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Octuplets born in Bellflower [UPDATED]

A woman has given birth to octuplets at a Kaiser Permanente hospital in Bellflower, hospital officials confirmed today.

Updated at 5:10 p.m.:  Two physicians who helped in the deliveries said they had planned in advance for the C-section deliveries but were expecting only seven babies. They got six boys and two girls.

“My eyes got to be the size of saucers,” Dr. Karen Maples said, when it became obvious there was an eighth child. “We just went on and delivered the babies.”

“The orchestrated delivery went off without a hitch,” added Dr. Harold Henry. “The babies are all doing well and the mom is also doing well. There were no complications from the surgery, to the best of my knowledge.”

Henry said that hospital physicians and their assistants practiced two dry runs ahead of time.  “We planned well, and it was well executed,” he said.

Maples said 46 people were involved in the deliveries.

“It was exciting, a little anxious,” she said. “But we were prepared.” She said the mother should be released in a week but that the babies would probably remain in the hospital for at least two months.

The six boys and two girls were born between 10:43 a.m. and 10:48 a.m, the doctors said. The babies each weighed between 1 pound and 15 ounces to 3 pounds and 4 ounces, the physicians said.

Updated at 5:50 p.m.: Dr. Richard Paulson, director of the fertility program at the USC Medical School, called the event “unbelievably rare. When people use fertility drugs, 80% even then are single births. The vast majority of the others are twins.”

Still, fertility experts consider the birth of more than two kids with fertility medication to be not a medical triumph, but “a serious complication,” Paulson said. “We do not ever intend to give someone octuplets.”

Usually, he said, births of this kind are brought on by fertility medication, not in-vitro fertilization. Often, during the medication, several of the mother’s eggs are fertilized. In most cases, Paulson said, the mother chooses to reduce the number of fertile eggs to two, “to make sure the two remaining babies will have the best chance at having good health. To have all those babies, the mother would choose to have selective reduction. Apparently the mother made the decision to carry all the eight babies to viability.”

Updated at 7:20 p.m.:

At a Monday evening news conference, the team leaders -- Maples, Henry, and Dr. Mandhir Gupta -- beamed like new parents. “It was a truly, truly amazing delivery,” Maples said. “We have been talking about this delivery for weeks on end. That’s why when we discovered the eighth, we were so well prepared.” The doctors will do predawn interviews today with ABC’s “Good Morning America,” CBS’ “Morning Show,” NBC’s “Today” show and CNN. The doctors said the children, born nine weeks  premature, were in incubators in stable condition, as was their mother. The two girls and six boys weighed between 1 pound, 8 ounces and 3 pounds, 4 ounces. Five of the infants are breathing on their own. One has needed some help breathing, while two are attached to respirators.

KCAL Channel 9 reported that the babies were born today and quoted a doctor as saying they were “doing quite well.”

In 1998, the first known set of octuplets was born in the United States. The six girls and two boys were born in Houston. One of the babies later died. The others survived and recently celebrated their 10th birthdays.

Read the full Times story about the octuplets.

-- Sam Quinones, Jeff Gottlieb and Carlos V. Lozano

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Holy cow! Eight! I don't fault the parents for wanting a large family or for refusing to "reduce" the number of embryos. How do you decide which child to kill?

But whatever fertility clinic decided to implant EIGHT embryos at once has some serious questions to answer. They were the ones in a position to ultimately limit the number that went into mom at any one time. What were they thinking?? They were gambling with mom's health.

More power to her! Maybe in a year or two she could have some more fertility "treatments" and produce say 5 or 6 more. A gift from God or maybe the taxpayers of California.

I don't want to sound critical: but what is going on here? The doctors at Kaiser Bellflower (and I am very familiar with that institution) are gobbling up their 15 minutes of fame. But I can bet that not a one of them will take a dollar out of their pocket and donate it to the care of these children.

Well, better start thinking about the PRE depression that we are all in now. Should last a good 5 years! That will distract me.

This is a single woman who already has 6 children! This is the most irresponsible thing I've read in a long time. Not blaming those poor babies (hopefully they will have more brains than their mother or her physicians). I also read she is single. Hmmm....wanna bet who will be supporting these bundles of joy? Me and you.

Our education system is better up hear too. We can handle 8 more:)

Posted by: Georgi | January 28, 2009 at 05:37 PM

Your education system should teach you how to spell "here" then.

