wrong w/this picture. You cant be all there if you willingly have 8 more kids. dying to know if fertility drugs were involved. They have a 3 bedroom house w/ now 14 kids and 2 adults. Is this even healthy living conditions? Will child services step in to help? I dont see the sense in this-I know God and children are gifts....but this is a mystery to me. I feel so horrible for the way these children will be raised and for the sanity of this family. God bless them!

This really is a wonderful miracle. Congratulations to the parents and the physicians! Something like this always seems to draw out the rabid posters, though. For the incredibly cynical people on this thread: (1) You seem to think of children as disposable possessions that are not worth the cost of upkeep - this says more about you and your values than the parents. Do you personally do anything for the poor or the orphaned? Hard to pay the gas bill for that sports car when taxes go to help the poor. (2) You never figure in the potential contribution to society these 8 children will make - you always cite the cost but never the benefit, because your underlying view of humanity is based on the idea of a 'limited pie' instead of a pie that can grow. It's strange when you claim fewer children would lead to a 'decent' life for all - are you actually advocating killing, say, all children in 3rd world countries who are not having a 'decent life'? Or are you saying if these octuplets were somehow aborted, those children in Africa would have a better life? Or are you saying only the U.S. matters? That's a very strange conclusion. (3) You seem to assume all 8 children would grow up to be a constant drain on the economy. Are you proposing that only children of wealthy parents who can afford it should be allowed to be born? That's another illogical conclusion. (4) If your parents never gave you a BMW on your 16th birthday, I imagine you must just hate yourself and wish they had never given you life. Ah, but you might say, a 'decent life' doesn't mean a BMW - then how about a Ford? A bicycle? Do you see where this leads? What's your American-centered definition of 'decent'? :)

Conception is caused by God. There could have been a hundred embryos placed in this women and if it wasn't God's will, nothing would have happened.

People continue to think that they have the right to destroy a creation of God. God is the One who causes the conception; it would not have happened otherwise.

Psa 139:13 For thou hast possessed my reins: thou hast covered me in my mother's womb.

Psa 139:14 I will praise thee; for I am fearfully [and] wonderfully made: marvellous [are] thy works; and [that] my soul knoweth right well.

Psa 139:15 My substance was not hid from thee, when I was made in secret, [and] curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth.

Psa 139:16 Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect; and in thy book all [my members] were written, [which] in continuance were fashioned, when [as yet there was] none of them

Jer 1:5 Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, [and] I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations. (KJV)

Some people think we have the right to intervene in what God is doing to create a "Living Soul."

It doesn't matter where or how they were made every birth is a blessing those of you that are thinking in monetary ways are very selfish ... tell me if you have kids which one would you have the doctor eliminate and are we now china or russia in counting our births ?tax dollars are nothing compared to what this woman is going to be dealing with ... get off your high horses and help! this is what america is about , it wasn't built by government and idiot people sitting behind computers it was built with the love of a nation !... so grab a phone and donate something to help the woman.

Fox News reported she was divorced in Jan 08, bankrupt family as well.
Who is paying for the care?

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