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Octuplets 'doing amazingly well'


Doctors who delivered octuplets to a Southern California woman said the eight babies are doing fine and the mother is resting comfortably in stable condition.

"The babies had a very good night," said Dr. Mandhir Gupta, a neonatologist at Kaiser Permanente Bellflower Medical Center who helped deliver the babies Monday night. He added that their vital signs remain stable and that the two babies on breathing tubes were taken off them this morning. Those two babies and a third are being given oxygen through their noses, he said.

"They're doing amazingly well," he said of the eight, noting they began feeding today and are kicking their legs.

The two girls and six boys are in incubators; their mother hasn't been with them since their birth, but she has seen pictures of them, doctors said. Tonight, she will be able to touch them for the first time, doctors said.

The hospital is not releasing any information about the mother, who is likely to be discharged in a week.

"We're very fortunate that the patient was extremely strong," said Dr. Karen Maples, chief of service, obstetrics and gynecology. 

Doctors said the mother knew at 23 weeks that she was going to have seven babies. Neither she nor her doctors knew she was carrying eight babies until she delivered Monday night.

"We were very fortunate to get to 30 1/2 weeks, said Dr. Harold Henry, the hospital's director of maternal and fetal medicine.

-- Jeff Gottlieb

Earlier coverage, video of the births.

Photo: The medical team that helped deliver the octuplets meets the press today at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Bellflower. The team members are, from left: Mandhir Gupta, Karen Maples, Harold Henry, Alejandro Velazquez and Jalil Riazi. Credit: Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times

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Let's wish the whole family well and hope that Mr President might find a little something in his budget for them.

Is she a US citizen? Does she have a US citizen husband? Can she and he support eight children? Has California suddenly got a budget surplus. Why should Obama take our taxes and give it to them?

I feel bad for her, but it is amazing. I'm sure that she took fertility drugs. When she found out that she was having 7 babies, she could have chosen to abort most of them. She chose to keep all of the kids. I respect her for that. It's important to understand that even though she took fertilty drugs to have a child, she took responsibilty for her decision. We will never know how many other mothers took fertility drugs and had multiples, but decided to abort some. While, I think that it is sad that women are having babies in litters like animals, I applaude her for keeping all 8.

In regards to previous comment... It was not mentioned if this was in fact fertility drugs, and even if this family did have the assistance of modern medicine thru fertility assistance and became pregnant with multiples, what would have been the alternative? Abort all, abort some, and how would they have decided who goes and who stays...How do we know what this family has done to have children in the first place. Do be so quick to judge others for their decisions if you dont know what they have been thru.
All my blessings to the family and may they all be well.
From a pregnant mom that would do anything for her baby.
Good luck

I want to wish the mother the best. The person who yelled above, I understand what you are saying BUT you do not know the situation of this mother. You do not know what she must have gone through. Even if she took fertility medication to get pregnant you DO NOT know how long she had to go longing for one child. If she did take the fertility drugs and went through these lengths obvioulsy she will take care of those children with love and care. There are BILLIONS of mothers and fathers out there who ABANDON their 1, 2 or 3 or more kids and dont care what happens... you shouldn't be upset at their doctors who are giving hope, you should be upset at the irresponsible parrents who give birth to children and then NOT CARE.

I've said my peace,

Greenville, SC

so what my mother had a birth back in the day when there was no such thing as fertility drugsshe had a birth where they stopped counting at seven plus she had pregnancies with 3 or more she didnt even take pain medicine plus she and my dad wouldve had 27or 28 kids all natural she and my dad had 11 beautiful kids plus its harder on a woman to give one birth at a time.plus youll all say yeah right that woman did no such thing were christians we dont lie

What a fantastic happy story, when so many things are going wrong in the world, especially those 5 young children murdered by their father today. I'm living in England, this story is BIG news on the BBC over here.... good luck to the parents!!!!


bless this woman and protect her 8 children. what a miracle and hope they all live.

I can see why churches are against in vitro-either you chose to abort so you can have healthy children or you get disabled children who will be a drain on public resources. Sad but true.

Hey Bill Bush -- based on your comment-- perhaps you might better enjoy the murder suicide story on page one.