I'm curious to know more about this family. Now it's being reported that she already had six children. Why would she be taking fertility treatments? Why would she want more children? If she already has six children then this is an irresponsibility of hers and the doctors. In this economy...which we all knew was deteriorating nine months ago...how could anyone possibly have enough money to support 14 children?!!? (Except millionaires, which they are not) The news also reported that she was counseled on what her options were for the pregnancy....Where was the pre-pregnancy counseling on why she would want more children? Where were the doctors to say "This is crazy to do this?" Who paid for the fertility treatments in the first place? And why does no one know where the father is? I am infuriated! IRRESPONSIBLE!! That being said....I hope the babies continue to do well, poor little things, maybe they will rise above the stupidity they were born into.

OK- here's the deal if you learn all the info people: There's no couple- this woman isn't married. She didn't use in vitro- she most likely took fertility drugs and was already pregnant when she showed up at the hospital for care. She lives with her parents- so I'd say the chance of her having money to take care of these kids is slim to none. And she already had SIX children ages 7 to 2 yr old twins!!! So if you still think this is all so wondrous, then I hope you don't mind your hard earned tax dollars taking care of these preemies, as well as the rest of her brood. 14 kids is almost unthinkable even under the best of circumstances with two good parents and money to take care of them. Let alone when 8 of them are premature and spending 2 months in the hospital and all 14 belong to a single mother. I am a single mom to one 2 yr old and know how tough that is! This lady needs to either have her head examined, seriously, or there is something else going on here that we aren't privy to. The facts in this are too weird. So please stop praising God- this is no miracle. It's the height of human irresponsibility. God had nothing whatsoever to do with this. And yes, if women can choose to ask science to intervene in reproduction, then they can choose to ask science to intervene in removing some of the fertilized eggs- if it's what's best for the babies, the woman and let's face it, our society in general. If God is really the creator, then we shouldn't be using science to second guess him. I believe if you can't have kids, then adopt- there are plenty of children that need good homes. Don't be such an egomaniac that you have to have your "own" kids. Or such a hypocrite to say it's ok for science to create the children, and in this case risk their health and well-being, but it's then wrong for science to remove some because you're then "too principled" in your beliefs that it's suddenly murder and wrong to remove some fertilized eggs. In this case especially, the woman really didn't need any more children anyway if she's taking care of 6 by herself and living with her parents and it seems she was perfectly capable of getting pregnant already!

She had 6 kids already. That wasn't enough? Does she aspire to be Michelle Duggar? Seriously, what's the point of having so many kids?

have you heard rumor that she is single?
living with her parents?
It was on the radio this a.m.
Why would the insurance co pay for fertility if this was the case.
I can't wait for this to come out if it is true...
criminal child abuse if you ask me

First of all, Canada and Japan and everyone else who relies on our country started the recession - NOT the United States. Maybe if you got off our backs and decided to run your own country for a change, this recession wouldn't have begun or gotten as deep as it has. (that is to A.M. @ 5:16pm who told us to send the kids up to Canada, where they LOVE kids and wouldn't complain about the medical costs... well of course you wouldn't, given your socialized medical system, idiot! If we had it that way down here in the States, we wouldn't complain either!)

This Mom of this digusting brood is already on Goverment assistance (the system that requires we taxpayers get a cut out of our paycheck every week or two weeks to fund those who "need" the assistance, when in reality probably only half of them really NEED it and could have followed smarter paths in life, but were too lazy or dumb). Now we'll be paying for the rest of her kids, I assume. So that is when it transcends the realm of being a "personal" and "private" matter to this woman into becoming all of our problem.. because we're all bearing an expense in this already horrid economy.

Tell me that wouldn't upset you just a TAD, Canada????


Amazing. I haven't heard a word about the father. If I was him I would be proud enough to say something.

What's wrong with you people saying it's sickening! God wants us to Procreate! How dare you say that America is overpopulated and that these people shouldn't have more kids. Maybe your mom shouldve aborted you so that we can room for these babies! It's none of your business if this lady wanted to have 200 babies. It was meant to be. I can't stand the way people look down on humans for having many children. What about the cats and dogs overpopulating the world? Maybe you need to worry more about them and how to help these homeless animals!

This is absolutely insane! I am in the medical field and DO NOT believe any person who has had 6 OTHER CHILDREN needs to do fertility treatments!!!! That is a slap in the face of all the other couples who go through rounds of treatment to have their first child. The physicians need to be examined about their practice. This women, who no where mentions a father of these children or her other six, has six children 7,6,5,3, and 2 yr old twins. They did not state her age, only saying she was fairly young, and lives with her parents. I hope for the childrens sake she has the means, other than goverment assistance, to raise these children on her own. My money should not help fulfill her need to raise a football team!!! Or maybe she is a surrogate for someone and not saying anything, or maybe doesn't want her name released because now she realizes how embarassing her personal life looks. I was an unwed mother of two and married their father, put myself through college and support them by working hard to give them a great life. Two children, not 14!!

8 kids....come on now. Really? Like the 6 kids she already has at home weren't enough? Now they have 14...yes...14 kids. And she lives with her parents. It boggles my mind. So it is not a family of 10. It is a family of 16. THAT IS RIDICULOUS! Good luck to the family.

I believe I read somewhere this young lady is single? What in the world is a clinic doing implanting babies into a single mom of 6 already? The bible says One man and One woman! Not woman and her clinic, I don't think this news is impressive in any way... babies created from the knowledge of science the normal thing now a days... I always thought God gave a man and woman the ability to have a baby... do we ever stop and think there may be a reason why some females and males have trouble trying to reproduce? I think this young lady is another "Jon & Kate" wanna be.

Umm-No God didn't want her to procreate, duh!! That is why she was taking fertility treatments. God probably thought like the rest of the educated people who blog here that she DIDN'T need to procreate. This is science (poorly used) that we will be paying for!!

Yep! 6 kids already (set of 2 year old twins!) and she goes and does this. There is no father in the picture and the mother lives with her parents. So, fourteen kids! This mother is on Medical and receives welfare checks. How can someone in that situation even be considered for a procedure like that? How will she feed 14 children? This is insane.

I can not say how irresponsible I find the birth of these children. The women already had 6 children and to choose to have 7(8) more ,,,,,,, well I can't find words for this. I guess she feels that people well donate donate donate and then there can be the reality tv program. As a member of Kaiser and having my insurance go up yearly the thought that I am helping pay for this is more than upsetting. Does the women read the paper listen to the news have any idea of the state of the economy I hope they have tons of money- but I doubt it they well expect to be taken care of by others and the government.
christine-san diego

no congratulations to the parents-cause THERE AREN'T ANY PARENTS..it's
a single mom who abused the system!! whose gonna pay for 14 children? um..how about the STATE!! stupid people. the doctor's are idiots!! when someone already has 6 kids WHETHER SHE'S MARRIED OR NOT-does not NEED more children..if so..adopt!! how dare they. soo stupid!! 14 kids under the age of 7-no husband & NO ROOM IN their shack? who paid for the invitro?
this "lady" is irresponsible & ignorant!! stop congratulating her.

I'm happy that the babies are ok and i respect her right not to do the selection process,

BUT...I do have a problem with her doing the procedure when she alread has had six healthy kids....staying with her mom and dad........My prayers go out to those 14 children .....

GOD made the blue prints of the creation of a baby-
the creation is a miracle..not the way it was done..(irresponsibly)
i'm all for fertility drugs or whatever..but
i don't think he-GOD-planned on ONE having 8 at a time!!
plus..he'd "want" them to be married..
off the subject-but you'll get my point-
conception of a baby=miracle..
what if someone is raped & gets pregnant? GOD didn't "plan"
on babies being created out of hate..
this is an example of IRRESPONSIBLE doctors-parent (if you wanna call her that) & technology.

The mother won't be feeding 14 kids-the rest of us who have 2 or 3 kids and work great jobs will be feeding them. The doctors who gave her the fertility treatments should be on trial for malpractice. All of us who pay for our insurance get to watch it go up because of morans like this lady (no husband, 6 kids and lives with mom & dad), while the fertility clinic decides to implant EIGHT embryos, in a woman with 6 kids!!! She has 2 year old twins and they think she is having trouble getting pregnant?? A panel needs to look into this practice- and this should be illegal, if you have that many kids or have not given it proper time. No worries from her she will be getting an even larger government check. YIPPIEE

This lady already has 6 children yet to give birth to 8 more?! WHO'S PAYING FOR THEIR MEDICAL BILLS?? I bet I can tell you who. I'm trying to be stoic about the whole situation but I can't stand when women, who already have a handful of children, continue to have more kids knowing they don't have sufficient resources to support these children. Again, I bet I can tell you who's paying for their 24-hour round the clock care.

Everyone keeps saying wait until we hear the facts. Well why aren't we hearing the facts? Why is her family so closed mouthed and secretive about the situation. If you are truly proud that your family just increased by eight, you should let the world know, before we have to read what the news feeds us about it.

1. Not married
2. lives in parents basement
3. each baby cost 1 million dollars for delivery
4. We the tax payers are footing the bill! :)
5. Priceless

She is a single mother already with six children and living with her parents. Now they can add eight more to the mix, 14 Total. No husband/boyfriend just her parents. But I wonder who really is footing the bill for this. I'm sure our tax money will help. I doubt her parents will be able to foot the medical costs and cost of raising these children for years to come. The doctor(s) involved in this fertility mess should lose his/her license. This is not ethical by any means. Didn't they already know the single mother had a family of six already? SHAMEFUL.

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