The news confirmed it was a case of fertility drugs -- of course. I don't think there are many cases of so many births where that's not the case. I do also wonder if parents are devout Catholics who wouldn't abort any for that reason -- the babies are all breathing on their own, so that's somthing to be thankful for.

However, if parents are illegals or uninsured, that's on ALL our heads. Surgeries are rationed based on ability to pay, insurer denials, ageism, etc. -- this is costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Since it was done at a Kaiser faciity (by 48 people!) I assume they were insured there and it's just driving up rates for other Kaiser patients. That would suggest that at least one parent is employed and not illegal.

Parents won't talk to press yet and I don't blame them for that -- what's tacky is how there's a worldwide swarm of media there waiting to interview her, tho it's just 24 hours after a rough C-section, the Ch. 9 guy (middle-aged male) acted angry they'd all been waiting for nothing. TOO BAD. She doesn't owe you anything. So far she won't give her age, name etc. and that's HER right.


Why is it so hard to be thankful, or at least indifferent, for such an event? We are all God's children, illegal immigrant or native American. These are eight little babies who have done nothing incorrect or immoral.

I think its a wonderful blessing and wish them the best of luck. i know how much one is a blessing and cant imagine all the love going around with 8 miracles!!

If this couple can afford to feed, clothe and educate 8 children AND the bills that paid for the enormous medical team required at the birth, all the power to them. That, however, is not likely the case. Taxpayers will end up funding this family. Stop the madness and adopt a child or accept the fact that you are not meant to bear children.

Why are we all so worried about public resources? Is this a poor, poor country so that we have to cut back on health care for newborn babies? If so, why is obesity our number one health problem? We have so much food, we have so much money and so many resources it's embarrassing. If we're wasting our money on junk, maybe we should stop doing that so that we have money for important things. Like health. Like new life.

All you Kaiser members who are staying up at night worrying about rates going up, try getting on the case of all the member smokers who are ruing their health and all the obese people who eat too much and cause all sorts of health problems, and leave these babies and their mother alone.

Something fishy about this. Why isn't the mother and father overjoyed to talk with the press and be identified? Could they be illegals?

For a skeptical look at things, see...

Anyone want to be the state of California will be funding the kids college costs as well as raising them????????

First, I wish this family the best. Second its very obvious that fertility drugs played a role in this situation. Any multiples over triplets is highly likely that fertility drugs were used and since this strong powered woman had octuplets its a 'no-brainer'. Third it truly makes me disgusted that a man, BILL BUSH, would say such nasty things. I think it is absolutely horrible to judge someone who didn't want to terminate some of her babies by selection and also her ob-gyn physicians who's job is to be there, support and encourage healthy behaviors of a pregnant woman. I am not saying that her choice wasn't risky she could have easily died but its her choice and last time I checked we lived in a free country!
From an ob-gyn nurse who is currently seeking fertility treatment

I just want to say that I never knew just how MONEY HUNGRY people in America are. What ever happened to helping those in need? What happened to finding happiness in helping others? I respect this woman because she could conceive children naturally and ended with a few more than she probably wanted but kept them and protected their lives. She did not murder them by having them sucked out with a vacuum after they crush and take apart their limbs one by one. If this sounds gruesome to you and your "pro-choice" you should do research on just how abortions are performed.

I wish this woman and her family true happiness. I am amazed at the anger and hostility so many of you have directed towards the mother and children. As for the expense of rearing them, I would not be surprised if some of the family's expenses are covered by various "baby product" suppliers looking for endorsements.

These are truly amazing children - not even 48 hours old and they have landed in the middle of a debate over abortion, illegal aliens, college expense, taxes, etc. How terribly sad for them and us...

I have heard it costs $200,000 per child to raise them from birth to age 18.

With 8 kids, that is $1.6 Mil or $88,888 per year for 18 years.

I hope they have a good job. Would have to pay at least $200,000 per year since you cannot have most of your paycheck going just to raise your kids.

Why are most of the Kaiser doctors foreigners. I know, they will work for much less than American doctors. Kaiser, the medical center of the cheapest doctors. Sounds about right.


Where can I see pictures of the octuplets?

I would love to see picture of the children also

I wish this woman well....having 6 children and now another 8! She will need lots of help...more than anyone of us can give her...
I am a homecrafter...sending her some knitted hats and other baby wear....hope that will help a little bit!

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